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USS Dewey (DDG 45) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dewey (DDG 45). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 430 crew members registered for the USS Dewey (DDG 45).

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Campbell, DavidBMSN1977 – 19791rstEverybody called me Okie. Had the time of my life. Med cruise in 78 was great. Hanging with Van, Mike Bush and Brent Kanipe. Made a lot of great friends and memories. email is drop me a note if you remember me.
Foster, Harry L.skcs1977 – 1979supplyleading chief of supply chief master at arms senior enlisted advisor looking to connect with shipmates
Whitby, BobGMMC1977 – 1981GMliving in Mississippi now
Martin, GibbGMM3 MARTIN1977 – 1980GMI would like to know where the missile house crew are and how they are. I have found Bob Tocci,Richard Wolf, Dale Johnston, and Joey Siano where are the rest of yall
Weinrebe, Arl/jrBt2Feb 1977 – Jul 19, 1980BHad great memories 2 meds, Unitas , seems like a bazillion Cuba and port A Rico trip, miss Peanut and Josa. They are together again in heaven
Parnell, RobertPN3Feb 2, 1977 – Aug 17, 1979NXGOOD SHIP. GOOD CAPT, CDR CALLERES
Parnell, Bobpn3Feb 13, 1977 – Jul 26, 1979nxenjoyed most of it. had some good boxing matches with ht3 andres, htfn montemayor, ms3 bush. won two of them. the loss to andres was close. cdr kalares was a decent co. good friends dave meitus, fred sisk and more
Wolf, RichardGMM3Mar 1977 – May 1980GMHad some wild times on both 77 and 78 Med cruises. Met some great guys trying to keep the missle house in order.
Rose, GodfreySn, Fn, Ic3Mar 1977 – Jan 1981Deck/EngRetired now Emc(SW) Great Ship Great Friends
Hemphill, Michael Aka BogeyE4Jun 14, 1977 – Jun 15, 1979Rear engine roomI ahd some great times there
Tocci, BobGMM2Jul 22, 1977 – Aug 20, 1980Dewey DDG 45Had some great times. Still here on Long Island. Whats up Gibb, Kunkel, Sanio's,Wolf,Bush Boy. Can be reached at
Cosat, DannyFTG1 (SW)Aug 1977 – Sep 1982Go GUNSGreat ship! Loved it / hated it! Wouldn't trade it. Seen the world? Remember GTMO? Ski, I had NOTHING to do with that (I don't think). Remember the Battle of Little Creek! Stuck it out - FCCM(SW) Ret. 1996
Ridgeway, JcMMCSep 1977 – Sep 1979Engineering
Yates, AlanFTM2Sep 1, 1977 – Jan 17, 1981GMI was aboard the Dewey for the fire in 78. Lost all my uniforms which were stored in the fan room where the fire started. Yes I know, they weren't supposed to be there. I had lots of fun getting the SPG-55B back in working order
Meeks, EdwardOS2Sep 17, 1977 – Jun 23, 1979OI
Petrichko, JohnSK1/CSep 30, 1977 – Apr 30, 1980Supply
Sturm, Timothy Aka Harold HaroldSR SA SN BM3 BM2Oct 10, 1977 – May 10, 19811stI remember 1 st div with BM1 Rosser, LT Stack,Bush Cooper, OKey, Wade, Preston,Oconner, Landolina, BM3 Roberto Duran, BM2 Gashe,BM2 Vines,Port Starboard lookout, How can anyone forget me BM3 HAROLD HAROLD email me at timmy1218@yahoo
Sturm, Timothy Aka Harold HaroldSA /BM2Oct 18, 1977 – May 5, 19811 STI remember everyone in 1 st DIv My divo was LtStack/ BM1 RosserLPO. I am the one and only Harold Harold. Who can possibly forget me. Unitas. 2 Meds Helm Lee/Helm. Sweepers. DCPO. My email is timmy1218@yahoo I still laugh at those day
Roberts, KeithMM2Nov 1977 – Jul 1980Engineering
Michael Brown, MikeOS2Nov 1977 – Jun 1979OIGreat ship great crew. We were the class ship of the Med in 78. Remember the time we faked out the russian AGI making them think we were the Forrestal. Come morning time the AGI was on our tail and freaked out when they seen we were a Destroyer
Roberts, KeithMM2Nov 1977 – Jul 1980EngineeringIn Forward Engine Room and later, in the Aft Engine Room, survived Med Cruise, Unitas XX, North Atlantic, shellback initiation, all the cruises. Beer party in Lagos, Nigeria!!! Lucky we survived...
Hall, DonLTDec 1977 – Jan 1982MPA / Navigator
Houben Jr., CarlRMSNDec 22, 1977 – Dec 22, 1978RadioI enjoyed being on the ship, went on Med. and Caribean cruise. Made new friends while onboard and off.
