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USS MacDonough (DDG 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS MacDonough (DDG 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 386 crew members registered for the USS MacDonough (DDG 39).

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Weidman, HenrySN1961 – 1962OEPlank owner. Maintained the closed circuit TV system in CIC. Went to GITMO.
Beamer, William/davidSNJul 1961 – Feb 1963WeaponsPlank owner of DLG 8. Now living in Indiana. Retired USNR QM1 (1984 - 2001)
Karlak, Cedric (Jim)RM2Aug 1961 – Aug 1965OCPlank Owner - Pre-com in Newport
Kahle, BobST1Aug 7, 1961 – May 20, 1964FOXPlank Owner. Currently Membership Chairman of the USS Macdonough Reunion Association. Great crew. If you want to join our association, contact me at or 732-238-1103
Watson, HarryEM3Sep 20, 1961 – Nov 1, 1961R DivisionEnjoyed my time on the MAC
Brown, Ken Brown ( Brownie)IC 3Nov 4, 1961 – Nov 18, 1963EngineeringCommissioning crew DLG 8. Where are the rest of you guys that commissioned the ship in '63?
Langley, HaroldRM3Mar 10, 1963 – Jun 1, 1964communicationsHad a wild radio crew......Jackie D. and Karlak
Pearson, KennethUSNR; 1st Class Petty OfficerDec 3, 1963 –Machinist MateRemembering good friends, Macky Weathersby, Spoon, Dryden, Tingle, Odem, Marick, Rockovich, and many more. Salute!!!!
Eddy, Roy profile iconEM 3Jul 20, 1964 – Mar 1, 1966R
Cheatwood, BillBT2Nov 1965 – Nov 1967Foward FireroomUSN-R made BT2, before I was discharged. Really miss the guys and the "Mac". Strange that I spent 43-yrs with a Defense Contractor, building Nuclear Reactors for the US Navy. I retired 04/2012.
O'Shea, MikeEnsign-LtjgAug 1966 – Dec 1968OfficerFirst Division Officer ASW Officer Retired from the Navy in 1992 as a Commander.
Landon, RobertE5/EN1967 – 1970R DIVA Gang and R Div. 1967-70. Boat engineer, ACR Reefers. Underway after engine room throttle watch.
Hall, HarryRM2Apr 1967 – Jun 1969Communications
Thiel, JohnCWO2Jul 20, 1967 – Sep 1, 1970FCO
Tylla, Rick (Lizard)RD31968 – 1971OII've kept in touch with Curtin, Grafft, Wallace, Giroux, Bryan, and Foster. I got reconnected with Gary Beanland at the last reunion 2009.
Darlington, JerryEN31968 – 1971R Division
Zander, JamesMar 1969 – Dec 1969ElectronicsETN2on the 1969 Med cruise
Smith, GaryE4Apr 27, 1969 – Feb 23, 1973B& R
Smith, Gary / SmittyE4Jul 18, 1969 – Feb 23, 1973RI was onboard so long, I knew every hiding place on board the ole MAC.
Kastraba, GaryOS31970 – 1973OIServed with Bader, Curtain, Hull, Cain, Zelinko, Phil, Duncan, Lizard, ETC. Ship was decommisioned in 1973 for AA modernization. Went back to work at Ford Motor until I retired.
Grafft, PhilRD31970 – 1972OII continue to be in touch with Chief Burnett, Bryan, Curtin, Foster, Giroux, Tyler, and Wallace. Recently go tinformation on Kastraba, and am going to try and expand the search for Zelenko, Shepis, and others.
Foster, GregoryRD1970 – 1972OIBeen to several reunions. It was great to see CPO Burnett, and many of my radar buddies again. Tylla, Curtin, Kastraba,Grafft,Bryant. Retired after 34 yrs with a major telephone co. Widowed twice but always moving ahead.
