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USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 940 crew members registered for the USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37).

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Wild, Heather SteelmanHM21978 – 1980Medical
Colon, HectorE31978 – 19801st, then StreamShe was a great ship, heart moving it was when I found out that she was decommissioned and later sunk. I made some good friends on and off the ship and a wonderful time it was.
Moore, EdwardRM31978 – 1980Radio
Emert, RobertEN21978 – Dec 29, 1980A-GangI remember reporting for duty 2 days before leaving on westpac Trying to out run a typhoon in Hong Kong on the slowest ship in the Navy. 4 tugs try to keep us off the pier in Subic Bay Perky,Fluff,Paris,Nicely,Cole
Appleman, GeorgeOM21978 – 1979R-5
Gary, LawrenceSM1 (SW)1978 – 1979COMMS. Retired CWO2 1995.....
Pimentel, AlfredSK21978 – 1980S-1Had a great time on Fat Sam. I remember my friends Jim lafler Tim nash, Senior chief ivey, paco, stewart, yes barchat, smitty, Rodriguez, it's been a while. I was 19 yrs old then. I'm turning 60 this year of 2018.
Sandefur, TammySN1978 – 1980Boatswain MateWorked Topside
Unsinn, DarrelHT11978 – Jul 14, 1979R DivisionI served on board during the 1978 Westpac. Was on board when Fat Sam went into dry dock and left In July 1979 when I decided not to re-up and went home. Looking to see what my friend IC2 Dan Smith is going now.
Graham, RodDS2Feb 27, 1978 – Feb 26, 1984S 6
Jameson, DavidEN2Mar 1978 – Nov 1981R-5Spent first 3 months in R-5. Sent to R-2 for 3 months. Then grequested to return to R-5 for duration of tour on board.
Finch, BillMACSMar 10, 1978 – Jul 15, 1979xRecall riding out a typhon in Subic Bay with tugs pulling us away from the pier.
May, ReubenHT2Apr 1978 – Jul 1981R 1had a great time on the gompers still gettinh reconnected with shipmates
Malugin, BobbyMr3Apr 1978 – Nov 1979R2If your reading this you must be one of my friends that was aboard Fat Sam. I think about all the good times and some of the not so good but I would like to hear from anyone that was my friend aboard ship. bamgin@yahoo.
Cowan, JimML2Apr 1, 1978 – Sep 1, 1979FOUNDRY
Gelhar, PeteEN3May 1978 – Dec 1980A-GangAnyone remember getting the Captain's gig stuck on a sand bar while on a joyride in San Francisco Bay? You know who you are.
Brooks, WilliamBM2/BM1/MA1May 1978 – Dec 19801st/MAAsurely missed the time I had onboard FAT SAM.
Nelson, DarrylML 3May 16, 1978 – Oct 20, 1980R-1They sank our ship???
Jacobs, Freddy/jakehm3Jun 30, 1978 – Aug 15, 1980medical
King, VernonRMSNJul 1, 1978 – Nov 30, 1980OC01
Koerper, JimBT2Jul 10, 1978 – Jan 10, 1982B-div.
Galvin, James Pebblesht3Sep 1978 – 1980r
Vahle, RandyTM3Oct 8, 1978 – May 5, 1980WeaponsI know someone out there remembers me !!! Cookie Monster (Bob Cook), Roy Mauer, John James John H. (Chicago)
Vahle, RandyE4Oct 8, 1978 – May 5, 1980WeaponsI'm re-doing this because my e-mail address has changed. Roy, you crazy S.O.B., Cookie, you better get a hold of me. J. James, are you still in Collinsville, John Hoffman what's up. Greg (L.A.) Brian, THE craziest man I know. WHAT'S U
Lucier, MarkHT2Nov 1978 – Jul 1980Repair DivisionGot to see SF in the early 80"s. The shipmates I remember, Rueben May, Vic Lurz, Jim, Taz, Kevin, Mike Killman were a great group, had some fun. Was a crew member when the ladies came on board and things changed.
