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USS James Monroe (SSBN 622) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS James Monroe (SSBN 622). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 265 crew members registered for the USS James Monroe (SSBN 622).

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Block, BobMT1(SS)1962 – 1965WEPSBlue Crew Plank Owner
Franck, Lawrence/ LarryMM11962 – 1966MPlank owner. Would like to see some pictures of this time period if available.
Smith, Jd "smitty"MM3(SS)1962 – 1965(Gold Crew Plank Owner)My First Boat with many fond memories of being a young sailor in Newport News Shipyard and Jacksons Bar and Resturant.
Andrea, Richard --- SlickMT 21962 – Jun 6, 1967weapons plank owneramazing how now I remember so little of last week, but so much of my days and so many of the crew on board. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.
Campbell, Roger / SoupyFTB 1 (SS)Mar 1, 1962 – Oct 31, 1967Fire ControlPlank owner Gold crew. Made the first 7 patrols of the Gold crew. I have many good memories.
Dreyer, DwaneFTB2 (SS)Oct 1962 – Mar 1967WeaponsShipyard thru...6 (Biue Crew) Patrols........Plank Owner............
Boatright, Thomas E.MM1Dec 1962 – Apr 1965I attended Bettis Crew training with the commissioning crew, helped commission the Monroe, and rode the ship for two patrols.
Frye, JohnET-1 (SS)Dec 1962 – 1965RCPlank Owner, 4 patrols.
Blank, JackEN (SS)1963 – 1965MIm writing for my dad Jack. Doesn't have computer but would love to hear from anyone during that time period through me.
Doran, Thomas J.SEAMAN1963 – 1965WEAPONS
Wood, Henry ErvinCS/31963 – 1965COMMISARY
Taylor, JosephIC1(SS)1963 – 1967Enuclear operator and IC electrician. Left ship to participate in NESEP program. Was the best time I had in the Navy. Retired LCDR in 1987
Marquart, Royce MarkET1 (SS)1963 – 1967Navigation
Folmer, Howard "Bill"EM2 (SS)Jan 1963 – May 1967E DivisionMy second ship, but the very best. COB was Vic Belbusti, a great leader and a great friend. Currently in Spokane, WA.
Wood, Henry ErvinCS3Jan 1963 – Jan 20, 1965COMMISSARYMANWent from yeoman to cook on the blue crew now RETIRED AFTER 34 YRS. WITH ATT. I am still WORKING AS a CONTRACTOR FOR THEM TEACHING NEW HIRES AND CROSS TRAINEES.
Carff, PaulJan 30, 1963 – Jan 1965Gold Crew Plank owner Living in Valrico, Florida
Payne, DavidET1 (SS)Mar 1963 – Apr 6, 1967NavigationMade 6 patrols
Williams, RonRMSN - RM2(SS)May 1963 – Sep 1964Radio
Dunne, KevinIC3 SSJun 15, 1963 – Apr 20, 1965EngineeringI am currently living in St Augustine Fl. Retired and playing some golf and fishing.
Dixon, BillTM2(SS)Jun 30, 1963 – Oct 1968WeaponsI am a plank owner. Blue crew. I made the first 7 patrols. I would be glad to hear from all.
Hook, LarryMM3 (SS)Jul 30, 1963 – Nov 29, 1966AI am a plank owner. I made first 6 Blue crew patrols.I came on board SA(SU) straight out of sub school.Would like to hear from all.
Giffin, GaryMM3SSOct 4, 1963 – May 10, 1966auxiLiaryman
Scown, KenMM1(SS)Nov 1, 1963 – Nov 5, 1967MPlank Owner - now live in Napa, California.
Jim Sadler, SandyFTB1964 – 1966Weapons21 years on the Boats and retired, sure good memories
Broderick, JimET1[SS]1964 – Jan 1968Reactor OperatorLeft the ship and the Navy before going to the yards. Wound up as a US Postal Inspector. Sorry to see very few crew members listed
Strosnyder, Lyle (Eddie)FTM2 SS1964 – 1967Weapons Thanks to the MCC gang Soupy Campbel,Larry Fetter, Robbie and Chief Billy Lowe for the memories. Remember testing the new emergency blow system (What a ride) , slot car racing with the Captain and Soupy's 409?
