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USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 424 crew members registered for the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654).

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Adams, MikeRM21983 – 1985Radio
Truax, JoeE5/RM21983 – 1988Radio
Walter, FrankET31983 – 1985NavigationGold Crew
Bankston, RandyMM31983 – Aug 1987Auxiliary Hi gang! I probably wasn't one of the more memorable guys but I remember a lot of you. After my enlistment was up I came back home to Mississippi with my wife, got a job as a machinist (actual machinist, no 'mate' at the end).
Taylor, DavidFTG2/SS1983 –FTGonly person to ever have to re-certify (NOT requal) Topside Watch... managed to survive the nutso F. Fare
Ash, KeithTM3/SSJan 1983 – Feb 1986TorpedoUnder the guideship of our Commanding Officer James Fare, the Gold Crew during this time was by far the best crew. I will always remember the good and also the bad times. I was only 18 years old and left as a very mature 22 year old man.
Gnandt, MartinMM1(SS)Jan 23, 1983 – Feb 7, 1986AUXILIARY
Samuel, TheodoreTM2(SS)Mar 1983 – Nov 1986TMJoined during refueling overhaul at NNSYDD. Rode the ALPHA, BRAVO trials in 84.Took green water over the bridge with the NAV (OOD) telling me to look out for water not ships. INSURV and DASO. Flew a kite at 400' and got F. Fare to make a POD no
Edwards, Barry (Ben-boy)ET2Mar 1983 – 1985NAVET
Doyle, James / JayMT2/SSMar 14, 1983 – Sep 13, 1986Missile2nd overhaul and 4 patrols. Lost touch with too many of you.
Edwards, BarryET2/SSMar 16, 1983 – Jun 9, 1985Navigation
Lawrence, SteveMS2(ss)Jun 1983 – Oct 1984Supply
Cortell, James (Brutus)ETCS/SSOct 1983 – Jul 1985COBRetired Back in hometown Sacramento, CA in the phonebook. Great Ship Great Guy's miss them don't miss the XO
Phipps, BudE4 SONAR TECHNov 1, 1983 – May 17, 1987
Heise, Paul profile iconET2/SS1984 – Oct 1988ENGWhat ever happened to Mike Brown & Richard Johns? Some memories fade, but I still remember buzz-saw Gurzinski, and water fights, and cross connecting high and low press. air in M2UL to tweek the NAVETS. Good times.
Reisner, MikeSTS31984 – 1987Sonar
Burns, BruceMM 3 / SSApr 1984 – Nov 1987Aux MMSeeing some names brings back memories. Off crew w/Baker & Kosena, Yukon Jack. Don't Hose Me down Siebert. Kitts getting blamed for Geos crawling in bed w/XO. Half way night, family grams BS & Manv watch Helmsmen. Italty
Lash, TraceyMT2/SSMay 7, 1984 – May 10, 1987MissileBig mistake, showing guys from the city how to make wine while underway.
Byrd, ShawnSTS/SS-1Jun 4, 1984 – Apr 4, 1988SonarMan what a time sure miss Scotland at times, alas we continue anyone know what happened to Chad Siebels?
Bozner, John (Limie Skirt)MM3/SSAug 1984 – Mar 18, 1988A-GANGwe sure did have some fun times i see marty made it on eh list, thinking of all i served with some great guys thank you
Kosena, KevinIC3Sep 1984 – May 1987Interior CommunicationsLearned alot from Shirk and Long in Nav Et alley, right Baker? Whats up "Sid" Hows the eye? Big Joe Diamond gave me his dolphins. Like a father to me. Did Brambrink ever get out? Still hanging out with Kitts in MT.
Wall, Vernon ("Vern")MM1(SS)Oct 30, 1984 – Nov 1, 1988MI did 8 patrols with the Gold Crew! Chief Lund was our Division LPO.
Wall, Vernon ("Vern")MM1(SS)Nov 1984 – Nov 1988"M"
Barbano, UgoMM2/SS1985 – 1988A Gang
Reuther, EdE-3 to E-51985 – 1989TorpedoI was onboard for 2 separate tours. 85-89, then again from 91-through decomm. I served in the deck division, Quartemaster division, and Torpedo division during my first tour. Decom had me as Deck LPO and 1st Lt.
Moore, JohnRMC(SS)Jan 15, 1985 – Apr 15, 1988CommunicationsInteresting beginning but finished strong and best communications division in Sublant
Brown, MichaelFTG SNFeb 1985 – May 1987FT
Baker, PaulIC3/SSMar 1985 – Aug 1988It was great being apart of the "Bastard sons of engineering". Met alot of great people, made alot of friends. I'm glad I did it...No regrets! For the life of me, I don't no why we had to man that damm' "CEP PLOT"!
