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USS Cape Cod (AD 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cape Cod (AD 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 912 crew members registered for the USS Cape Cod (AD 43).

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Kao, Audrey / K OHT2Jan 1082 – Mar 26, 198626AName change back to Barka. Had an excellent West Pac in 83. Met good people on the ol girl. Made Ht1 at Sima Pearl Harbor now laid roots in Poulsbo Wa. w/ my Harley.
Laroux, Rick1980 – 1984R-1 (17-A sheet metal)Beleive it or not I've grown up since then. What a blast it was.
Chadwell, George/DocHM21980 – Jul 15, 1984MedicalSettled in the Sacramento area. Talked to Roger Abalos, Lance Johnston and traded emails with Charley Adams. How is everybody? Would be great to hear from folks.
Lusby, TerryBM-11980 – 1983Deck Dept I Am A Plank Owner, Trying To Remember Everyones Names, . Wow So Long Ago, But my Time In The Navy Was Awsome, All But The Last year. Would Love To Hear From Anyone Who Remembers.
Giehm, ChuckHT1Jan 1980 – Aug 1981R1,RQWorked with Lt Rodney in Precomm, CWO Gabaldon after commissioning, got kicked to RQ and worked for CWO McGurr. Hated tenders, loved working with such quality sailors.
Price, LarryBM 1 "RETIRED"Jan 3, 1980 – Nov 10, 1982FirstCommission Crew-How are you? Anyone trying to get in touch with me, well here I am! Retired BM-1991
Jones, JosephET1 Joseph JonesJan 10, 1980 – Jul 26, 1985R4 67B CAL LABHello former shipmates,I just came across this site and just reading people comments brought back great memories. Would love to connect with all the great people in 67A and 67B.I had so much fun on The Cod. great ship.
von Kohn, JerryMA1May 1980 – Oct 1982Admin
Rodgers, JoeBT1Jul 1980 – Mar 1985
Olson, SteveE1-msAug 28, 1980 – Aug 28, 1984s-2Was busted from e-4 to e1 before getting out. LOL What a party! But for my sake, I grew up... I was on board when the ship was still in dry dock. Married Linda Gutierrez MS2. She retired from the USN. Better her then me!
Hargraves, BrianDPSep 1980 – Feb 1982I'm not sure about the dates but I was one of the first 300 plankouners.Like to hear from shipmates at
London, MickET1Oct 1980 – Jun 1985R-4/67A and Site TVVisit the USS Cape Cod homepage at
Toomey, KevinLTNov 1980 – Jun 1984Dental
Trujillo, StanHT2Dec 1980 – Oct 15, 1984R-1\64A/C Carpenter/Pattern ShopHad a great time onboard cape cod.Was part of commissioning crew.[plankowner!HOW DO I GET A NEW CERTIFICATE?]R-1 was probably the craziest bunch of people I've ever known.So much to recall and catch up on.LET'S DO IT!
Adams, CharleyET11981 – 1986R4Where is everybody?
Baker, BrowningBMC1981 – 19831st, 2nd and 3rdPlank owner. Made Chief while assigned.
Begley, StevePM21981 – Nov 5, 1985R-1Living in Australia. Met my wife here during the maiden cruise. Still married after all these years
Harig, JoeHT31981 – 1984R-1Glad to see this site. Will have to show the kids. Also served on Canopus AS-34, R-8 div, & 2 year reserves with USFORJAP. Working for DLA.
Aldrich, JamesTM31981 – 1984Worked in the weapons department. had a great time with the men I served with. Looking to touch base with some of them. Plank owner / Shellback
Jones, JimMMFN1981 – 1983Radcon and engine roomLooking for Sam Mills. I am a plank owner and was one of the first 30 people who was assigned to the ship. My first chief was ETC Trobley until the ship was commissioned. I worked in radcon until 82 when I transfered to the engine room.
Zadra, TonyET31981 – Apr 1984OECI was the very first plank owner to check abroad when it was the PCO Cape Cod. I was tad to Oakland Supply Center working in Supply. Recoginize Charley Adams and Cindi Chitwood. What a party in San Diego! Lots of great people and memories.
Goodwin, Gerald Aka GoodyHT 31981 – 1984R-1 Sheetmetal shop.Wow, 24 years later, and I still remember the good times !! The names brought back a lot !! Living in So. Cal. AND LOVING IT!!
Rivera, AdalbertoE51981 – 1986Operations
Endsley, DennisEM31981 – 1984R3Hi yall, plankowner here and loved the cod. Worked in R3 division. Retired in 1997 and living in Shreveport Louisiana. Living the dream and loving life.
