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USS MacDonough (DDG 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS MacDonough (DDG 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 386 crew members registered for the USS MacDonough (DDG 39).

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Olcott, LesBMSN1983 – Aug 24, 19851st I had a good time on her. Except for Chief Trever. Is there a video of her being cut up Would like a piece of it From Boats locker rear. I now live with Parkinson's Disease probly from working in Paint locker and or cleaning up spilt red.
McGee, ChrisEW11983 – 1986OD
Behlendorf, JackLT(jg)Jan 1983 – Aug 1985Engineering and Weapons DepartmentsWonderful memories. 1984: From north of the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America. "The Almighty has been pleased to grant us a signal victory" - Macdonough's quote on the Quaterdeck Plaque.
Cox, TomET1Jan 1983 – Jan 1986OEGreat ship, great crew and we all had a whole lot of fun.
Kofler, KarlOS3Jan 21, 1983 – Aug 28, 1986OI
Thompson, JohnHT1Feb 1983 – Jul 1987RRetired from Mac Donough
O'Connor, Paul "Hondo"GM2Mar 15, 1983 – May 1, 1986GMDid they ever fix the overflowing toilets aft?
Leddon, DaveBT3May 1983 – Jul 1985B Had some great times on the Mac. Still work for Navy but as civ since 1988 here in Beaufort, SC. Would love to hear from former shipmates.
Leddon, DaveBT3May 15, 1983 – Jul 15, 1985BNumber 2 fireroom and "Oil King". Would like to conact former shipmates especially engineers.
Fowler, StephenMidshipman USNAJun 15, 1983 – Aug 17, 1983operationsMu time aboard was well spent.
Wayman, RonaldET3Aug 1983 – Apr 1987OE01I remember missing the North Atlantic because of C school. I also remember Granada, Unitas 25, Mystery Cruise and numerous . sea trials to the Caribbean. Now who could forget Guantanamo?
Vermillion, GuyOs2Aug 15, 1983 – Jun 1986OI
Ware, RoyDS2Sep 1983 – Dec 1985NTDSI WAS THE SHIPS LINK TECH
Rippe, CarlEW2Oct 1983 – Aug 25, 1986ODTeamwork '83 Unitas 25, GITMO, Med(1/2) EW Crew was McGee, Brown, Hill, Schuler, Baltz & Neo.
Lawrence, Jeff (Howdy)FTG3 - FC1Oct 1983 – Feb 1989Second - FoxRetired 2002. Some of the best times I ever had.
Joe, BrantleyDKSNOct 1, 1983 – May 1, 1986SupplyI served with SH1 Buck Duvall. The Captain was W.H. Lecompte. XO was Ira J. Eick.
Lenhart, RobertFN #1 FIREROOMNov 1983 – 1985I miss those days at sea.Whis i could of stayed in.I hung out with Russ and Tommy from #2 fireroom.I went to MR school and was told i could pick another duty statsion so i went to SIMA.I would of liked to have said solong felows.
Fitzgerald, FitzSKC (SW)Nov 5, 1983 – Nov 1986SS01The "Mighty Mac" who could forget. I made Chief at this command, still scan thru da few cruise books acquired during my time there. My man SH1 Duvall (Buck) had a blast, hell we all had a blast. Great Ship!
Kaighin, Charles (Tom)Unrated SeamanDec 1983 – Feb 1984First DivisionDamn recruiter showed me pictures of electronic equipment then forgot to tell me I wouldn't get to my first A-School for 6 months. The UNITAS cruise was worth the wait, though.
Faulkner, JamesOS21984 – 1986OIGreat ship.......great crew......'84 UNITAS cruise was fantastic
Wallace, RussE-51984 – 1988 Aft Fireroom A-GangWas in B-div for most the time then to A-gang spent 4 Very long years on the Mac send me E-mail Tim Best mm3, Ken Hampton mm3, etc
Lucas, LarryBT11984 – 1986Forward FireroomCan't believe so many BTs figured out how to use computers!! Far and away some of the best people I have ever met. Still not sure how we made that ship steam, must've been the liberty calls!
Ward, MichaelEW21984 – 1986ODPart of EW crew between "A" and "C" Schools...remember EWC Allen, McGee, Rippe, VanDyke, Ray Dennis, etc.
Brown, Geoffrey (Tyrone)BT31984 – 1986BWould like to hear from anybody on the Mac during this time who remembers me.
Goolsby, James profile iconSH31984 – 1987Deck then Supply, SH3This ship was a better experience for me except when we had to work for the Ltjg who was in charge of the ships servicemen. SH3 Goolsby here. I drove the ship, master helmsman and gave countless haircuts for many years
Schweikert, BrianFTG2 (SS/DV)Jan 4, 1984 – Oct 1, 19852NDWhat a ride! 1984-85 was such a great time. The northern run combined with UNITAS 25 is a great memory. Still work for N as a civilian in Phila. D. OLD, K. Malmberg, D. Rainis, D Curtis, S. Smith, Billy Ellis, J. L, Caragan where r ya?
Musselwhite, MarkLTJan 31, 1984 – Mar 31, 1987Engineering / GunneryFrom The Big Mac to the USS Iwo Jima then 20 years with the FAA as an air traffic controller and the past 8 years as a Registered Nurse it’s been a wild wonderful trip so far.
