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USS Mauna Kea (AE 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mauna Kea (AE 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 605 crew members registered for the USS Mauna Kea (AE 22).

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Roulier, BobSnJan 13, 1984 – 19863rd divisionMade lots of good friends while on board the tuna! Westpac was fun!
Sweeting, Keith "Sweet"E4Mar 20, 1984 – Mar 21, 1988Cook
Troupe, TimSN-BM3Jun 3, 1984 – Aug 9, 1986deckHay who remembers the Russian Victor III the Kitty almost hit.
Robinson, Kim "Big Money Rob"PC 3Jun 8, 1984 – May 30, 1988the uss mauna wanna killya aka the tuna boat. Ham,Big G, coop,mims,oscar,,junkyard,b-bill,banazak,mayo,,johnson,feilds,brown,hit man,parson,starks,doo dirty,boats,hank,kenerdy and Big money rob and the rest of the gang...thanks for the memories!!!
Kennedy, JohnE-4Jul 1, 1984 – May 1, 1987
Warner, WadeGMGAug 1984 – Oct 19873rdHey Guys,I was in 3rd division1984-1987.
Jorgensen, LarryGMG3 USN GMG2 USNROct 1984 – Jan 19893rd/weps-cargo
Banaszak, MichaelYN3Oct 1984 – Oct 1988ExecutiveEveryone please check out and become registered.
Ponds, Fernandez (Frank)ENSOct 1, 1984 – Jun 30, 1986DCAI miss the old gang. This ship was known a very hard working can do ship with a hard charging crew. I am now a Captain and would like to catch up with my old shipmates..especially BOSN Woods????
Knight, RustyGMG3Oct 4, 1984 – Oct 4, 1988Gunners MateJust checking on those that were aboard the Uss Mauna Kea when I was. Has anyone heard from Larry Row, David Stifter, Renee Pedroza, Ed Skinner Larry Sefton, Erik Vontogal! DO WE ALL REMEMBER THE FIRE IN JAPAN! GREAT TIMES
Winstson, David profile iconbm2Oct 16, 1984 – Oct 16, 1988deckHey what's up fam? I pray that all is well with everyone.
Lindsley, MatthewHT3Nov 1984 – Sep 1985RWas called "HT3 Lifer dude" by many because of my dreaming of doing my full 30 years. But alas, it was never ment to be, was discharged due to asthma. I guess the Navy didn't want asthmatic HT's
Rich, JimMM21985 – 1989A-GangA lot of great memories
Davarpanah, MalekSea Man1985 –sfo
Evans, Eric (E)E5/EM21985 – 1988EngineeringHow many fires did we have to put out in duty section 4? Talk about memories, and nightmares. Collision at sea, Hydraulic Line rupture on the anchor winch, endless casualty control drills. I guess it wasn't too bad.
Banaszak, MikeYN3Jan 1985 – Sep 1988
Whelan, MikeMM2Mar 1985 – Sep 1989M-DivDrop me a line, like to hear from you. Alcapulco, West PAC 88, INSERVES, riding out the typhoon
Peckham, Mark "Pacman"RM3Mar 1, 1985 – Mar 25, 1986OperationsLots of good memories from the "Mighty Tuna".
Campbell, Dennis "Liemy"PN3Mar 5, 1985 – Apr 4, 1989ExecutiveGreat Time on board this ship. Interesting people. Really miss James Mackowiak, Eddy Tantoy, Issac Austin, Michael Mckenzie and a string of other great shipmates. Oh, and that Ensign who had that Nasal thing going onHA
Romano, PaulRM3 Apr 1985 – Apr 1988Operations Department Radioman on the Mauna Kea from 1985-1988. Shout out to RMC (SW) Tom Miller, RM2 Paul Pappas, RM2 Bill Sargeant, RM3 Jim Krueger, RM3, Richard Dixon and all the rest. West PAC 1987-1988. I was the ship’s Photographer.
Azucena, ReySK2May 1985 – Apr 1989S1I still remember the good old days. Hello to all
McCauley, DarrelE-3May 1985 – Sep 1986raceit was a fun ship to be on I thought i was going to go threw the bottom when the aft eleavator let go i dont rember hitting the bottom buut they told me it was a big bang
Knowlton, JohnYN3May 25, 1985 – Apr 13, 1988DECK YEOMANI had such great memories messing around up in the Admin Office.
