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USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 422 crew members registered for the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654).

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Ashton, LeeEM2(SS)1977 – 1979E
Pillifant, LeoET-31977 – 1981Navigation
Gordon, Paul profile iconEM2 (SS)1977 – 1978Electrical
Defalco, David profile iconFTB1(SS)1977 – 1980FTBHard to believe that the whole "Forty-One for Freedom" fleet have been decommed & recycled - say goodbye to a significant era in naval history . . . one I'm personally proud to have been a part of.
Urcelay, HectorMMFNJan 1, 1977 – Nov 15, 1979A-GANGGood memories of being a part of this crew with Frenchy, Kline, Coia, Frost, Borgardus, Fluff, Bordelon,Dowd along with many others who's name I cannot recal.. Halfway night was a lot of fun, field day was a drag.
Moore, JohnRM2(SS)Jan 15, 1977 – Dec 15, 1981CommunicationsFirst Submarine but ended up doing two different tours here. Interesting, especially the First CO Wild Bill McGonagal.
McAllister, StephenTM2(ss)Feb 8, 1977 – Feb 7, 1981Weapons Torpedo Division
Yeakley, GuyYN3(SS)Mar 1977 – Sep 1979Executive
Genco, PaulST1/SSApr 1977 – Oct 1981SonarToo many good times to list here from the R&R periods. Party! Refits, special ops, softball games, & travel come to mind from work. None of which would have been possible without great friends and shipmates. Hi to all of you out there!! Renunio
McGonegal, WilliamCAPTAIN (O-6)Apr 1, 1977 – May 30, 1981Commanding Officer
Holmes, ToddFTB1-SSApr 1, 1977 – Nov 19, 1981
Holmes, ToddFTB1(SS)May 1977 – Nov 1981Weapons/Fire Control MissleFavorite throughts: getting off, off Crew, launching 4 (way cool), Mrs Potter, Norwich, Spain, Scotland, London, Puerto Rico, Da Med, Jacksonville, VG, NC, MCC, Sonar shack, O2 Bleed and most of all the friends and shipmates!!!
Bordelon, JefferyMM3Jun 1977 – 1981AuxiliaryFirst Boat, great times, good friends, brothers serving together during the cold war. Characters like Dowd, Glogg, Fluff, Animal, made life interresting to say the least
Baker Sr., Leonard (Cliff )MS1(SS)Jun 1977 – Sep 1980MS
Butler, Billy profile iconTM3(SS)Jul 1977 – Nov 1979WepsHello, sure do remember alot of your names. Thank you for the memories. TMC(SS) Ed. Walton passed away a few years ago. He would have liked it if you drank one for him.
McKay, DaleMT2/SSAug 1977 – May 1980WeaponsBy far, one of the most memorable times of my life. A hello to Todd Holmes, Paul Genco, "Cliffy", Audie Hale, Jimmy Johns, and Captain Myron P. Gray. RIP Ellis "Tiny" Rhodes.
Farrell, John (Buff)RM3Aug 20, 1977 – Jan 30, 1981Those were the good ole dayys with CDR Robertson, and CDR Gray. I remember my first half way night and the night the crew presented CDR Gray with an award.
Johnson, JimSKCS(SS)Oct 1, 1977 – Nov 30, 1979SupplyLeading Storekeeper. Supply Dept LPO, Assistant COB under RMCS(SS) Larry Bogardus. Served with Captain "Wild Bill" McGonagle The best skipper ever to command a nuclear submarine.
Cowan, BrienYNC(SS)1978 – 1980EXECUTIVEGreat ship, Great Crew. CO and XO were the best one/two punch in the Atlantic. Applied for and was selected for LDO while assigned.
Ashton, LeeEM2(SS)1978 – 1979E2 Patrols out of Rota.
