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USS Essex (CV 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Essex (CV 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 312 crew members registered for the USS Essex (CV 9).

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Wells, KeithYN31963 – 1965Captain's OfficeServed under Lt Stewart and Ens Older; w/Jim Elder YN1 and a bunch of other good folks
Wallace, Bob1963 – 1965OILooking for OI div. crew
Comer, JamesRM-21963 – Aug 1966Communications & 18I was part of ships company (I believe the Captain's name was West) for several months before having the opportunity to move to the staff of ComCarDiv-18.
Reynolds, DennisQmsn1963 – Oct 1964N divWas onboard doing the storm that brought down the mast returning from the med. Capt West was CO..
Luker, Billy Jack v-31963 – 1965Air Department
Vogel, LawrenceSeaman1963 – 1965UnknownThe mast broke off in the winter near New York.
Middendorf, JoeENLISTEDJan 12, 1963 – Oct 2, 1964Cat & Arresting gearIt was a great experience.
Reaves, LarryETR2Mar 1, 1963 – Mar 1, 1966OE
Kovash, BertETR3Apr 1963 – Jan 1966OENorth Atlantic, Med Cruise, In Karachi when Kennedy was assinated.
Maxwell, JosephAMS 3Apr 10, 1963 – Dec 17, 1964V-6On board Essex for seato1963 and nato 1964,assignrd to the COD Plane. Remember when we lost the mast?
Runyon, Virgila3Apr 15, 1963 – Jan 10, 1967division 1flight deck crew from 1963 to 1967
Vanwormer, Ed. UsmcCPLApr 15, 1963 – Sep 28, 1965G DIV Marine Detachment2 1/2 years aboard Made many friends navy and Marines, Was Captains Orderly 2 years WEST and MEYERS. Great duty. I became A Qualified Helmsmen just as a bet, with much help from the Navigation DIV guys Remember the storm
Valdez, ThomasBT3May 7, 1963 – Feb 13, 1966B division Fireroom 3Had a great time aboard the Essex. Tough time in the fire room. To many fond memories to place here. Any out there that served with me on the Essex noted here. 1963 to 1966.
Reed, Thomas EsnJun 1963 – Aug 1965OEMy last name is not common but in OE division there were 3 Reeds,T.E., W.A., and W.W.
Vanacore, AlRD3Jun 21, 1963 – May 23, 1965OI DivUsed GI bill to get a Bachelors, now retired
Corbin, RichardSN to QM-2Jul 1963 – Jun 1965CCD-18 & NAVMed cruise 1963 and North Atlantic midshipman cruise 1964.
Nazworth, JimAO-2Aug 3, 1963 – Jul 6, 1966GVIf anybody remembers me contact me
Hutson, HenryL/CplSep 1963 – Dec 1963Sub Unit1 H&MS-Maq 32Tryng2find some1 who was in the head fantail, prt side of Essex during the storm that took off Mast I was on the floor with atleast 2 other personel we were in shorts Va cant findANYrecordsThis is very important it seems like i dont exist.
Pawlowski, David (Ski)CplSep 1963 – Dec 22, 1963Mag 32Midlink cruise in 1963 was the experience of a lifetime especially the storm that broke the mast and did damage to our aircraft. Served with great guys.
Ross, Tonyboiler tender third classSep 16, 1963 – May 10, 1967b divisionServed on board from Sept 1963 till May 1967 boiler room oil shack mess deck master at arms at separation. will be attending reunion in Vegas this August hope too meet a few old Snipes
Williams, Jerry "Willie"ADR-3Oct 1963 – Mar 1966Air Wing VS-39Jerry G. Williams "Willie"
Elofson, Done3Oct 19, 1963 – Nov 1965B1
Thompson, WilliamAMH-3Oct 28, 1963 – Sep 17, 1967Airframes
Halperin, Fred profile iconEnsign-LTJGNov 1963 – Nov 1965SupplyBoarded in Naples, Italy, soon after President Kennedy's assasination. Served as Asst. Stores Officer, Nuclear Weapons Supply Officer, Disbursing Officer, Wardroom Mess Treasurer and Caterer, and Aviation Supply Officer.
Kobelt, Ted KobeltBT3Dec 20, 1963 – Dec 8, 1965B--Oil Shack
Kibodeaux, Dickie / JosephBT2 Class/E5Dec 23, 1963 – Dec 5, 1967"B"I'm looking to get back in contact with some of my shipmates so if you know anyone who might remember me I would like to have them email me at my address It would be nice to hear from everyone.
Casler, WilliamET1964 – Jun 1967OE
Failor, JimBT31964 – 1967I was in one of the boiler rooms when the Nautilus struck. I was aboard 3 years and went to the intrepid for the 67 V.N. criuse.
Knopp, Johnsn1964 – 1965radar
Ard, Richardbt31964 – 1967b divisionone of the best times of my life.wish i had stayed in the navy. dont miss 4 on 4 off. would like to hear from guys from no.1 fireroom. e-mail address is
Staten, JayDK1Jan 13, 1964 – Mar 1967S 4Great duty, was on during the Nautilas crash and running a ground, and losing a aft elevator before a Midshipmen cruise. What fun
Piper, EricMM2Mar 1, 1964 – Jun 6, 1969M Division / A DivisionWorked in the forward engine room for a year and went to Compressed Gas School and went to the O2N2 plant and was in charge of the Aft Oxygen and Nitrogen plant. My brothers Jery and Bernard were on board with me.
