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USS Haleakala (AE 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Haleakala (AE 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 691 crew members registered for the USS Haleakala (AE 25).

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Schreiber, JenniferOSSN1991 – 1993OPSHad a great time on the Puck. Met my hubby, MS3 Scobee, onboard. We've been married 12 years and have two terrific sons and are living in Iowa. Would LOVE to hear from our shipmates!
Martinez-petrone, NikkiQM31991 – 1993Nav/OpsWhat a different life that was...wild times and hard work. Sometimes I can say I miss those days. Hope everyone is well and have fond memories of our time served. I'd love to hear from u.
Work, ChristopherDC 31991 – 1992RI enjoyed my time in Guam and onboard. I do miss the fun times. I have great memories of all who served with and would enjoy speaking with you. Feel free to email me.
Agee, TimMM31991 – 1993A GangBest ship out of 3 for me! Got pushed out of nav in 98. Miss it! Still in FED system thoe...Look me up...
Martinez-petrone, NikkiQM31991 – 1993Navwell that was one wild time. I'm sure you all agree!
Morris, ErnieBM31991 – 1993Deck- 1 stHoly Kockey Puck. Glad to see so many people that I am proud to have called shipmates. Doing well here in Kentucky. Married twice, divorced twice, raising my 3 children. Plant manager at a paper company and really miss the NAVY.
Klose, HopeMS31991 – 1993SupplyI enjoyed my time aboard. Met a great bunch of people. We had a lot of fun!!. Hoping to see everyone again one of these years at a reunion.
Roberson, Shamarko A.k.a. MM31991 – 1993MHey everyone... Just wanted to say that I LOVED my time in Guam. Wish I would've stayed in touch with some of my shipmates. I would LOVE to hear from any of my old friends. Call/text (305)772-1744 or
Hudson, DonMmc1991 – 1993A DivAwesome time on board AE25
Fetting, Philipe-5 mm1991 –a
Duran, AvielSeaman1991 – 1993WeaponsWhat's up 3rd division and the rest of the crew, where you guys at, let me know
Liba, Michael (Sleepy)E41991 – 1993OpsI miss the ole haulin hal
Campbell, JamesBM1(SW)Jan 1991 – Jan 1993Deck?RASEHey Solomine! MM3 Monroe. Aam now a retired BMCS, converted to a Teacher , Living in Iowa. Haleakala...Real, Fun but not always real fun.. Lotta living, lotta dying, lotta learning. God Bless
Reynolds, DonaldBM2Jan 1991 – Apr 19911stI was a reservist called up for active duty during the Gulf War. I was only on board for three months but it was the high point of my Navy career.
Wolfe, ChuckLTJan 2, 1991 – Dec 10, 1993A & E (Arts & Entertainment)Admin O, Aux. & Elect. Divo and Legal Officer. What an experience. Still in Reserves in Raleigh, NC. WestPAC was great. Deuce-Five was the hardest working AE in the Navy. "You call, we haul"
Parks, BillDKSAJan 5, 1991 – Oct 25, 1991S4
Hemphill, Greere2Jan 22, 1991 – Dec 28, 1991boatswain matei was there and now im gone
Ayo, DanBM3Feb 1, 1991 – Feb 1, 19932nd seems like years ago, wait it was. married to jacki romans 1/1/94 divorced in 97!! still friends
Haynes, Leroy(Leedogg)BM3Feb 20, 1991 – Dec 13, 19931st DivisionWent from a boy to a man on the puck. Miss everyone especially ol John (J.T) White, Demetrious(D-dogg) Rouse, Michael("money mike") Pugsley, Brian("B-dog")Miller and Andrew(A.J) Robinson. Jennifer Coulter miss u 2 mamma!
