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USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 940 crew members registered for the USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37).

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Prager, JohnHT2 -DC11987 – 1990REnjoyed my time on the FAT SAM!!
Walter-Lawall, DonnaE 31987 – 1990Deck and Signal BridgeServed in Deck and on the Signal Bridge from 87-90. I have a ton of pictures from Wes pac 87 including wog day. if you are interested in checking those out you can email me at I am happy to share.
Coolbeth, KimberlySA1987 – 19892nd DECKlooking for old shipmates westpac 88
Barry Peters, BearHT31987 – 1991R1 ShipFitter ShopHad a blast on the Sammy G. Did 4 west packs. The biggest mistake I ever made was getting out to soon.Love to hear from you all!
Grabarits, JosephHT21987 – 1989RN/R1Probably my favorite sea tour. Least stressful anyhow. Lots of good friends and memories
Wilkins, GailLT1987 – 1990EngineeringServed as DCA
Strickland, RobertHT21987 – 1989R1 / 11AShipfitter shop, the most fun I had in the service. Couldn't ask for a better group of guys to work with.
Beltran, ChrisSNJan 1, 1987 – Oct 1, 1988Deck
Scott, CharlesHT-2Jan 5, 1987 – Jan 5, 1990RN-Nuke Weld ShopThe Gompers was my first duty station after C school. I really thought we had it made there in port or at sea. Six section Duty, on board medical and dental. All was good, except the hurry up and wait Navy thinking.
Logan, ButchHT2Jan 20, 1987 – Jun 7, 1990R1Hello to everyone! Looking for some of the gang from the lagging shop and the shipfitters shop...e-mail me at
Wacker, KatRM3Feb 1987 – May 1989OR
Rose, WarrenBM3Feb 1, 1987 – Aug 23, 19902nd and 3rd
Aleman, GilbertE4Feb 14, 1987 – Nov 27, 1990Repair Department (Riggers and Tile Team)looking my for shipmates! Miss You Guys
Bernhard, GilBTCMFeb 28, 1987 – Jul 29, 1991
Struckoff, Dean (STRUCK)DC 2Mar 1, 1987 – May 8, 1989DC
Blanchard, Joee5Mar 1, 1987 – Feb 4, 1990wepsLooking for GMG1 Rich Linn. Any Ideas?
Miller, CharlesDC2Mar 1, 1987 – Dec 31, 1988RMet the love of my life when she stepped on the helo while we anchored in May ‘88, DCFN Nush, now Mrs Miller. Thanks Sammy G!
Na Pier, ChristopherOS-2Mar 16, 1987 – Jun 6, 1990OIHad a great time meet some great people and learned some great things. Wishing only to have keep in touch with those that I meet aboard the Sammy "G" and other vessel but the internet way not as it is today. Living and working in New York Cit
Metzger, AbbyE-4Apr 1, 1987 – Jul 1, 1991
Harrelson, Mark (Bud)ET2Apr 18, 1987 – Jun 19, 1989Operations and Repair Had some good times on the SAMMY G. I still miss some of the people I served with.
Mingus, DanielMS-1Apr 26, 1987 – May 14, 1991S-2/SUPPLYSure do miss the fat Sam. To bad they sunk her. Enjoyed the 2 WesPac's I made on her. Was in charge of the CPO Mess for 1 year then went to the crews galley for 6 months and the rest of the time I was the Damage Control PettyOfficer for S-2 Divisi
Pena, ChrisMM /HT3May 15, 1987 – Jul 20, 1991Repair r-1 lagging sheetmetal heavy metal NSFIm still droppin Anchor say hello
Clark, Byron "big D"LITHOGROPHER\'S MATE 3RD CLASSJun 1987 – Jun 1993R-3Started in 3rd Div of Deck Dept, then to the Canvas Shop and finally rated LI and moved to the Print Shop. A great 6 years and 3 WEST Pac's!
Fitzgerald, DebiNCCJun 1987 – Dec 1990Admin
Bridges, EloiseEM33Jun 1, 1987 – Jan 9, 1990E-Div
Young, CindyHT3Jun 16, 1987 – Nov 1, 1988R
Hatfield, CliffE-3Jul 1987 – 1989Had a good time and learned alot and meet some of the most wonerful on board
Yetter, PhilipHT2Aug 1987 – Nov 1990R156A, 11A
Mantia, JamesDC3Oct 1987 – Apr 1990Repair
Marsh, PamelaYN3Oct 12, 1987 – Oct 29, 1994Admin (Legal Office)
Johnson , Jr, Frank / SixpackBMSNOct 28, 1987 – Oct 14, 19913rdLooking for Scott Moore , Levi , and anyone else who had severed about this ship ( USS Samuel Gompers AD - 37)
Campbell, DebbieMR3Nov 1987 – Mar 1989R-2I worked mostly in the engraving shop. Went on WESTPAC 88 and had a lot of fun. Just wanting to connect with past shipmates. I did a no cost swap with MR2 Casey Bressem and went to the east coast to be closer to home.
