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USS Acadia (AD 42) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Acadia (AD 42). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 646 crew members registered for the USS Acadia (AD 42).

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Zearley, VernonTM21981 – Sep 23, 1984Weapons
Meadors, DavidGSM21981 – 1984
Sandstrom, DaveETSN1981 – 1983R4Great friends, Great time! Best Band, Ever!
Gniffke, Robert (Bob)HT21981 – 1983Engineering - RPlankowner, Co2 transfer shop, General maintenance workshop.
Weigman, GregSH31981 –S-3s-3 DIV
Bruno, Leonard profile iconEM31981 – Dec 1982R-3 REWIND SHOPThis was the time of the real Navy you could smoke in your rack or any where else, we showed a reel to reel movie on the mess decks, Man did we party The best people, looking for anyone from the rewind shop help me find!
Fallon, JamesGSM21981 – 1984R-231 T Great time onboard. 1st westpac.
Erlanson, Thomas / TommyHT21981 – 1983R1Original crew member and plank owner. 2 WestPac cruises and a couple of line crossings. Good times.
Ruffini, Joee2 shop keeper1981 – 1983shop keeperHi to all.. Would like to hear from anyone I knew. Would love to catch up. As luck would have it. I now own the command cutter from the Naval War College. the Admirals barge. I never made petty officer. lol
Gorham, Gerald (Stores)SKCJan 1981 – Jul 1982S-1Plank Owner, Retired from Acadia, Living in Pendleton, Or.
Giardina, MichaelMM3Jan 1981 – Oct 1983R-2Try to locate shipmates from the time I was aboard ship.
Jestice, RandyBT3Jan 1981 – May 1984R-2
Christison, DaleDM3Jan 1, 1981 – Oct 1, 1983RSLooking 4 the Drafting Shop (64D) folks
Sappington, TomBTCMJan 1, 1981 – Nov 30, 1982Repair Deparment Master ChiefWas a wonderful way to end a career. As many have said, too bad she served such a short life. We really enjoyed the maiden voyage to pearl, right plank owners.
Epp, WoodyBMCJan 10, 1981 – Apr 1, 1986R-1 74ALooking for the first two Cruise Books I lost mine in a flood In 1995.
Epp, WoodrowBMCJan 10, 1981 – Mar 31, 1986R1 74APlank Owner
Wojtanik, KennethMM2Jan 13, 1981 – Mar 23, 1985R5Was on Precom with pals from Boot Camp Mike Rodriquez and Ernie Royer. Went on initial deployment, Mare Island and Bremerton. Left in 85.
Ferguson, LyleMMFN/ MM3Feb 10, 1981 – Sep 20, 1983engineering/ engine room
Duffy, DonEN3Feb 11, 1981 – Sep 1, 1983A Division Transfered to Boats & CranesI was a PLANK OWNER There for 1st precon and WestPac . It was sweet what a great experience . I only had to do 2 weeks mess duty do to the fact I transfered from A gang to boats and cranes .
Hoffman, TimothyMR2Mar 1981 – Oct 13, 1982RepairI am a plank owner,and enjoyed the USS Acadia along with the crew. Look forward to hearing from crew during my time.
Bassanello, MarySH3Mar 1981 – Mar 1984S3I was the 4yh woman to report to the Acadia. We were still in the NASCO shipyards. Was on the 1st West Pac in 1983. Shellbacks rule!
Griffihs, WarrenRM1Mar 1, 1981 – Mar 31, 1982OCReported on board at NASCO ship building San Diego. Took her on shake down and acceptance trials. I'm a plank owner and retired off the USS Acadia AD42 on May 31, 1982.
Papendorf, PappyHT2Mar 13, 1981 – Mar 18, 1985Deck and R121st girl on board...Where has everyone gone?
Papendorf, Laura (Pappy)HT2 R2-Carpenter shopMar 15, 1981 – Mar 18, 1985r221st girl onboard. Where are you all?
