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USS Puget Sound (AD 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Puget Sound (AD 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1328 crew members registered for the USS Puget Sound (AD 38).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1968 | 1969 – 1970 | 1971 – 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – now

Calder, Dicksf31964 –repair
Williams, WilliamRM31967 – Oct 1969radio centralplankowner
Sinerco, SilvioEM51967 – 1969repairplankowner, first went on board while still in dry dock helping with the finishing touch in setting up the electrical repair shop. Can't believe they put her aside already.
Gabryszak, ToddMR1967 – 1968RQas in San Diego for her and got shipped out to the USS Hector
Moro, Lawrence (Larry) profile iconMR31967 – 1970R2 Shop 31Moro Lawrence R. (Larry) MR3 1967 – 1970 R-2 Pre commissioning crew in San Diego. Plank owner and commissioning crew l968 Bremerton WA. Naval Shipyard, Maiden voyage, down the west coast and thru the panama canal, Acapulco, Montego Bay, San Juan,
Donnell, BillyYN31967 – Oct 31, 1969X DIVISIONVery good crew, some great times. Came onboard as YN3 and made YN2. Ricky Carrio John Paradise Richard Dopke only a few I can mention. Great time in Seattle on a weekend break
Smith, RonBM3Sep 1967 –I just happen to be one of the plank owners
White, Paul McLeodSA/E2Oct 1967 – 1968One of the Plankowners. Let me know about Reunions. Live in Boston area
Gillogly, FredRM-2Nov 1, 1967 – Jun 30, 1970Operations/Intel
Wolfgram, RobertMRCSDec 1967 – Nov 1, 1970R-2Great ship and crew. Made MRCM and got transferred. Retired 1974
Mammoccio, LenE-3Dec 1967 – Aug 1968Ship ServicemanHung around with Sal Milito ( deceased) and Bobby Doyle Who was a boatson mate I worked in the issue room Remember the card games?
Vetter, GerryEM31968 – 1969E (Ships company)Still trying to figure out who hacked the totem pole.
Depies, William (Bill)ET11968 – Apr 1, 1970R-6 Radiac Repair ShopPlank Owner. Loved the Liberty in Montego Bay Jamaica.
Silman, WilliamE-4 IC1968 – 1969IC RepairPlankowner
Groeber, ThomasSA/BM31968 – 1970Sail lockerPlank owner , after AD38 went to Courtney DE1021, Forrest Sherman DD931, then COMCRUDESLANT Band, 14 yrs reserve then 9 yrs more in US Army Band
Kalavsky, Leonardem31968 – 1969e division ships companyPlank owner. Remember the fire in Montego Bay? Never forget the liberty times in Portland, Oragan! Working on the aircraft warnings lights in winter was hell!
Maggard, RobertCYN31968 – 1969OperationsPLANKOWNER.....I was part of the pre-com detail in San Diego, then on to Bremerton, Washington, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard....I had just left the USS Yosemite in Newport, RI. I would like to here from Lt. Riggs, Ops Boss
Owens, William(Bill)seaman1968 – 1969deckhand do not remember exact divisionI am a plankowner I have my cert on my wall
Jones, MikeEM31968 – 1970E DivisionPlank Owner Very good experience along with good people..
Rempe, ThomasLCDRJan 1968 – Dec 15, 1969EngineeringI was the third officer to report aboard and the first DCA and later MPA. I knew this ship like the back of my hand - even worked with PSNS to do her inclining test. Hey shipmates - remember the fire we put out in Montego Bay?
Heaps, TerryDM2Jan 1968 – Feb 1970RSServed in the Repair Dept. RS Division (Tech. Library, Microfilm Room, Drafting Room, and Blueprint Room). Reported to PSNS in January, 1968 as Pre-Commissioning crew, and am a Plankowner. Left AD-38 when my enlistment expired, in Feb. 1970
Riccobono, CookieE-4Jan 1968 –CommisarymanI worked in the Galley. I worked for my Senior Master Chief Joint. He was a tough one from Louisiana and I was taught some great things. Went to the CIA in 72 became a Chef. Own a B&B now with my lady. I am a farmer now
Winowiecki, GeraldMR2Jan 1, 1968 – Jan 1, 1970R-2 Shop 31APlank Owner Looking for any other MR's that were part of the commissioning or nucleus crew.
Goodfellow, DanSF 2Jan 6, 1968 – Oct 30, 1969Metal ShopLots of great memories, some best forgoten.
Bryant, WendellHM1/HMCJan 8, 1968 – Nov 8, 1969HPlank Owner (Certificate displayed) Made Chief after arriving in Newport, RI. Left in 69 for Naval Adv. Grp. Vietnam. Ret. USN Feb.77.
