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USS Essex (CV 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Essex (CV 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 312 crew members registered for the USS Essex (CV 9).

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Wagner, John profile iconPN2(AC)1966 – 1968CAG9 - VS39I was a crewman on the S2D, and senior crewman for the VS39 Executive Officer. Enjoyed several cruises in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic. I'm currently a Priest in the Episcopal Church.
Manthe, RonaldGMG 31966 – 1969Gunnery
McCright, TomAMH-3-Jan 8, 1966 – Nov 8, 1968VS-32
Howard, SchwarkABH2Feb 14, 1966 – Mar 1969V-1Was on board when Natilus hit, ran aground off the coast of Puerto Rico, when Russian Badger crashed off Germany, went to the USS Wasp my last year 5 trips abroad left Oct. 10,1969
Morell, Richard (Moe)ABHCSMar 1966 – 1969V1Was on board for all the events, the Nautilus, grounding, Russian Badger, hurricanes. Hit some great ports. After decommissioning went to CV38 Shangri La on another Med Cruise. Stayed Navy and completed a carreer and retired in 1998.
Hunt, PeterDT 3Apr 1966 – Nov 1966
Benson, MikeADR3Jun 1, 1966 – Jul 12, 1969V6
Barrick, GeorgeBM3Jul 1966 – Mar 1969First
Cantalope, GeraldSNAug 1966 – Dec 1967communications
Emmott, Johncyn3Aug 6, 1966 – Jun 9, 1969cr
Brassard, RodgerRM3Aug 16, 1966 – Aug 1, 1967CRWas on board when struck by Nautilus and when she ran aground in Roosevelt Roads. Last saw her in Brooklyn Naval Yard in 1970, just before she was scrapped.
Sullivan, BobSNAug 25, 1966 – Aug 22, 1968g-1was onboard for 2 years was onboard when we hit the nautilus and when the russian plane cartwheeled into the drink did my share of partying and painting with a great bunch of guys wish you all well bob sullivan sn
Bobbitt, Gene (Rabb)ABE2Aug 28, 1966 – 1969V2On board while ship recovered Apollo 7, recovered remains from Russian TU that crashed in Mediteranean after low pass over ship. Worked with great guys in arresting gear.
Dennis, ErvinAE3Sep 1966 – Oct 1968HS-9Was on board when Russian Bear did cartwheel over flight deck. I forget the date??
Johnson, JamesABH3Sep 1966 – Sep 1967V3Nautilus sub tried to surface, hit a sandbar in San Juan PR, Goodwill Cruise to Norway, England, etc., worked on hangar deck
Schultz, William G.AX3Oct 5, 1966 – Aug 28, 1968OX DivisionFun times aboard "The Oldest and the Boldest."
Hibbs, KennethCMCOct 11, 1966 – Sep 19, 1968GT weps adminServed with LTjg Ivar Strand CDR W E Madden dept head Cervola and Sokol were enlisted in office. Stayed in Naval Reserve retired in '92 as CMC inRMNCB20. Off Norway when Bears/Badgers probed us. One plane crashed
Headington, DennisGMG3Oct 22, 1966 – Jul 14, 1968Gunnery
Dennis, HeadingtonGMG3Oct 24, 1966 – Jul 24, 1968GunneryOur good friend and shipmate, Jim Garamella, died this year 2018. Great guy. Will miss him. He was an artist in his later years.
Tyndall, RichardSNNov 13, 1966 – Oct 9, 1967SI'm happy to see the USN has started releasing UFO footage. I wonder if we will ever see the footage of the objects we saw one night about 30 hours after one of our helicopters crashed into the sea and left no trace?
