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USS Mauna Kea (AE 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mauna Kea (AE 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 605 crew members registered for the USS Mauna Kea (AE 22).

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Perry, Teddy (Bama Bomber)E31989 – Jun 1993First DB01first ship and only ship i was on. i hear now that the mauna kea is gone but not 4gotten. great memories on board the old kea 2 many 2 remember. mauna kea was better than a fraternity at a college. if anyone remembers me, e-mail
Story, WaynePC21989 – 1991x navhows it going still del the mail
Collier, MichaelSM31989 – May 1992CommsHad some good times and met some good people
Cortez, Ruben profile iconMM3Jan 1989 – May 1992A-DivisionGreat memories! Looking to hear from anyone from my time served in A or R division.
Refior, JeffBT3Jan 17, 1989 – Oct 10, 1992EngineringHad a blast, good friend and good ports.hope to catch up with some old friends soon. write me at:1118 oakwood carthage tx 75633
Ferrante, MikeHT2Feb 1989 – Aug 1991RepairThe old girl challenged me with some of the most difficult moments in my life while having left me with the most memorable. Who knew that cleaning the lower crew's head would lead me to become a fine wine supplier.
Smith, FrankMM3Feb 20, 1989 – Apr 30, 1992 "p"The time I spent on this ship meant alot to me & I think about it often.there were alot of good times & it was fun seeing the world on west pac in '90. Us mm & bt's were all good friends & looked out for each other.I remember &am
Lee, Roderick JEM3Mar 1989 – Nov 1992EThe Mighty Kea!
Lee, Roderick (L.a. Lee)E-4 EMMar 20, 1989 – Nov 15, 1992ENo Ship Like That Mighty Kea! :) The Memories of 1990's Cruise & 1991's Cruise Ahh! the good old days.May she rest in peace!
Graves, AnthonySM3Mar 26, 1989 – Mar 29, 1992Commgroovy Graves
Bryner, DaveEM2Apr 2, 1989 – May 23, 1993E divJust found this site and thought I say hi to everyone
Dominguez, James (Mingo)BMSNMay 9, 1989 – Jun 2, 19921ST DIV. DECK DEPT.lets go turn two boot!
Brown, R.d.MM2Jul 31, 1989 – Jul 5, 1991PGood boat, should've stayed aboard because the Flint SUCKED ASS. Back in Oklahoma, earned a BSME from OU, and currently work as a mechanical engineer.
Galvez, ArtE-2Aug 18, 1989 – Jul 14, 19921STWhat a ship!!! to many memories and good friends.
McLaughlin, StephenLTJGSep 1989 – Sep 1990RepairWESTPAC '90 was a terrific experience. It was great to serve with a fantastic crew; the wardroom was quite professional but also fun-loving; shellback initiations were a blast; ports of call were all enticing; and my Dad loved Tiger Cruise.
Grell, DietrichMM3Oct 1989 – Apr 1992MWhen I think back I feel sorry for not getting an extension for the last WESTPAC. I still remember how the old lady "shivered" when we were at top speed, that noisy #1 SSTG, and Jim yelling at everyone about drawing cartoons in the Cold Iron Lo
Penland, ShaneBM2(SW)Oct 2, 1989 – Oct 5, 19912ndWhere is she? I want to visit her.
Hernandez, RickCWO4(RET)Nov 20, 1989 – Nov 22, 19923rdAs the Gunner of this ship I was always surrounded by, held up by, and defined by sailors, this ship's crew. In the end we all stood together - a job well done. I salute all my shipmates, especially my Gunner's Mates. Guns and Roses, we did our
Craven, ChuckYNC(SW)Dec 1, 1989 – Oct 6, 1992EXECMade Chief onboard one of the greatest ships that I had the pleasure of serving on. Great Shipmates, will answer all that write.
Craven, ChuckYN1(SW)/YNC(SW)Dec 9, 1989 – Oct 4, 1992X-NAVWhile in the overhaul that started in San Francisco and ended up in Mare Island, we upgraded the Ship's Office to one of the best looking spaces on the ship. LT Maddock & LT Jones were wrestling in their stateroom and Doc Jones got hurt.
Fraser, ScottBM2Dec 15, 1989 – Dec 15, 19942nd/1stOMG...what a ship...anyone remember Guam? We had BM2 Hollenbeck go get beer during onload...Bos'n Johnson? Evil was alive and well then...flight quarters...Diego Garcia? Drinking...Mombasa? was an amazing tour
McDonald, BrianE4 YN1990 – 1993What a coming of age. Served with some great guys. I will never forget my time. I will answer all who write.. Good ole' YN1 Craven..
Luengene (Poeling), Dawnmarie (Gypsy)RM31990 – May 1992Radio Centralhad some of my best times while in the Navy on board the Kea.
Sialega, TupouSN1990 – 19921st Div.I'll never forget that old gal.Never thought I missed her. To all my shipmates thanks for the good and the hard times we share on our home away from home. May our lord Jesus Christ blessed you all, and your families.