Bender, Larry / Lee profile iconET31981 – Jun 1983OP / COMI am a plank owner. Started while the ship was in the shipyard, we stayed on a base over on the Strand and took a bus to the ship. Still have some good memories of that short time.
Bradley, DalePn21981 – 1984XSeems like yesterday...
Richard, JimHT1981 – 1984Repair divisionHad a great time!
Bravo, JeremíasIC1981 – 1985Engineering
Joyner, SamStorekeeper1981 – 1984S-1The best ship I ever served on . S one division was all family . Master chief Sana chief Pastrana and others I missed dearly please contact I would love to hear from everyone
Barton, FredMSSR1981 – 1983S-2Great first ship! I was on the Pre-Commissioning and was on board for the ships first deployment. Thanks to the Cape Cod leadership and the mentorship, I served 30 more years and retired a Command Master Chief.
Sample, Doug Aka Sea SampleHT11981 – 1983R1PLANK OWNER. Went from HT-A school Philly to the Cape Cod dry dock. Original commissioning crew. Not just a job, it was an adventure Was glad to get back to reality in Indiana. Feel free to write (
Keys, KurtSTG1Jan 10, 1981 – Aug 10, 1985R-4
Jeter, SivaDP3Jan 12, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985S/7
Jeter, Siva (Moma Jits)DP3Jan 16, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985Supply S7None
Johnson, JeffML2Feb 1981 – Oct 1985R-1
Johnson, JeffML2Feb 10, 1981 – Oct 15, 1985R-1Who lives near the St. James River Ghost Fleet? I'd really like a picture of the old Scrode
Harper, DougRP3Feb 18, 1981 – Apr 15, 1984Chaplain's OfficeFirst RP on the Cod worked with Chaplain Ebard. And then Chaplain Bruce. Enjoyed the Cod.
Wayne, SteveEMFeb 23, 1981 – Sep 23, 1983E Div.
Lutz, MatthewCWO2(HT2)Mar 1981 – Jul 1, 1983R-1Spent most of my time in the Iron Mine 11-A with Leonard Howard, Dan Corbett, Whiting,Lombardo, Britton, Hansen, Letourneu(Frenchy) HTI Dalton Thompson, and too many others to mention. Get in touch. Hey Ricky!
Smith, JamesSTGCMar 1981 – Aug 1984R-4
Kellerman, DouglasSMCApr 1981 – Mar 1984OCHad a hell of a great time onboard. A great maiden cruise too.
Shepherd, CharlesE-3Apr 7, 1981 – Jun 13, 1985EI really miss those days with my peeps/
Wilson, DanaSNApr 11, 1981 – May 2, 1984DKWORIENDSULD LOVE TO HERE FROM OLD F
Seed, MikeMM2Apr 12, 1981 – Sep 26, 1983Not to bad REt.Navy 1997 MM1 Now in Nevada....
Fosberg, Doug Aka FozzyIC 2Jun 1981 – Aug 1983Engineering ElectricalPlank Owner - Football was the main thing. Engineering against anyone. Our team consisted of IC's, EM's, BT's, & MM's of Engineering. e-mail
Schwiner, BernardMM2Jun 1981 – Feb 1984M/BDid My 20. Retired in1996, Live in Wisconsin
Funk, JeffCWO3Jun 11, 1981 – Jun 7, 1982AdministrativeI was in charge of building the crew during pre-com and after commissioning was the first Administrative Department Head and Legal Officer. CWO3 Bill Grow and I were the first retirees from the COD on July 1, 1982.
Raines, RickHTCM (SW)Jul 12, 1981 – Jul 16, 1986R-1Plankowner. Was with first group to make Chief onboard. Had the time of my life. Keep in touch.
Malone, Ray P.MLCSJul 27, 1981 – Oct 31, 1984R-1 ADORetired on Cape Cod. Served my entire career in various R-1 Divisions in the TENDER NAVY.
Brian, Moranen3Aug 1981 – Jun 1985A divisionThis was my life. I am proud of it.
Bowler, RichardHM3Aug 1, 1981 – Aug 1, 1983H
Pastrana, EmilSKCAug 1, 1981 – Apr 30, 1985S-1Worked with the best group of SKs and supply personnel in my entire career. Had a successful pre-com and maiden WESTPAC cruise.
Kirchmayer, WilliamBT2Aug 18, 1981 – Nov 20, 1984B-Div
McLean, RobertMS3Sep 1981 – Jun 1983S2I was a MS3 when I served aboard the Cape Cod. I currently live in Albuquerque, NM. I am an insurance estimator. I left the the Navy as an MS1 SW in 1997. I don't miss it at all. I am very happy as a civillian.
