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USS Dewey (DDG 45) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dewey (DDG 45). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 430 crew members registered for the USS Dewey (DDG 45).

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Lego, DavidSN1974 –Deck
Bergevin, DavidOS2Jan 1974 – Jun 1977OIRemember North Atlantic cruise/fall '74, GITMO after shipyards in Charleston, Fort Lauderdale for the Bicentennial in '76, Med cruise in '77. Many shipmates names will always cross the mind form time to time.
Rose, Billht3Jan 5, 1974 – Jun 7, 1977r-div
Bartik, MichaelENCJan 15, 1974 – Sep 27, 19773 MThe best of all the ships I served in. 77 Med cruise was the most memorable of my cruises
Luttrell, DennyMR3Mar 1974 – Jun 1975A-gangWorked in A gang (machine shop) met a lot of good people and have good memories of N.Atlantic cruise (Copenhagen) I left Dewey and went to Sierra - destroyer tender in 75-continued to party with Dewey crew in many ports!
Pribut, JeffDS1Mar 10, 1974 – Aug 15, 1978OEGreat times, great friends, great travels - Northern Merger in fall of 74, shipyard and hull number changeover, Med Cruises of 77 and 78 not to mention countless Caribbean Cruises. If you remember me drop me a line!
Slayton, James JimMS3May 7, 1974 – Apr 1977SUPPLY WARDROOM
Slayton, JamesMS3May 29, 1974 – Jun 14, 1977S-2 Wardroom - Galley This was my first commandand I hold manny good memories while serving on her.
Watson, JamesSTGSNAug 1974 – Aug 22, 1977ASWJim Hermann, Ed, John Kirby, good times... loved the tour, wasn't as happy with the travel agent...
Freeman, BarryFTM 3Sep 1, 1974 – Jan 15, 1978GMHad great times in Charlston durring shipyard stay.GITMO Med cruise.It was all good made great frindes.JackCasta GerryWood,BobWhiperman,JoeyArcan,SteaveConrad,Bob Lang and all you others.
Lamberti, VinceEm1Sep 26, 1974 – Jan 1, 1977E
Zeiser, Tomsonar tech 3rd classOct 1974 – Sep 1976Sonarmet some great people. Worm, Ed, Wat, Bill Rose....
Moore, BarrySH2Dec 1974 – Jun 1978SupplyI ran the ship store, cut hair, and organized the ship's olympics during the two Med cruises that I was on.
Brick, DaveEM11975 – Sep 19, 1979EWhat a ship! What a crew! Enjoyed (parts of) 4 Med and 1 UNITAS cruises on this old bucket of rivets.
Crawford, KevinFTMJan 1975 – Aug 1978GM
Brown, Fred W.OS2Apr 1975 – Dec 16, 1979Operations Intelligence (OI)Want to give a shout out to Braithwaite, Lane, Meeks, Bergevin, Bueker, Lingo, Barnett, Moore, Elmo, Foley, and everyone else in OI Division during my time there. I hope you are all well and will send me a message.
Morton, Johnmm-5Apr 25, 1975 – Jun 25, 1975main control
Rafel, Robert (Bob)MMFA - MM2May 13, 1975 – Aug 4, 1978M2 Med Cruises - GTMO - Loved Charleston
Malbrough, ArthurSK3May 16, 1975 – Aug 9, 1977worked in supply supportGreat Med curises in 75-77 enjoyed the most was the Island of Crete great crew plenty of frends for life if you remember me email:
Thompson, JimmyIC3May 20, 1975 – Jul 15, 1976E
Giles, Davidos 3Jun 1975 – Jun 1978OIServed aboard the "dew-drop" for 3 years and was one of the best times of my life ,and some of the best crewman you could ask for.Am looking to obtain a copy of the med cruise book from the76-78 era.Thanks !!
Wippermann, Robert Bob FlashFTM1Jun 1975 – May 1979missle
Franklin, BrianBT2Jun 19, 1975 – Nov 14, 1978BSome of the best times of my life. Made me appreciate being and American. I remember Fly, BooBoo, and Wahoo
Winfree, Olen (Jake)FTG3Aug 1975 – Oct 1976Weapons Gun PlotCharleston Shipyards Dry dock, qualification at Gitmo, Bi centennial @ Ft Lauderdale Loved the 04 level, Ship mates-Brady Elder, Robert Kepford, Rick Fredrick, Hightower, Liberty-Port a Prince, Line 4 Crew. Radar
Dallas, Robert BjMM3Aug 16, 1975 – Sep 19, 1979 a ganger and mim really looking for ddg 45 people like roy hall and them boys yeah
Groover, Randal M. (Randy)BTFNSep 1975 – Jan 1976"B"was only on for a short period, but would like to here from the snipes
Posey, CarlSMCSSep 26, 1975 – Aug 16, 1977OPSAboard only 2 years, but a yard period and a Med trip made a lasting mark. Presently, the only name I recognize on this list is Chief Bartik, so where are all the others during this time slot? Good crew and a topnotch Skipper, CDR Kalleras.
Newell, JimSM2Nov 1975 – Jun 1979OCServed with Chief Posey, John Kirby, Dan Yoder, Charlie Brown, Mark Cass, Glenn McNeil, Gerry Worthington, Gary Wright and some I can't remember their names.
Hanaway, JimYN3Dec 1975 – Jun 1979OperationsShip was just coming out of a major overhaul. Which meant it was ready to get underway. Off to GITMO then a few short cruises back to back Med Cruises and various local training ops. Great Crew and Great Experience.
