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USS Haleakala (AE 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Haleakala (AE 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 691 crew members registered for the USS Haleakala (AE 25).

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Winchell, Darwinyn1968 – 1970operations
Ley, Theodore D/sparkyEM 21968 – 1969ELooking for someone who can remember when I got high Line to a destroyer on the front line in Nov. 1969. I went on emergency Leave. Can't remember what destroyer.
Redden, MikeBM3Jan 1, 1968 – Sep 6, 19711st
Curtis, ClarenceE3Jan 1, 1968 – Jul 1, 19711st deckI am trying to get service connected disability due to the boiler blowing, the VA said they have no record of it happening, I could use some witnesses. Please e-mail me at
Ludwig, Robert (Nav)NavigatorFeb 16, 1968 – Oct 26, 1969Quarter Master
Godfrey, MichaelMM3Mar 1968 – May 1970MI made two tours to Vietnam on the Haleakala and met meny fine shipmates.
McClelland, DougFTG3Mar 15, 1968 – Apr 10, 1970GunneryTo all, yes I remember the boiler explosion all to well. I was on the dog watch on the mess deck when it happened, about 4:15 AM. They were lighting up the boiler to get up steam. Really messed up my coffee break.
Rose, Pate-3 gunnersmateMar 16, 1968 – Dec 10, 1969division 3Does anyone remember the date the boiler blow and did we dock in da nang help
Lohrey, JohnFNApr 1, 1968 – Oct 1, 1968AFirst command out of A school. Most of the time spent as assistant to the Jack of the Dust. First and only XO Mast in a 11 year career. Rest of the time in Aft Steering.
Bailey, CharlesMM3May 1968 – Sep 1968A
Mullin, SteveBT 3Jun 15, 1968 – May 14, 1971BI too was onboard the night the boilers blew, scary night and few long days and nights after as I recall.Had some great times in Olongapo, none we can repeat to anyone, but they were fun. Nice too see some familiar names on the crew list.
Borst, CharlieBM#Jun 17, 1968 – Jan 20, 19701st & 2nd
Dunning, Deanen2Jul 11, 1968 – 1969a division
Leary, JimBT2Jul 15, 1968 – Apr 13, 1972BHad a wonderful and awful time on the Hockey Box all at the same time.
Leary, JimBT2Jul 15, 1968 – Apr 13, 1972BGoing to my 1st reunion in St. Louis this September, been a long time.
Tyndall, Clyde "archie"Jul 24, 1968 – May 20, 19722ndWorking in Lincoln, Nebraska running a nonprofit organization. Have 3 boys and 11 grandchildren. Looking forward to retirement. Wonder where Sydney Faulk (Louisiana) is and Kugler (Oregon)?
Milligan, KennethE2Sep 11, 1968 – Feb 20, 1970Messi remember the nite the boiler blew. i need to get more info about what we were carrying in the shells, also were we taking back empties? i would also like to get in contact with any of my old shipmates. send me an e-mail!
Settimo, JackMR3Sep 23, 1968 – May 1, 1970engine roomwent thru two typhoons, Aug 20,1969 and Dec 14,1969. Does anyone remember the date the boiler blew? I was in my rack at the time, 10 pm I think. I remember getting tossed as the explosion went by me.
Riley, BrendanQM3Oct 1968 – Jun 1970NavigationTime sure flies by. Hope everyone is having a good Veterans Day today, Nov. 12, 2007.
Lezaola, MartinSN1969 – 1971first divisionMad Portuguese 1st divion, remember Steve Webb, Gibbons, Maroco Mo, Foster, all of us at Philipines loga po city. I remeber the boiler blow up we where DIW
Weaver, RolandE2Jan 6, 1969 – 19701stI enjoyed my time on the Haleakala. Thank BM3 Bobby Dubreuil for teaching how to operate winches. We need any information available on boiler blowing up. Email me if anyone has HTN, neuropathy or cancer.
Sookiayak, HarveyBMSNJan 17, 1969 – Jan 17, 19691stEnjoyed my time on board.. made some great friends.
Allen, BarryPN3Mar 1969 – Dec 1970Administration ships officeI remember the boiler incident and the Westpac Deployments. Anyone remembering me please contact by email @
Haran, RichardSNApr 1969 – 19701stDivI remember the Boiler blast and typhoons. Remember hanging with Frank Murphy and Lee Rodes in Po town. CO was Kirkemo. Does anyone remember LT Sullivan? Does anyone still have Yosemite Sam patch? I still have mine.
Kindred, DonE-3Apr 1, 1969 – May 6, 1970Gunnersmate The boiler blew, a couple typhoons... The boiler blew about the 1st week of Nov '69. I can help with additional info including a photo of us being towed by the fleet tug out of Da Nang. email
Foster, AlBOATSWAINEMATE3Apr 2, 1969 – Jul 7, 19702nd to noneI too was on it when the boilers blew in Nam. My 1st of two ships and the best. Glad to read eveybody else had a ball, it was a party ship. Hey Tyndal, I'm in the book in Rhode Island.
