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USS Acadia (AD 42) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Acadia (AD 42). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 646 crew members registered for the USS Acadia (AD 42).

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Stewart, LaurieET31993 – 1995r-4I did not have sex with that woman... or did I?
Stewart, LaurieET31993 – 1994R-4I would like to find some old friends.
Isola, MatthewETSN1993 – 1994R-4just trying to find some old friends so if ya remember me let me know
Hergt, ChristianPN31993 – Oct 2, 1994Admin/ PersonnelOnboard for last deployment, working in Personnel. Looking to get in touch with PN1 Grdina, or any of the old shipmates. Drop me a line...!
Villarreal, JessicaENFN1993 – 1994A Gang
York, TravisFN1993 – 1994R-1 riggers loftlooking for old friends
Gibbs, ErinBM31993 – 1994R-1
Lopez, BelindaFN1993 – 1994R1West pac '94 was awesome! So many good memories..
Gibson, KimE2 FIREMAN1993 – 1994sheet metal shopI got out of the military when the boat decom. I am now a nurse in alabama. And I have a 9yr son. I would like to talk to anyone who may remember me.
Langley, BrianET 31993 – 1994
Dietsch, Shane1993 – 199431A
Dietsch, ShaneMR31993 – 199431A
Wolfe, DarrellBT11993 – 1994B
Gulley, Chuckfa1993 – 1994b
Astray-caneda, George (Vincent)IM31993 – 1993RSAnyone I know, or who knew Vince, please write me a note! Mazatlan!! peace!
Reed, LilSHSN1993 – 1994S-3I worked in the Ship Laundry. Is anyone in contact with Tamuel "Tammy" Taylor or Pio?
Mattero, BrianSM E31993 – 1994CranesI am Brian Mattero's son Zack. He passed away in 2006. I would like to learn more about his time on Acadia. I have photos of his time there and would love to connect with anyone who remembers him
Tipton, JenniferMR3Jan 1993 – Dec 1994
Gibson, KimE-2 FIREMANJan 1993 – Dec 1994sheet metal shopI worked in the sheet metal shop. I got out when we decom. I am an ICU nurse now, not married but I do have a beautiful son who is 9. I still miss the fun times we had on west pack. Not enough to go back in. Would love to hear from anyone.
Williams, JonasGM3Feb 1993 – Mar 1994
Hart, SheliaDPSNFeb 10, 1993 – Dec 1994S-7 ADP
Douglas, Jimmy (Snoop)EMFeb 24, 1993 – Aug 28, 1995electrician shop
Salinas, YvonneE3Mar 1993 – Oct 1994
Fox, Ruth (Ruthy)BT3Mar 1993 – Apr 1994B Division (Fireroom)Met some REALLY GREAT people and have some MEMORABLE experiences from my FIRST ship.
Fontenot, Jason EricHM2Apr 1, 1993 – Dec 5, 1994Medical
Fisher, Dennis /big Fish DogGM-1Apr 3, 1993 – Dec 5, 1994Repair/ Flex hose shopHeard good people were getting together for and reuninon I will be in attendance. Email me at
Carlson, LaurieBT3May 1993 – Dec 1994B
Patrick, EileenBMSNMay 1993 – Dec 1994Would love to hear from anyone from 1&2 division. If you remember me...please feel free to email me.
Ruanogomez, RaulFNJun 1993 – Jul 1995R-2
Christie, DonaldHT3Aug 1993 – May 1994R1 11AMy first boat, my first west-pac. It was cool to see her in the movie Pearl Harbor, Painted whited, neat effect.
Hauck, SheilaBMSNAug 1993 – Dec 1994DapaI didn't do all that they said I did, It was the best experience
Gardner, Mary Ellen (Southern Belle)FNAug 1993 – Sep 1994
McAlindon, KellyBM3Aug 11, 1993 – Sep 15, 19951st & 2nd
Ledford, RussellDP3Aug 16, 1993 – Dec 5, 1994S-7What a blast we always had in S7! Great chief, Great PO1 and great team. I will never forget the time of my life on board Acadia.
Scott, StaceyFNAug 19, 1993 – Dec 2, 1994Main Controll and Photo LabI worked in both Main Controll and the Photo Lab
Leuenberger, JimOSC(SW)Sep 1993 – Dec 1994OI OperationsWas a great experience taking the ship to Somolia and the Gulf.
Climatianos, Maria profile iconEN3Sep 1993 – Oct 1994Boats & Cranes EngineeringI used the name Cardenas while serving on board the USS Acadia.
Erwin, ShelbySNSep 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 19941st Div.The USS Acadia was my first command. I was fortunate enough to make her last Westpac and along with that make many, many unforgetable memories. I will always miss the USS Acadia.
White, JoeMMFNSep 4, 1993 – Dec 13, 1994M
Burton, MattHT3Sep 10, 1993 – Jun 14, 1994RepairI enjoyed the Acadia, alot more than serving on the Independence which was where I spent my first 3 years... If I would have served on the Acadia first I would have made my career the Navy. Everything was great. including the moral.
Preece, HelgaET2Oct 1993 – Sep 1994R4
Jacobs, JakeIC2Oct 11, 1993 – Oct 11, 1994
Agreda, AlexSEAMAN APPRENTICENov 11, 1993 – Dec 19941st & 2nd OOOHHH YEAH! You gotta love the paint lockerWhere is everybody?
Hosto, Angelia / SmoochE-2Nov 20, 1993 – Jul 7, 1994
Tuell, JoshGSM2Dec 1993 – Nov 16, 1994r2
Remington, Carrie RemiPNSNDec 7, 1993 – 1995Admin

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