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USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 424 crew members registered for the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654).

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Noddin, DickMM1(SS)1971 – 1974M Blue CrewStill in touch with Les Holz, Rick Manier, Rick Leonard. Will always remember some of the best people in my life at overhaul in Bremerton. I hope you that remain are all well.
Gibb, BrianSTS1971 – 1978Sonar
Simanek, LaurenceET2 (SS)1971 – 1973Reactor OperatorWent on patrol from HolyLoch, took boat to Bremerton shipyard. Went through shipyard.
Schlichting, LarryTM 2 (SS)Jan 1971 – Aug 1974WeaponsCame on during Bremerton overhaul. Blue crew. Great memories, good people, excellent adventure.
Manier, RickMM1(SS)Mar 1971 – Jan 25, 1974MNo division did more work during overhaul than M Division! We had a great crew, and managed to keep our sanity and find some fun despite the beastly work loads. Gald to still be in touch with a few of you!
Rinkevich, CarlYN3(SS)Apr 1, 1971 – Jan 28, 1974AdminWhat a great crew. Many memories. Ended up going back in and retiring in 1993. Live in York, Pa. Like to hear from old shipmates. Lots of familiar names on this list
Flournoy, RayMT1(SS)Jun 1971 – Oct 1975WeaponsServed on Gold Crew before Bremerton overhaul and on Blue Crew after.
Dindinger, GlennET1(SS)Jun 1971 – Sep 1975Reactor Control
Maddox, RichardRM2(SS)Jun 1971 – Jan 1974RadioFirst patrol Holy Loch; last Rota. Panama Canal twice; PSNS. Missile firing Port Canaveral. Many fond memories. Served with Palzer, Pottratz, Chiefs Johnston and Harrison, Eager, Curtis, Cardinal, Justice, Hansen.
MacKey, JamesMT 2Jun 20, 1971 – Feb 11, 1975WeaponsServed on Gold crew prior to the Poseidon conversion and the Blue crew until February 1975.
Dindinger, GlennET1(SS)Jul 1971 – Sep 1975Reactor Controls
Kellam, Johntm2ssAug 9, 1971 – Mar 20, 1976weapons dept.served under roy c paul co and john r patten co, overhaul at psns bremerton 1971-1973. 5 poseidon patrols.
Angione, DennisRM3Aug 22, 1971 –RadioServed on SSBN 654 through Bremerton overhaul. Did all the sea trials. Great bunch of shipmates. I Remember Wayne Paulzer & Family, Chief Harrison, LTJG Vanicek. Better than any family I ever had!
Asby, JimSNSep 1971 – Feb 1975WeaponsI did not return to Bremerton after discharge but did move back to Washington State in 79'
Stump, DarrelTORPEDOMAN 3RD CLASSSep 1971 – Jan 1975WeaponsMoved to Washington State in 1978. Am still here today.
Clemente, Kyleic4Nov 15, 1971 – May 8, 1973ic
Humphrey, JoeEM21972 – Dec 1975Came on the boat in Bremerton & remember many of the fine guys I served with.........can't remember others for some reason!!! Hope to hear from some of you. What an experience...........influenced the rest of my life.
Wilson, GeorgeEM1 (SS)1972 – 1976Electrical RepairI served with a great bunch of guys. We were all there for different reasons, but what counts is that we were there. Hi to Les, Ski, Wild Bill, Jim Fiorio and all the rest. I would welcome contact from any of the crew that remember me.
Peavy, Philip E. Jr.ET1(SS)1972 – 1974Nuclear (ET / Reactor Operator)Unforgettable experience. Fellow RO shipmates included Jim Weston and Les Holz. Shared Maneuvering with Joe Humphrey (EO). Spent last 4 years (1975-1978) as Prototype Instructor (D1G, Balston Spa, NY)
Kvam, DanCS3Jan 1972 – Mar 1975supplyI wonder so often,"whatever happened to.."? I spent a lot of years driving, building homes, and now I work as a screen printer with my son. 2 kids, 4 grand children, and 2 great grands.
Mabry, Micheal ( Mj)CaJan 1972 – Apr 1972CookBeing apart is of the crew was the part of my that left a huge impact in the years to come. Met good people on this boat and had an out standing xo.
