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USS Luce (DDG 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Luce (DDG 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 374 crew members registered for the USS Luce (DDG 38).

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Romero, DavidMR-31983 – 1986Machinest Repairman A&RHi I am so glad I found this web site. Email me and Let me know how everyone is doing.
Brown, JohnGMG 31983 – 1987Just looking for old shipmates
Monday, Michaelbt21983 – Sep 5, 1985b divison
Corrigan, Davidos21983 – 1987oigreat times
Carr, BillTM 31983 – 1985weaponsLiving in Maine! Was onboard from 1983 to 85. Was a TM3. Any of you Gunners mates or sonar techs out there?
Penhollow, BurnellMMCS1983 – 1989A- Gang/ M-Divisionserved on the old girl a long time. made some good friends, any body heard from ENC Jimmy Lee?
Reeves, TerryBT11983 – 1989B Division EBO1Had many great years on board. Met many awesome Shipmates
Mello, JoemmMar 1983 – 1985engineering
Babbin, Bill profile iconBT2Mar 1983 – 1985B
Gilmore, PatrickFCCMar 11, 1983 – Jun 20, 1989
Gilmore, PatrickFCCMar 22, 1983 – Jun 19, 1989FOX
Tisdale, Richard "Tiz"FTM1Apr 20, 1983 – Apr 30, 1985Fox
Williams, JimmieHT3Jun 1983 – Jun 1986RI had a great time and had some good friends
Gilson, JuniorOS1(SW)Jun 1983 – Jun 1988OI
Jones, JamesMM2-MMFAJun 19, 1983 – Oct 28, 1986EM01I learned a lot about government, politics, people, media, and solidfied my knowledge of safey. I had and still have a BAD attitude toward waste fraud and abuse. Some of us never accept wrong no matter the odds. Keep her memory ALIVE!
Ward, MerlinMM3Jul 1983 – May 1985m
Fuller, RobE-3Sep 1983 – Dec 1985DeckPlay the Rodeo song 1 more time. Great bunch o guys to run with. Feel free to say hi.
Reber, DaveGMM21984 – 1986weapons 3rd DIVGood times, good buds, North Atlantic, Buzzed by Russian MIG of coast of Norway, Bremenhaven, Germany.Train to Munich for Octoberfest 86. Massive rollers coming into The Azores, Maliga, Spain, Suez Canal ,Persian Gulf.
George, DemetriusGmm31984 – 19893rdOld Tin Can, Great Crew, Miss The Ship, Not Haze Gray Under Way.
Robert, RiesMM31984 – 19852 engine roomWas a great trip to the gulf, meet some great guys and had a blast aboard the Luce!!!
Griffin, RonOS2Jan 2, 1984 – May 1, 1987OPSFist Ship! Mess duties as a SN, two deployments to the Gulf. Ugh! Good times though. God Speed Shipmates!
Roppa, JohnOS3Feb 1, 1984 – Sep 10, 1985OIGreat ship, had a lot of friends that i would like to get a hold of.
Lambrix, Danrm3Feb 1, 1984 – Jun 14, 1986opsi loved my time in the navy. seeing the world taking pictures of everything so i can have memories forever come find the rest of your shipmates at
Bennett, JimEW3May 1984 – Apr 1986OperationsHad a lot of fun aboard the old girl, sorry to hear she's in pieces!
Bryson, DickIC2Jul 1984 – Dec 1987ehi guys been pluggin around found this site
Cintron, RamonSK3Sep 1984 – Nov 11, 1986SUPPLY"The Luce was Loose Great ship with a Great bunch of guys A pleasure to have served in supply and onboard. Been around the world and grew up alot on the LUCE-THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES My BEST to the LUCE CREW AND YOUR FAMILIES!
Guinn, DonnieMM 2Oct 1984 – Mar 1988MHey ye old shipmates. I will contact those I see on here who I remember. Memory is fading a little. Serving in the Navy was the best thing I ever did.
Thompson, CharlieEWC (SW)Nov 1984 – Oct 1987OI/OEShe was a steamer. I had a great time on Luce and had a bunch of great shipmates. The CPO Mess had a great group of Chiefs.
Waters, JohnSTG2/STG11985 – 1987ASLots of sea time, Lots of good friends.
Callahan, MervynCPO1985 – 1985ElectricalMade Chief and was only onboard for several months. The ship was a learning experience.
Bodin, JethroSTGC(SW)1985 – 1989ASGreat crew, great ship! My thanks to the CPO Mess for initiating me into the CPO Fraternity!
