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USS MacDonough (DDG 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS MacDonough (DDG 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 386 crew members registered for the USS MacDonough (DDG 39).

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Keca, KeithBT1974 – 1978Would enjoy hearing from any old friend. Email
Tucker, BruceBT21974 – 1979Bgreat ship and great crew. where you at charlie wilkins?
Mesa, Anthony {tony}Seaman1974 – Sep 16, 19771ST DIVISIONI remember the good times at sea & in port. Leblanc & Gauthier buying motorcycles, big Mahoney getting married, And when I walked off the ship for the last time. Bells & the words {Plank Owner, Departing}
Whitehill, ArchieLTJG1974 – 19761stServed as 1st LT
Temple, DeanSA1974 – 1975deckMet great guys. San Juan, St Croix, Nova Scotia,Gitmo, good times.Paint locker king, Jimmy Watson where are you? Can't remember all the names,but, can see the faces. Only regret, wish I would have put in more effort :(
Brown, MikeEM31974 – 1976E divisionGreat ship. Good friends with David Balzotti and Elmer Babbs. Retired after 29 years. 1981 Atlantic Fleet Sailor if the year. Commissioned as LDO in 1983. Worked for EMC Siler and EM1 Jenks.
Gonzalez, HectorFTM11974 – May 10, 1978FOXI was assigned to the 1974 pre-comm and stayed until my EAOS, 1978. I mostly reminisce about the good times aboard the Mighty Mac. I recall a missile firing drill off the coast of Cuba. We shot down 16 drones.
Lorentz, Roygmm11974 –WEAPONS
Balzotti, DavidEM3Jan 1974 – Jun 1976Engineering
Gartner, Charles (Chuck)Jan 1, 1974 – Sep 30, 1977CDI was Data Systems Technician Chief and I had the greatest crew of misfits ever known. We were part of UNITAS and later a NATO participant. We had a bad ass MAA we called Shaft, he tried to get most of my guys for pot smoking. We won.
McNeill, ScottPN3Jan 10, 1974 – Aug 11, 1977OIMy first navy ship. Plankowner at 2nd commissioning. The best ship experience in my navy career.
Balzotti, David  NEWEM2Jan 31, 1974 – Jun 25, 1976EngineeringLots of good memories of service on this ship. Remember friends like Mike Brown and Pat Smith and some of the characters who were also fellow electricians on MacDonough.
Fischer, Daniel/fishEWFeb 1974 – Apr 1976OiTo anyone who made the Nato Cruise in '75, just how much fun was Amsterdam? I remember baiting Shaft with a baggy of unmarked red vitamin pills that he found during a search. He really thought he had me! NOT Email me!
Babbs, ElmerPC3Feb 5, 1974 – Feb 17, 1977Postal ClerkLiving in South Bend, IN I have been to a couple of the ships reunions. Working for the USPS now.
McCarson, James (Mac)FNMay 1974 – 1975engineeringMade alot of good friends. Hope all are well. May God Bless.
Ellis, JimEns/Lt jgMay 1974 – 1977Assist Communications officer and DCAMy first ship after being commissioned an officer. What a great experience. Looking back I looked 12 years old. I loved my men and wish I had been a better officer.I am now an attorney in Albuquerque, NM
Mathewson, Charlie (Chuck)YN3 (YN2)May 1974 – Apr 1976NAV/ADMINFirst surface vessel ever assigned to (first of many). The MACDONOUGH was re-commissioned. I enjoyed my 2 years onboard and the exercises we done - Rosie Roads, PR, Gitmo, Cuba and the time spent in Charleston, SC
Michaelson, DellisFTG-2May 4, 1974 – Jun 26, 1978FoxGood to see some names from the past.
Curry, Ronald (Pat)DSCMay 5, 1974 – May 9, 1977NTDS
Campbell, BobRM3Jun 12, 1974 – Nov 20, 1976OperationsWould like to get in touch with a few friends who did the NATO cruise. Time Swaford, Terry Bradshaw and a few others.