Johnson, ChrisMS3Mar 16, 1981 – Oct 10, 1983Supply S-2I was a Plankowner as well. worked in the Galley, Bakery & Wardroom. great to recognize so many names & brings back fond memories. I was transferred to the USS Schofield after the WestPac of 83 & got to endure another one with the Schofield 83
Ventura, StevenPM3Apr 1, 1981 – Oct 31, 1983R-1PlankOwner/ShellBack.Great Memories, like skateboarding on 8th deck below useing outside side bulkhead as vert ramp, until I was busted by security that picked me up on sonar. Some of the best days of my life. Shouldn't I get a part of her?
Brown, MichaelB.T.F.N.Apr 20, 1981 – Jan 7, 1982boiler room I am a Plank owner and was in the boiler room .We lived in the barracks accross the street from the gator club before we moved onto the ship.We were oh so young.wishh I knew then what I know now.I would love to hear from any ship mates that knew me.
Schweighauser, Don\ Swiggy profile iconHT2Apr 20, 1981 – Aug 19, 1983R-1 Shippfitter shopSay hows everybody doing I see some familar names here do you remember me.
Hooker Jr., Raymond {hooks}MMFN/MM3May 1981 – Jan 1983R-2,outside repairI was known as the drunk of 3rd deck and below.And the shop was known as the feild dayers,seems all we did was clean and paint the shop.had a great time on board,with Chuckels,strech and tatoo dan.
Neckles, JohnHT2May 1981 – Nov 1983R1 11AOriginal member of shipfitters shop. Plankowner. What a ship! Like to hear from some of the old gang
Morgan, JamesE4 / EM3May 1981 – Jul 1984R3I was assigned to R3 Div. between '81 - '84. I was in the motor rewind shop. I would be interested in hearing from anyone from the precom detail between 1981 - 1984.
Lehner, PeteEM3May 1, 1981 – Jul 21, 1982R-3 Movie Projector RepairGreetings! There are a couple o Acadia Face Book pages. Please see Uss Acadia (AD-42) and Uss Acadia. Lots of stories and pictures. See you there.
Fernandez, MaryE-6May 2, 1981 – Jun 20, 1983S-3I started out at the Barber, but, have since retired, after working in weapons, Naval History and photography, and as security for Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait. Regret none of it.
Bays, ClayHTFN/HT2May 3, 1981 – Nov 22, 1982R1/17APlank owner. Half of my HT "A" school classmates ended up onboard, most of them in R1 Div. Took me to Hawaii for the first time, wish I could remember that weekend. Should have never been decommissioned.
Fox, NormE-3May 5, 1981 – Feb 10, 1982Deck Division. The over the side gang
Peacock, Johnem3May 6, 1981 – Jun 15, 1982r-3 motor rewindPre-com crew, plank owner, worked on the first motor to come out of the rewind shop. being a plank owner was too cool and my shipmates were the greatest.
Hernandez, Eddie'SSH3May 7, 1981 – May 7, 1984s3Just seeing who's still around..hope too touch base with some of u.
Hernandez, EugenePETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASSMay 15, 1981 – Apr 15, 1984R3Hell remember me! I lost the dutiy truck. Ozzie 1982. how bout africa. nick named hendrix. ran tool issiue. i got the movies we watched. remember parting with me. those were the days.. want to say hi to all the women i served with
Turner, TracyBM2May 15, 1981 – Jul 30, 1984Deck departmentRan the Captains Gig
Russell, Charles C. Jr.BM1Jun 6, 1981 – Aug 26, 19832nd (DeckI am a plank owner of this ship. I also was in PRECOM from 28 Nov. 1980 to 6 June 1981.
Norred, KennyHT2Jun 15, 1981 – Oct 26, 1984R1/26Ahay!! I think I can weld that?
Karpel, Carolyn Reis KarpelSNJul 1981 – Jul 19822nd & OthersMet and married BM1 Karpel on the Acadia. What a great ship!!