Bloemke, DougIC3Jun 1985 – Apr 1988Engineeringe-mail me at and let me know how you are and what you are up to
Kem, SonthiSNJun 1985 – Jul 1987Deck/RepairServed on board the Mauna Kea AE-22. Looking for old shipmates from deck div 85-87, pls write me..Thanks
Newman, KenOS3/2Jun 1, 1985 – Jul 15, 1986OPS/OI NO WEST PAC but we spent 9 of 12 months at SEA It was a good boat and I had a blast, I learned alot and had some great friends, Now I am back in and still having a good time.
Jones, Jr, ScottET2/E5Sep 25, 1985 – Jul 12, 1989OPSI enjoyed my time on the ship. There was never a dull moment w/ J.T. Kelly in cmd. I'm looking 4 info documentation of the fire in Yokosuka at Xmas time in '87/88. My email: Hit me up! Happy New Year
Rivier, JeffIC2(SW)Oct 1985 – Oct 8, 1988IC SHOPSome of my BEST times were on that Ship. Some of my greatest friends, Doug, Cab, Vince, James. I wonder what ever happened to Michelle Hyatt, If your out there contact me. Wish everyone the best.
Gann, WesleyGMG2Oct 1985 – Feb 19893rdThe memories of mid-watches, cleaning holds 4x to go home, duty with CPO Harris, and 72+ hour unreps have faded and I mainly remember good times with my pals on the Tuna Boat
Coleman, AlexRM-2Nov 1985 – Apr 1989CommunicationsShout out to all the guys on that West-Pac. The night of that fire in Yokosuka was my 21st Bday. I remember donning that OBA half-drunk and getting on a hose. Working as a Criminal Investigator for the Texas DPS
Ernst, AlPC1Nov 25, 1985 – Mar 11, 1989xhey shipmates long time nearly 20 yrs, got divorced and living in n y anyone know where jimmy sanford is
Ernst, AlanPC1Nov 25, 1985 – Feb 4, 1989xthis is al ernst had alot of good memories espically J T Kelly what a captain??? retired in 92 and live in colorado drop me a line
Cabacungan, DouglasICC(SW)Dec 10, 1985 – Sep 1, 1990EngineeringMade Chief on the Mauna Kea. Very good ship. Lots of good memories. Loved this ship
Kiley, BillMS21986 – 1986S-2
Lazarus, Lloyd " Chip"E-31986 – 1989DeckThe accident report is in complete for two reason 1)In the christmas of 1988 while at anchorage in japan Yokuska major fire in ammo hold #4 2) Year uknown however the deck plates on main re riveted and welded after colistion in early 80,s
Cofield, Tony / Mm21986 – 1989M
Wagner Bt3, FredBt31986 – 1988PHad a good time on the old tuna boat. Miss lots of the old bts
Holmes, Reginald Sconeyos31986 – 1990operations / deck 1st div
Davison, JohnSnJan 11, 1986 – May 1988BM
Messier, JerryBTCFeb 1986 – Feb 1989Phad alot of fun and many parties. miss the guys that worked for me. bundy, hanna, tex, frye ube, stingray noe,plummer and many more. retired after i left the ship now reside in new york.
Tibbetts, JohnGMG3Feb 9, 1986 – Apr 7, 19893rdYES, I remember the fire in Hold 5 (Yokosuka, 1988) - I was the one who lit off the magazine sprinkler system. Good times were had on WestPac '87-'88, especially in the PI. I went on to serve 4 more years in the Reserve, leaving service as a
Sanford, Jimmy "Pcjr"PC3Mar 1986 – Nov 1989x/navhad great time on west-pac
Thompson, ElvisSH2Mar 2, 1986 – Oct 4, 1990SupplyElvis Passed away August 3rd 2016 wanted to let his shipmates know the Mauna Kea was his First Ship he was proud of her and talked often of his shipmates. I'm his First Wife Karen Thompson, we met at NAS Alameda.