Dececco, Dan Aka DouchebagBT3Nov 22, 1974 – Dec 19, 1976EngWow what a long strange trip its been. Still married 34 years, retired at 51, now I just hang out at my kids lot and piss them off. Tommy Tucker? I found J D Drown but not wilkins. A lot has changed
Zbichorski, Joe (Ski)E21975 –1st Div
Curran, MichaelSNFeb 1975 – Aug 1976deckwhat a deck crew, murphy, leblanc,ski, mesa,blowers, corder, kikendall and chief gray also blair.remember the navy shower for feld. also bob gauthier from pawtucket. had great times on nato cruise with the os boys reim and the rest of them. never for
Feld, LawrenceSNMar 9, 1975 – Dec 9, 1977deck gang
Klein, William:DS2May 1975 – Sep 1977CDStill working for the Navy at the Mid Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center
Najdowski, MichaelDK4Jun 1975 – Jun 1979SupplyOn the Mighty Mac for 3 1/2 years. Met a lot of good people.Unitas, Med Cruise, St. Thomas, San Juan, England, Sweden, Nova Scotia. Should have been more of a tourist the first year! To times we will never forget and still can't remember!
Casey, BillRM3Jun 1, 1975 – Nov 12, 1976Operations
Ferris, PeterEW 1Jun 1, 1975 – Jun 1, 1978
Olsen, RobertMM2Aug 1975 – Feb 9, 1979M
Patti, MikeBT3Aug 20, 1975 – Aug 20, 1979
Olsen, RobertMM2Sep 1975 – Feb 9, 1979a-gang aft engine rmIt was good it was bad it was all we had
Mutz, LesFTM3Sep 1975 – Feb 1977FTM
Shoemaker, StephenGMG2Oct 1975 – Jun 1980WeaponsBest time of my life (just didn't know it at the time). Made many good friends and many great memories. Some of the shore leave is a bit fuzzy (hard to understand that, huh).
Henstra, BrianBT2Dec 1975 – Jul 1979B divwould like to hear from old shipmates. and still operating boilers
Guess, BillyBT1Dec 19, 1975 – Dec 19, 1980B DivisionI went from a Fireman to a 1st Class on the best command I ever served on. She was a great ship.
Cope, Robert / "doc"HM21976 – 1980XJUNIOR DOC
White, JohnMM21976 – Sep 22, 1980EngineeringBoth Engine Rooms. Good memories. Recognize a few of he names here. Memories of Ken Plansky, OD, Nick, Beast.
Baldwin, MikeRM2Jan 15, 1976 – May 19, 1979communications/rm
Jenkins, PrestonFTG3Mar 1976 – Jul 1976Weapons
Porath, Brian/tunaSH2Mar 10, 1976 – Sep 15, 1980Supply
Volk, RalphLt(jg)Mar 24, 1976 – May 1979NTDS Division and AS Division
Duckworh, BobbyFTM3May 1976 – May 1979FoxServing aboard changed my life. The experiences and memories remain an important part of my life. Loved the cruises to South America, North Atlantic, and especially the Mediterranean, which I had originally dreaded.
Granno, Dominic / NickHT3May 10, 1976 – Aug 13, 1979RepairMy first ship. Did a Unitas, Nato and Med cruise. Worked for HTC Nagel and HT1 Cribbs in the HT Shop. If you knew me, feel free to email me
Pace, DominickEM3Jun 1976 – Dec 10, 1979Enginering
Townsend, BruceFTM1Jul 1976 – Jan 6, 1981FoxGreat bunch of guys. Enjoyed the experience and learned alot. Got to go to alot of places, Unitas 76, Baltic 77, Med 79 and many other great places.
Tucker, HarveyRM3Sep 7, 1976 – Dec 17, 1977OperationsTrying to get intouch with old buddies from that time. could use information on getting deck log or crew list to.
Donald, ConnelyETCOct 1976 – Jun 1978OE
McCauley, MichaelOS2Dec 29, 1976 – Aug 1980OI

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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