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USS Haleakala (AE 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Haleakala (AE 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 691 crew members registered for the USS Haleakala (AE 25).

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Quinn, BobBT/31971 – 1973BMany good memories
Dunn, BobE-31971 – 1972Deck and CookI was a young mess at the time! remember going into Subic bay the first time and Hong Kong Going into Guam to refuel after sailor had appendic attack Jim Darbone where are you? Great memories!!!!!
Wainwright, WilliamFA1971 – 1972Machinist MatesHad a great time. The time on board was unforgettable. The hours during replenishment details made for long hours,but RR made up for it. Would like to hear from anyone . Bays,Cadora, Julian Sandoval(lost his address)
Daniel, MikeCSSN1971 – 1972SupplyI was there when James Green went from E5 to E6. It was at this point I knew it was time to become a civilian again. I did well after this time period.
Mockenhaupt, PeteEM31971 – 1975EMGreat times, Great memories of Great friends and times. Remember the typhoon and being hungover from wine!? Someone said I was Green.
Paul, SoltysBTFN1971 – Dec 8, 1972Boiler TechniciansI served with Donny Bayes during 1971-1972 and am trying to find out any contact information of him.He took very good care of me when we were in home Port in Port Chicago located near San Francisco
Hobin, RichardLTJan 15, 1971 – Jun 1, 1974
Cochran, Mike (Capt. Schwafferman Called Me 'compton" !EN2Feb 6, 1971 – Sep 24, 1972Aux. (Log room Yoeman)Joined ship at Subic Bay. Sailed under Capt. Schwaf-ferman. Norton Beecher was XO. Chief Case, Bonaci were Aux. Div. Heads. Lt. Becker was Chief Eng. Cruised Hong Kong, Pago Pago to aid Appendix case, Sasebo Japan, and Lovely Olongapo.
Scarborough, BobOS3-(OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 3RD. CLASS)Mar 25, 1971 – Feb 20, 1975Operations-(Combat Information Center)
Tripp, RandyFTG3Apr 1971 – Aug 19743rd Division
Hoffmann, KennethBM3Apr 1, 1971 – Aug 25, 19751st and 2nd
Coffey, Dodd(arg)ETR3Jun 10, 1971 – Jul 23, 1973seeking anyone from the random family -- we recognize that bill macghee was looking for gary williams ---
Sweeney, JimOS3Jun 14, 1971 – Jun 14, 1973CIClooking for any other crew members from the same time period..
Cloud, Cloud9CS3Aug 1971 – Jan 1973supplyhey kid, where you at?
Faulk, Francissa/BMAug 1971 – Feb 19732nd divisionEnjoyed my stay, learned a lots about team work. Made a whole lots of friends. Tyndall, got your message Sidney and I are both doing fine. Have anyone heard from Robert lightfoot
McMurray, MikeYN3Aug 17, 1971 – Sep 11, 1972operationsI remember great times and not so great times on the Hockey Box. Best times were in Olangapo Subic Bay. Hey guys, send me an E-Mail.
Roth, Albert (Jc)OS3Sep 1971 – Nov 21, 1974Combat Information CenterMy first cruse over to Vietnam lasted 11 months followed by a quick turnaround stateside and another 9 months. The "Fast Lady" holds a special spot in my life.
Roth, Albert "Jc"OS 3Sep 1, 1971 – Nov 4, 1974Operations (C.I.C.)The "Fast Lady" gaves us all one hella ride.
Dace, JohnIC 1Oct 1971 – Jun 1977E6 years on the Hocky Box. Met a lot of good men on 4 West Pacs, and had a lot of fun and hard work.
Dace, JohnIC 1Oct 1971 – Jun 1977ESpent almost 6 years on the Hockybox, and went on 4 Wet Pacs. Lot of hard work and a lot of good times.
Wrisinger, GaryE1Oct 1971 – Dec 1971hey guys sure good to see some of the old names
Welch, LelandRadarman / Operations Specialist 3rd ClassOct 1971 – Jun 1973OperationsI am reaching out to people I remember from my days in the Navy. Hope someone remembers me. Please send me an e-mail.
