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USS Pyro (AE 24) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pyro (AE 24). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Pyro (AE 24).

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McKean, JimGMG 21975 – 19793rd Div.It was Gunnery Officer Davis
Jones, Darrelle-21975 – 1976m
Ashby, GeorgeE11975 – 1978Deck/
Fannon Sr, Stephene-11975 – 1976main deckhad a lot a good times on this ship
Keir, DougETN21975 – 1978OperationsThe work, the people, and the adventures aboard Pyro were an education that has served me well. Doing well- for an old guy! But these days just aren't as much fun as those younger days were. Best of luck shipmates!
Shrewsbury, DavidMM3Feb 1975 – Sep 19781st / STREAM / RACEHave fond memories of my Pyro days. Served several years in the Army after leaving the Navy. Got to visit the Pyro when she came to Anchorage, Ak around 1980. Living in Fayetteville, NC now.
Jolicoeur, DenisSAFeb 10, 1975 – Oct 16, 19771
Concepcion, PascualSKCM(SW)Feb 15, 1975 – Oct 15, 19781ST -S1
Graney, JoeMM3Feb 16, 1975 – Sep 26, 1977Hole Snipe ........"M "I just want to say "Hello " to Dean, Goose, Dust , Chuck Cody and Duty "E" ...also Mike Flatten and Willberg and Brilbrey !!
Meyers, KarlFTGSNApr 20, 1975 – Jul 17, 1977Weapons/Gunners MateServed as one of the two Fire Control technicians on westpac in 1976. Painted pictures on the guns in celebration of 200 year American revolution. Now handicapped due to unknown nerve disease probably cause by ship overhaul & needle guns.
Mock, RobertQM3..2..1May 1975 – Jan 1977OPSServed under Capt. "Fast Eddy", who liked to push the speed limit in the San Francisco Bay. We loved our Capt.
Coen, KenOS 3Jun 1975 – Dec 20, 1977OPSI had a lot of fun traveling overseas on the Pyro. TOO much fun in Subic Bay and during the shipyard days too. Still live in Oregon and you can contact me there. orbiker@gmail.
Benson, Joseph ETN2Jul 1975 – Aug 3, 1977OperationsHave some good memories of my time on the Pyro. Once we left a bunch of our crew in Hong Kong as we left early to out run a typhoon. We got slammed at sea, having to install a make-shift temporary HF antenna.
Ballard, WilliamMACHINEST MATE FIREMANAug 18, 1975 – Apr 3, 1978stream1976 west pac cruse Hawii, Gaum, Phillipines, Japan,Tyland and back to San Francisco Bay Want to say Hello to the old Stream team gange MM2nd Tom Haas MM3rd Dennis Dickerson MMFN Mark Smith MMFN David Shulsburry EM2ndCarl Magain EMFNRon Agann
Melton, JimOS3Aug 26, 1975 – Sep 1, 2001OIThrew my seabag over the side when enlistment was up. Went home for almost 2 years, came back in and retired 20 years later.
Lingham, WayneHT3Sep 10, 1975 – Jun 29, 1979"R"I would like to thank all the guys I served with.My years onboard helped me to become a man.Proud to be a Cold War Veteran!!
Taylor, Robby/peachesBM 2Sep 14, 1975 – May 26, 19791 STIts been along time ago but the four years i spent on the pyro will not be forgotten. Pyro-maniacs all
Cody, Charles ChuckEN1Nov 25, 1975 – Dec 19, 1977mwhats up joe I was searching then seen my name and the deans, and gooses Paul kiefer and chief greer are at classmates I am gonna write ya.good to know your still around.Chuck
Barley, MarkBT31976 – 1980BONCE A SNIPE ALWAYS A SNIPE
Kirkpatrick, Russell profile iconGMG-31976 – 19773rd Division Gunners matesI came on Board the USS Pyro AE-24 in 1976 and served under one of the Most Elite Officers I cant rember his name but he was a CWO-4 we just called him Gunner Sir
Aleman, AlexBM31976 – 19791 stGreat memories in the USS Pyro especially in the deck area. Great time in Westpac, Alameda and Bay Area in general. Don't know how I survived. Meet many shipmates from different places, great experience.
Francis, Richard (Munchkins)HT1 - HT21976 – 1978R DivisionThis was my second Duty Station. I live in Smartsville, California
Thompson, ReddYN1976 – 1979Administration
Hunt, StevenE-21976 – 1978Gunners MateLoved The West Trips. Alot Of Fun! Good Job Gunner!