Hoogstraat, BryonOS3Feb 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1986OIMy first ship and she will always be the one to pop my cheery, and she will always be my first love. Ret. CPO
Radtke, TomLTJun 1984 – Aug 1987OIStill working for Navy at NAVAIR Pax River MD
Hill, SteveLTAug 18, 1984 – Sep 24, 1987Fox
Brown, TyroneBT3Dec 1984 – Jun 1986Forward FireroomUnitas 25 was a lot of fun. Looking for old shipmates Smitty,Pony,Tony,Larry Lucas,Jr.Keown,Shirer,Brian Lenhart,Asbury,Little D,Big Al,Anyone else who was there during that time.
Noel, Johnms3Dec 17, 1984 – Apr 22, 1988supplygreat ship..ran did me and my buddies eat good in the officers mess when we came in off liberty.. CO Worley was the best.
Townsend, BradMM21985 – Mar 1990A-GangWhat a good time we had! Can't say it was all fun and games, but I grew up on the Mac. Wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Some of the best people ever, and some of the worst. Oh, and Charleston was awesome!!
Sloan, ManceSN/SH31985 – 19891st Division / Supply DivisionWhat incredible good times and bad times we all had on the Mac. Does anyone remember "Revly-Revly" or "Sweepers-Sweepers man your brooms" Berthing insp. before liberty? I hope all is well and remember -Attention on Deck
Conway, SteveSK11985 – 1989S1
Arquette, JohnBT21985 – 1990B
Arquette, JohnBT21985 – 1990B
Castle, SteveEM21985 – 1986E Division
Boudreaux, JeffBT3Jan 1985 – May 1988#2 FIRE ROOMLOOKING FOR OTHER BT"S FROM MY TIME.
Johnson, KevinstgsnJan 1985 – Aug 1987aswLooking for John Fox
Sterny, DanoHT3Jan 15, 1985 – Jun 15, 1985HTI was only on board for a brief time but enjoyed the people I met and the experience.
Gaspard, Allenmm3Feb 1985 – Nov 5, 1987mRabung is a lifer, who knew it! boudreaux where you at? magpie where you at? looking for T-bone Sherrod, Todd Edwards and David Barton, charlie gaines, If any you guys see this message send me an e-mail.
Bly, ArchMar 1985 – Jul 1989GM - Missle houseI'm still in the USN, myself and Bart hall are CO's in the US Navy Mineforce...damn do i miss that old ship ! regards / Arch Bly CW03, USN
Blair, MarkEM3Mar 1985 – Jun 21, 1988Electric ShopMichelob in LaMaddelena
Howard, RayEM-3Mar 5, 1985 – Jul 4, 1988eCan't believe I'm actually looking this up
Starnes, DavidBT3Mar 10, 1985 – Mar 8, 1987forward fire atrying to find old shipmates luke jr keown booda don shirer david cobb and btfn brown anddavid mortensen
Russell, DougBT 2Mar 15, 1985 – Sep 15, 1988B 2 Fire
Persick, BiggunzGMM1Jun 1985 – 1989cgWhats up, I retired a GMC in feb. 2002. was a mk-10 GMM but after all the ships decom. switched to 5" 54 mk-45 Sure do miss those days aboard the mighty mac.
Brogan, JimDDG 39Jun 1, 1985 – Jun 1, 1989MedicalMost arduous, demanding, difficult job I ever had. Best job I ever had. Doc Brogan.
McGrory, JosephBMCM(SW)Jun 1, 1985 – Jan 31, 1990Command Master ChiefSaved the best for last. Great command, great crew.
Oglesby, Billy DaleBT1Jul 16, 1985 – Jul 29, 1990B
Schips, EricEM3/2Aug 1985 – Nov 1989EMade it through the Med's, made it through GITMO, made it through HUGO! The Mac was a beast, but lots of fun! Everyone needs to look at the reunion page, Myrtle Beach 2005.
Haas, Michael profile iconEM3Aug 15, 1985 – Mar 1, 1988Elearned a lot, no regrets. med cruise was fun.
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Thornburg, Terry/"Thorny"OS3Aug 18, 1985 – Dec 15, 1989oistill Thorny
Bannister, MichaelLTSep 8, 1985 – Mar 7, 1987Nav/AdminOne of the best ships and jobs in the Navy! Served under CDR Mike Worley, rest his soul. Loved him and the crew and I had an awesome group of QMs. Deployed to Med...great time....Then went on to PEP tour in Australia
Wentworth, RalphMS3Oct 1, 1985 – Feb 1989SS 02Wow... what a ship and what a fantastic crew we had. I sure had alot of fun. I still remember the galley with the plexiglass windows. I wouldnt mind hearing from anyone that wants to type some emails. Take Care.
Raymond D Powell, RayGMM1Nov 1985 – Jul 1990Weapons
Shirley, WayneMM2Nov 1985 – Feb 1990M2 Med Cruises, Many OPPES, Git-Mo, Drug Ops and Fleet Week in New York City...Haze Grey and Underway...What a time what a crew...Frenchy, Rabung, Charlie Gaines, Chief Niswonger, Hudek are any of your still out their?
Merrill, MikeLTNov 4, 1985 – Jul 7, 1989E/B/OIAlways look forward to hearing from old shipmates
Raymond D Powell, RayGMM1Nov 23, 1985 – Jul 1, 1990
Hill, JeffIC 3/2Nov 29, 1985 – Nov 29, 1987EUnfortunately I did not take many pictures. I remember some very scenic ports during the med. Please send pictures

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