Fetcho, Paul profile iconCWO2Sep 1981 – May 1983Radiological Controls Officer ARCO R-5 DivisionPre-Commissioning Crew Licensed and Operated Nuclear Support Facility NSF and Radiac Calibration Lab Licensed and Operated Radiography Program acted as Radiation/Radiographic Safety Officer Crew Training Officer PQS System
Wilkinson, MichaelET2/E-5Sep 1981 – Sep 1983R-5 NSFprecom - first westpac
Banks, AllenDK2Sep 3, 1981 – Aug 1984S-4Reported to Precom Cape Cod in Sep 1981, commissioned her in April 1982. Plankowner!!! Where's my plaque???
Anthony, Gerard profile iconE-4/RM3Sep 15, 1981 – Aug 15, 1984OPS/OC/RM'SHello everyone, I am a proud plank owner of this ship who may remember serving on the COD. I remember, JT Hall, Joseph Bernard, A Wray, P. Groff, Isom Townsend, my main man SK3 Smith, Cornelius.
Reese, TerryBT-2Sep 29, 1981 – Dec 1983Boiler techI am a plank owner due to being the one of the first to be on this ship. I now live in butte montana. With my wife and one of my four kids.
Steinman, BertHT2Oct 1981 – May 1985R1 Weld Shop 26APlank Owner, Would love to hear from from all the old gang R1. Remember the Football games R1 & Engineering? The little guys whooped ass lol.
Borcherding (Carnal), Dena (Borsh)BM3Oct 1981 – Dec 19843rd DeckHad some great memories on the Cod. Best years of my life. Looking forward in hearing from some old friends.
Harden, DanMM2Oct 1981 – Dec 1984A Gang EngineeringPre com. / Plank owner First maden West Pac. Was great. A little different with women on board, but it was alot of great memories. Sure would like to here from some old friends.
Kompara, BrianBT3Oct 1981 – Aug 23, 1984BIt might intrest yall to know, after I got out of the navy in 84, I re-enlisted in July of 85 with a new outlook on life. Stayed navy until 2002 at which time I retired with 22 yrs of service at the rank of E-8. who says you can't change??
MacRae, TerryDP2Oct 1981 – Jul 1982S-7 ADPPlank owner. Was on the commissioning crew, but due to health reasons, was unable to go to sea. Now that she's been decommissioned, where's my plank?
Meredith, Donald/dinoMMFNOct 1981 – Aug 1985m
Harmon, Charlesmm3Oct 1981 – 1984engineering hey mike zimmerlink and cindy chitwood. remember me? saw yalls names on list. mike have you heard from any of the boys such as or dino or crazy jimbo.? cindy remember our ride in the little black an white ford falcon. you shifted gears
Carpenter, La DonnaseamanOct 1981 – May 1982supply
Woods, MelodySK2Oct 1981 – Feb 1983Supply S1Plank Owner ... loved working in the warehouse, outfitting thr ship.mshe was an awesome command! Was Melody Hudgens while on board, nickname was Huggie Bear. Lol
Thompson, JohnTM1Oct 1981 – Apr 1986WeaponsI am a plank owner and was the first to re-enlisted on commissioning day. I had a great work center in wg01. Outstanding troops to work with! Hope they are still around. God bless and smooth sailing wg01.
Youngquist, RandiYN3Oct 1, 1981 – Aug 30, 1984RepairPlease go to Facebook page USS Cape Cod Reunion for the latest Reunion information. Please contact me at to get on the Reunion list.
Chapa, SantosRM1Oct 1, 1981 – Aug 1, 1985OCWas in precomm building before moving onboard. RMC Koehler was Div. Chief. Was an MA for 1 year during 1st westpac. Retired in 99 as RMCS. Anyone remember me?
Duncan, ReneeDPSNOct 1, 1981 – Feb 1, 1983S7I came straight from boot-camp to the USS Cape Cod, worked in deck, can't remember which department in deck, but later transfered to S7 DPshop. Had a great time on the Cape Cod, met wonderful people.
Kerns, BobEM 2Oct 11, 1981 – Mar 8, 1984Hey Shipmates, Retired after 20 in '98, EMC(SW). Served with the best Engineering Dept. in my career. Worked for SEARS after retirement, now at the Mechanicsburg Naval Depot in Pa. as a Public Works electrician.
