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USS Puget Sound (AD 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Puget Sound (AD 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1326 crew members registered for the USS Puget Sound (AD 38).

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Rivera, CharlesHT21992 – 1993R-1
Rumery, LynnSN1992 – 19941stHey all!! How it is great to see some names from the past up, although I remember more faces then I do names. I;m looking for old friends to catch up with. E-mail
Mix, JaimeeSK11992 – 1995Supply
Alleman, GaryHT21992 – 1995R-1 17a Just checking in with some of the finest people and craftsmen I have had the priviledge to live and work with. Stay safe and frosty cold beverages for all!
Warner, KevinBTC(SW)1992 – 1995R-2/S-9Section leader for section 2, Retired off her.
Powell, JerryET11992 – 199367A
Jarnagin (Now Johnson), Lisa (Murphy)SN1992 – 1994Deck then S9I am looking for Carol Yoakum (Mommy). I love near Austin, TX. I am a stay at home mom with my beautiful 3 yo daughter and married to my wonderful husband.
Brandt, Paul profile iconIC1(SW)1992 – 1994repairLooking for any members of the Breakfast Club. Would love to know what you are up to now. If you stumble across this site as I have and remember me, drop me a line would love to hear from you.
Mitton, AdamEM1Jan 1992 – Jan 1996R-3
Pope, MichaelSNJan 4, 1992 – Sep 15, 1993DECK 3RD AND 1STWanted to say hello to all the poeple I have not see in along time. Got out of the Navy in Sept of 1993, stayed out for 6 years. Missed the military and joined up again. This time with the Army. I am currently stationed at FT. Bragg, NC
Davis, JeffMR3Jan 5, 1992 – May 5, 1995R-2 Machine Shop
Gore, JosephE-3Jan 10, 1992 – Jun 23, 19953rdGreat ship
Petri, Jeff/ Petemr3Jan 20, 1992 – Aug 4, 199531amiss you guys! i"m still looking for whoever shot us cliff diving in crete? it was a good time and something i would like to show my son. if anyone can help please contact me or if you just want to bull$%^&.
Bales, Sandi profile iconMM3Jan 21, 1992 – Jan 1996M DivisionI loved everything about that ship. The Shipmates, the lessons I learned and the traveling... I am still in touch with a special someone, and also my BFF Amy Markley... my email is hit me up
Hughes, ReggieET2Feb 1992 – Jan 1996R-4It's been awhile since I've talked about the Sound. Still in contact, however, with a lot of good shipmates.
Meer, ChristopherEMFN/EM3Feb 1992 – Jan 1996R3I worked in 51A and 51B during my four years, and loved every minute of it!!! Met loads of great people!!!!
Freer, RebeccaLTFeb 1992 – Jun 1993MedicalShout out to the great Medical Department!! I am looking for Steve Fox who was PA, and Dave Beard, who was HMCS...
Mitchell, RobertHT3Mar 1992 – Jan 1995R1They were the best of times, they were the worst of time, all in all I'd do it again, well maybe not!
Matos Now Conway, MariaSK3Mar 1992 – Aug 1993S-1HAD LOTS OF FUN... MET MY HUSBAND ON BOARD...
Turner, JohnMM3Mar 1, 1992 – Jan 1, 1996R2 Valve Shop, Pump Shop
Morales Now Zenos, Margaret (Tilly)BMSNMay 1992 – Jan 19943rd Div - Deck DeptGreat Memories....GITMO......
Clark, RonaldET2May 1992 – Jun 1995R-4
Cokley, ColleenDC2Jun 1992 – Dec 1995Master at ArmsGreat experience!!!Doing the 'ditch' was expected, but instead we cruise Europe and rode a hurricane, Sure was great hanging with Dyson, Quick, PN2 Johnson, Ford, Rolon and the MA crew. Hit me on FB Colleen Cok.