Byas, ClydeSNFeb 1978 – Sep 1980Great Capt
Hollingsworth, Gerald (Jerry)MM2Feb 1978 – Oct 1979MachineryGreat memories of TT-One Star now on eternal patrol
Ackley, DougMM1(SS)Feb 1978 – Aug 1980M Division, ELTGreat time (now) looking back. We had a great CO - M.P. Gray, I have a large number of photos from swim call, halfway night, officer auction, etc. Contact if interested.
Moore, Warren-EM1Feb 1978 – 1984E DivRetired 1997 EMC Norfolk VA FTSCLANT
Fomby, FredSK1/SKC (SS)Mar 1978 – Sep 1981SKOne of the best commands I served with alot of good friends made and still have. had the privilage to serve under Wild Bill Mc Gonegal, made Chief, made the 4 ripple shot. Trim sys bound and pumped people from torp room to eng room. In San Diego
Burns, JimQM3Mar 6, 1978 – May 5, 1980NavigationThe guys on the Blue Crew were the funniest bastards I have met in my life. I still have a lot of good memories though I didn't think much of the Navy...
Porth, JamesMT2/SSMar 15, 1978 – Jul 15, 1981WeaponsDid six patrols on BLUE crew out of both Rota and Holyloch. Had very interesting time and was a great learning experience. Now work as an engineer with Submarine Combat Systems.
Connor, JackLTApr 1, 1978 – Dec 1, 1979WeaponsOne of the best submarines in the fleet thanks to CAPT Gray!! I had a great Weapons Dept that kept me out of trouble.
Davis, GregMS3Jun 15, 1978 – Jun 15, 1980mess specialistYea I remember the four patrols on the George. Fish and chips after a good drunk in Holy loch . Bruce Dowds first birthday cake. lifting weights in the missle compartment. yeast rolls every night. living with a bunch of new yorkers. ha ha It was fun
Young, GalenET2/SSSep 1978 – Jun 1983NavET6 patrols: 1 rota, 5 holyloch, and into the shipyard for overhaul. Launching 4 was cool! Trim parties are great! Liberty in Lisbon Portugal was nice. It is great to see the names on here.
Morton, MarkMM1 (SS)Oct 1978 – Dec 1981M / ELTI have stayed in touch with a few over the years, and have great memories of many others. I count it a real blessing to be part of something like "41 for Freedom" - now that we can really understand it all.
Warnick, GeorgeFNNov 22, 1978 – Dec 1, 1979a-gang
Furrer, VincentMMCMNov 27, 1978 – Jun 10, 1983AuxI still have the bite mark on my arm with the missing tooth. Thanks French Man
Mazur, Joe (Yeo)PN1(SS)Dec 1978 – Aug 1981ADMINMy first sub. Great times and now retired. Spent 13 yrs in Groton CT.
Evans, MarkSTS2SSDec 1978 – Jun 1981wepons/sonarnext to raising my family, quite posibly the most meaningful years of my life.
Mazur, JoePN1(SS)Dec 23, 1978 – Jul 31, 1981Ship's Office
Voland, CraigRM2 SS1979 – 1981Was on several patrols Was onboard when test fired 4 missles
French, JackE31979 –seaman strikergreat crew...skipper starnes was great...specially when the ship was sinking for now reason and near test depth when he came on the con and asked...why is my ship not at ..depth..figured it out..em blow and we were ok. one Lt to not be a capt ever.
Goodwin, Thomas "goody2shoes"TM2/SS1979 – 1982WeaponsWOW...I really miss the people
Smith, SmittyE31979 – May 30, 1980A GangI have always wondered what became of all my old friends. I was sad to hear that the marshal was decomissioned and scrapped. In many ways I came of age there. I suppose a lot of us did. I was pleased to see Steve Smiths name listed.
Kunc, Chris1979 – 1981
Farrell, Rickmm31979 – Jul 1982a-gangI met some of the best people and with them I had some of the best times EVER
Whiting, KenLT1979 – 1980Torpedo Sonar MissileAnyone else still have their 'salad fetish' - it still bugs me when I see people throwing fresh greens away - still can't stomach three bean salad...