Meredith, Donald/dinoFN3Oct 13, 1981 – Aug 5, 1985MLOOKING FOR ANY SNIPES M OR B DIVISION
Brett, RebeccaE-2Oct 13, 1981 – Oct 20, 1983Hull Tech/Fire FighterI transfered to SIMA
Carnprobst, RitaPN2Oct 17, 1981 – Jun 29, 1984AdminColumbia SC
Zachary Ellis, ZackemfnOct 26, 1981 – Oct 26, 1983deckIn deck dept
Somersall, SandraSAOct 27, 1981 – Jan 28, 19831st DivisionHi everyone, I am a proud plank owner of this ship. I miss it as well as the sailors with whom I served. Just happened to look up the ship and since it is at Fort Eustis, guess I will visit it when I go to my appointment
Koskinen, Mark "Kos"ET3Nov 1981 – Jan 1984R4 (67B Cal lab)Just stumbled on the site. Great to see a few names I knew, like Cindy Chitwood and Charley Adams. I was telling my wife about our "Bitch log" and thought I'd see if I could find our ship. Surprised about the decom, after only 13 years!
Smith, GlennET 3Nov 1981 – Dec 1983R4Great memories! How can you ever forget or explain to your children or spouce what West Pac was like or the torment of crossing the equator as a poliwog. I was surprised to see the old girl decommissioned so soon.
Gamel, KirbyHTFN (Then) HT1 (Ret.)Nov 1981 – May 1984R-1, Sheetmetal ShopBest command in the Navy. Flew in to her on a mission when she was anchored out in the Gulf War '91. Everyone had the good attitude the Cod started with in '81. Those times are my fondest memories.
Binene, RomeoE7 BTC(SW)Nov 1981 – Sep 1984Repair 41A/BPlankowner, sailed the Maiden Voyage. CPO initated@ Bahrain.... great years.
Johnston, LanceIC2Nov 10, 1981 – Nov 30, 1984R3 and SITETVPlankowner and proud to have learned and repaired with the finest "can do" spirited sailors.
Brymer, StevenMM3Nov 12, 1981 – Sep 22, 1983R-3 Valve shopPlank owner, Among the 1st 200, remeber all the days in class and working part time on ship for pre commissioning. Volley ball at lunch every day.
Schiefelbein, JimIC2Nov 15, 1981 – Oct 20, 1986R-S & R-2Precom unit, Plankowner, Westpac's 83 & 86. I worked in the locksmith shop and then in the IC repair shop.
Riddle, JimiDT2Nov 20, 1981 – Jun 15, 1984DentalNot to many fond memories of the ship. Little and no liberty. Many fond memories of the crew. Had to get out to leave the ship. Joined Active Reserve then went back Active. I'm now retired and living at Lake Havasu,AZ
Theisen, CindyMR3Nov 28, 1981 – Mar 26, 1984R2 - Machine ShopPre-Comm, Plankowner, Maiden Voyage Westpac '83. Best duty station ever, I met my husband HT2 Esparza onboard and we have been together ever since.
Meiers, BillET1Dec 1981 – Mar 8, 1984R4/67BStill feeling the hang over from Fiji
Britton, Murray "Scott"HT2Dec 1981 – Aug 22, 1985R1 - 11AA Plank Owner.. From Cape Cod. With a lot of good memories being there, even the Shellback initiation.
Moore, DanielIM3Dec 1981 – Jul 1983REPAIR SOMETHINGGood times, Great places, Good friends in B division and fun with female shipmates. Looking for RJ Belcher anyone know where he is drop me a line..........Party On PSS My division sucked
Watters, PamSM2Dec 1981 – Jul 1984OPSPre-Comm, Plankowner, Maiden Voyage Westpac '83 I had the best working conditions on the ship - the signalbridge was the best place to be when we were underway!!
Hall, JohnRM2Dec 1981 – Mar 1984CommunicationsI am one of the crew original members (a plank owner) of the Cape Cod that went through the sea trials and the very first Westpac. I have a lot of great memories of the people and time spent on the ship!
Kuykendall, JeffHT2Dec 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985R-1
Naone, GaryBT3Dec 7, 1981 – Dec 15, 1984Repair DivisionPlank Owner & First Shell Back Crossing. Boiler Reapir Shop 41A/B. A Good Way To Start Off My Career.
Hale, TrentEM3Dec 15, 1981 – Sep 1, 1984E-Div.
Whiting, ChrisE-5 / HTDec 31, 1981 – Oct 31, 1985R-1West-Pac was awesome...anyone in contact with R-1 division sailors form 81-85?

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