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USS Pyro (AE 24) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pyro (AE 24). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Pyro (AE 24).

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Harpe, TomSN 11958 –1st DeckI was a blank owner and was on the 1st cruise to Asia. I left the Pyro and the Navy in late 1960. I am 64 retired and laid back. I wish all AE24 folks good luck and a happy life.
McNeil, BobbyRM21959 – 1961Communication ; Radio GangPlank owner. Also was partying in Peru and Mexico with Shack.
Singer, GersonSN1959 – 1962i'm a plank owner
Eddinger, GeraldE-4Jan 1, 1959 – Jan 30, 1960Engineer
Francis, PerryApr 15, 1959 – Mar 15, 1961OperationsPlank owner. Trained at GTMO, visited Carib. & S. America on shakedown cruise to SFO in 1959. Navigator on first W.Pac cruise in 1960. Retired from USNR after 26 years. U.S. Navy was one of my most worthwhile experiences.
Fox, John profile iconsaMay 1959 – Dec 1960
Williams, DavidSNJun 1959 – Jul 1960OPERATIONSPlank owner and first Westpac cruise. Remember the shakedown in GITMO. Great crew. My time in the US Navy was one experience that I would not trade for all the riches in the world.
Avenson, Jerome H. Avenson (Jere)ET3Jun 30, 1959 – Oct 30, 1960OEWas of the commissioning crew and never enjoyed a ship more. We had more fun, traveled to more ports, and had more Captains Masts in the 14 months I was abord than any other ship. Regards to all my former shipmates.
Singer, GersonSNJul 1959 – Mar 1962 i'm a plank owner
Provost, JohnQM3Jul 1959 – Jul 1961OperationsI was part off the original crew that sailed from Norfork to Hunters Point in San Francisco Bay, so as a result of that cruise, I am a plankowner & a shellback.
Sciackitano, John J.RM2Jul 10, 1959 – Jan 10, 1960OperationsPre-com detail. Had my skivvies beaten off my butt during Shellback initiation. Hell of a ships party in Callao Peru. Met some good guys.
Kottman, RogerSN/PN3Dec 24, 1959 – Jun 30, 1962Operations/Ships OfficeNewer ship.Good bunk. Good crew. Happy times. Don Cariker, drop me a line. I now live in Illinois.
Blydenburgh, Tom(Blackie)em21960 – 1962electricians
Larson, Richard (Rich)ETR2Jan 1960 – Jul 1962Operationsit was a grand ship and a great time with my shipmates. We saw a lot of historical ports and islands. The most awesome experience of all was sailing across the Pacific Ocean 4 times.
Hinrichs, ScottRM2Jan 20, 1960 – Dec 28, 1960CommunicationsAssigned to the Pyro directly out of RM school(RMSA). I made RM3 shortly before be transferred to Adak, Alaska. Boarded the Pyro while she was in Mare Island being refitted prior to making her first WESTPAC tour.
Weatherford, Robert Bob profile iconrm3Aug 1960 – May 1962o div,.after leaving the pyro I got on the fire dept and retired from there, retired from sears service dept. taking life easy traveling andf going to church.
Wood, Jerry "Woody"RM3Aug 20, 1960 – Aug 5, 1961OperationsThough I was there only a year, it's a treasured memory inmy life.
Cariker, DonYN2/3Oct 21, 1960 – Oct 14, 1963Ships OfficeWestPac was the best.
Howard, JamesmmfnDec 10, 1960 – Jun 1961A- GangJust found this site.Hello to all Feel free to e-mail me.would like to strike, up old buddies
Wilcox, JoeSH31961 – 1964supplyretired and enjoying the good life got out in1968 did time in Vetinam
Morris, TomSEAMAN (GUNNERS MATE)Jan 1961 – Aug 1962Great crew would like to get together
Miller, BobMM2/CFeb 1, 1961 – Apr 1, 1961MCame aboard from U.S.S. Ajax for ride back to port of chicago for discharge. Nice merchant marine steam plant, easy to operate. Alot of pinochle and acey duecy players.
Blanke, WilliamMM3Mar 2, 1961 – Sep 17, 1961A DivisionI was a short timer assigned to the Lady unitl my discharge. Quite a change from the 1942 Oiler that I served on Previoulsy (AO 41 Mattaponi). I really hated to see both ships sold and scrapped. Part of my life went also
Hooper, EarlYN3Apr 1961 – Apr 1962OperationsI joined Pyro in Vallejo shipyard right out of boot camp and had the time of my life in SF, Port Chicago, and then WestPac. Did 3 ships in 3 years
Leffler, Gerald2nd class petty officer machist mateAug 1, 1961 – Jun 14, 1964Engineering division
Cameron, JaredJOSNJul 4, 1962 – Dec 23, 1963OPS
Kucera, Allan C.QMAug 6, 1962 – Jul 10, 1964Nav.There were good times on board and left some good friends.
D'Accardo, CharlesE-51963 –
Blanke, WilliamMM31963 – 1963A
Hale, James "The Oil King"BT11963 – 1968"B" DivisionBest ship afloat, best crew I've ever worked with both "BT's" and "MM's". Remember the "STEAMIN DEAMONS"!
Frye, LonnieRD2Apr 3, 1963 – Jun 25, 1965OPS
Funk, JeffPN2May 1963 – Aug 1964OANPyro was my first of several ships during my 26 year navy career. I will always remember her and the guys I knew.
Gay, HaroldPetty Officer 3ed class enginemanJun 1963 – Mar 1965A division
D'Accardo, CharlieE-5Oct 1, 1963 – Feb 2, 1964I was aboard the Pyro for the period I have listed (give or take a few days here or there. I got to make on wetpac cruise making it to the Philipines and Hong Kong before getting orders to Guam.
Cover, SteveQM-3Oct 23, 1963 – Jan 27, 1966
Cover, SteveQM 3Oct 23, 1963 – Jan 27, 1966Nav.I had good time on the PYRO. It was my frist command. But not my last. I was in the navy for 4 yaers, and the CGR for 32 years.
Mazoch, James (Jim)FNNov 1963 – Jan 1964Engineering
Alvarado, ManuelSFP3Nov 6, 1963 – Jun 8, 1967ENGINEERINGI was a shipfitter / and damge control
Silberstein, HowardCYN3Nov 22, 1963 –Operations
Frye, LonnieRD2Dec 1963 – May 1965Operations
Tune, JerryFNDec 10, 1963 – Aug 1, 1964MMy first ship right out of boot camp. Made WESPAC cruise and went off to "A" school. Never came back to the Pyro, but I never forgot her.
Sipley, CharlesSNDec 28, 1963 – Aug 7, 1964communicationsHad a great time till et school

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1968 | 1969 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1977 | 1978 – 1981 | 1982 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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