Johnson, Corey profile iconQM3/DVJun 16, 1992 – Jun 15, 1995Dive Locker
Haynes, MoniqueSH2Jul 1992 – Jun 20, 1994S-3Have alot of great times in S-3, Movie night in the laundry, beer on the pier. Just lovely...Miss Steve Young, Cindy and Grandma. Rhonda, Glenn, Laconta and Adell, too many fun times.
Putman, ScottHT2Jul 3, 1992 – Dec 20, 1993R-1
Anfield, GeeE-4Aug 1992 – Jul 19, 1993R-4 Break-out CrewBUSTED now this some BULL, 4 a KISS now i'm pushing food instead of fixing Electronics. All n All had a Ball
Akins, JamesBm2 (sw)Aug 21, 1992 – Oct 25, 19953rd division deck department ( cranes)well I am looking for any one who served in 3rd division cranes during 1992 to 1995. I was the crane petty officer during that time frame and I am retired now.
Flores, Ann MarieUSS PUGET SOUNDAug 23, 1992 – Mar 23, 1994repairyn
Dutton, LoriSEAMANSep 1992 – Mar 1993My stay was short but would love to hear from any of you guys. I am looking for Kryzcuck, (I think that's how you spell her last name). If anyone knows how to get in touch with her, let me know.
Narvaez, RolandoE3Sep 1992 – Mar 1, 1995R3NICE PEOPLE IN THE SOUND
Lebel-lavoie, Jodi profile iconEMFNSep 1992 – Jan 1994E
Wagner, M. KevinHT1 (SW)Sep 2, 1992 – Jan 6, 1996R-1 26A & 56A/B Fly Away (Fat Team King) Aggie Barnes Wont for get ya, How ever sorry about the Figure 4 leglock. Oh Ya it was me that superglued Chief Lock N locker+made him SAY he no want to be in 26A, OZ + FORTNER the movie in Turkey Ta STOOPS and then all Flyways after ha.
Wynsma(goodwin), CherylEM3Sep 6, 1992 – Aug 16, 1995R-3I hope all is doing well that served aboard the Sound. I have a lot of great memories from the cruises. If you remember me, drop me a line, it would be nice to hear from old friends.
Kleinstiver, Big AlE-6Sep 8, 1992 – Apr 30, 1995R3I am looking for some old friends. If you remember me please send me a message.
Church, ShanesnSep 9, 1992 – Jun 16, 1994s 2
Rumage, KarenDK3Sep 18, 1992 – Jan 27, 1996S-4What a ship. We decommed her.
Bell, JaylaE-2Sep 23, 1992 – Sep 15, 1994R-3I wouldn't trade the experience for the world, however; I will never again volunteer myself to be treated like garbage.Interesting facts: when you treat your personell like crap, they don't stick around! jayla
Taylor, John (Jay-tee)IMSNOct 1992 – Feb 1994R-4Class Charlie is a mothersucka ain't it!!!!
Deputy, JamesMM2Oct 1992 – Jun 1994MThe ship could tell many stories.
Douglas, MikeOct 1992 – Oct 1993worked in 38bfred biay brian scheyler?????????/ wer you guys at perry? my last year in the navy and stll no regrets about gettin OUT!!!!! any of you guys out there that remember me drop me a line.
Knowles, LeslieMR2Oct 1992 – May 1994R2I worked in the machine shop. Just wanted to say Hey to everyone.
Pickron, RoyMR3Oct 4, 1992 – Jan 12, 1996R2
Mires, Charles ( Chuck)MR2Oct 5, 1992 – Mar 5, 1995R2 /31AWow how time flies! Seems like just yesterday we were haze gray and underway. I am now MR1 and getting out again this November.
Smith, Randy "Snappy"HTFNDec 1992 – May 1994R-1
Devries, DawnSNDec 1992 – Sep 1994deck
Calvert, TeriIC3Dec 1, 1992 – Jan 30, 1994ELooking for Marileigh Richards
Reamy, Joe "General"HT3Dec 24, 1992 – Jan 27, 1996R-1 11-A Shipfitter shopNo job too big, no job too small, no 2-kilo, no job at all.

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