Donnelly, DuaneMM2(SS)Jan 1979 – Feb 1983A DIVISIONhi all. thanks to butch for showing this site to me. about time for a reunion i think!
Callicutt, H. Darrell Or Cut Or CalJan 1, 1979 – Mar 15, 1981E and line handlingNuc EM and qualified lookout. Missed ships movement in Greece and had a great adventrure Med Run and UNITAS God and they paid us too.
Taylor, MichaelETN2 (SS)Jan 1, 1979 – Dec 15, 1979NavTwo patrols prior to separation. Came to the 654 from the 616
Day, StephenEM1 (SS)Feb 1979 – Sep 1980E
Wood, Bill(woody)RMMar 1979 – 1982RadioGood to see all the familar names.
Gibbs, Charlie (Gibber)MM1(SS)Mar 1979 – Sep 1981M
Enright, AnthonyMS2SSMar 1, 1979 – Sep 21, 1981SupplyIt was The only time in my life where everything made sense. Thank You My Brothers Thank You Captain,
Farparan, Stevenic3Mar 16, 1979 –engeringmy time on board was fantastic my Co&xo the best in the navy my opionion there is A lot of men I served with I will never forget times places events it was the best experence of my life not sure of talk about it secret
Naron, LarryMM1Mar 30, 1979 – Jul 11, 1983Did 4 1/2 patrols out of Holy Loch. Did a missle shoot and dependants cruise. Served under Capt 'Wild Bill' McGonnegal. Great crew and command. Took the boat through Refueling Overhaul at NNSY&DD. Got out just before sea trials
Bailey, CharlesMMC(SS)Jul 1979 – Apr 2, 1980RLLELT on the Gold crew prior to my being commissioned as an LDO.
Terry, SteveIC2/SSSep 1979 – Mar 1983A-Gang / Fwd ICHi to all my Brothers of the Gold crew,miss ya. Thank God we remember good times and forget the bad.One of a few who can say "I had my hand on the tube when a bird flew-then spent 20 hrs in a facesucker" May God Bless and Keep You All !!
Lewis, RodneySTS3Sep 8, 1979 – Mar 10, 1980sonarWhere is everyone at? Especially Paul Genco, and that gravel dog eating Dale McKay?
Doyle, ThomasMT2/SSSep 19, 1979 – Oct 6, 1986Missile4 runs Holyloch.Liberty in Lisbon Portugal.Trans Atlantic for weapons offload&overhaul @Newportnews/Stayed on. Weapons onload & testing @Coco Beach Fla.Luanced 4 Birds! Trans atlantic Back2Dloch 3more patrols.Would do it all again In a Heartbeat!
Rodgers, DavidmmsOct 1979 – Jun 1981A Gang
Johnston, KevinET2/SSOct 15, 1979 – Jul 15, 1985NavigationGreat boat great crew. Still love to tell stories about my time on board.
Royse, DarylMM2 (SS)Nov 1979 – Oct 1981ALike Dale says, Hi to all the Gold Crew from 1980.
Fox, James AEMCS (SS)Nov 1979 – Sep 1980EWas on for two patrols. Made Chief along with George Davis and was transferred off the ship. EMC Jim Red was Divison LPO.
Niermann, JeanE-1 sonarNov 1, 1979 – May 1, 1982SONARYou all new me as Disco Danny. Even though I was into disco, I learned that i was a rocker also.
Ullom, RichardMSSR-MS2Dec 28, 1979 – May 16, 1983SupplyBeen a long time but memories prevail! Really good ones. If anyone has pictures that might have me in them I would be ever so grateful for a contact. Ex-wife destroyed everything of mine and I would to recoup.
Ullom, RichardMSSR - MS2Dec 29, 1979 – Sep 12, 1983Supply

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