Farr, Mikebm3Jan 1976 – Sep 26, 19801st and streammy odest grandaughter found cruise book 80,reminded me of good times,
Collman, ArmonOS1Feb 1976 – Jan 1980Operations/CICA lot of steaming, but with some of the best folks that the Navy to put together in one place!
Parker, Anthony profile iconE1Feb 1976 –Boatswain mateI had the best time of my life with guys of the PYRO ant guys from 1976 to 1977 my nickname was (sticks)
Gordon, Joel N.OS2Feb 12, 1976 – Oct 10, 1979Operations/IntelligenceLot's of memories of the Pyro!Join the ships organization!
Richardson, GregoryMACHINIST MATE - FIREMANMar 1976 – Jun 1977"M" Hole SnipeLoved it & would do it all over again in a heart beat. West Pacs to Phillipines, Guam, Taiwan, Japan, Hawaii were Farout. Proud to be a "PYRO - MANIAC" and a "HOLE SNIPE" I Support Our Troops
Campbell, Ivan profile iconHN-HM2May 1976 – Sep 1978MedicalI cherish the memories and experiences serving onboard the Pyro. I learned so much from those I served with in the Medical division especially Doc Trevino. Its been many years but hope to hear from my former shipmates.
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Magann, CarlEM2Jun 1976 – Mar 1978STREAMGladly served aboard the USS Pyro, with a great crew. Best Regards to you all always.
Magann, CarlEM2Jun 1976 – May 1978STREAMHad to relog, my email now works.
Ransom, MarcBM3Jul 1976 – Jan 1977AI only spent 6 months on Pyro then transferred. but i made some good buddies and had a few wild times. I hung out with BM3 Stewart and a bunch of crazies, good times.
Stroup, JohnRM2/E5Jul 19, 1976 – Jul 19, 1979To the radiomen I served with for what I thought would be the toughest 2 years of my life. I remember now things I thought would never be important to me. I wish you well and hope life has treated you kindly. Whatever became of "Notso"
Thompson, Jr., Herman (Redd)Oct 1, 1976 – Sep 1, 1979
Canfield, John profile icon3rd class/operations specialist1977 – Sep 1, 1980operations
Twitchell, TwitchE3 gmg1977 – 19793rdI think and talk about the old girl alot and recently got in touch with a few old friends.does anybody remember Hoofnagle?or killer and how bout R B TAYLOR
Fulp, Time3Jan 1977 – Jul 19791
Whitehead, Gerald. Jerry profile iconQm3Mar 1977 – Apr 1980supplyGreat times. Buddies I will never forget Hard to believe I retired from law enforcement. email love to hear from anyone
Jahner, DonBT2Mar 28, 1977 – Oct 20, 1980boiler techWhat a great time partying in all those different ports.
Trevino, AliHM1-HMCSMay 14, 1977 – May 20, 1981Ship's Independent Duty CorpsmanVery rewarding tour of duty for me being my first ship, made rank fast due to the crews performance in all aspects of readiness, everyone contributed to Medical's success. Wonderful Memories
Stewart, RobertLTjgJul 1977 – Apr 1980OPS/ENGI've never worked with a better group of people! Hope all who I served with are doing well and would like to hear from you
Short, Marke-3Jul 13, 1977 – Nov 7, 1979boaswain mateGood times had by all
Hawkins, RayE3Aug 21, 1977 – Aug 21, 1981Boiler TechHey Gary Strauss, Roy Deleal, Jon Jahner, Rutherford, Steve Jungers. What's up guys? I Just recently maried a wonderfull hot Chinese chick! Life is good... Let's get together if we can...damn crazy times...Ray
O'brian, DaveOS2Sep 1977 – Feb 1981OPSI can't believe I found our cruise book on the web. I was in charge of taking all of the photos for the book. If anyone would like to contact me, feel free.
Kreider, JayGMG!Sep 1, 1977 – May 1, 19833rd
Wood, DouglasSep 1, 1977 – Sep 1, 1979CR
Strauss, GaryE3Sep 1, 1977 – Jan 1, 1981SnipeHey fellow snipes. Been along time. Had good experiences if I was'nt on restriction and extra duty. Dam firesides.
Towery, BobGMGSep 20, 1977 – Jul 22, 19803rdHad some good times wtih good friends on the Pyro.
Start, J. (Jim)MM1/MMCOct 1977 – Dec 16, 1979RASE/STREAM
Langelier, LeoIC 1Oct 1977 – Jun 1978EGreat ship and crew, enjoyed tour and westpac 1978.

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