Book, KentE5 ENNov 30, 1978 – Nov 30, 1979A GangHad a good time what happend to Rick the Fluff spent most time at the pier and in yard still talk and spend timewith Al Minor ICman
Rupert, Gayle RussellSN1979 – 1981DeckOne of the 1st female onboard, but what an experience, last name was Cauley at the time, worked for 5 months on the mess decks to get out of deck division, left ship the March 81, pregnant, love to hear from a shipmate, scrantongayle@yahoo
Muego, RubenYNC1979 – 1981XI was the Chief in charge in the Ship's Office. Shipmates I remember whom I worked with...Lt Koritar, PNC Lacey, YNSN Chance, YN1 Bill...
Groves, William (Grovo)fn1979 – 1982bI sure miss fat sam and everyone that I served with
Coots, MichaelBT31979 – Sep 1982B-Div
Demele, Terrymrfn1979 – 1980m
Kats, LyndahlHT11979 – 1984R - divCame on board an HT 3 and left an HT 1. Two West Pac cruises, both spending some time in Diego Garcia. LPO for ER01 and ERO9. Qualified Fire Marshall.
Maher, JackieHM31979 – 1981MedicalWhat a great experience being one of the first women aboard ship, I learned so much being in the Navy,
Richards, ThomHM21979 – 1981MedicalSome of my best memories in the Navy was serving on board
Oreilly, EugeneHT2/ Diver 2nd Class1979 – Oct 17, 1981R Division
Harris, TyIC-2Jan 7, 1979 – Aug 19, 1984R-3Gompers Stompers AD-37
Parker, Aaron (Aj ) profile iconsaFeb 1979 – Jul 31, 1982side cleaners, deck dep.
Coots, MichaelBT3Mar 1979 – Sep 14, 1982B
Hawkins, DanielEN2Apr 1979 – Nov 1980R1best time, had great fun with a great bunch of people, i was office yeoman, with Ross. and mc elzner.
Brewer, Bartmm3Apr 1979 – Dec 1982m-divhad a great time on Fat Sam worked in the engine room and made some great friends
Harris, Jim / HarryBT2May 1979 – Jun 1980B
Fears, Diane RacineHM2Jun 1979 – Jul 1981HWithout a doubt the best learning experience of my 24 years (active and reserves).
Harank, Suzanne (Sue)PC3Jun 1979 – Jun 1980AdminIt was an honor to be one of the first 40 enlisted women onboard the ship. Grateful I grew up with five older brothers so I was well prepared for living with 1300 men, lol! :) Great overall experience!
Shaffer(stoddard), Sandra (Sandya)BM 3Jun 20, 1979 – Dec 1980Deck (Side Cleaners)The best time I had while serving in the Navy was the time I spent aboard the Fat Sam. Stoneman, Mantack, were two people I remember well. I miss the ship and hope to make the next reunion.
Santa, PattiMMJun 22, 1979 – Feb 15, 1982Engineering
Barron, RandyMS2Jul 1979 – 1981Supply/ Captain's CookIf we served on Fat Sam together I would really like to connect with you. It would have been when the women were assigned to the ship. After only a few months I got to cook for two Captains, Captain O'Malia and Captain Bailey. Great time!
Fountain, Shawn (Petey)HTFNSep 4, 1979 – Apr 4, 1982R (ship)I miss been steaming.She was a good boat, Eggo still owe you that 20 falkner,siggy hope you made it through Katrin ok. PEACE BROTHERS&SISTRES!
McGarry, KevinBMSep 7, 1979 – Jul 10, 1983DeckJoin the Crew Members Association! We have a great website: Next reunion will be in 2010 in Reno NV Deck Dept. Rules!!!
Soto, RobertNov 18, 1979 – Nov 18, 1982S2
Stanley, CharlieBM3Dec 1, 1979 – Sep 5, 19822ndLoved my time there. I'm with MSC now , anyone else make that mistake?
Mishler, DanielMM3Dec 15, 1979 – Sep 15, 1982eng.great time on fat sam!! any one haveing anything left from her like ball caps mainly a ships patch e-mail me i lost all in a fire

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