MacKowiak, JamesYNSNApr 1986 – Apr 1988Executive
Noe, RayBTC/swMay 20, 1986 – Oct 22, 1990PropulsionIts crazy Chief Noe looking for some of my shipmates. My email is I sure miss the Mauna Kea crew. I see Gerry Messier and Mike Waldrop have signed in, I'm with you gerry would like to see Hanna and Fry
Hoffman, ChristopherQM2Jun 1986 – Jun 1989
Galaviz, DavidQM3Jul 1986 – May 1990NavigationI miss the west-pacs. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing, if you get a chance drop me a line I would like to hear from you.
Pendergrass, CraigE-4Jul 1986 – Jul 1989OperationsThis is Teddy giving a shout out to all my former AE-22 shipmates.
Toepp, BarrySM3Aug 1986 – Oct 1989OPS OCI remember the hold 5 fire just came in from liberty that night and SM1 Thompson was dead drunk tryin' to fight a fire... I have since retired from the canoe club and I now have to work for a living
Flug, RonaldBTCMAug 1986 – 1990Repair
Flug, RonaldBTCMAug 1986 – Sep 1990RepairI was the Repair Officer onboard and the 88'-89' cruise was on of the best Westpacs I ever spent. I am now retired and living in Antioch Illinois. If you remember me e-mail me and let's talk.
Cox, Michael profile iconE5Aug 4, 1986 – Aug 8, 1989EngineeringI’m looking for documentation of the ship fire Yusokuna Japan
Evans, EdwardLT (RET)Sep 1986 – Dec 19893rdShip's Gunner. How can I ever forget the pucker factor with all the Special Weapons moves, the fire in Cargo Hold 5, and the 1,200 pallets of 500lb bombs waiting for us in Guam on WESTPAC. Worked with the best damn Gunners Mates in the NAVY!!!
Evans, EdwardLTSep 1, 1986 – Nov 1, 19893rd
Frey, Gerardmm3Sep 6, 1986 – Feb 10, 1990racehello its been a long time I remember west pac 87-88 and the fire onboard in japan.i have lots of pictures and just seems like yesterday but i have beenout now for 21years. send a email
Knab, JosephCWO2Sep 16, 1986 – May 1990MPA
Rogers, JamesMMOct 30, 1986 – Jul 31, 1990Race
Embrador, VictorSNNov 1986 – May 1988Deck/ERO9Enjoyed my First Duty Station and my only shipboard experience. Became a Seabee from there. But I learned a lot from my service onboard.
Hill, RodneyE-3Nov 4, 1986 – Jun 28, 1989DeckGreetings This is Hill from Tennessee, and I need all my homies to contact me. I am looking for Spears especially. Hit me up at the email that have provided:
Moore, MattNOW BMC E-1/E-5 ONBOARD HERNov 10, 1986 – Jul 1, 1995First/RaseFirst and best ship, went from SR to second, 2 tours onboard.made some good life long friends on her and life long memories. fair winds and following seas to all my ship mates out there.
Vallejo, AdrianE-4Nov 15, 1986 – Sep 10, 19892nd/boatdrove the small boats and the captisns gig, also was a S.A.R. swimmer for the ship. painted all the parking lot signs with the mauna kea ae-22 logo.
Vallejo, AdrianE-4Nov 15, 1986 – Sep 10, 19892nd/boatHey shippies, trying to find john tibbets and christopher borkowitz, I remember the fire while anchored in tokyo harbour like it was yesterday. remember Valle-jo. Ha!
Best, Timothy "zippy"Dec 1986 – Jun 1990in arkansas now having way too much fun
McBirnie, JeffMM3Dec 1986 – Mar 1989RASEIt shocked me to hear about the sinking of the ship. I can still remember every piece of equipment we took care of.
Bustamante, MatiasEM3Dec 23, 1986 – 1991RASEThis was my first sea duty. I have had both good and frightening memories. Yes, I remember the fire in cargo hold #5. I have been retired for 10 yrs now and am currently settled in Honolulu, HI. aloha shipmates..
Jones, John KenBT3Dec 26, 1986 – Jun 2, 1990BR

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