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USS Cape Cod (AD 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cape Cod (AD 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 912 crew members registered for the USS Cape Cod (AD 43).

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Theobald, KendellHT31989 – 1991R1 11A shipfitters have been looking for dave steaphens and all others I seved with .Anyone feel free to drop a line
Martin, DanDP31989 – 1992S-73 Years, 2 Pacs! Desert Storm. Shellback! Mt. Pinatubo went BOOM! Good times, great friends. ROSS R.I.P. my friend. *TK* It looks like a leopard, but it's a flute. Bonneu, Binky, Tom and Jack.
Blanchard (Waltz), KarenRM31989 – 1993Radio Central OC-01
Rhodes, Jim / RockyHT11989 – Jul 1992RQNDT/QA. Now a Chiropractor, Married, and Five awesome kids. Living in New Hampshire.
Melton, JohnEM31989 – 1993eehad a lot of fun and met some really cool people!
Fitchpatrick/bailey, LisaHM31989 – 1991MedicalMet some wonderful people on this ship! Had the best Medical crew. West Pac 89-90 was a blast. New Years in Japan with Senior Chief Tumminello, Megonigle, and Barkley. Ho-Ho Hofacer kept everyone laughing. If U remember me hit me up!
Fagering, Shawn ( Puff)MR31989 – 1993R-2Good times and made some good friends, my liver hasent been the same.
Dalenberg, TriciaBT31989 – 1993B Div
Brummund, MichelleE31989 – 1993R1 11A
Snodgrass, Joe (Snoddy)MR31989 – 1993R-2Had some Good time there .My liver is glad i left ship
Chaney, TeriDP21989 – 1992S7
Richardson-christian, TamraSK1989 – 1990Supply
Sutherland, KatherineHT 2Jan 1989 – Dec 1992R11/Weld ShopWas in weld shop and won the Sweat Medal Award. :)
Ifert, Richard (Rick)ET2Jan 1989 – Jan 1991OPSOne WESTPAC deployment. One drydock. I miss San Diego!
Isaak, MichelleMM3Jan 1989 – Sep 1991R2
Mecca, DouglasBM3Jan 1, 1989 – Aug 28, 1992Deck 3rd "Third Herd"After the 'Cod I Went to MSCFEASTMED 101. Then worked as a commercial diver and now a Bosun on the drill rig Seadrill West Sirius in the Gulf Of Mexico.
Hibbs, James Eric (Hibby)LTJan 1, 1989 – Jan 1, 1991DentalGreat memories from the days on the Cape Cod.
Domenico, JasonBM3Jan 4, 1989 – Aug 7, 1992DeckIm working on a Deck Dept Reunion (Poss in a year or so), 4 more info contact me at Need lots of help tracking down shipmates. Thanks Jay Domenico (BM3) also try, and
Jarzynka, JjEM2Jan 7, 1989 – Apr 17, 1991
Anthony Morgan, TonyHT2Jan 24, 1989 – Dec 24, 1992R-22Had a great time on that ship, miss a lot of my shipmates i served with.
Sanders, Karrey (Sandman)BM2Jan 29, 1989 – Jan 29, 19913rd
Sanders (Harding), LenitaCWO2 (RETIRED)Feb 1989 – Aug 1991RA & Radio Shack :o)Loved the Cape Cod. First ship I served on. Was commissioned while serving on board, RMC to CWO2. Great memories.
Stallworth, Equilla (Q)SK3Feb 1989 – Oct 1992S-1The Cod was my first and only ship. I had some really great times with all my friends (especially in Deck and Supply). I miss all of you and wish we could do it again. The best times I have ever had were during WestPac '89 and IraqPac '
Farmer, RandyIM2Feb 1, 1989 – Jul 1, 1992RSLooking for X shipmates. I worked in the Calibration Lab.
Stephenson, BeauET3Feb 4, 1989 – May 3, 1992R4 67BLooking for Shipmates, especially ones that were in PI when Mt Pinatubo blew. Email me at
Milton III, VictorE-3/OSSNFeb 6, 1989 – Sep 10, 1990operations
Wright, KarenTM2Feb 23, 1989 – Oct 21, 1994WEAPONSJust wanted to see if I could find some of the guys that I worked with in Weapons division, I can admit it now since it's been years, I had a secret crush on you Eddie Blakney GM2.
Haley, ElizabethE-5 / ET2 (SW)Apr 1989 – Apr 1991R-4
Cassel, JohnMMCSApr 1989 – Jan 31, 1993R2We had a dynamic department and division that you all could look back on with pride. Never a dull moment.
Pooch), John Carter (HT 2Apr 13, 1989 – Sep 26, 1994r-1 11a and 56awhats up people well things are good and doing well just looking to see if i see anyone here and to say hello and drop me a line anytime miss all my shipmates from the cod take care hope to hear from you all later htc pooch