Robertson, DennisFTB2(SS)May 1964 – Aug 1966WeaponsI reported aboard during PSA in Newport News SB&DD. Great memories of 4 Gold patrols & Charleston! Don't see Larry Fetter, Gold Plankie listed here - good friend who passed away in March 2012.
Hart, LarryEM1(SS)Aug 1, 1964 – Nov 15, 1966EMade 5 patrols with the Blue Crew. Patrols #3,#5,#7,#9 & #11
Beck, DavidSN1965 – 1965Seaman First ClassMy First sub. One patrol out of Rota and the next out of Holy Loch. I was in a mad rush to get qualified before Class 'B' school. Thanks to Buck Buchanan and a job in the galley I got my dolphine. A lot of great memories
Foreman, BillET1 (SS)1965 – Dec 18, 1969Reactor ControlCame aboard as ET2(SS). Made 4 patrols and then went through a very lengthy overhaul period in Charleston Naval Shipyard - not quite 2 years. The shipyard period cured me of being career Navy.
Lee, JohnMT11965 – 1970Missile Gang4 patrols as Goldie before Charleston overhaul and 1 patrol as Bluie out of Guam after yard. Also ship diver. Shipmates in memory: Chucky Groeller, Eddie Strosnyder, Soupy Campbell, Rags Ragsdale, JD (Beaver) Allen, Pre
Wagner, PhilEM1(SS)Jan 1965 – May 1967Nuc. Electrician
Peck, DonaldETC(SS)Mar 1965 – Feb 1968NavigationServed with Bob Lee, Dave Payne, Royce Marquart, Senior Chief Hentz and Captain Nuss
Wallace, JimLTjgMar 1, 1965 – Mar 17, 1967Supply
Reuss, DickMMCM (SS)Jun 1965 – Jul 1970Served in M Division. Go to if you are interested in joining the James Monroe Association. We have reunions every two years
Hartwein, Bob / TinkerQM2(SS)1966 – Nov 1969NavigationsServed with Haydon,Lyle,Wade,Donnelly, Sharp,Waters,Patrick,Lee, Schneider,Archibald,Zilker,Casey,Lord Patterson,Calender,Ogden& so many other great Guys to name but a few!
Stacey, JerryMM1(SS)1966 – 1968M5 patrols on Monroe. 3 more on 2 other boomers. Graduated in '74 as a mining engineer from Montana Tech. Worked in mines for about 30 years. Now consulting from my Spokane, WA home. Also farming 80 acres for grass hay. Married to LeDonna 42 ye
McClendon, Douglas (Mac)TM2SS1966 – 1968WeaponsMade three patrols, was mess cook for 2 of them. Chief Roberts was cob. Made the last runion in Las Vegas. Good memories in Scotland. Bad memory of high tempature alarm in missle tube. Best movie was Sandpebbles Live in McAllen Tx
Lord, RaymondMM2 (SS)Mar 1966 – Oct 1969He passed away in 1982. I was 11 years old. Would love to hear stories from anyone who may remember him.
Callender, CarlRM1(SS)Sep 1966 – Apr 1971RMQualifed SS on the Jimmy Fish in June 1967. So many good memories of both crews and the yards in 1968-69 in Charleson. Was Goldie before yards and a Bluie after in Hawaii.
Thomas, Joseph/joeTM2(SS)Sep 1966 – 1968WEAPONSAssigned to the Polaris Launcher Group.Homeported Chas, SC sailed from Holy Loch Sctlnd,Rota Spain.Went into yards in 1967 for refuel/refit.Served under Richard T. Wright,LCDR. I had a great time Thanks Capt.Wright.Live now inOrlando,Fl
Hinnefeld, Garrett JohnSep 1966 – Nov 1971
Nicholson, Dannie (Nick)STSep 1966 – Aug 1970WeaponsHello to all, has been a long time. I have a lawyer that is going to contact a few of to verify I served with you while in Charleston Shipyard, hope you remember me (Nick) ST Dan Nicholson,

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1966 | 1967 – 1972 | 1973 – 1977 | 1978 – 1981 | 1982 – 1985 | 1986 – now

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