McClenney, Ernest / CortezAA AVAIATION ORD.Apr 1964 – Nov 1965"G" AIRCRAFT ORD.Anyone who served during that time,the Essex was my first ship I was assigned to. What an honor that was for me.
Heitmann, HansQM3Apr 2, 1964 – Jun 8, 1966NavigationBest time of my life.........only I did not know it them. I would like to find my old buddy Phil Feiock.
Ciserano, CiscoAMS-3May 10, 1964 – Mar 19, 1966V6SHORT STINT WITH THE COD CREW WORKED IN THE METAL SHOP WITH CHIEF CENTER AND CHIEF RHODES hated it then but was best time of my life
Hansford, Bill profile iconEM3Aug 1964 – Nov 1967E divisionWorked in lighting shop, battery locker and flight deck lighting. Was on board 64-67 for all the events mentioned for those years. Norway is still the most beautiful place I have ever been.
Rosh, Davidmachinist mate secondSep 1964 – Oct 16, 1967m divisionLooking for Pete Moss, Marvin Davis, Dick Eckhart
Linder, James/ Jim Or J.dRM31965 – Sep 1968CRI was on the Essex when we ran over the Nautalas, when the Russian Bear crashed in front of us, and when we hit the big wave in the North Atlantic. Made two North Atlantic cruises. Was in the Boston shipyards in '66.
Woody, BobbyAirman 1st class1965 – 1967Vt5Worked the catapult crew. Was on the Essex when submarine Nautilis ran into us! Also when we ran aground at Rosy Roads!
Cozine, Larryabh 31965 – 1969v1great times on the ship 2 med cruises russian badger crash hurricane Apollo 7 recovery.
Lindbloom, DennisFTG31965 – 1967FOXWas aboard when Nautilus crash, running aground in Peurto Rico.
Ezovski, Richard SkiABE2Jan 1, 1965 – Apr 1968V-2Spent all my active duty time aboard Essex after A-School in Philly. When I left in Malta in 1968 I was the Port Catapult Captain. Made some great cruises and met some of the best shipmates.
James H. Murray, Jr., PeteBM/E3Feb 12, 1965 – Feb 12, 1967G-2One of the greatest times I've had in my life. After leaving Essex I spent 30 years with Memphis Fire Department, retiring as Captain.
Oliver, William (Ollie)E-4 BOSWAIN MATEApr 1965 – Nov 1968Sail LockerLived in the Sail Locker in Officer country with a Seaman named Millsap and 2nd Class named Murray. I was ships Live Boat Coxswain.
Fiedler, CharlesHM3Apr 3, 1965 – Mar 31, 1966MedicalNow retired from industry and serving as the editor and publisher of the USS Essex Association newsletter, the Buccaneer.
Chirhart, Donald GRM3May 1965 – Apr 1967CRServed 1965 to 1967 as a radioman. Was on board when Nautilus ran into our bow. Spent several months in drydock in Boston. Looking for any friends who served during this time.
Palmer, TomAO3May 1965 – Apr 1967GV
Brassard, RodgerRM3Aug 1965 – Aug 1966CROn board during collision with Nautilus and grounding in Roosie Roads; did the Med Cruise as well
Forman, Timothy profile iconFTG-3Aug 1965 – Dec 1966FoxI was on the Flag Bridge as phone talker for Admiral Outlaw when we ran over the Nautilus.
Morin, GilbertCS3Aug 15, 1965 – Apr 12, 1967S-2Was onboard when we hit the Nautilus and when we grounded.Was in charge of reefers and storerooms. Also in charge of work party's for loading of stores. Great duty aboard this ship.Enjoyed our stop in virgin islands.
Tatton, CharlesE-3Sep 1, 1965 – Jul 10, 1967CRI was on the Essex during the collision with the Nautalas. Missed the Apollo recovery when we ran aground in Roosie Roads. Left in England during the Mid cruise.
Rosato, RichardAC3Sep 22, 1965 – Sep 27, 1967OCworked in air traffic control center went by nickname lurch
Newman, Les profile iconABE2Oct 1965 – Mar 1969V2Loved working fight deck cats Nice travels med etc. Live in Conneticut
Davis, JerryGMG3Nov 1965 – Oct 1968Gunnery
Marks, EdMM3Nov 1965 – Jun 1969EngineeringOn watch in engine room for Nautilus ramming, on throttles whem sandbar hit in Rosie Roads, saw Bearcat and remembered 'Secure from QG!!' immediately after, on board for Apollo recovery, painted bilges for decomissioning. Had a BALL!!
Freudberg, John ( Frooburg)AZANNov 1, 1965 – Oct 31, 1967X then V-4Was talking to the tanker as ship to tanker talker when we hit the Nautilus, was aboard for the Rosey Roads grounding and bacme a bluenose in June 1967 when we crossed the arctic circle
Patton, TerrySNDec 1965 – Nov 1967G2 divisionI remember when while on the bridge, off the coast of Virginia, a helicopter landed and dropped off the admiral. It proceeded out in the ocean and crashed.(1966). Met my wife in Boston while aboard the Essex .

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1950 | 1951 – 1957 | 1958 – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – now

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