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USS Haleakala (AE 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Haleakala (AE 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 691 crew members registered for the USS Haleakala (AE 25).

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Bicy, EugeniaRM11992 – 1993OCCurrently an ER RN in military facility in VA. Married to (HT2) HTCS Joe Storms, we have FIVE kids! Life is Good!
Durant-Peterson, Calandra AKA PETEEMFN1992 – 1992Hockey-Puck :)was my 1st ship. I was not onboard long but I really enjoyed myself and made a lot of great friends...I'm been married now for a long min now and we have 1 child..
Colvin, Gerald (Cole)SN1992 – 1993Deck/MedicalHOFA-Day.....good times had by out of the navy in 1996 as an HM3....Lovin life as always.....George and Odie love to here from you...
Moore, PatrickRMSN1992 – 1993OCHello everyone! I left the Navy in '95.I finished college and ended up receiving my Master's Degree in Counseling. I'm currently a school counselor and love it. I would appreciate hearing from old friends:
Kuehn, LoriE3/SM1992 – 1993SignalmanI love traveling to different countries.
Harvey, Bm DeuceBM21992 – 1993DeckThis was my first and last ship.I had some good times. The best thing about this ship was meeting my hubby. Fabrigas and I are still going strong 3 kids ,one grand, and 28 years later.Thank GOD!! U call we haul no load..
Cole, GrifPNC(SW)Jan 1992 – Dec 10, 2002ADMIN
Gunn, JohnET3Jan 6, 1992 – Dec 10, 1993OE1My first Fleet assignment. Definetly saw the highs and lows of my time on active duty. The ship itself was an old gal but man did she have character. Became a Shellback/Golden Shellback while on board, remember R.A.W.?
Cruz, Phillip profile iconDK2Feb 2, 1992 –Disbursing
Harvey-fabrigas, Joe Annbm2Feb 12, 1992 – May 19931stMy one and only ship,became a shellback big fun and most importantly met my wonderful husband Fabrigas ,18 years and 3 kids later god is still blessing. "you call we haul no load too small" AE Duece Five
Dickson, SteveET2Feb 14, 1992 – Dec 15, 1993OE
Castillo, EddieSNFeb 15, 1992 – Jul 27, 1993deckto all my shipmates out there who remember me . it's been a long time since i've seen or heard from ya'll.i to remember all d good times on board haleakala.i'm a new home builder now ,father of 2,miss all of ya,would love to hear f
Munro, MoneyMM3Feb 23, 1992 – Feb 23, 1994RASEWheres all the RASE Boys?
Solimine, Robert ("Sol")MMC(SW)Mar 15, 1992 – Dec 21, 1993RAS/MI remember that ship and everyone on it like it was yesterday. I remember lots of hard work and good friends and many scandals. It's hard to express feelings about that command. The XO was not right and the Deck department Head was pretty strange
Sheer, RobertE-3May 23, 1992 – Nov 19931st, DA01Oh my. What awesome memories! Great crew! Some of the hardest working and playing people I have ever met. Looking for Jimbo White from first division. Email me if anyone wants to walk down memory lane.
Campbell, StephanieELECTRICIAN\'S MATEJun 1992 – Sep 1993
Fintzel, Allen R.RMCJun 14, 1992 – Dec 10, 1993Communications/OperationsGood ship, was sad to see her go!
Palmer, GaryRP3Jun 15, 1992 – Dec 10, 1993ADMINHey shipmates! RP3 Palmer here! Got out in 98 and doing good! Email me anytime at love to hear from my old shippies!
Odom, RobertE3/BMSNJun 16, 1992 –Deck 1st DivisionLots of memories, good times, and great friends!
Jamison, DeonRMSNJul 1992 – Dec 1993I was on the ship when it decommed. I am now a Computer Network Administrator/ and Systems Administrator at the Pentagon. Have not yer Married nor do I have any children. I remember many of you from your descriptions. E-mail me at dmjamison@yahoo
Conerly, KenethGMG3Jul 1992 – Dec 10, 19933rdI had some good times in the navy, mostly off-ship with my friends. I helped decom the haleakala and went to the lincoln. I'm married and have a son, and , living in mississippi. If you remember me contact me at
McCain, TimothyPN3Aug 1992 – Dec 1993AdminGot out in 1996. Still a Cardinal fan. Live near Atlanta. Married with two daughters and a dog.
Lucero, RobinsonE-6/MA1Sep 1, 1992 – Oct 31, 1993DeckThe Crew was the best, you guys and gals taught me what earning a day's work was all about, I am successful due to everyone who help me be the man I am, thank you all.
Ayotte, Peter MM3 E-4Dec 1992 – Dec 1993M main engine roomHi everyone and fellow crewmen/crew women, I was stationed on the Haleakala from Dec 92 - Dec 93 part of the De-Comm crew. I was in M - division. Would like to hear from old friends .
Kaczenski, MichelleSA1993 –3rdI have many fond memories of Guam. I would enjoy hearing from any of my former shipmates.
Flowers, JoeSN1993 – 1993DeckThe "Deuce Five" was my 1st ship. Met some good people and had a blast partying at Mocambo's, Onyx & Wet Willie's.
Pevahouse, DarleneMM3Feb 1993 – Jan 1994A-GangAny fellow A-Gangers? First female in the division. I have been working as a paralegal for 20 years. A cool clean environment compared to my days in the Navy! I miss that kind of work.
Harris, Rodric Big RodMSSNApr 1993 – Dec 1993supplyI had great times in Guam and on the ship. I remember the clubs and different ports. Miss a lot of you and hope I can get in contact with you. Been out since 1996 and doing well with two kids.
Harris, Rodric (Big Rod)MSSN/E-4Apr 1993 – Dec 1993SupplyI miss the days of Guam.
Campbell, StephanieEMFNJun 1993 –E-I was only on the ship a short time but I made a lot of great friends and would live to hear from you anytime
Knee, DanaE2Jun 12, 1993 – Dec 19933rdHave a lot of fond memories in the short time I was stationed on this ship. Never heard of Guam and landed there!
Teas, GailE-3Jul 1993 – Dec 10, 19931Decommed this ship. Spent a short time at Navsta Guam. Got out in May of 94. Beautiful daughter and still single. Now a nurse in a Busy Pediatric Clinic back home in Arkansas. Email me at
Pugh, TasSRJul 31, 1993 – Dec 12, 19931stI enjoyed my short time on the ship. I met a lot of people stationed in Guam that I will never forget. I'm now IT2(SW/AW). E-mail me at:
Davis, Henry (Jamie)E-2Aug 12, 1993 – Dec 31, 1993DeckHad a lot of good times. I can't rember a lot of names but I miss all the friends I made there. All I know is that I never want to drink another fricking mudslide for the rest of my life. :)

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