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USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 940 crew members registered for the USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37).

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Bell, DennisRM31971 – 1972OCEven crashing into the pier in Subic Bay and breaking loose from the bouy in Hong Kong harbor and free floating into one of our destroyers couldn't stop the Gomp!!!
Ferrill, Aj1971 –Hi everybody! My grandfather served on the Gompers. His name was Joe Ferrill and he was post-master or something similar. Shoot me an e-mail, I have been trying to find out some information about him. Thanks alot, I appreciate it.
Griffith, JeffE41971 – 1973WeaponsSo, the old fatty took a lot of punishment before sinking! Who'd a ever thunk? To see all the large holds and the elevators with double doors, one would think she'd sink in a flash.
Johnson, MikeHT31971 – Feb 2, 1973REPAIRELOOKING FOR T.L.CLARK
Haug, RobertSF31971 – Aug 4, 1973R
Seymour, MichaelGM 3rd Class1971 – 19731st
Browning, RogerBM31971 – 19753rdgreat experience crane operator / director
Seagondollar, MarkETNSN1971 – 1972Electronics
Harvey, JerryRM31971 – 1972Electronics Repair devisionWorked in the Teletype repair shop.
Barbee, David (Dave)MMCJan 1971 – Sep 1971MReported aboard as MMC, in charge of the enginroom. Gompers was between WestPac tours and never left the pier my whole time aboard, which spanned most of 1971. Left the Gompers to report aboard the Dixie AD 14.
Jamnik, NikBM3Jan 1971 – Jun 19752nd
Olden, Gregory (Touche)E-3Jan 2, 1971 – May 16, 1973SHIP SERVICE WORKED IN STORE AND LAUNDRY
Hall, WayneRM3Jan 10, 1971 – Oct 12, 1972OpsServed aboard USS Samuel Gompers Jan 1971 to Oct 1972 as Radioman Looking for RMC Baker, RM1 Schdale?, RM1 Sneed
McTigue, Paul / MacIC 3Jan 12, 1971 – Dec 10, 1972R-3 IC-REPAIR SHOPThe older I get, the more I want the old days, But do I have to shave ? I still have what Admiral Zumwalt let me have. Thanks Elmo. Grateful to have found my buddy Holmes. Would love to connect with Chief Thomas Miller
Linscott, WesRM3Feb 1971 – Aug 1972OCMade the WestPac cruise in late 71 until Aug 72, including the unscheduled trips to DaNang. It would be great to hear from any other RM's from those years.
Barber, Ray (Xray)mmfnFeb 5, 1971 – Feb 1, 1972m-divisionBill Baker and I came on board around the same time, just after a two year strech aboard the USS Sanctuary AH17 along the Veit Naum coast. I swaped duty with a guy aboard the USS Prairie AD15 during a west pac tour.
Roberts, I. KennethIC2Feb 15, 1971 – Nov 17, 1972Electrical RepairPrevious duty station USS Frank Knox DD-742
Duran, AndyCWO3Feb 16, 1971 – Apr 1, 1974AdminGreat ship, great crew. Enjoyed each cruise to Westpac.
Jim, Beidler BeedsTM2Apr 1971 – Oct 2, 1972weaponsGreat memories. Often think of the guys I served with and the SAMMY G.Best job I ever had.
Kreftmeyer, Danielqm3Apr 1971 – Dec 1972ops
Welsch, JohnSF3May 1971 – Oct 10, 1974R-1, 17-A, Sheetmetal ShopLots of hard work, lots of good friends, lots of good and tough times. Sorry to see the old girl go, but at least she's not turned into razor blades! Looking for friends from the time, drop me a line!
Farnsworth, Genemm2May 1971 – 1974Mjust checking in. retired in 93 after a bunch of ship and subs and a hell of a good time. even miss soem of ya
Gentry, BillTMT3May 1971 – Dec 13, 1972W1and W2 Great times, great guys, too much booze!!!
Gallagher, BillSK3May 1, 1971 – Aug 1, 1973SupplyRetired 2005 US Postal Service, Project Manager. 18 months on Guam in Supply, Nov.69 to May 71, AD-37 from May 71 to Aug. 73. (SK3) Still driving a 1967 GTO just like I had stationed in San Diego. Great times on AD-37
Christopher, EricRD3May 14, 1971 – Oct 20, 1971CICHell of a ship. There wasn't anything you couldn't manufacture on board. It was new when I arrived and it was sad to see it in mothballs when I went to Philadelphia 30 years later.
Fuller, Mike HooperTM 2Jun 9, 1971 –W1i see a few names i recognize from weapons divistion.mccartney,gentry smitty burgess and who could forget browneye.recently moved to colorado from the east coast all well.great times on far sam id like to be eighteen and
Vargas, FranciscofiremanJul 1971 – Apr 1972galleyI was the ships lead singer along with Dennis Pisani from the band, and got busted in subic bay after nam the first time, got off the ship and got discharged in treasure island, in june of 72, loved the service and crew
Kroncke, KennethYN3Jul 1971 – Feb 1975X Division
Christensen, MichaelJul 29, 1971 – Apr 16, 1974A
Baker, GarySNAug 15, 1971 – Jun 15, 19753rdGood Duty, met alot of good people on board, made 2 west-pac cruises.....once to viet Nam
Abbott, Nealshipfitter 3rd classAug 15, 1971 – Dec 10, 1974ships company R divhope everyone is doing good I have memorable thoughts of the crew and the good libs we all had when duty permitted.seemed a pain in the but at the time,,.though it was an easy life. I HAVE NO REGRETS PROUD TO SERVE.
Spears, FredBM3Aug 16, 1971 – May 15, 19743rdsome of the best times of my life was served on the Gompers met some good people. Had alot of fun. made 2 west pac's.....we were extended and went to viet nam in "74"
Hartman, JimHTFNSep 1971 – Feb 1973
Joines, MelvinSF 3Sep 1971 – Apr 1974R1Worked in the Shipfitter Shop. I had a lot of fun on both West-pac cruises. Even being in Danang. I loved Subic.
Beitz, PhilipBT3Sep 1971 – Jan 1975B DivisionEnjoyed my time on the Sammy G.
Benincosa, ValTM2Sep 1971 – Jun 6, 1972Weapons
Flores, FrankSNSep 15, 1971 – Dec 6, 1972Second Divison Made west pac cruise 11-71 to july 72
McClaughry, Steve (Mac)BM3Sep 25, 1971 – Apr 18, 19753RD.Spent my entire duty on the Gompers,made some life time friends.Hope to see some of them in the near future.They have all been to see me now its my turn to go see them.Kind of sad seeing the old Sammy G.sink.
Hall, Crawford profile iconMM3Nov 1971 – May 1975M division came aboard December 1971, assigned to the Engine Room under MMC R.W. Miller,MM1 C. Johnson. Joe Platz and I came from MM school Great Lakes. Had the privilege to know and work with a lot of good men.
Cope, ClydeTM 2Nov 1971 – Jul 1976WEAPONS 1/2
Walker, JesseFireman E3Nov 1971 – Jul 1973MRetired in TN and would like to hear from any of the guys I served with. My email is
Moberg, RandyMM2Dec 1971 – May 1975M DivisionRetired, living in a condo at Lake of the Ozarks in Camdenton, Missouri.

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