Atkins, LarryET11976 – 1979ETAn adventure like no other. Saw the world and made several great friends.
Negip, ScottSN GMM1976 – 1977missle houseDoes anybody remember that storm off of Cape Hatteras N.C. I do to this day! lolo. How about hitting that supply ship backing into Naples It. Then there was being towed (dead in the water some where out there!! also being tear gased
Leask, JohnOS31976 – 1978OI
Bass, GaryHT2Jan 2, 1976 – Jun 1, 1978Rwas great serving onboard and working for Chief Curtain.
Zickgraf, Mike Nickname Z2nd classFeb 1976 – Feb 1978a ganggood times on the dew drop inn. thanks to all the snipes especially those in a gang. amvets on saturday nights was just a walk away. never will forget the med in 77 ibiza and the south of france. we had a lot of fun
Phillips, CraigEM3Feb 1976 – Jun 1977EHas anyone seen the Newest USS Dewey DDG 105? Looks like something from star wars.
Heiman, MikeBT3Feb 1976 – Jan 1978B
Holdcraft, MaxBT3Mar 1976 – Dec 1979BBeing underway was the best. Most all knew me as Booty. Remember Fly, trying to catch a shark in Rosy Roads
Campagna, Guy Aka JrIC3Mar 1976 – Mar 1978Ehad some fun yards gitmo med
Braithwaite, RobOS2Mar 9, 1976 – Apr 30, 1979OIYards & GITMO '76; Med Cruises '77 & '78; CIC watch sup and ASAC. To: Zoomer, Bueker, Kern, Cartmill, Lane, Elmo, Foley, Heape, Brown, Kanipe et al: Those were the days! We just didn't know it then. Later was JAG - NLSO,
Negip, ScottGMMSNApr 4, 1976 – Dec 4, 1977N/AI am still alive in Archdale,NC! Any one who remembers me look me up and lets CHAT.My email Address is BooWillis4904. Wel, I hope to hear from some of you soon!
Landstedt, BarryGMM3Apr 4, 1976 – Jul 27, 1978GMGitmo, Fort Lauderdale Bicentennial in 76 and the med cruise in 77, all great times . Knee crushed on the fan tail at the end of the med and still had a great time.
Ivey, BillMM3 MM2 MM1 MM3May 1976 – Jul 1980MSpent entirely too much time in the after shit pit...
Williamson, Robert (Aka Willy)HT2May 1976 – Nov 1976R
Kepford, WilliamFTG SA,SN, PO3May 1976 – Jul 1978Weapons/ Guns
Lavender, WalterHMCMay 15, 1976 – May 15, 1980nxHad a great time in the 3 years I served on the Dewey. Saw a lot of the world and met some fine people. Had a lot of quality shipmates on the Dewey.
Cass, MarkSM3Jun 1976 – Dec 1979OCI worked on the Signal Bridge with John Kirby and Jim Newell, Great guys. Other frends were Mark Banks, Steve Cartmill and by good buddy from NC Brent Knipe. I'm a BMCS now on the Bon Homme Richard (LHD-6). Fair Winds Shipmates!
Aldridge, EdMSCJun 1976 – May 1979Food ServiceHello all.
Baggs, Steve / El BagoEW3 / EW2Jun 1976 – Dec 1980OWSmokin' and Strokin'! Cocked and Ready! Not Too Shabby! Fort Lauderdale for the Bi-Centennial, GITMO, Med Cruise 77 and 78, Unitas XX followed by the yard period. Great times and great shipmates! Memories forever.
Butterwick, RogerEM2Jul 1976 – Aug 1980EGITMO 76 two Med cruises and UNITAS plus a lot of trips in between
Behrens, RudyMMJul 1976 – Oct 1979M DivisionTwo Med cruises...South America...Africa Ivory coast...Shellback Int.
Thompson, JimmyIC2Jul 16, 1976 – Aug 15, 1976E
Livesay, BillieGMCSAug 1976 – Jan 1977G DivisionRetired GMCM. Retired second career as Virginia State Police Sergeant.
Brifnek, MikeFTG3Aug 2, 1976 – Oct 16, 1979G'77 and '78 Med Cruises. '79 Unitas XX
Myers, ToddQMSNAug 3, 1976 – Mar 7, 1978NX
Kennedy, DennisEM 3Sep 1976 – Jan 8, 1978E Onboard for shakedown cruise out of yards. Gitmo, 77 Med. Found old diary which led me to this site. Remember having to beat up on Thomas a lot and wearing that hot silver suit during helo refueling Enjoyed it
Ramos, Chuy JesusHT2Sep 16, 1976 – Dec 14, 1979RI served with Lick, Merrill, JD Jones many others
Whaley, JohnHT 2Nov 17, 1976 – Dec 30, 1978RepairIn those days, it was high times on the high seas. There was Lick, White, Wisner, Merell, Anderson, Leon, Montymeyer, French, J.D.,Gamby, Lt Holzworth and Mareano, Webb, Scott , Rose, and Andres. 21 year of USN. Worth it! email me
Binns, RonaldE-4Dec 1, 1976 – Dec 1, 19771977 Med cruise
Fahey, RaySTG4Dec 19, 1976 – Dec 20, 1978ASGreat tour-2 Meds 1 Gtmo. Sonar team: Erdman Strawser Culbert Leach Wright Walker Wat. Got attacked by disco & Ouzo at Barabas on Ibiza w/ SM3 Cass (What happened to Floyd?). email:

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