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USS Haleakala (AE 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Haleakala (AE 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 691 crew members registered for the USS Haleakala (AE 25).

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Callaham, MarkQM31974 – 1975OPSMade my 3rd and last west-pac on Haleakala. I was QM of the watch when we backed over the bouy in San Diego. Whats-up Snake?
Brown, Fredos-31974 – 1975operationstom page,snake you are not alone
Page, TomBM3Feb 1974 – Feb 1976Any ship mates that remember me send me a email!
Page, TomBM3Feb 1, 1974 – Feb 1, 19762ndHey! Only Bill " Snake " St Laurent and myself are listed. Anyone else remember Lt Harrington, Ens Hague, Butler from 1st division ( had the ZZ Top beard) BM3 Hoffman?
Page, TomE-3Feb 1, 1974 – May 1, 1976deckAny deck apes out there from that time period on the Haleakala? I lost all prior contacts. Give me a call! 530-344-3570
Landriscina, David: Nickname: LandoE-5 BTFeb 7, 1974 – Oct 19, 1977BI tip my cap to the crew who served during our ' 74- 75 WestPac expedition &"Fun Cruise" in ' 76. In ' 77 flew out of Subic in a twin engine prop-missed the bus-w/ engine oil leak on the wing!! Made it over the trees to Clark,
Webb, Roy, DavidHTFNFeb 26, 1974 – May 5, 1974Hull Tech
Cannon, DeanemfnMar 10, 1974 – Oct 15, 1975Engineering
Ault, MikeMM3Mar 15, 1974 –MAnyone i touch with Mark Hagerman of R div?
Ebeling, DaleOS1Mar 20, 1974 – Jun 12, 1975OIEnjoyed time aboard except for prank calls while on shore patrol in Hong Kong by fellow E-6
McDermid, AlQMSNApr 1974 – Apr 1976OPSMy first ship, berthed at Concord, where my mother and brother lived. Also took my first of 3 West Pac cruises aboard her. I have nothing but good memories of that ship. Something that cannot be said of my subsequent 2.
Edwards, RickRM2Apr 5, 1974 – Aug 18, 1975OCWas only on the hocky box for a short time and it was haze gray and underway. Went on a my first westpac (which was great), my good friend John Dace told me this was the ship to transfer to if I wanted to go on a westpac.
Wilson, LarryGMG2May 5, 1974 – Jun 6, 19783RDjust happened on to this site,saw several names i knew. Jerry, cant believe you made chief after all the shit we did. give me a shout&anyone else that remembers the good times
Lane, DanE - 3Jun 1974 – Dec 15, 1974 Ended up in Guam's Hospital in Dec. I am so sorry to all the shipmates aboard this ship. That had to clean up a bad ordeal Around Dec. 15th 1974 early am, Down in the engine room with the forced draft fan.
Hodges, FloydSK3Jun 7, 1974 – Jun 2, 1976Supply
Episcopo, MichaelEN3Aug 1974 – Dec 1976ADid 2 westpacs on the Hockey Box and watched many an unrep. A Division (fresh air snipes) had equipment all over that ship. Will never forget escorting a ship full of Vietnamese refugees in '75' from Saigon to Guam at the end of the war
Newburg, TedQM 3Sep 19, 1974 – Mar 1975OPS
Elsbernd, RiffHT3Nov 1974 – Nov 1976R DivionHad a lot of great times with the Fast Lady. Looking for Mike Wheeler HT3 from Missouri-
Peck, JerrySM31975 – 1976ON DivisionHi all, Just looking for some old shipmates that were on the USS Haleakala between 1975-1976. Would like to catch up with old friends.
Dorrell, Robert Dos31975 – 1977oi opsI am looking for MS3 Marcus Daniels and I think MM3 steve Mcqueen, OS2 Bob Reinertson
Cornelius, Dennis (Corney)BT2Jan 1975 – Sep 1979EngineeringWasted days and wasted nights, I still can't stand to hear a Freddy Fender song to this day.
McIntyre, Charles R. McIntyreMM3Feb 16, 1975 – Aug 1, 1979Stream/Unrep
Martinez, LawrenceSEAMANMar 1975 – Aug 1976deck2 and streamHey guys, I was the pain in the ass that hung out with Ruben Corral, I had the sandwich dropped from the Golden Gate Bridge, anyone remember that?? I also ended up having a Bet on fight with Buetner on the helo deck, big mistake!!
Foshee, PhillipRM#Apr 1975 – Jun 1978OCGreat times, Great Lady. Seems like yesterday. Wish I could get in one more WestPac. John Middleton and Yarberry playing "Foggy Mountain Breakdown on the 1MC after an unrep. Cool times.
Foshee, PhillipRM3Apr 16, 1975 – Jun 16, 1978OCWhat a blast!