Davis, JimET 1 (ss)May 1985 – Jan 1989Reactor Controls
Davis, JimET1 ssMay 1985 – Jan 1989RC
Peterson, JeffTM2(SS)May 15, 1985 – Jun 28, 1988TMStill miss Steve Juchnik, Ed Reuther, Joe Simmons, Ted, and the boys. Shout out to my sea pup Billy Mobley. F. Freddie was nuts, Gerheart was ok. Harper had to cheat at cards.
Feaster, ArnoldQM2/SSAug 1, 1985 – Jun 10, 1987QMMy 3rd command awesome 5 patrols blue crew had a Great time. Good crew visited a lot of ports Holyoke was awesome Smitty Eddie Harris fun times...transferred to CSS-16 6/1988
McCullough, RonMM2/SSSep 3, 1985 – May 1, 1988A-GangThis was my 2nd boat. Good people
Dwyer, PatE3/E4Oct 1985 – Feb 29, 1988Eng.Remember Doc Schramm,Shoebert Burlinghame,MJ Fowler,Craig Miller,Rice,Gurzininski,and our cooks Tom Lawerence,Mark Bradshaw.
Eberhardt, JosephSTS1Oct 1, 1985 – Oct 1, 1989SONARHIT ME UP IF YOU REMEMBER
Scott Beasley, BeasEM1 Nov 1, 1985 – Oct 1, 1988ElectricalMy first boat, what a great time we had! Though at the time it was not always fun! Like falling through a window in Dunoon! I miss everyone though I do talk to some people from time to time. Chris Burton the most.
Eberhardt, JosephSTS 1 (SS/SW)Dec 1985 – Dec 1989SonarThe things that I miss the most are busting each others stones, patrol flicks and Dunoon chicks.
Rothbart, DanielMM1/SSDec 1985 – Jan 1989M/RLGood ship, great crew. On board for failed ORSE (with passing Chem Radcon grade) and flooding from 8K.
Maxson, TimFTG2 (SS)1986 – 1988WeaponsGreat boat and crew.Alot of Great Memories.
Swonger, CliffMS31986 – 1989SupplyGold crew, Great memories, times and ship mates. Miss it.
Miller, ChrisSTS2/SS1986 – 1990Weapons/SONARHad great times. Loved Scotland, 3 days in Keflavik Ice Land, 3 days in Rome, Andros Bahamas, Coco Beach, and Charleston SC with the hottest girl ever talking dirty, getting naked and what comes next. Oh to be young..
Robertson, RobbieMMCSJan 1986 – Aug 1986a-gangmade one patrol then transfered , also served on 654 from77 to 80
McKenney, MichaelE4Feb 3, 1986 – Dec 31, 1989IC
Garon, DavidE-3Apr 15, 1986 – Oct 15, 1987QMThis is "Spike" and I finally found you guys!!! Give me a buzz anytime!!! Still "Crazy" as ever..Just Kidd'in!!!!
Duvall, Greg "sid"STS2/SSMay 1986 – Jul 1991SonarI enjoyed the people I met and lived & worked with. We used to make fun of ourselves and others. I hope everyone is well. I will keep those memories for ever. Thank you everyone! I rememeber STS1 Kitts, STC Wright, Vern Wall(the ford truck)
Hudleston, (Donnie) Or (hud) Or (cajun Gator)E4Jun 1986 – May 1989QMMan did we have fun, Guy, Kenny B, Bill Mobley, Mike McKenny, and the pumpkin heads only a few know what that means. feel free to email me. my contact info is
Thames, C.l.ET2Jun 1986 – Jun 1990NAV/QMThose GCM years were the greatest in my naval career. We worked hard and played harder. Groton and Holy Loch with all the stops in between with the crew we had was adventures all. Hope all you guys are doing great.
Witt, WillMT1Jul 1986 – Apr 1990MT7 patrols. We were the hardest working guys on the ship. No regrets. A great stepping stone.
Raphael, RalphEM3Sep 1986 – Feb 1991ElectricalThe best of them all I can say after 22 years of active duty, Would be great to hear from you guys after all these years and by the way Mobley is now a Chief, ran into him when I was bull Nuke on USS Bremerton SSN 698
Schad, PaulE4Sep 1, 1986 – Jun 19, 1988SupplyProud to have served God and country Ship and Crew
Frost, BillQM2Oct 1986 – May 1990QuartermasterBetween Andros Island, Iceland and the Med we had some great runs. No an USAF EOD'd that happen?
Sparling, RonEM2 (SS)Oct 1986 – Jun 1988
Armstrong, Steven ( Stretch)SNOct 1986 – Nov 1987Deck/DIVI really missed you guys and the great times on board. Great crew and good times!!!

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