Erb Sr., Harold (Wyatt)IC1Jan 30, 1968 – Sep 11, 1969RepairBeing a Plankowner was a big highlight in my 20 years in the Navy. I enjoyed the ship and all the people on board.
Warrington, JeffSEAMANJan 31, 1968 – Nov 30, 1968StorekeeperPlankowner. Onboard at Puget Sound navel shipyard.
Lundberg, RichYN3/2 CMCOFeb 1968 – 1969AdminI lived in Bremerton on perdium, I am a plank-owner. I am the one who set up the administration/Capton's Office with all of its original documents and equipment.
Mayes, BillEM3Feb 1968 – Aug 1969R=3PLANK OWNER
Mihoc, JohnDP 3Feb 1968 –S6My first cruise and it was memorable
Unruh, William / BillE-5 EMFeb 5, 1968 – Sep 29, 1969E DivisionThere were some good times aboard the Sound. Met some great sailors during my time aboard. Still see some of them at the reunions.
Hayes, Tommr2Feb 15, 1968 – Dec 3, 1968R2Had a great time on the pre comm crew
Fulcher, Guy (Ronnie)SeamanFeb 16, 1968 – Jan 12, 1969Supply - S1 Division StorekeeperPLANKOWNER February 68 SAN DIEGO PRE-COMM THEN BREMERTON WA.TOOK HER AROUND TO NEWPORT R.I. Transferred to USS William M. Wood DD-715 in January 1969.
Holt, CarltonSABMFeb 20, 1968 – Jul 20, 1969Boatswainsmatercommissioned on 27th day of April, l968 Bremerton WA. Naval Shipyard.Maiden voyage,down the west coast and thru the panama canal, Alcopolco, Montego Bay,San Juan,Saint Croix,Guantanamo Bay, Boston, Newport. After Newport I was transfered to the
Roberts, DanielFNFeb 20, 1968 – Jul 20, 1969EngMember of the first crew, lived on perdium in Bremerton while she was being finished. Great memories.
McClinnis, TomGMG2/GMG1Feb 25, 1968 – May 10, 19691 sti was the lpo when the ship had a gun
Montgomery, Jim J.RM2Mar 1968 – Mar 1969OperationsPlankowner, everyone should come to the reunions that served aboard
Ford, WayneSF1Mar 1968 – Nov 1970R1Plank Owner. I was the ships Locksmith from commissioning to just prior to transfer.
Waterhouse, CarlMR 2Mar 1968 – Jul 28, 1970R-2Pre commissioning crew in San Deigo. Plank owner and commissioning crew.
Stanick, FrankSF2Mar 1968 – Sep 11, 1970Hull RepairGreat Ship
Davis, EdwardSK1Mar 1968 – Apr 1969S1
Drake, Johnsn--bm3Mar 1968 – 19701st (boats)?precom'68-70, capts gig duty around the states,gitmo,great duty, then went to uss richard l. page,'70-'71--out 11-71. originally from indy-- stayed in boston,still here! newport really changed!
Jones, BobFNMar 1968 – Oct 1968R-Div ( Ships Company )Pe-Com training ( San Deigo ) right out of boot camp. Plank owner. Transferred in Gitmo to a Destoryer ( DD-858) put her out of commission 2 yrs later. I have many memories even tho I was onboard for a short time
Seymour, JohnEM3Mar 1968 – Jul 1969R3
Nava, LarryMM2Mar 1968 – May 1971A GangPlank Owner Spent my entire naval career on the Sound in the A/C&R gang. Great times! I feel sad and old that she's already chopped up and gone.
McCall, DarrylMR3Mar 1968 – Nov 1968R2 - Engraving shop - Machine shopEnjoyed my time aboard. Attended Pre-Com school in San Diego and waspart of Commissioning crew. I left the ship after she docked in Rhoad Island.
Sipperley, JohnIC2Mar 1, 1968 – Feb 28, 1970IC REPAIR SHOPLooking for all who served and knew me from 3/68-2/70
Wirth, LeonSH2Mar 1, 1968 – May 1, 1971S3I am a Plank Owner and served as a barber and lead barber while on board the Sound. Operated a ships store for a short time as well. Served with some great guys & enjoyed some great duty/ liberty.
Fischer, Bob/fishGMT3Mar 4, 1968 – Jan 10, 1969W-2
McCormack, GarySA / BM 3Mar 7, 1968 – Dec 4, 1970Sail locker / canvas shopPlank owner would like to hear what happen to the others from the sail locker. And any others that might remember me. Will answer to all that writes
Thuemmler, PaulEN3Mar 7, 1968 – Mar 8, 1969A div.precom school san diego,ca. plank owner
Klump, PaulSNMar 14, 1968 – Dec 30, 1968RSPlank Owner, worked as Yeoman striker in Repair Technical Library, enjoyed my brief tour on board. Transfered to AD-16 in Newport, RI.
