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USS Mauna Kea (AE 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mauna Kea (AE 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 605 crew members registered for the USS Mauna Kea (AE 22).

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Ballard, TonyPN31970 –XJust returned from an Honor Flight, hope everyone is able to go, it was amazing.
Helmer, John MichaelE-21970 – 1975deckLooking for the date that I came aboard and departed?
Lamb, SteveBT2Jan 1970 – Jan 1971BAnyone remember our passage through the mine field and the explosion that ensued?
Nicely, JimmieRD3Jan 1, 1970 – 1971OperationsDoes anyone remember tha passage through the mine field and explosion that occured
Barchus, RichFTG3Feb 1970 – Jan 4, 19723rd DivisionA lot of good times and a lot of hard work. I remember the mine field and the explosion but, what was the date?
Driver, Jerry (Head)E3Feb 25, 1970 – Feb 15, 1974EHello everybody from down in the hole E Division
Simons, AllensnMay 21, 1970 – Jan 6, 19712yea remember mine field. put me on my butt in the scullery. any one remember the fork truck rolling off the helo deck into the 7th hold?
Garcia, GilbertSK2Oct 11, 1970 – Nov 12, 1974Supply
Sharrow, MikeRM21971 – Dec 1974operationsThe Tuna Boat, What a great experience it was to serve aboard the Mauna Kea. Learned alot, seen alot of wild and different places, and met alot of great buddies like K. Kaplan and B. Guthrie, and don't forget Bugs..
Morgan, RonaldSA thru QM21971 – 1974O & NMauna Kea was a great ship with a great crew during my years aboard. Navigation was a lot of fun. 3 WestPac cruises and many adventures. The beginning of a 24 year career.
Witt, SteveBT3Jan 6, 1971 – Aug 5, 1974BHello B dvision, or anyone servicing aboard the Mauna Kea. like to hear about your experience and thoughts on the Viet Nam conflict.
Foreman, ScottE2Feb 1971 – Feb 1975emy spot on the ship was the battary shop if anyone can remeber . i had some good times on that old bucket . a shout out to all my ship mates hope all is well
Anderson, Delbert /andyMM3Feb 1971 – Jun 1973A DivisionHey Big Bird !!! I remember all the good times we had. Would love to hear from all the gang.
Sherman, Robert (Bob)MM 2Feb 7, 1971 – Feb 7, 1975MWhen I first got out I thought I hated it her, But as I grow older and look back I owe every thing I have to what she taught me. But I'll always remember the times in Subic.
Miller, TomE4Feb 7, 1971 – Aug 4, 1974Boiler TechI was in the best division on the ship. I taught Steve Witt everything he knows, which is not much. Also, anyone who lets a girl be taken away by a guy named Merril Snyder needs help.
Ingenhutt, PeteQM2Feb 10, 1971 – Apr 4, 1974NavSome enjoyable times, some wonderful stories
Everson, BobBM3Mar 1971 – Sep 19731stGreat times, remember leaving Hong Kong with the deck loaded with ammo and trying to out run that typoon? And what can I say about Subic.
Hayes, Ken HayesEM2May 1971 – Dec 1972EWorked the elevators, forklifts and winches. Ran around with Anderson, Stebner, Torres, Yost and Kogler.
Kuntz, DaleBM2May 1971 – Jan 1975!stI never thought I would get a tear about the Tunaboat but I did. I had a great time aboard and met a lot of great guys. I grew up on her and in Subic.There were some scary times too.
Cruse, KrisOS3May 15, 1971 – Jul 14, 1974OperationsIt was nice to see the world on Uncle Sam's dollar, although I didn't get to see Australia
Blake, Richard (Rick)ENS.Jun 25, 1971 – Dec 8, 19713rdI spent 6 months onboard Mauna Kea following my graduation from the Academy waiting for my flight school class in Pensacola. I served as the Gunnery/3rd division officer and was one of 4 officers qualified as Officer of the Deck.
Shipman, GarySNJul 1, 1971 – Dec 12, 1971Deck division secondHad a great time on her. Had to leave for 30 days with my dad having a heart attack. Returned to many unrep made it to the PI Subic Bay and don’t forget Hong Kong and the big storm that we had to ride out.
Kendrick, Scott "stamps"PC3Aug 1, 1971 – Aug 5, 1972Admin.Previous command was onboard aircraft carrier USS Midway, serving on the Mauna Kea was different in many ways. A smaller ship, alot more fun. Served as the ships Postal Clerk(PC3). Had many friends and great memories.