Tannery, FrankRM3Nov 1, 1970 – 1973OpsAnyone who i served with on the Mac from 1970-73 are welcome to email me anytime. Gene
Fennell, FredBT21971 – 1972Engineering, Forward and After Firerooms
Higgins, JamesBT31971 – 1973B DivisionMy first ship, soon after we made a Unitas cruise around South America, great cruise. Advanced from BT3-BT2
Gelbhaar, Stan (Stretch)RD3Jan 1971 – Aug 1972RadarYes I remember the ole MAC. I remember some of the guys but not all of them. Cain, Shepis, Chief Burnett, Graft, Hoffman, Johnson (surfer),Bader, Kastraba, Foster, Giroux and Jones.
Bader, GordonOS3Jan 7, 1971 – Jul 1, 1973OIWorked in CIC & ECM. Had a great time, sorry to have heard that she went to the scrap yard. We decommissioned her in Phil & returned to college. Where is Galvin, Shepas, Jones, Chief Burnett, Hull, Cain, Roddy, Kastraba, Duncan & everyone e
Clement, Robert AlanFTM1Mar 1971 – Aug 1972
Duncan, ButchosMar 17, 1971 – Jun 15, 1973OILeft Macdonough-to W H Standley Retired from Navy 1993
Hansen, Bill (Yaroslav)GMT-3May 1971 – Aug 19734th (ASW)I was a Square Barrel Gunners Mate on the Mac from May of 71, until the decommissioning in Philadelphia summer of 73. Then I served on the Furer (DEG 6) until my discharge in 74. I just retired after 36 years teaching.
Visnesky, George SkiMM3Jun 1971 – Mar 1973R Divisionknew J Darlington and G Smith of Mac good vets
Hoffman, DonaldRD3Aug 16, 1971 – Sep 11, 1972OperationsIt was a great experience and I remember many of my great shipmates. Hoping we get to see each other again
Hansen, Melvinos31972 – 1973operationsIt was along time ago. I don't remember to much from that time.
Cash, Danny profile iconRM21972 – 1973Communications
Smith, Quentin SmittyETNSNFeb 15, 1972 – May 15, 1973OEWorked for John Caldwell
Smith, H. LeeRD2/OS2Mar 15, 1972 – Mar 3, 1973OIMed '72.... DECOMM '73
Strange, Christopher { Doc )SAMay 20, 1972 – Jan 31, 1973DeckLot of time chipping and painting. Qualified helmsman on bridge, General Quarters station in CIC as a plotter. Interesting learning how to write backwards so they can read on the other side of the board. First cruises.
Bullis, Herb profile iconHTFN/3?Jun 14, 1972 – 1973R-DivLooking for Bruce Deutch, Charlie Robinson, Chief Newton, HT-1 Price, David Chestnut. Anyone from DLG-8
Bork, BillMM3Aug 10, 1972 – Jul 1, 1973EngineeringDecommissioned her in Philly as DLG-8. First and best ship I ever served on. Tried to get assigned to her during refit, but the EO had other plans.
Holliman, JesseBT21973 – 1977B DivisionForward Fireroom with some great guys. If I close my eyes I can still see the fireroom. The first job I was given was to go bilge diving to learn where all the systems where. BT1 Williams taught us how to do it right.
Benjamin, JimBT21973 – 1975BPlank Owner, Oil King and aft fire room Top Watch
Overby, GlennEM3Jan 1973 – Jul 1, 1973EM DeptGood Times
Clemons, PaulBM3Mar 1973 – 1977DeckWhat a memory I had when I found this sight. Cheif Gray, Kirkindale, Spizhorski, Blowers, Massa, Jeff Hannon, Nato Cruise, it all came flooding back. WOW...If anyone remembers me drop me a email. Paul Clemons BM 3rd class.
Watkins, GraydonSKCMay 17, 1973 – May 1977S-1Leading Chief Supply. Nickname Rhett. Retired in 1977 from the "Happy Mac" as SKCS Selectee.
Zbichorski, Joe (Ski)E2Sep 1, 1973 – 19741st Div
Rogers, RussellMS3Sep 16, 1973 – Jun 22, 1977SupplyBest years of my youth. She and the crew made a man out of me. Miss those days. Plank Owner, Blue Nose, Shell back, Order of the Ditch. Captain's cook. Commodore's aide
Lee, BobbyBT2Dec 1973 – Jun 1977I was in #2 fireroom except for 1 1/2 years in the oil shack. Would like to hear from any shipmates Snipes or not

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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