Hurry, DaleEN31978 – 1980A-Gangwent on UNITAS XX and back to yards in Charleston
Dallas, DavidFTM11978 – 1982GM Terrier and HarpoonWorked on the 55 then Harpoon. If you remember me, give me a ring Currently retired working in DC.
Harwood, JohnIC11978 – 1978ETemporary duty as Lead IC
McMullen, Jim (Mack)1978 – 1982In memory of Jim McMullen. Killed in a tragic accident March 1984. I am his son Joseph McMullen
Young, Kennethe-31978 – Jul 1979galleyam trying 2 find the allhands mag that we made the cover of. had a hell of a time in naples after the fire
Rich, Ronald / RonEM31978 – Oct 26, 1980ElectricalTransferred from USS Hunley AS-31 1978. Caught up with Dewey in Monte Carlo during a Med Cruise. Did a UNITAS Cruise in 1979. Received Shell Back in Pacific & Golden Shell Back in Atlantic
Savidge, Tim Doc profile iconseaman1978 – 1980firstI was just a kid . you guys were the best. my email
Drake, Bob (Bobby D)EM31978 – Sep 1981E-DivMed and unitas cruises...memories... Drunkerd's dream if I ever did see one.
McDowell, BryanFTM21978 – 1982WeaponsThese were great year, MED Cruise, Unitas 20, I missed the North Atlantic, that was sad.
MacVaugh, Ed profile iconICI1978 –O3Ran the maintenance of the Close Circuit Television Station. LT(jg) Brock was my Division Officer much of the tour. Joined at Palma Majorca, aboard through Unitas XX.
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Drake, Robert / BobEM31978 – Sep 1981E
Kern, ThomasOS@Jan 1978 – Aug 20, 1979OIHad great times in the Med and on Unitas......Braithwaite, Cartmill, Zornes, Dizzy Moore, Cord .....wild times left for School cut in August 1979. Flew out of Lima Peru.
Edge, William "bill"RM3/RM2Jan 10, 1978 – May 5, 1981OCGreat tour. Lots of memories of UNITAS 20 and our shellback initiation.
Conley, GailCDRJan 15, 1978 – Mar 10, 1980OPS OFFICERDeployed to the MED as flagship for COMDESRON 22 and to UNITAS XX / WATC as flagship for CTF 138. Great ship with VADM Mike Kalleres as CO followed by CDR Lance Terry. We did it all - DEWEY - you bet we do!
Brock, KevinLTJGMay 1978 – Mar 1981OE
Harwood, JohnIC1May 16, 1978 – Aug 15, 1978ETAD from USS Puget Sound as Lead IC1 while IC2 was on emergency leave, returned to the Puget Sound while Dewey was still in the Med 78
Dallas, DavidFTM2Jun 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1982GMWorked on the 55B/Mod 8, then transfered to HARPOON. Left the DEWEY in the MED CRUISE. Departed Navy in 1982 and came back in 1985, retired in 2000.
Haigler, Bill, HaigMM2Jun 1, 1978 – Aug 1982MHi there guys. Fond memories of my Dewey days. Dalimonti email me and send me your number would love to chat. I'm in southern missouri on a small farm. Peace and love to all my shipmates.
Christensen, WadeBM 3Jun 27, 1978 – Feb 15, 1982DECKI had a great time on the Dewey. I went on the med cruise of '78 and '82 and the unitas of '79. Please feel free to email me at wrchessman@ Maybe we can talk about the "good-ole-days" on the Dewey.Take care and God bles
Moore, Jeffrey (Gonzo)EM3/2Jul 20, 1978 – Nov 16, 1981E Had a lot of good times with my shipmates Bobby D., Ron Rich, Roger Butterwick. The best of all was Unitas XX cruise and becoming a shellback.
Harwood, JohnIC-1Aug 1, 1978 – Dec 1, 1978TAD to the Dewdrop Inn during Med cruise 78, I stood by for the IC2 who had emergency leave
Epperson, RandyTM3Aug 1, 1978 – Jun 15, 1982E-MAIL
Kunkel, ScottGMM2Aug 13, 1978 – Nov 28, 1981GMCaught the tail end of a Med Cruise then made UNITAS XX those were great times for a young lad! Met some great guys and see some of them on this crew list.
Gipson (Gipp), Ray (Anthony)SH3Oct 15, 1978 – Jul 15, 1981SupplyWorked in the ship store while on the Dewey. I enjoyed the UNITAS and GIMO which is a lifetime of memory. Mike Atkins, Jerry Craig, and Welton Garden are some of the guys I hung with. Email me

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