Barker, EdHM2Oct 1971 – Nov 1973MedicalAll most retired after 25 years in healthcare and 23 years in teaching. Still living in California.
Banfield, TimOS3Oct 15, 1971 – Jun 15, 1973OpsQuick memories...30'-40' waves off Subic, 2-trips to Hong Kong, chasing the Enterprise to the Indian Ocean, mid-night watches in Combat, 4-ships connected by cables moving 12knts thru the water at the same time! Home!
Magee, William (Bill)PO2Dec 7, 1971 – Jun 1973MessLooking Gary L. Williams from the Navy days.
Driggers, Bob / DriggsyEM31972 – 1974EGreat times Great friends
Weis, TimSN1972 – 19751ST
Berg, Guybm31972 – 19741styes i rember the 73 typhoon hell i was on the helm for a good part of it. who could forget butler that beard was really something. how about the beard pappas had.any one know what happened to mumbles the scrounge
Dahl, James (Jim)MM21972 – 1975M DivisionHi Guys! Been a while (39 years). Like to hear from any of you. WestPac 73,74,75 and helped evac Saigon at the end of war.
Swan, HerbIC21972 – 1975EHow many of you guys remember playing cards in the gyro compass room. The "coolest " location on board ship. Also the loudest. We had amps, and large speakers and the latest cassette players, lol , rock and rolling
Pappas, PaulBM3Feb 1972 – Jan 1974First DivisionI would sure like to hear from some of the crew in 1st and 2nd division. "Stretch" and "Vito" as well as everyone else.
Muhlenkamp, Mike (Rash)MM2Apr 16, 1972 – Apr 9, 1975Machinist MateHad some great experiences on and off the Hockey Box. Would enjoy hearing from any of my shipmates.
Headley, LeonardEN1Apr 18, 1972 – Mar 12, 1975A-DivMaster at arms at times. Worked for Bill Burton MMC in A- mDivision.
Morris, D. JosephENFAApr 20, 1972 – Feb 26, 1973A GangI had a few good times aboard.
Smith, Randy/snuffyJul 5, 1972 – May 1975DeckYep, I rememmber the Typhoon in 73. The Pilot House was a mess.
Hoover, BrucePC3Jul 10, 1972 – Mar 18, 1976Enjoyed my time aboard this ship.
Bruderer, BenSNSep 6, 1972 – Apr 20, 1974Food Service --I remembr Al Roer(underway pb&j guy).Here's to the SK's,Cooks & MessCooks of WestPac 73.Jim Green CS1, CSC EJ O'Conell Leprechaun,Lucky harms),SK3 Goelz,JonKest,MarkPhillips, TonyAbitong,S.Barefoot,C.Ward,Melba"Toast"
St Laurent, Bill (Snake)ETRSN1973 – May 1976ETRGlad to see a few of us made it to this site finally.
Durling, JamesOS31973 – 1975OILooking for a cruise book from the 1974/75 westpac, for whatever reason I never recieved one. If someone knows were I can get one e-maol me. Tks
Alicea, JoseBMSN1973 – 19742ND DIVISION
Quill, Mike profile iconE21973 – 1974DeckIf anyone remembers me let me know Mark k hope you are ok I the one from the Boston area
Phillips, KennethHM3Jan 1973 – May 27, 1975OPS/MedicalI wasn't in division you requested about but I was on ship same time. I was one of the corpsmen along with Bob Ingham, Curt Dunn, Larry Woods and Chief Riggs and later Chief Bamburg.
Hasson, David profile iconSHSNFeb 13, 1973 – Jun 3, 1976Supply & 2ndJoin ASEA and come to the reunions, you'll have a blast... and meet new friends and see old ones. Not quite a WESTPAC, but, a hell of a lot of fun. Any supply guys read this, drop me an e-mail
Rivera, SamMar 1973 – Apr 1974
Barefoot, RasseyYN2Mar 1, 1973 – May 1, 1976
Ward, CharlieFNMar 1, 1973 – Dec 1975M
Hoover, BrucePC3Mar 12, 1973 – Feb 7, 1976ADMINI will never forget the guy's I served with or Bankock.