Jordan, TomLTJG1985 – 1987Electrical EngineeringNATO Cruises (Stealth), Radar Tests
Nicola, John GMM11985 – 19873rdwent recruiting after Luce and never missed sea duty so much..
Damico, TonyMM31985 –EM02Miss serving on this tin can , remember alot of good times and one crazy ass chief lol
Don, ThomasBT 3/E41985 – 1986BWas on board for 1985 Ocean Safari (North Atlantic), 1985 Caribbean operations, and 1986 Persian Gulf. Console Operator. Enjoyed my time at sea and honored to have been able to serve my country!
Bessinger, ScottMMFNFeb 1985 – Feb 1987M
Zahn, MarkFC2Mar 1985 – Sep 1989FOXIf you only knew what ya'll thought you knew. Pepe, where the hell are you?
Rebennack, James Andrew "Drew"GMM-3Mar 1985 – Oct 29, 1988MIssiles
Smith, Bill profile iconHM3Mar 1985 – Jul 1989Medical
Lintner, CarlMMFNMar 5, 1985 – Jul 8, 1987 Loved that old boat
Lopez, Yamil/ PepeGMG3Mar 25, 1985 – Mar 24, 1989GunsGreat crew and great friends.
Hanis, SteveIC3May 1985 – Jan 1987ELooking back...I'm grateful that I didn't pick a carrier, (you all know what I mean!). But, damn that ocean's rough!!!
White, JonSTG3May 5, 1985 – Jan 10, 19874th division - Sonar
Jackson, AveryMM1May 10, 1985 – May 10, 1989M and AThe USS Luce was an outstanding ship, made so by the class and character of her crew.
Lopez, Luis (Louie)EN3May 12, 1985 – Oct 15, 1988A GangCan anyone tell me the Co's of the Luce from 85-88, there were two, but my brain is not responding. The captain of the Leyte Gulf is a dear friend and asked me who they were. Thanks! Louie
Smith, Eric (Smitty)Jun 1985 – Jun 1988Guns!!Whassup guys??
McCoy, Clinton "Bulldog"MM2Jun 1985 – Jun 1990A-div
Murray, TroySTG3Jun 1985 – Apr 19874thEnjoyed my time on the Luce alot, except for all the Nuke Weapon handling drills. Made a bunch of friends. Wish I had stayed in the Navy but wanted to see how land was. Joined the Army and went Airborne/Air Assault. L8r
De Saro, Gregorio De SaroBT1Jun 20, 1985 – Apr 28, 1991boilerswas onboard for 1986 persian gulf ,1988 med also ocean safari (north atlantic) 1985 and numerous caribbean operations, served as oil king and also in the after fireroom, it was a hell of a ride.
Desalme, EdwardE-3Jul 31, 1985 – Mar 14, 1988First
Stansel, JamesGMMSNAug 8, 1985 – Sep 27, 19871st/Weapons.This ship was awesome. Had some great times and some not so great. As the old saying goes we were haze gray and underway (A lot). The North Atlantic NATO was the best. Hot days in the Gulf were hot, but good times had. Great crew.
Edwards, Bill (Shaggy)GMT3Aug 15, 1985 – May 30, 1987ASWSome of the nicest/strangest people I have ever met. Had a lot of good friends to pass the time with.
Burritt, Ian M.r.MR3 BurrittSep 1, 1985 – Oct 3, 1986REPAIR DIVISION, (damage control central}Hello to all my old shipmates.Those were some great times we had some26 years ago,WOW. I really miss all you guys.The persian gulf cruise of 1986,the suez safari Ha ha ha .
May, ScottMM2Oct 1985 – Sep 18, 1989Main Control (#1 Engineroom)A life-shaping experience (in a good way)
Heath, DarylGMT2Oct 1, 1985 – Feb 13, 1989ASWNo comment at the present time.
Wyatt, JohnBMCNov 1985 – Sep 30, 19881stgreat crew great ship let me here from some of you
Lane, PaulYN3(SW)Dec 3, 1985 – Jul 16, 1987NXWhat a drag DDG-38, old tin can that broke down a lot and no awards. Glad I transfered when I had the chance to another DDG that kicked ass!
Littrell, WalterJO3Dec 29, 1985 – Feb 15, 1989NXMade some great memories along with some bad ones. Still despise a couple of aholes that did all they could to make me miserable. Thank God for those that helped me keep my sanity.

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