Paterson, RossIC1Jul 1, 1981 – Feb 5, 1985R3IC and Gyro Repiar shop. WESTPAC, Pre-Comm, Pearl Harbor, Diego Garcia, I love Thailand. Killed a lot of brain cells. Married FN Gornick in 1984 still together. Retired in 1997. Still Party with IC2 Longo.
Jones, ChantayDPSNJul 16, 1981 – Aug 10, 1983Deck / S7I was in Deck dept for 6 months and was a striker to S7
Hoover, DanE-5 HT2Jul 17, 1981 – Jul 16, 1985R1Had a good time when I was on the Acadia / great crew. I'M looking for some old friends. Kenny Norred, Capone, Raymond Edwards, Calhoun, Mark Crawford, Terry Dunn, Jim Gorman, Jones, and others I can't remember everyone's name.
Crawford, MarkHT3Jul 18, 1981 – Feb 15, 1985R-1Proud to say I served with a great group of guys. Norred,Rainey,Konnick,Oh my god who could forget Calhoun and Capone!!!
Yarborough, Vansk3Jul 19, 1981 – 1994storekeeperwould love to hear from old ship mates and supply department. Had nice time with you guys
Bollinger, ScottMS3Jul 20, 1981 – Dec 21, 1982S2
Mudd, ChrisHT3Aug 1, 1981 – Feb 3, 1983R-1, 11AThe love boat. Had a great time, wish I could remember it.
Doty, SteveIM1Aug 6, 1981 – Sep 4, 1985RSHey Shipmates! Former OM2 Doty, changed rates and became IM1. Love to hear from any of the old gang.
Bassanello, Mary "Bass"SH 3Sep 1981 – Sep 1984S-3 Ships Store / LaundryThe 4th female to report onboard the USS acadia. She was still in drydock at NASCO in San Diego. Was on the 1st West-Pac in 1983. Would love to hear from anyone serving onboard during West-Pac 1983
Shortridge (Janis), Ann /shortyTM03Sep 1981 – Jan 1984WeaponsSorry to see that Acadia was decommissioned so soon. She was a great one and was such fun, especially WEST-PAC '83. Wish I would have stayed in, but busted up my knee and couldn't stay onboard. Would be glad to hear from some of my old shipma
Marlette, Ann-marieE2/SASep 1981 – Dec 17, 1981E-2Wow! Long time ago. I had not looked back all this time. Was just verifying service info for college and saw Pappy on here and had to sign in. Those were some fun times.
Harper, Brooke profile iconHT3Sep 1981 – Sep 1983R-1I worked in 64-A and 17-A. Duke, Eve, and I missed Pre-Com becuase we went to C-1 welding school. Working for Chief Jellyman was a blast. Great times and good shipmates. Duke was a train wreck. HT2 Davis and I Tranfered to the USS Iowa.
Smith (Gardenhire), MichelleYN2Sep 1981 – Sep 1984AdminMarried BM2 John Smith "Smitty". Started in Deck Division as SN.
Storms, ErnestDP1Sep 15, 1981 – Sep 15, 1982S7
Miller, JohnGSMCOct 1981 – Oct 1982R2All gas turbine personell were assigned to the boat engine repair shop. It took 2 years to establish a GS shop!
James, RussellHT2Nov 19, 1981 – Nov 19, 1983RepairAt the time I didn't realize how special those days were. Looking back over my time on board, the friend I made, and the places we visited, I wouldn't change them for anything.
Cox, Charles "Wally"ET2Dec 1981 – Feb 1986Operations / OEHappy to hear from anyone!
Webb, DarwinDP3Dec 1, 1981 – Dec 1, 1984adp s7Whats up I got out of the NAvy in 1992 after 14 years. I was a DP1. I am now a IT Manager in Las Vegas. I may also have been going by Lee back then. I see Marvin on the list too. I see Andy Muelman every couple of years.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1980 | 1981 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 | 1994 – now

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