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USS Mauna Kea (AE 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mauna Kea (AE 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 605 crew members registered for the USS Mauna Kea (AE 22).

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Brewer, JanE31973 – Apr 25, 1975machinest mate
Dye, TonyMR 3rd1973 – 1976A-GangLooking for Joe Brutto, Mike Aldreghetti, Jeff Adams, Steven Ledbetter, Patrick Fliiscky
Jones, Jimmy (Redneck)GMG3Jan 5, 1973 – Jan 30, 19753rd divisionI am looking for Larry VanSchuyver one of my buddies
Viscarra, RandyRM3Feb 1973 – Aug 1974CommunicationsNothing but great times on the Mauna Kea. Yo! Ken Kaplan. It was good to see someone I knew on this page. Hope to talk to some of the old gang.
Blanscett, JamesYN1 & YNCMar 1973 – Mar 1976"N" DivisionServed as Ship's Secretary. Fellow 1st Class members please contact me at
Miller, WayneRM3Apr 4, 1973 – Apr 4, 1975OC (communications) I made one west pac cruise on her in 1974. I think about those days often and wonder how all my old ship mates are doing today. For those who remember me I stayed in the Naval Reserve 26 years and retired an E-7 in 1998. Hi, buggs, Randy
Brewer, Jane3Apr 25, 1973 – Jul 15, 1975engine roomdon't remember any names but would like to hear from any one that was on board when i was.
Harmon, Carl J Harmon AE 22May 1, 1973 – May 1, 1975GUNNERY
Bowie, RandySHIP SERVICEMAN/DECK HANDAug 10, 1973 – Sep 1976ship serviceI served aboard the Mauna Kea first as a deck hand and later becoming a ship serviceman working in the laundry. I served under Captain Kilpatrick. I had the opportunity to experience two wespaks. I still have a lot of good memories.
McNeley, GeorgeE-3Oct 1973 – Jul 19751st and NavigationCan remember the first West Pac like it was yesterday. Sorry to see the old Gal be decommissioned.
Bloom, Bob (Little Wop)E-3Oct 1973 – Mar 1975SupplyI'd do it again in a heartbeat! West-pac , SeaTrials the works.
Walker, JerryBM1974 – 1978DeckI came aboard shortly after returning to the Navy. There are three people in particular that I remember. They are Rocky, Moose and Ernie Banks. If any of you see this, get in touch. I miss everyone and the great times we had.
Scott, DavidOS11974 – 1977OIGreat ship, better crew! Learned lots and retired 27 years as CWO4. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers.
Irvine, PaulE31974 – 1976MMI Remember the '75 WesPac sorry I missed ships movement last day in Subic. I beat you guys back to California by two weeks!
McKinley, MacEm31974 – 19774th Division
Leahy, JoeHT-3Jan 1974 – Sep 1977R
Dorris, Alvin PaulMS3Jan 1974 – Aug 19771st/supplyI look back with with great joy at the time and fellowship and am proud of all my shipmates
Gibbs, Thomas Aka G-manBm3Apr 1974 – Dec 19771st and 2ndMy first and best ship, best duty best, friends from all the 22 years I was in the Navy. And Johnny Wong if you out there give me a call old buddy
Carter, RoyE2Apr 17, 1974 – Jun 4, 1976Boatswain MateAnyone that was on the ship at this time, please contact .
Peterson, Terrye3Sep 11, 1974 – 19764Does anyboby know if a cruise book was done for Westpac may75 nov 75 . I payed for one but did not get it. Was one made? Please e-mail me . thanks Pete
Daly, MichaelossaOct 29, 1974 – Aug 29, 1976opswest pac 75. More fun then should be allowed. Where's my bff Mike Nunez. Mike! Avast and ahouy! Aarrgh!
Belding, William(sparky)EM3Nov 1974 – Nov 1976Ehad a great time sailing around the Pacific.spent a lot of time in the engine room.if i had a chance i'd do it again.learned a lot had a lot of fun in subic, saw a lot of sights and have a lot memories. too bad they sunk her. TUNABOAT
Bistoff, Wayneem3Dec 1974 – Sep 1977e
Jude, Garye3Dec 28, 1974 – Sep 18, 19762ndI like to hear from David Hartfield, Mickey Smith, if you see this get in touch with me
Miller, JerryHTC1975 – 1977R DivisionGreat ship and great shipmates.