Cosby, ThomasBM/DC1990 – 19921st & R
Trevino, HectorBT31990 – 1993PMemories good and bad of this ship will always be great to revisit. Hello to all BTs as well as all shipmates of my era.
Trevino, Hector "Tito"BT31990 – 1993P
Shannon, EricBM3Jan 6, 1990 – Feb 1, 1994DeckI really didn't know how much I would miss being at sea until I got older and was surounded by so many people. It was a good place to hear nothing at all..
Washington, LashownE-3Jan 7, 1990 – Jul 21, 1992GMG
Robinson, Mark (Emmitt)MM2 SNIPEMay 1990 – Jun 1994P
Varsho, JusticeE-2May 1990 – 1992Started with 3rd, went to first and second. Finished with 3rd.Hey shipmates! Had a fun time on the Kea. Last group to go through Shellback with Shileileis. Currently working private security for Armored truck firm. Email me at, also on facebook.
Ramirez, EddieE%Jul 1990 – Feb 19943rd
Smith, MichaelGMGSNAug 25, 1990 – Jun 25, 19933RDGreat Times, Great Ship. Has anyone gotten over Jusino yet? HM3 Harless (Iwanyczko) and I married with 2 wonderful kids and still going strong. Would like to hear from the old crew.
Parmley, HarryMCPONov 1990 – Nov 1993Command Master ChiefSaw Women go to sea, and serve honorably. Good ship, good crew, proud to have served with them...
Lucia, Frances "Dibart"OSSNNov 3, 1990 – Apr 11, 1993OperationsHello all! Well, YN Lucia and I got married and have a little girl. We talk about everyone and the great times we had on the Mauna "Tuna." It was the greatest times of my life and I miss everyone. God Bless you all.
Nickel, BryceBT1 (E-6)Nov 10, 1990 –Looking for any snipes that served aboard the Mauna Kea between 1990-1995.
Hagen, PeteSH11991 – 1994S-3Worst piece a garbage I've ever served on, and I know, I was on 7 ships over a 20 year career.
Castillo, Carol0s31991 – 1995ops
Taillet, Scott/morkE-2/Radioman1991 – 1992RadioroomGlad to serve. Missed my bestfriends wedding, (called to be his bestman) because, I served. Hope it meant something,..
Ruiz, EddyEM3Jan 1, 1991 – Jan 1, 1994EM2 peas ina bucket...
Klinginsmith, John (Boats)BM2Jan 4, 1991 – Dec 8, 19931stIts great to see names i recognize.. I still remember radical bos'n johnson, the gunner, keck, and and at that time petty officer kohut just driven the bus on deck ... I miss the good old days. BMC K
Eakin, DianaBT/FNJan 19, 1991 – Sep 1, 1993P
Tim Johnson, TurboOS3Feb 1, 1991 – Apr 19, 1993OPSboy oh boy do i miss smacking the cards down. I wish I would of enjoyed my time more and spent more time out of combat and more time getting to know the great crew
Eakin, Diana Di DiBTFNFeb 19, 1991 – Sep 13, 1993EngineeringI was sad to hear that the best ship is now gone. Way to many good times.
Padilla, WoodieMM3Apr 20, 1991 – Jul 20, 1994RASEI had a damn fucking Navy adventure onboard this ship.
Sewell, Anthony profile iconE-4Apr 23, 1991 – Sep 22, 19953rdThis bring back lots of good memories. Look me up on Facebook.
Bejaran, AnthonyE-3May 1991 – Nov 1992DECKFound this site on accident, was looking for photos of the old boat to show my sons. Saw the name Eric Shannon and it brought back great memories of crazy times and great friends. If you recognize my name shoot me an email.
Douglas, DylanskMay 2, 1991 – Nov 23, 1994supplyI need information about the time I spent working on the CHRIMP Program for my claim to the VA.. (Hazmat program) the summer of 1994. please reply if you remember me
Greenwade, SherriE-2Aug 1991 – Jun 1992OPSSure wished I would have taken my time on the ship more serious. I met some really wonderful people whom I will never forget. Hi to anyone who remembers me.
Manalaysay, Percivalem1Aug 1991 – 1994rase div.proud of it...
Ramirez, PBT3Sep 1991 – Feb 19954 yrs Active (BT), 6 yrs Reserve (BU) with the Seabees MK was one and only ship served in.
Flowers, ClayLTSep 1991 – Feb 1993Operations OfficerMy first Department Head tour. Enjoyed my time on Mauna Kea.
Harless, JenniferHM3Nov 20, 1991 – Mar 20, 1994MedicalHello everyone. Anyone need their blood drawn? Enjoyed my time onboard, miss those days where all you could see was water! Would love to hear from you guys. Has anyone heard from HM3 Bathrick, QM1 Harder, BM1 Kohut or BM3 Robinson?
Dorsett, TomMAUNA KEANov 27, 1991 – Dec 21, 1993POil Lab
Rand, WalterMM3Dec 28, 1991 – Jun 20, 1995A- GangI had some of the best times on board her and now sad to learn that she is on the bottom of the pacific as there were many better uses than what was done to her.

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