Grimmelmann, KarlAMH21967 – 1969HS-9I remember waking up after hitting a large wave off Hattera on the ORI in 67, the poor medic who forgot to let go of the big box and went overboard in the Med and I was on the flight deck and watched the Badger crash
Baldwin, Courtlandabe21967 – Apr 1968v2Decommissioned Essex. Picked up Apollo 7 astronaughts. Had some great cruises. Launched planes off cat 2. Remember crossing Atlantic in hurricane force winds and trying to recover.Planes in north Atlantic in ice and snow
Todahl, Gerald/gerryAK31967 – 1969AMD
Dejackome, Ron profile iconE4Jan 1, 1967 – Jul 1, 1968CRU-Tube has home movie of Russian Badger crash. I found myself in the film at 1:34-1:36 of the 2 min clip if you were top side you may be in it . never will forget the ocean swells between to Hurricanes crossing Atlantic
Slone, DanJO2Mar 1967 – Dec 1967Public Affairs OfficeReported aboard in time for NATO cruise of 67 and into artic circle,,,had jerk LDO for department head and his sissy boy yeoman,,,,combined they made one want to throw up in the mouth,,,suspect he had me transferred,
Webster, MikeSH2Mar 31, 1967 – Jun 30, 1969S-3Came aboard as a "boot"; worked the officer's laundry, overseas store when deployed, bulk storerooms and than the ship's store office. One of the last men off the ship on decommission day 6/30/69 in Boston
Johnston, StacyAOAN, AO3Apr 1967 – Nov 1967GV
Godlewski, Marion (Ski)AMS-3Apr 1967 – Jun 13, 1969 V6 Served in AIMD with AMS John Jones, Ron Jacobs, D.L. Larrew, Charles Shell, And AMH Donald B. Smith. Also, best friends with Bob Dunemann who lives across the street from me in North Carolina. Go to Essex reunions now.
Scanlon, Mikeabe 3Apr 12, 1967 – May 2, 1969v2best times of my naval service, good buddies, loved working on the deck, there for apollo7,tu-16 crash, I was on the lso platform the night the s-2 hit the Fresnel lense,sometimes I wonder where turnberger is
Skrivan, Joe (Gramps)ABE3Apr 17, 1967 – Dec 16, 1968V2Great times in arresting gear and making NATO cruises on Essex. Good friends back with all the gear rats.
Thomas, GlenAirmanJun 3, 1967 – Aug 15, 1969GVWas part of the skeleton crew that decommissioned the USS Essex in South Boston in 1969
Lauderbaugh, BurtETR3Jun 19, 1967 – Oct 19, 1968Was on board when Russian Bear did cartwheel over flight cruise.Miss old friends.
Paczkowski, JimRM2Jul 1, 1967 – Jun 19, 1969CRWas onboard when Russian bear flew to low and crashed as it turned to left and wing tip hit the ocean, was also on the decommissioning crew
Wall, StephenFiremanJul 7, 1967 – Dec 11, 1968B DivisionGood times had by all.The Apollo 7 was one of the best of times.The Med cruise,The Hague, Mecca Club in England Got my Blue Nose Card.Some nice pics of the Russian plane that went down.
Compton, GregE-3 BOSWAIN MATEAug 15, 1967 – Aug 16, 1969Boswain MateI'm trying to find the Ship Mate that took me to Medical when I fell to lower decks while replishing food prior to Mediterranean Cruise in 1967 aboard USS Essex CVS-9. I've claimed injury to Lt sholder and VA said I need name of person who help
DellErba, Ric Or "dell" Or "yo-yo"YEOMAN 3RD CLASSSep 1967 – Nov 27, 1968Captain's Office "X"I remember watching the Russian Bear go in the drink killing all of the crew. I also remember processing the "paperwork" and photos of the dead crew-still haunts me. Remember the man-overboard GQ in the Med? One lucky guy! .
Parker, Lionel ( Sonny )RD 3Sep 1967 – Dec 1968OI
McMillin, JohnMM3Sep 22, 1967 – Jun 3, 1969MWas aboard when the Russian Badger crashed, Apollo 7 recovery and when in dry dock for decommissioning. I was reassigned before the decommissioning ceremony. I was assigned the forward engine room.
Marderosian, Bob (Bip)ABF3Oct 1967 – 1968fuelWorked on flight deck. Like to hear from fuelies. ended up going to Iceland for 2 yrs. apallo 7 Russian Bear Liberty in Nassau Its all good
Allen, DjDS2Oct 1, 1967 – Oct 1, 1968S7
Glaab, JimDamage Controlman 3rd ClassDec 1967 – 1969R DivisonWorked in the Carpenter shop and repaired sections of wooden flight deck . Saw the Russian bomber hit the water. Saw Apollo 7 astronauts Was aboard until ship was decommissioned in Boston, MA. Went to the USS JFK CVA 67
Lane, KenANDec 27, 1967 – Jun 30, 1969GV

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