Reinertsen, Roberte-4May 15, 1975 – Oct 10, 1979OI
Taplin, Richard "Tap"ETR3May 27, 1975 – Jul 26, 1978OperationsJust wanted to say hello to all my fellow shipmates, see alot of people I remember from my time on board. Hey FASS tell Pinky and Slim I said hello. Foshee, Engerman what is happening! Nice to see some familliar names on this site.
Carlson, Williame4Jun 9, 1975 – Oct 13, 1975cookleading po at ships party beat the living hell out of me and I was put out of the NAVY as a cover up to protect him as he was going up for master chief, they sent me to a shink and they put me out as a parinoid personali
Martin, EdwardBM 3Jun 10, 1975 – May 10, 1979secondSend me an email if we served together.
Engermann, MichaelETAug 1975 – Sep 1979OEMany memories, some of them even good, from the "Hockey Box"
Goswick, BillBM2Aug 1, 1975 – 1979First Division
Goswick, BillBM2Aug 3, 1975 – Jul 25, 19791stMany great memories, would like to hear from the old crew.
Songer, DaleMM 2Aug 9, 1975 – Jun 30, 1979stream divisionAfter 35 years. I see people's names and I knew in my eyes are heroes. How did we make on that old ship images me. To all that live on I cherish those moments and miss those days we had fun and worked hard.
Blais, Paul BlaisBM1Oct 10, 1975 – Nov 15, 19801st & 2ndThoroughly enjoyed both deck divisions for both re-fueling and stores.
Hibbard, GregICCDec 1975 – May 1978E
Presson, Danny (Press)BMDec 15, 1975 – Sep 17, 19771st DivWhat's up guys? Great times on that old rust bucket! Hey Goz, Barfield & Jersey. Sorry if I didn't recognize more names, but we're getting old.
Dickerson, MichaelJO31976 – 1977OPSAny of my old pals out there. I see one.. is that THE Phillip Foshee!!!??? Remember me? I was the JO no one knew what division to put in!
Seyler, DaleRM21976 –My 1st Ship, and 1st Westpac. Re-enlisted underway for order to Barbados. Saw Ray Charles at Clark AB when I was waiting to fly back. Great Show! Retired in 93 as RMC
Smith, Steve (Smitty)BM31976 – Feb 27, 19791STHey Gos, your the only name I recognize. Seem to remember Foshee. Any others out there from 1st Div. When I was aboard we painted a big set of lips and tongue on the anchor chain cover. For the most part it was times to remember.
Arrate, RickMMFN1976 – 1979
Mauck, DennisGunner mate1976 – 1982Gunner mateHello! I have created this profile on behalf of my father Dennis Mauck. He is alive and well. He lives in Virginia with his wife. I would love for him to reconnect with former ship mates. I know he was a gunner mate.
Stone, Jerry / ChiefSNMar 1, 1976 – Jun 1, 19773rdI'm Stoney, 3rd Division. Struck to be a RM and left the ship after a year. I was kind of stoned all the time but had a bunch of good friends in the 3rd Division. Larry Wilson was there.
Barfield, JayBM 3Mar 3, 1976 – Feb 28, 19801 st best time i ever had i really miss all the guys
Smock, BrianFiremanApr 28, 1976 – Dec 23, 1977Machinest Mate
Ceriello, JohnOS2Jun 1976 – Nov 1979OperationsIts been about 28 years, as I write this, that I first stepped aboard that ship. I look at the photo and I can still remember every passageway. "Wasted days and wasted nights", "The boys are back in town"
Edwards, Darrell (FASS)BM3Jul 7, 1976 – Jul 7, 19801st - DeckThis is Fass. What's up? Holla at me. Now in Atlanta with Pinky & Slim. What's up Goswick.
Fletcher, GeorgeBTFMJul 9, 1976 – Nov 11, 1977FireroomAny one heard or seen Lookabaugh, Surbaugh?
Graziosi, PatrickAme1 E-6Jul 15, 1976 – 19781st DivisionJust found out about this site, very excited to get in touch with a lot of my brothers that I haven't seen or heard from in 36 years. Wishing you all well and hope that we can get together again someday
Thomas, WarrenE3Aug 1, 1976 – 1977BMI only remember a few guys. Bill Goswick and Danny Preston
Robinson, Sugar BearE-3Aug 15, 1976 – Aug 1980MSSN Officier GalleyHello everyone on the U.S.S.Halekala commonly referred to as the "Hockey Puck" I spent 4 years with her and have fond memories of Wes-Pac. I truely miss Subic Bay...Share your Memories with me.
Whitt, BillyseamanAug 26, 1976 – Aug 19, 1977ist div.Hey I remember the good times i had whilea we were in the bay area with sweet Lou and sugarbearand the night we went to Black Birds concert and the good times we had and what ever happened to poor boy?
Baydar, ErrolYN2Sep 1976 – Jul 1980OpsWhere are all the shipmates. Send me an email. Jay Barfield John Cerillo whats up, HalGm3Sep 1976 – Jul 19793rd
Mac Donald, Scott 'Mac'BMSNDec 28, 1976 – Aug 20, 19801st/2ndstill dazed

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