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USS Puget Sound (AD 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Puget Sound (AD 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1326 crew members registered for the USS Puget Sound (AD 38).

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Talor, GeoffreyMM31986 – 1988Had a great time with alot of memories that will last a life time even thou it was in Gitomo
Jean, DianaMRFN1986 – 1987repairAWWW so much fun..I'm hoping to reconnect with Kim Seitz. Please if anyone has any idea how I can do that let me know. BSK I married MR2 McCartney from tech library in 87. Still together and happy with 2 boys 19 and 17
Silvernale, BonnieHT21986 – 1989R1 - Shipfitter shop & Carpenter shopWhat great memories! Hey, Sammy, remember the happy times? Thanks British Sailors for the beer!
Kirchner, TimBM21986 – 1988DeckHad a fun time on the Sound. Had a lot of fun! I remember the broken anchors Chief ! Made up a lot of kirchner-isms when that happened! Everybody gave 110% to everything they did, I was honored to serve with you all.
Dieterich, Mark profile iconMM11986 – 1991A- GangerWould love to hear from Steam & Heat shop, AC/R, Emergency Diesel, Laundry.......
Wiggins, NickSTGSN1986 – 1988R5
Kennedy, TerryRMCSJan 1986 – Dec 1989OPSWould like to hear from any/all
Golec, EllenEM3Jan 1986 – Aug 1988ELooking for people who where in E-Div & Shipfitter shop. I was to married Joel Reid for 12 years.
Dill, ButchDKCM (SW)Jan 1986 – Sep 1988S-4Enjoying Retired Life
Chavis, TracyE3Jan 1986 – Nov 1987RepairI was only on the PS a short time, but it was the best time of my LIFE!!! I would love to get in touch with Karen Raiser, and Maurice White!!
Caldwell, Franklin D. (Doc)HM 3Jan 1986 – Apr 1988MedicalHad great times on the Puget Sound. Would like for anyone who knew me to contact me. I remember so many from doing sick call in mdeical department.
Escalante, LeslieMS2Jan 1986 – Sep 1989S2Enjoyed my navy time and especially the Puget Sound. I am grateful for the people I met and the experiences we shared. I moved to Jax. Fl. when I left the Navy but I still travel when I can. Hope all are doing well!
Day, SherylTM2Jan 1, 1986 – Feb 13, 1989WepsHey!! Where did everyone go???
Grappe, DanielBM 3Jan 3, 1986 – Mar 22, 19911stYes just looking fir old ship mates that served with me
Benya-ramsey, ChristineE-3Jan 6, 1986 – Sep 25, 1987Deck/ 3rd DivisionHad a great time on the Sound. So many great memories.
Searson, Donald Aka "shorty"E4/BM3Jan 10, 1986 – Jun 5, 1990DeckI worked in the deck dept. while aboard the "Sound." Along with BM2 Griffin and BM1 Cruz. I learned alot while their leadership and able to transfer this training into everyday life. I didn't it was important the, but I am grateful.
Halyak (Carter), TammySH 3Jan 10, 1986 – Nov 11, 1989S3Maiden name was SH 3 Tammy Carter. Dated BM 2 Mike O'Deay while onboard. Ending up getting married in August 1992.
Penfield, PatrickFiremanJan 12, 1986 – Oct 21, 1986R-6
Mahaffey, PaulBM3Jan 16, 1986 – Nov 12, 1988First Deck Division
Willis, LadwanaBM3Jan 23, 1986 – Jan 23, 19903rd Div BoatdeckBest years of my life.
Taylor, ChristineSN, TM3Jan 28, 1986 – Oct 18, 19873rd Div, 2nd DivEnjoyed getting to see several countries while stationed aboard. Meeting Pope John Paul II on December 17, 1986 was a great experience.
Taylor, ChristineSN,TM3Feb 1986 – Apr 19912nd, 3rd, R-5 (ASROC)
Tabb, JaniceBM3Feb 1986 – Jul 19891st, 2nd, 3rd
Nored, CherylE3Feb 1986 – Sep 30, 1986Deck
Kennedy, ChristineRMCSFeb 1986 – Dec 1989OPS / OC / CMSWas nice to meet so many folks, go places and I only got seasick the first time underway!
Ellington, VontellL3Feb 15, 1986 – Aug 10, 1991R-5I like to say thank you to everyone who serve on this Ship in all that we had to do
Hall, PatriciaE-3Mar 1986 – Oct 19863RDHad alot of fun while stationed aboard. Met alot of good friends. Just wish that I could get in touch with them.