Palos, CrystalBTDec 1987 – Dec 1993BLooking for old ship mates
Peters, ChristineICSNDec 1987 – Nov 1989IC Engineering
Smiley, JamesEN2Dec 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1991A-Gang
Thompson, JohnHT2Dec 4, 1987 – Sep 10, 1990RN/R-1The Gompers was by far my favorite sea command! Made some good friends that I'll remember forever!!!
Hartzell, ChrisSH31988 – 1990supplyStill the one who wanders the unknown. Looking for old friends who I met during the Navy part of my life.
Odoms-foxx, BrendaTMT21988 – Oct 1989RDThe first & only ship I deployed on. Worked w/some good people & had some good times. I worked w/in the rig/hose shop in RD & became the admin. If you know me dropped me a line. TMT2 Brenda Odoms-Foxx
Horn (Bonner), AngelaE-4 ML1988 – 1994R2
Ellman, AngelaSEAMAN E-21988 – Jan 1991SEAMANWhat up Gomper Crew. Looking for Willie. You know who I am reach out. Kimberly A. Minor. Alameda Ca. I see the list dont remember anyones names. Angela Thomas where u at Jamaica? Whomever remembers Angela M. Ellman. HI!
Wade, KeithSH2Jan 1988 – Nov 1993S-3Looking for old Shipmates
Carpitcher, PaulDC2Jan 1988 – Jun 1991What an Experience.
Peery, DawnMM3Jan 1988 – Dec 1990r- pump repair shoploved the navy and this old girl. miss it still today. met my husband on board but now we are divorced, lasted 13 yrs regardless. but now my son is goin in next year. Go Navy
Carraway, TinaIC3Jan 22, 1988 – Apr 10, 1991IC Repair & R6I worked in the IC Gyro shop. U probably me as the one that was busted the day after we left for WesPac '88. Had to love Labayak.
Bundy, RobRM3Feb 12, 1988 – Apr 4, 1991RADIO SHACKLooking for Steve Palister and other old friends from the Gompers.
Flores, LindaSM3Apr 1988 – Jun 19903rd div on DC Crew, then signal deck still DC CrewGreat exp. Hrd wrk that I loved, saw places I wld nver see on my own. Hi to all who manage to remember me Incldng site vstrs. Anita perez (densford??) pls contact me! Became God's child inside signal thing!!!
Ballentine, PatEN2Apr 4, 1988 – May 1993R-2
Miller (Nush), PattyDcfnMay 1988 – Apr 1989DcOnly onboard a year or so ...but still carry the memories daily married to Charlie Miller DC2Miller
Watson, DavidRMCSJun 1988 – Feb 1991R-4Arrived onboard in Oman and retired in Alameda.
Brown, LaqueedaSH3Aug 1, 1988 – Jan 1, 1991SUPPLYI worked in the Ship Serviceman supply office ordering geedunk, supplies etc...,
Pallister, Stevebm 3Aug 1, 1988 – Mar 1, 1993rd
Lauter, Bernarde4Aug 27, 1988 – Sep 22, 1991boasten matei met alot of people but got in alot of seamen lauter angulo was the loan shark and beat everyone up if they didnt pay i was young and stupid back then i got court martelled back in sure everyone remem
Dugan, DawnYNSNSep 1988 – May 1991RDhey everyone
Dugan, DawnE3Sep 1988 – 1991RS
King, Gordon (Chaplain Gordy)LTSep 1, 1988 – Oct 31, 1989Chaplain - AdminServing as the Chaplain on the Sammy G often reminded me of teaching junior high! :)
Chatmon, ElaineSK3Sep 28, 1988 – Oct 1991Supply Storekeeper SK3I Enjoyed My Time Onboard The Sammy G.I Met Alot Of Good People From Every State .We Worked Hard But We Party Even Harder..I Am Honored To Had Serviced My Time With And I Will Cherish The Memories For The Rest Of My Life
Johnson, Brad "junior"SK3Oct 1988 – 1991Store Keeper, ship's base storage managerDamn i had so much fun on that ship. Talk about good times, great people and fabulous memories. I became pretty popular eventually and definitely grew up on that ship. From boxing on the team, working out and dating some fine women.
Evans, EarlET1Nov 1, 1988 – May 10, 1990R-4 R-6
Cole, DonaldMAC/E7Dec 1988 – Sep 1992Admin
Sabbagh, Amen (Haggi Moto)E-5/HT2Dec 28, 1988 – Nov 27, 1993R-1Always a parts of my life I'll never forget, Thanks you for everything.

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