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USS Dewey (DDG 45) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dewey (DDG 45). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 430 crew members registered for the USS Dewey (DDG 45).

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Bolton, JeffMM21984 – 1988Main Control - EM01Good to see the website and a few old names. Lots of people missing.
Tiers, Donald Baby Doce31984 – 1985deckAh The Med... I enjoyed most of that cruise except for one thing The PT Exam In Ashdod, Agh gag cough wretch. There is nothing like running with nothing but Goat manure to breathe.
Dew, RaymondEW1984 – 1987OIAbsolutely The Finest Ship and Crew !!! Hey Shipmates EMAIL Me !! Or Look Me Up on Facebook . Raymond Dew
Gibson, BillyYN/BMJan 4, 1984 – May 14, 19861STWhat's up dudes, been awhile.Found a few searching for others.Med cruise was a blast, but nothing like the some blackmail pictures want to share. S gares,holman,harper,grant, whorehouse,hamilton, Joffrion,mitts ,Cheif nonskid
Hall, JeffE2Jan 6, 1984 – Mar 29, 1984Boatswains Mates
Hall, JeffE3Jan 6, 1984 – May 1, 1984Boatswainsmate
Busey, BobSK2Mar 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1987SupplyI don't even want to think about how long it's been. We were all sooo young back in those days. Crazy thing about the Dewey, couldn't wait to get off the damn thing, but miss all the friends I made while I was there. Good times!!
Kersey, Mike (Buzz)DDG 45Apr 1984 – Mar 198922+ years of service. Served onboard five ships. The Dewey was and will always remain the best ship and crew I ever had the honor to serve with. All my best memories of the Navy begin there.
Simmons, GregGMM1May 1984 – May 1988GMBest ship and crew in the Navy!! Going to try and make the DDG105 Christening. Anyone else interested please drop me a line. (Hootchfest!!)
Silva, TommyHT3May 1984 – Jun 1987Repairyo what's up fellas, Ht's back in the house. here's to everyone come and gone had a blast in med 85 shout out to Vinny, Rider, Busey, Floyd and Thadeus T. Bogenowski - world tour to follow
Barrow, JoeyEN3May 1984 – Feb 1988A-GangThe "Good Ole Dewey", It's good to see alot of the names of people you partied with 20 years ago. I think some of you just missed a party in Sept. with some of the crew. Everybody take care.
Silva, TomHT3Jun 10, 1984 – Jun 23, 1987repairits been years but the friends made on the boat remain fresh fond memories. i hope everyone i served with is well.the med cruse in 85 was a blast!!!
Clark, DavidOSJun 13, 1984 – Jul 16, 1988OIThe Dewey launched my navy career, and the memories of a great ship, crew, adventures. I will never forget the men onboard the Dewey.
Hayes, DaveBT3 NOW MM2Jul 4, 1984 – Sep 10, 1987BHEY
Gares, Ira Scott ( Tex)BM3Jul 27, 1984 – Feb 22, 1988
Voiles, LanceBT3Dec 1, 1984 – Dec 1, 1988BJust found out about this site. Wanting to look up some drinking buddies and talk about good ol' times in the hole.
Latimer, DavidPC31985 – 1988NX Great to see everyone on the list; I know every name & can picture you all....although I still have flashbacks - "when are we getting mail ?!?". Good friends & good times.
Wilkes, ChrisET21985 – Mar 1990OEDefinitely some great times!
Case, JcEM31985 – 1990ESaw EMFN Nipper had to log cant forget the concert meeting Kris Kristofferson had good times and learned more from you then any officers ever met. Hurricane Hugo was another story Ill never forget
Arnold, Joe profile iconFC2 (SW)1985 – 1990WM04 [AN/SPS-48C(V)]How was such a Sailor's Sailor allowed to be commissioned? The wonders of the world never cease to amaze!
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Badour, MikeFC11985 – 1989GMGreat crew on the Dewey Had alot of good times with all the GM div guys. Trips back to Mi. and the Nascar tracks.
Case, Jeffrey profile iconE-5/EM21985 – 1990E-3My first and Finest Ship Still have Decommissioning drawing made by Rebecca Stines on my wall at home will never forget my first ship.
Sobota, Billy profile iconRM11985 – 1987OCO1
Coleman, Jimmy profile iconTM1 (SW)1985 – 1987ASDewey has a Facebook Group that is excellent! Outstanding ship and Crew ! This was 1 tough Can. Great memories!
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Aspdin, Craig profile iconRM31985 – 1987OPSBest time of my life.