Ellis, PamelaIMMar 1986 – 1988R-5BEST IN THE FLEET!
Maxim, JonathanBMCMar 15, 1986 – Feb 28, 19891stGood ship , good shipmates, good times ,broken anchors and all.
Dewitt, StevenE-3/DKSNMar 16, 1986 – Aug 5, 1988S-4/Disbursing OfficeI would like to talk to anyone that remember me. I was in the Disbursing Office from 3/85 to 8/88. I handle the payroll record from G to O. So if you remember me please contact me.
Powell, GeorgiannaE2Mar 26, 1986 – Nov 29, 1989R5Hey to all who remembers me. I had the time of my life on board that ship. Cindy Scott, Karen Ives, Christine, and Billy Joe? Where are ya'll at? 850.376.2603 God Bless America.
Thompson, LisaHT2Apr 1986 – Oct 1989R-1I served on the Sound in the pipe shop and the sheet metal shop.
Markley, AmyE-2 / FNApr 1986 – Aug 1988A-DivI've sent 2 tours on this ship. The first tour I absolutely loved the command (the people and the atmosphere) and the second time around, it was horrible. (A whole new crew with their own agendas). I miss the old times.
Benya, ChrisSN3Apr 15, 1986 – Sep 25, 19873rd Deck Division- The BestMet alot of great people while onboard. Unforgettable! Very sad to hear that she was decommisioned. Changed my life. Loved being a Boatswain Mate.
Slaughter, TawnyaSM3Apr 23, 1986 – Apr 23, 1990opperationsHi everyone, ill never forget the great times on the Sound.
Sanchez Ayon, DanwillkatyEM3May 1986 – May 1988EI'm looking for Tracy Wells. She was in my shop. EM2, E-Div. In 1988 she married Dean Birdwell.
Scott Henry, CindyML2Jun 1986 – Nov 9, 1989Repair DepartmentA great experience, and alot of fun! I was proud to have served with that crew on (2) 6 month tours, and a 3 month tour. Something I will never forget.
Taylor, Leon/booYNSNJul 5, 1986 – Jan 12, 1990ADMINWhat's up to all of my shipmate's from the Puget Sound. It was a great time we had, the memories will last forever and it is up to us to keep the Puget Sound alive. Lots of love to all.
Stockwell, DavidBM 3Aug 1986 – Aug 19881stHey, Wally (opps!) I Mean Ryan , Weeks, Steve Mac how goes it ! I'm known as David McKie now, Change the last name to my Fathers name .
Williams, BarrySH1Aug 15, 1986 – Sep 15, 1987S-3I was the senior SH in charge of the laundry and dryclieaing. I would love to hear from old shipmates.
Svendsen, RyanBM 3Aug 18, 1986 – Aug 17, 19903rd
Witte, BrentBT2Sep 1986 – Aug 1989BIt didn't seem like it at the time, but those were the best times of my life. Would like to hear from some old friends that might still remember me.
Kiser'S, JamesBt3Sep 9, 1986 – Mar 5, 1990Engine Room/Valve ShopHi I served 4yrs,on this ship and it changed my way of thinking. Didn't have many friends but I know lots of good people.If anyone like to talk hit me,MS1 Grant,MS BIONCA, CLAYBORN,btfn Toft.(720)436-0083 James,
Knowles, LeslieMRFNOct 1986 – 1988R2It was a long time ago. I loved every moment of it.
Sandy-ford, PaulaPo3Oct 1986 – 1989B DivisionI would like to get in touch with the crew I hung out with while aboard! Amy Markley, Schubert, Austin, Psycho, Tucker etc!
Austin, Tim"Tex"BM3Nov 1986 – Jul 19902nd and 3rd deckmed87 teamwork88 med88/89 persian gulf 89 hazegray and underway. boat coxswain,crain operater, flightdeck chock&chainman, helm&leehelmsman, looking for doug "toby" suthers kingsport tenn. harley friggin davidson!
Doss, ReneeSM3Nov 3, 1986 –Operations
Toft, ScottE-3 Boiler techNov 9, 1986 – Oct 22, 1989R-2just looking for old friends
Doss, ReneeSM3Nov 10, 1986 – Nov 19, 1988ops
King, James KingerFNDec 1986 – Aug 1989MAIN CONTROL
Olvera, Maria (Ofi)EM3Dec 17, 1986 – Jul 18, 1989EMGive me a call.

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