Jaskowski Aka Taienao, LeslieE5Mar 1991 – Aug 1993SupplyHey all I am presently in the reserves and in Kuwait until Mar 05 would love to hear from you It was the best time for me. No I never did marry Holifield. I do have a beautiful daughter named Asianna
Davis, JenniferQM3Mar 1991 – Mar 1993NAVenjoyed my time aboard. remember alot of good times in guam
Davis, JenniferQM3Mar 1991 – Mar 1993NAVHave fond memories. Live in Alabama with two beautiful daughters. Currently in college for social work. Would be great to hear from some of my old shipmates,
Llarenas, Samson LeoMR1Mar 19, 1991 – Dec 10, 1993MI am the only machinist onboard, attached with M-Div. I just retired last Jul 31, 2005 here in San Diego SoCal. I am looking for other hommies out there, MM1 Deausen, MM2 Quiba and other gangs from other department. Enjoyed my tour on this fine ship.
Hanson, MikeGMG2Apr 1991 – Apr 19933RDThis was the best/worsest duty of my 16 1/2 years in the navy so far. But it has made me appreciate very one before and after it. Are there any other gunners mates still out there.
Bellaman, RichENFNApr 1991 – Apr 1993A-gangBest time I had in the Navy, to bad the Navy and myself did not see eye to eye.
Hundley, KyleMM3May 1, 1991 – May 29, 1993MMM1 now stationed at RTC Great Lakes
Scrivner, LarryET1Jun 1991 – 1993OE
Holifield, TerrySH3Jun 8, 1991 – Aug 19, 1994suppy
Laracuente, Mario profile iconSK3Jun 18, 1991 – Jul 17, 1993SUPPLYMy first Ship and best command ever! The experience here is what really drove me into making a career in the Navy and retired NCC(SW) after almost 22 years of service September, 2012. Please feel free to get in touch!
Babonis (Aubuchont 78-93), JoyceMACJul 1991 – Jan 1993MA OfficeBecame a Mom. The best thing that had happened in my life since becoming a Chief. Loved the scuba diving in Guam. Served with MMC Husdon, GMC Parrish.
Hilliard, DouglasDC3Jul 1, 1991 – Dec 1, 1993RSeems like a lifetime ago. Contact me if you knew me.
White, JohnGMG3Jul 1, 1991 –Third married with twin girls of my own and my wife has three. big happy family
Wheeler, BrianDC3Aug 5, 1991 – Feb 10, 1993R
Ashcraft, ShawnOS3Aug 19, 1991 – Dec 10, 1993OPSFirst tour of duty was the best. Second marriage is the best. Work as an Analyst for Cingular Wireless. Miss my friends Agi, Johnny, heck I would even like to say hi to OS2 Jones. But I do not miss the Navy. Take care and be safe.
Locke, JerviseE3/SHSep 1, 1991 –SupplyI was on the Haleakala from 91-93
Krizon, JamesBTCSep 9, 1991 – Nov 3, 1992BHello to the CPO Mess, especially BTCM Ralph Nenn who forgot more about a boiler than we will probably ever know. Remember the East packs we made moving the ammo outta Subic after Pinatuba. It was great serving with you all!
Muhammad, AlimRMSNOct 1991 – Jun 1993OI
Fetting, PhilipMM2Oct 1991 – Dec 1993AAfter three ships i must say i enjoyed my time on this one the best. Great crew. Still keep in touch with Munro.
Savalick, ScottyMM3Nov 1991 – Sep 1993Rase PitBest damn time in the navy
Ross, RobinBM1Nov 1991 – 1993First Division
Kolb, ThomasETCNov 5, 1991 – Dec 10, 1993OE01
Wright, MichaelE-6/IC1(SW)Nov 15, 1991 –EWOW! What memories..... She was our best ship. I'm retired now and work for Exelon Nuclear in Morris Illinois. I pulled out the last cruise book and thought I truly had fun.
Chamblee, MarkGMG3Nov 15, 1991 – Dec 3, 19933rd DivisionI got out of the Navy and joined the Army. I served in Iraq in 2003 and retired in 2005. I now live in East Texas and own a cattle ranch.
Gunn, JohnE4 / ET3Dec 1991 – Dec 1993OE01It was the best of times and it could be Hell at times. See alot of the ole gang here. On Facebook. These days I am a Network Engineer/Lab Technician/Linux administrator for Tekelec. Married with 3 kids (2 boys, 1 girl)

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