Matthews, LarryYN3Oct 4, 1971 – Jul 10, 19723rdI spent my 8 month aboard the ship as a YN3 in the 3rd Division Cargo Office. Spending 2 weeks in Yokosuka,Japan in Nov 71 was the highlight of my stay aboard Mauna Kea. Did a log of unrepping and shipping 500 and 1000 lb bombs.
Scarpino, KenRM3Oct 23, 1971 – May 28, 1973OperationsI remember some good times and fun times on the Mauna Kea. Brueggeman & Kaplan good to say hey! Wow a lot of memories coming back just as I sit here!
Gasperik, Larry / HudBT3Nov 1971 – May 13, 1975BWho could forget the Tuna Boat. Best times of my life were in Subic Bay,P.I.
Krause, WilliamSNNov 2, 1971 – Dec 14, 1972First DivisionHello, Zeke Krause Here, still alive and still kicking.
Krause, WilliamSeamanNov 17, 1971 – Dec 19, 1972First and OPsHello, William Krause here.
Neff, Nicholas / Nifty NickSN1972 – 1975QM, Deck and suplyI would love to get in contact with any of my old ship mates!
Kelly, RussellTM3 (DV) (EOD)1972 – 19733 rdI was TAD on board with the EOD Detachment. I came onboard while in port at Subic Bay. I detached on the way back at Pearl Harbor. The H.P. Massage Parlor in Bangkok was bad to the bone. Nearly froze my butt off in Sasebo.
Brueggemann, William / Buggs profile iconRM2/11972 – 1976OC
Reabold, Donsa1972 – 19751stHad a great time onboard the Kea. Would do it all again. Pulling into each port overseas was awesome. The smells, the sights, the girls. Hope everyone out there is doing well.
Podeszwa, PeterQM2Jan 19, 1972 – Dec 10, 1975Navigationwent through 3 cruises and 3 Captains while onboard I also Photographed and produced 2 cruise books during this time.would like to hear from anyone onboard at that time
Podeszwa, PeterQM2Jan 19, 1972 – Dec 10, 1975Navagation
Brueggemann, William (Buggs)RM2/1Feb 1972 – Jan 1976OC During my navy career, had some of the better times on ole Mauna Kea.
Lee, MonteE2Feb 1972 – Nov 1972
Butler, Paule4Mar 1, 1972 – Apr 12, 1975cookGreatest time of my life. send email.
Brandel, RockyBM3May 15, 1972 – Mar 1, 1975First and FourthAs with a lot of us I was 18. Eager to see the world. The Tuna Boat became my home during the first deployment. Loved Subic Bay. We had 11 months of going back a forth between Subic and Viet Nam. Learned alot off the old guys.
Brandel, RockyBM3May 16, 1972 – Jun 15, 1977First and FouthOne of the most important things I learned on the Mauna Kea was comaraderie. I've retired about 16 years ago. Today I still teach the navy in San Diego. I'm looking for some old ship mates just to say hello. Or maybe talk of old times. Ke
Harp, MichaelEN 3May 18, 1972 – Mar 20, 1976AHI guys, remember me from A gang. I 've been retired since 1992. There were a lot of wonderfull experiences during my tour of duty on Mauna Kea. Does anybody know what has happened to MM1 Foster? God Bless you all!!!
Grossman, GeneE3Jun 1972 –ElectriciansWhat a great time I had. I will never forget the cruise to West-Pac. I haven't blown any batteries up since that time. Maybe someone out there remembers those events. I think about those days and tell many about them.
Kerr, DelbertSN, SM3, SNJul 8, 1972 – Oct 11, 19732nd, O/CDidn't realize how much I enjoyed the old girl until I heard she was sunk. I heard though, that she didn't go easily. Met some of the best people I'm ever likely to know. A heartfelt hello to all who remember me.
Kaplan, KenOS2Jul 20, 1972 – Mar 28, 1975operationsWould like to say hello to any old friends that worked in CIC as radarman between 1972 and 1975.
Rehorn, Jeff profile iconBM3Nov 1972 – Jul 15, 19751stBeing about the KEA was the greatest. I would love to have contact with old shipmates.
Marshall, VincentBOATSWAIN'S MATE AND GUNNER'S MATENov 1972 – Mar 1973I served aboard the Mauna Kea during the last official days of the Vietnam war. I participated in many unreps.
Strayer, Steven E 1E1 E2 E3 E1Nov 1972 – Nov 1974awhat a party great area of the world was an ftn not any more hate they sunk my boat can never go home stranger in an awsome land

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