Lopez, Luis Aka LouieMM2Apr 15, 1989 – Aug 28, 1992I was the top watch for the Engineering Plant
Ramlow, MichelleYN3Jun 1989 – Aug 1993Supply YeomanLeft the COD as a 3rd class..happy to say I am a YNC now....Great memories....
Theobald, TheoHT-3Jun 1989 – 1991R-1 11-A
Brown, Denise C.RMCS(SW)Jun 1, 1989 – May 1, 1992R4 Teletype Repair
Bonneu, Chris(tian)DPSNJun 10, 1989 – Jul 1, 1992S-7
Kedzierski, Marlo "Ski"SNJun 20, 1989 – Jan 17, 1992R-1Where has all the time gone its been so long. so many good memories, so many good people. drop me a line.
Mills, StaceyMM3Jun 20, 1989 – Sep 14, 1992R6
Windle, KristinE-3Jun 20, 1989 – Jul 20, 1992deck
MacK, JayHT2Jun 30, 1989 – Sep 22, 199011-AJust signed up here to see if i could get in touch with some of the crew.
Blakney, Eddie BlakneyGMG2Jul 1989 – Nov 1993weaponsserved as range master and security officer
Rivera, Augusto (Tito)LTJul 1989 – Jun 1991DentalWould like to contact anybody that remembers me.
Rivera, Augusto (Tito)CDRJul 1, 1989 – Jul 21, 1989Dental DepartmentPlease, feel free to contact me if you remember me.
Evans, CarlMMC(SW/AW)Jul 4, 1989 – Aug 4, 1995R/31D
Graham, BarbSH3Aug 1989 – Aug 1993Supply Looking up old friends
Garcia - Dill, GingerYN2(SW)Aug 1, 1989 – May 1, 1993ADMIN - CAPTAIN'S WRITERGosh, I miss my ship. I got stationed @ a Flag Division in Coronado after leaving CAPE COD and it was not the same. I will treasure my memories. I met and married my husband onboard the CAPE COD - Richard Dill.
Keys, CurleyfaAug 7, 1989 – Jan 5, 1993ship fittersHad a great time on board, met plenty of people. I'd love to hear from any of them.
Billy, WheelerPN3Aug 17, 1989 –personnel
Shadrick, KarenDP3Aug 25, 1989 – Jan 1993S7
Hewitt, PatrickHT2Aug 26, 1989 – Mar 27, 1993R-1
Denike, Roger JamesIMCSAug 31, 1989 – Nov 1, 1990RSGreat Ship - Great Division - Retired after 26 Year in the Navy.
Lebeau, TomHT2Sep 1989 – May 1995ERLooking back it was some of the best years of my life.
Thetford, AnnaSNSep 1989 – Mar 1993Deck 2nd divisionWhat an expewrience I had. The four years aboard the Cod has made me who I am today. Great memories, best friends, and life lessons. She will always be missed.
Walker, Gi GiPCSNSep 2, 1989 – May 1993Deck/Administration "WestPac" 89-90 was on and poppin! All of the crew members were cool and I found a family away from home. Then there was "Desert Storm" I partied like a rock star. I started in Deck and later went to X- Div loved having mail ca
Ravenell, James Aka RavHTFNSep 3, 1989 – Jun 22, 1993REPAIRWhat a great crew i served with..we were like family..i really miss those great times..And a great wes-pac in 89..I'm still in san diego "civ" now been out for 7 years..great job with a lot of travel..
Wakefield, James PgHT3Sep 6, 1989 – 1993R 1I served honorably from 1989 - 1993 active duty and IRR from 1993-2001 I was stationed on the USS Cape Cod AD 43 from 1990-1993. Homeported in San Diego 32nd Street Naval Station GREAT MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gallagher, CourtneyQM3Sep 15, 1989 – Apr 4, 1993Operations
Blakney, Eddie BlakneyGMG2Oct 1989 – Oct 1993weaponsworked in 3rd division ,was in charge of armory and weapons, also served as rangemaster and duty weapons /security officer
Bell, JerryHT2Oct 1989 – Sep 1995shipfitters shopJust wondering where all the old friends I used to know are at
Martinez, Oscar / MartyE-6/BM1Oct 1, 1989 – Sep 30, 19922nd Divisionna
Fromme, DawnBM3Oct 29, 1989 – Apr 12, 1992RS 72 A Riggers Loft
Backstrom, SherryDS3Nov 28, 1989 – Apr 21, 1994S-7
Zarodkiewicz, John (Ziggy)QM3Dec 21, 1989 – Jul 27, 1992Just found this site, miss the fun times. Stated in Deck.Great times
Coles, J profile iconSN/// Weapons TechDec 30, 1989 – 1991Weapons Dept.Hey everyone! I Will always remember my time on AD-43 I have great memories. I Served in Weapons Dept. My brother and I met the Cape Cod on WEST PAC in Japan. WTSN Jim Coles, WTSN Cary Coles

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 – 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – now

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