Clark, WayneBM31975 – 19771stI remember lots of hard work,and a lot of fun....great memories
Allen, RobertE-21975 – 1976Boiler TechLiving in TX now. Wondering if any of the old group is still around.
Hartfield, DavidIC3Jan 1, 1975 – Sep 8, 1978EHave alot of good memory from the old Tuna boat and it's crew. Hope to here from all. I'm back home in Mississippi wishing i could see a Pacific sunset at sea
Swaney, LennyGMGSNJan 4, 1975 – Dec 19763rdwest pac 1975
Carter, RonaldE-2Mar 1, 1975 – Dec 11, 1978I enjoyed my stay aboard the Mauna Kea. It made a man out of me.
Delarosa, RomeoMAC(SS)Apr 19, 1975 – Sep 12, 1978XWent aboard as an MA1, made MAC. Miss the old days on the Wespac cruise. Anyone in the Seattle area wanting to bullshit, don't hesitate to email me.
Nunes, MikeOS3Oct 1, 1975 – Jun 26, 1976Opsworked in cic with mike daly, dan rodriguez, jim petit, etc. would love to catch up.
Marquez, JeffBM3Nov 1, 1975 – Aug 21, 19794th
Audette, Joseph "audie"BOSUN MATE 3RD CLASSNov 15, 1975 – Feb 13, 1979Second (deck)Still out at sea with my other half sailing the Caribbean. Drop me an email ...subject: "AE-22"
Audette, AudiBosunMate 3Dec 8, 1975 – Feb 13, 19792nd division
Rowell, TobyBM31976 – 19791st
Landon, JimOS2Apr 1976 – Feb 1979OI
Wallin, TomBMC USN RET.Apr 17, 1976 – Jun 23, 19771stRetired off her June 77
Cortez, Manuel J./ MannySH3May 15, 1976 – Dec 29, 1979S-3Yes, It's SH3 Cortez,Guitar Player, and Laundry session man. contact me
Fonsworth, Stephen/ FonsE-3May 20, 1976 – Nov 19, 19792nd Division
Hennick, SteveSK3Jun 1, 1976 – Jan 18, 1980SupplySK3 Hennick here!!! My 3 1/2 years on the "Tuna Boat" were some of my best memories. 2 West Pacs, Subic, and the Monkey Bar in Pearl City HI!! Say hey to Cortez, Fink, Pauls and Shefield. The Party house on Fla St. in Vallejo! email me!
Gordon, Greg(boof)E-4/BM3Jul 10, 1976 – Oct 10, 1979Hope all of my old shipmates& are in good spirts. Miss you guys & liberty we had on west pac. Still live in So-cal call me @G moving
Quintela, MikeEM-3Aug 1976 – Aug 1979
Edwards, Mike profile iconEM3Aug 1976 – Feb 14, 1979E & 4thCompartment cleaner extordinaire
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Gordon, Greg profile iconBM-3Aug 12, 1976 – Dec 16, 19794th & deckI loved it.
Norbeck, KenYN1Sep 10, 1976 – Aug 10, 1979ADMINWorked in the Captains office also was legal assist.
Knapp, Glenn profile iconFTG E2Sep 13, 1976 – Oct 4, 1977gunnery
Toliver, Richard ( Peanut )SNOct 1976 – Apr 1979 ( Deck )I was on board from 1976-79 with Skip Carter,Fonsworth,Elliott,Forbes and Dillard and Audette. If anyboby from the old crew reads this e-mail me @ , looking forward to hear from you.
Cerda, KevinEm3Oct 15, 1976 – Feb 5, 1980E
Van Brusselen, JonMM3Oct 20, 1976 – Aug 26, 1980m division
Rainey, RickeyseamanNov 1976 – Sep 19781st div.names i know well naughty audi, toby rowell fallen asleep on any nude beaches lately.of course boof and quintela hey audi remember outrunning the marine guards in homers car. damn good memories from olongopo and subic ci
Holloway, Robert WayneSEAMEN RECRUITDec 1, 1976 – Aug 20, 1978DeckI`ll never forget the time we pulled out from the phillipines,during a typhoon,and i was at the helm. What a ride!! I`ll never forget my friends!

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