Murphy, FrankSKSNApr 10, 1969 – Sep 12, 1972SupplyYoung n' crazy time of life. Loved being a sailor. Couldn't get the military thing down. Memorable times: Night the boilers blew and getting court martialed for mutiny. Hello to all the 'heads' from the 'D-Wave Club' a
Dubreuil, BobBM3May 1969 – Apr 1970FirstServed as a deck hand and worked my way up to BM3. I ran an ammo rig. Made some good freinds. Due to war it was a tough time to be in the military. However, I am proud of my service.
Lange, AlLTJGMay 10, 1969 – Aug 14, 1970communicationsOn board when boiler blew-up off VietNam coast... Frightening night. Rest are fond memories.
Felix, JoeE5Jun 1969 – Jul 1973SignalEmail so we can chat
Felix, JoeE5Jun 1969 – Jul 1973SignalEmail so we can chat
Miller, EdwardcssnJun 1, 1969 – Aug 17, 1971supplyHad a good time cooking for the crew will like to hear from anyone I served with email me
Whitcomb, FrankBT FNJun 15, 1969 – May 10, 1971BHi to all Miss all the good times we had.Steve knows.I too was on duty the night the boiler blew, but we all made it out thank god drope me a line or two, cant wait to hear from some of you guys it has been to long!
Hickman, DarrylBM3Jul 1969 – Feb 1973BOSN MateBet your sweet bippie First Division
Iacolucci, BernieseamanAug 1969 – Aug 19711st DivisionI had some wonderful times in between all the hard work and met a lot of great guys.
Freeman, GaryE3Sep 1969 –A divisionWish to contact old friends
Julsen, KurtBT2Oct 1969 – Aug 1973BWe had 7 guys from B div. at the 08 reunion in Cincinati. Hope to see more from all div's in Norfork this Sept. Great ship, Great Sailors
Zimmerman, NealBM-3Oct 1, 1969 – Oct 31, 19701STNot on board very long, but long enough to know a good ship with a great crew. Would liked to have'd stayed longer but! Wishing all hands a Merry Xmas.
Brewer, RayEM31970 – 1972elike to hear from any of my shipmates. email me thanks
Smith, Kenneth R.1ST CLASS PETTY OFFICER1970 – 1972Gunners Mate
Bailey, AlanQM31970 –Lots of fun. We were always spraying cockroaches that infested the sleeping areas. One guy wanted to get out of Nav. so bad, he put a bag of pot on like a neckless. He walked around all day and no one did anything.
Cadora, MichaelMM21970 – 1972Engineering
Denison, PerryEM21970 – 1974Electricians MateWhat a time on the Haleakala, we had so many events happen that should have caused us our lives yet God protected us through them all. Remember when the officers got mad because the crew was throwing snow balls at them?
Fisher, BillSN1970 – 1972GunneryI was looking at some old movies taken while I was on the Haleakala. I hope all of you are well. It can't be 40 years. Lt. Wylie told me I would never leave the Navy, I should have bet him
Ingham, RobHM11970 – 1973OPS /MedicalI retired in 1988 and live in Tucson AZ now. I served with Chief Riggs,Ken Phillips, Curt Dunn, and Larry Woods.
Miller, SteveSK2Feb 1970 – Mar 1972Supply (S-1)
Vanicky, BruceBT2Feb 1970 – Aug 1972B
Fraumeni, JimBT-3Feb 16, 1970 – May 19, 1971BTWhen I was on board-the ship went to westpack - I had been there before _ I would not give up all the good time we had my friends and I- we did a lot of hell in town - it made up for all the 4 on 4 offs we stood.
Cooper, RonMM2May 15, 1970 – Dec 20, 1972had one great time on the hockey box
Franklin, BruceBM2Jun 1970 – Jul 1972
Franklin, BruceBM2Jun 1, 1970 – Jul 18, 19721st
Watkins, BillSHL 3Jul 1, 1970 – Apr 1972SupplyI'll never forget going through that typhoon around Christmas. Would like to hear from any shipmates who were aboard between '70 and '72.
Gewirz, IrvSH 3Aug 1970 – Sep 9, 1972SupplyGreat time in my life. Worked in the laundry, barbershop & shipstore. Made great friends:M.Cochran,F.Murphy, B.Watkins,T.Lewis,G.Ramos,D.Deitz,J.Heinson & more. Never forget the Sierra Club in Po Town !
Boyce, GaryQM2Aug 1970 – Sep 1973OpsHad great time with Quartermaster 's and Signalmen on board. Made some great friends.
Mateo, JosephQMSNOct 1970 – Apr 17, 1974ONahoy all my old shipmates and mike redden thnaks for watching out for me my first time in Hong Kong,we had a great crew and took the the Battle E in 72. really miss those times we had cheers to all!
Brunner, BruceBT3Nov 2, 1970 – Jul 2, 1974Happy to hear from any shipmates, especially Coop, Barney, and Komar
Brunner, Bruce J.BT3Nov 2, 1970 – Jul 2, 1974BLots of good memories with great shipmates. I'm happy to hear from any shipmates, and am planning on attending the '08 AE Assn. Reunion in Cincinnati. Hope you "Hockey box" sailorsa can make it there.
Roach, DanaBM e3Dec 6, 1970 – Sep 6, 1974DeckBest and worst time of my life.

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