White, GeorgeRm3Jan 1, 1985 – Jan 24, 1988Ops
Rider, KevinSK3Feb 1985 – Jun 1987SupplyWow, can't believe it's been 17 years since I left the Dewey. I have only good memories of all of the friends I made and the good times we had. Still looking forward to the Bogey Bash III reunion !!!!
Huntoon, Charlie "Elephant Ass"MM3Feb 1985 – Feb 1989M
Ratliff, S. JayHTC/HTCSFeb 1985 – Jun 1987Great Ship and lots of memories. Commissioned CWO2 in July 1987. Medically retired in May 1989. Serving now as a CW2 USAR.
Miklos, SamET 1Feb 1985 – Apr 1988
O'brien, Thomas 'skip'EW1(SW) BACK THENFeb 1985 – Jun 1987OWGreat time had by all! DEW, remember the Big scare? Devine, did I see you on TV for saving a guy in NY Harbor. Bougles sure had a great time at Arties bachelor party. We all did! Remember the Party in Israel!
Henry, ChuckBT2Feb 1985 – Apr 17, 1986Aft fireroomNothin like steamin the Dewey. My best command and crew to serve with!
Anderson, JeffET1Feb 8, 1985 – Oct 5, 1989OE
Stedelin, AndrewDC2Feb 9, 1985 – Nov 4, 1988RepairI Had a lot of good times and made a lot of memories
Schram, Mike/schramboGMM2Mar 1985 – 1987GMGreat ship, good times, if you haven't gone hoochin you wouldn't understand
Pilacky, EdDS1Mar 8, 1985 – Sep 25, 1989OE2
Cross, Michaelgmg2Mar 10, 1985 – Feb 24, 1990g-divisongreat destroyer crew with a great captian. cdr coleman. gun crew john maccraklin ray mason jeff barns myself moses and chief phlegar many great med cruises. the island of moraca off spain took 20 days leave oh maria
Duncan, MichaelMM2May 1, 1985 – Nov 1, 1989Engineroom #1
Mowery, DarrenFCSNJun 1985 – Sep 1987Hey folks whats up !! any of you guys remember Tex (gares) and Mowery from 1st Division. Mowery went on to strike for FCSN two guys from West Virginia..
Denton, RobertMMFNJun 1985 – May 1986N0 2 Engine RoomGreat Ship, Great times.
Masters, Robert "dutch"QMC (SW)Jun 15, 1985 – Oct 10, 1987NXI had the privilege to be on several great ships during my 21 years in the Navy, but by far the Dewey was the best of that VERY short list. The Nav Team that I had to work with were the best, and I wouldn't have made Chief without them.
Stedelin, Andrew profile iconDC2 E5Jun 30, 1985 – Nov 4, 1988R
Devine, William "Lee"EW2Jul 1985 – Oct 1988OW/OPSHad a great time on the USS Dewey.
Kobs, DanBT3Jul 8, 1985 – Sep 1987BoilerGlad to see this site. Anybody who might have served with me feel free to look me up on facebook.
Ruiz, Mario "Roo"TM3Sep 1985 – Feb 1988ASGreat times at Naples,Turkey, Rosey Roads and believe it or not, Gitmo. The only ship in the fleet to ever flood in dry dock. LOL
Davis, RobGMGSN-GMG2Oct 1985 – Sep 1990Reservist from Memphis, TN. I always had a great time when I was on her. Looking forward to the new Dewey.
Smith, Scot "Smitty"GMM3Oct 10, 1985 – Apr 22, 1988WeaponsHi all. If anybody I served with remembers me, give me a shout, I would love to reminisce. Especially my old missile house colleagues, like GMM3 Renny, ?Sid? Frisch, GMM2 Paul Kosta, GMM3Pat Hash, GMM2 Dave, GMM1 Ed Fahl, GMMC Jerry King and FC1 Mike
Hearn, Mitch (The Georgia Dawg)RM3Oct 15, 1985 – May 15, 1987OCToo all the great radiomen who were onboard this ship from 1985 to 1987.. which was homeported in charleston sc.. i salute you all and hope all of you are enjoying life and doing okay...gods speed..........
Viator, JohnLTOct 22, 1985 – Sep 8, 1989M, B, ASAn amazing time of my life, thanks to Capt. Coleman and the rest of the crew. Great memories of M, B, and AS divisions.
Armstrong, MichaelOS2Nov 15, 1985 – Mar 25, 1988OperationsBringing back alot of great memories from aboard the Dewey. "Lower Combat was the place to be!" We really had a great crew and a ton of enjoyable moments. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm on facebook, feel free to hit me
Bergner, DennisOS2Dec 1985 – Jun 1989OICheck out he following link

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