Van Aken, EdwardYN2Mar 15, 1973 – Nov 30, 1976OI Division - Security OfficeHad more wonderful times than not. I left many good friends that I haven't heard from since. While I was aboard, that crew was the best. RnR was great in Hong Kong every time we stayed.
Corral, Rubenbm3Apr 1, 1973 – Feb 1, 19782nd DivisionTo all my party buddies, ed martin, larry martinez, bill brooks, rodger garner, scott burkman, and many. hope all is well after all these years. and still partying like a big dog.
Dickens, TobyOSSNApr 1, 1973 – Nov 11, 1974OpsHell of a ride that old barge was. The typhoon. I never felt so insignificant until the ocean tried to kill us. Whatever happened to the kid that got stabbed? He had 12 sisters. Nice kid. Wheres Bob Nelson?
Kollar, MarkBMSNMay 15, 1973 – May 15, 19751STJust looking up "OLD" shipmates. If you guys remember me, drop me a line. Edward Van Aken, I remember you. I was assigned to 1st division as a deck monkey, but I also drove liberty boats & Captains Gig. I was an aerial director during GQ.
Benzel, GaryJul 1973 – May 1974
Mason, PatE4Jul 1, 1973 – Sep 16, 1975EngineeringLooking for some of the old BT's I server with i.e. Gerold, Sally, Hoggie, etc
Smith, Randy/snuffyBMSNJul 4, 1973 – Apr 19752ndAnyone remember Snuffy?
Smith, Randy/snuffyBMSNJul 5, 1973 – May 19752ndHad a great experience aboard the "Fast Lady". Would like to hear from any "Deck Apes" or any of that great crew.
Milleson, RobertAE-25Aug 17, 1973 – Aug 16, 1976enjoyed the time I spent onboard and made some life time friends.
Burkman, ScottGM/SH3Aug 17, 1973 – Aug 17, 19773rd/SupplyHave lost contact with several shipmates, but I have also run into a couple here in Washington State. Still have my Clippers if you need a regulation Haircut.....Still ridin motorscoots if anyone wants to ride!!
Burkman, ScottSH3Aug 17, 1973 – Aug 17, 1977Supply
Waller, Marty profile iconMM3Aug 28, 1973 – May 31, 1975Main EngineeringSpent 2 West Pac's & remember bars in PI, X-mas in Japan, becoming a Shellback, spotting periscope in Japanese Sea, escorting refugees to Guam & I was on the throttles when we hit the SD buoy - knocked me off my feet.
Wilson, BobE2Aug 29, 1973 – Sep 13, 1974SupplyTo anyone who might remember the Boiler Room explosion 4/28/74 8:30 pm. Also the unrep with the USS Enterprise when Big Hoover was hurt during manuvers, lizard line broke when USS Enterprise veered away at a 35 degree angle.Please reply .
Schwerdtfeger, GigloIC3Sep 1, 1973 – Sep 2, 1977SNIPESI served on her from 73 to 77. hi john zanuto
Hodges, Floyd AceSK3Oct 1973 – May 1976SupplyWestPac was fun in those days. Will remember Olongapo, Phillipines. Please email if you remember me......... Chief Tiebadue: "suffering builds character!"
Colvin, DerekSNOct 1, 1973 –OX (Ship's Office)PCS to USS Dyess DD-880. Anyone remember the RefTra in San Diego (for the '74 westpac deployment) when we "chewed up" the outbound lane buoy marker with the screw? A merchant ship was inbound in our lane (San Diego sent us a bill.)
De Chenne, RobertSAOct 20, 1973 – Aug 17, 1974medicalAssigned to medical as a corpsman striker...went to "A" school (hospital Corpsman) in aug 74 retired 1998. Currently a Federal fire inspector/ fire fighter with the Bureau of reclamation
Grant, JohnDeck E2Nov 1, 1973 – Mar 28, 1975DeckWas on the hockey box from 73 to 75 Westpac 74 75 love the Philippines hung out with JW Clark Millicent jelly roll st-laurent I was the one that played the guitar that couldn't play that well ended up playing 300 days a

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