Uccello, MichaelSTS-2Jan 13, 1972 – Dec 5, 1975SonarGreat duty from Bremerton to Rota. Softball Tournments, halfway nites, Ship clean up every Fridays @ 12:00. Afro to frizzy without trouble. Times to remember and proud to do it again !!!
Engbarth, JamesETC (SS)Feb 2, 1972 – Oct 31, 1977Reactor ControlCame on as ETN2, promoted to ET1, took E-7 exam on last patrol. Passed and was advanced. Made trip around through Panama Canal and nine patrols. Great boat, great crew, great wardroom. Last man standing from shipyard.
Thompson, GaryE-5Apr 25, 1972 – Dec 29, 1976ElectricalOne of the best experiences of my life! Built close friendships. Learned how to be sick with kidney stones and keep Andy Holton awake. Had two skippers that I liked much. Missed my last patrol due to stones.
Robert J. Deschene, BobRM 2May 1972 – Jun 1973radio roomArrived aboard NGCM In the Yard at Bremerton Wa. during the Polaris/ Poseidon refit. Did liberty in San Diego/Tj Mex, lucky to get out alive. Steaks on missile deck panama canal. missile test cape canaveral.
Clark, PatMM2(SS)Aug 1972 – Jun 1975A-gangLeft for the Memphis precom and points beyond. Retired in 94
Walgren, StephenETN 2 (SS)Sep 1972 – Jan 1976NavigationOverhaul at PSNS then on to New London thru 1975
Sanderlin, CharlesSK1 (SS)Nov 1, 1972 – Sep 15, 1974Supply
Markie, RobertSNNov 20, 1972 – Jun 20, 1974SN
Simpson, RobertRM11973 –RadioFirst tour. RM1 Paulzer, Pottratz and RM3 Giberson also in Radio at the time. XFER to USS Cavalla as LPO there.
Ford, RickSTS2 (SS)1973 – 1975SonarGreat boat and crew. Made the first Blue ribbon patrol for Poseidon missiles. What a difference coming off SS boats (DBF!). Took two showers a day on first patrol just to make up for lost time on the diesels. Saddened to see she went for scrap.
Kist, JoelSTS3 SS1973 – 1975WeaponsLooking for old buddies to get together....
Athey, PaulTM3(SS)1973 – 1976WeaponsRota rooting, the good ol' days.
Brewer, Ed "ben"1973 – 1976
Copeland, SkipIC3Jan 10, 1973 – Sep 30, 1975Fond memories in simpler times!
Giberson, JohnRM2(SS)Mar 1, 1973 – Jun 30, 1977OperationsWayne Pulsar, Roger Pottratz, Mark Chayer, Dennis Brown, Tom Haggerty, Rob Simpson CO - J.S. Robertson
Gloe, ClarenceEM-1May 1973 – May 1976eI joined theboat in theshipyards in Bremerton wash.took the boat thur the cannel and made several gold crew cruises, this does stir some emotions, was realy something to be part of, God bless you all.
Christensen, HarveyIC1Jun 1973 – Apr 1977Engineeringafter 30+ years thought it was time to look up a few old friends. So far I have heard from a few of you. Does any one know what happened to Overstreet?
Clerkin, PhilipYN2(SS/DV)Jun 10, 1973 – Jun 6, 1976ExecutiveCame aboard end of Bremerton overhaul. GOLD Crew. Best group of submariners. 7 Poseidon Patrols out of Rota, Spain....
Bremer, GaryFTG1Sep 1973 – Jul 1978WeaponsServed with Ron Bender, Kelly Dunn - friends with Virgil Perry and Ed Holdensky
Bremer, GaryFTG1/SSSep 1, 1973 – Jun 15, 1978Weapons
Steacy, PatTM2(SS) RM2(SS)Nov 1973 – May 1978Launcher, Torpedo, and RadioCame aboard as TMSA in late 1973. Changed rates from TM2 to RM2 around mid 1976
Wess, TomMM2(SS)Nov 1973 – Mar 1977M Div Nuc
Schneider, RobertMT2-MT1 (SS)Dec 1973 – Oct 1977MissileLooking for old shipmates to swap stories & photos. Came on after overhaul. Can't beat Rota-rooting. But, don't forget Guy Fawkes Day in Faslane.
Hernandez, HenryTM 1Dec 1973 – Sep 1976Weapons
Stout, GeorgeEt2Dec 23, 1973 – May 25, 1978Reactors controlMy first submarine. The best days of my career.

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