Timberlake, JamesSNMar 14, 1968 – Dec 30, 1968Repair DivisionPlank Owner, worked as Yeoman striker in Repair Technical Library,
Clark, LarryDC3Mar 15, 1968 – Apr 5, 1971r-1worked in the carpenter shop and the lagging shop had good times during the time aboard
Randall, John (Jack)IC1Mar 16, 1968 – Jan 13, 1971IC RepairPlankowner
Hennington, EddiemmcsMar 24, 1968 –repair
Gibson, JamesWO / CWOMar 28, 1968 – Sep 17, 1970B&M / R-3
Robbins, WilliamCWO2Mar 31, 1968 –R1 and R6
Piglowski, DonBM2Apr 1968 – Dec 19691st deckreported to Bremerton from Brooklyn...stayed at Hotel Commodore until we went onboard
Seymour, JohnEM3Apr 1968 – Jul 1969R-3Plankowner
Howard, MichaelIC2Apr 1968 – Sep 1969R4Plankowner. Re-enlisted July 24, 1969 aboard her.
Morgan, BobDNApr 1968 – Jan 1971DentalPre-Com/Plank Owner. Xferred to NavDentClinic 71-72. July 72 to NavCommSta-Greece. 75 - 82 12th Denco, 2nd DenBn, CLNC. 82 ComNavSurfLant Staff. 85 USS Coral Sea. 89-93 NavDentClinic, Norfolk, Retired DTCS '93
Lee, ThomasE2Apr 1968 – Dec 1968E Divisionplankowner
Molnar, DaveE-4Apr 1968 – Nov 1970E DivPlank-owner - Although it was Hell at times, I wish I could thank Higgins and Cohen (Dan) - Plus VETTER - Yes, they all helped me in my future roles - I retired as a Major Thanks. Yes, I also remember you Max & Unruh
Wright, BobRD2Apr 1, 1968 – Dec 31, 1968OIPre Com. Transferred to Mayport at end of year.
Pucino, PeterE-2Apr 1, 1968 – Jan 10, 1969deck forceprecomission training San Deigo Cal. I experienced an earth quake while in San Deigo. Remember the Westpac Widows hangout. plank owner
Lamer, Wallycs3Apr 13, 1968 – Dec 14, 1969commisarywould like to hear from some of you guys that would remember this time .contact me . thanks , walter
Ferrara, EdwardEM2Apr 15, 1968 – Oct 5, 1969EE
McKinnon, DennySH2Apr 17, 1968 – Oct 31, 1969S3all ship servicemen that were on uss pudget sound from april 1968 to oct 1969 email me at
West, BillFNApr 27, 1968 – Oct 10, 1969AMarch 1968, I attended San Diego Precon training. April 1968 Commissioning Ceremony. I worked in the AC/R gang and transfered to diesel gang until I was discharged in Oct. 1969. I remenber a firemen we all called Frenchy
Lamer, Walter Or WallyCS-3Apr 27, 1968 – Jan 10, 1969supplyLooking to hear from all ship mates from the Sound ,Come on mates ,I know our ship is gone ,but your not
Smith, MerleSeamanApr 27, 1968 – Oct 16, 1970Post OfficePostal Clerk
Kincaid, LarryEN3Apr 27, 1968 – Oct 1, 1969Boat shopPLANKOWNER 4-27-68 10-1-69
Maxon, Paul EEM3May 1968 – Oct 1969EPlank owner
Acosta, DanEN2May 1968 – Oct 1969Repair (DASH)
MacIsaac, JohnCYN3May 1968 – Jul 1969OperationsPlank owner, learned many of life's lessons while serving in the Navy. Served me well in later years.
Carrio, RickyYN 3May 1, 1968 – Sep 30, 1971YN 3Plank Owner, living in Mass./Boston. Hello to Ron Kessler, and Paul Kogel
Lenzi, DonSF3May 9, 1968 – Apr 11, 1970rplank owner, sheetmetal shop.
Armstrong, CliffSFM3May 9, 1968 – Jul 1970RPlank Holder Sheetmetal shop
Joseph F McLaughlin, Joseph F McLaughlinCS2May 15, 1968 – Jan 7, 1970S1PLANK OWNER FACEBOOK PAGE ; EMAIL ; josephmclaughlin1947@yahoo,com
Alvarado, Raymond/rayMay 23, 1968 – Sep 29, 1968Deck? I was only onboard long enough to do mess duties and transfer to the Berry to go to the Vietnam firing line of the coast. Enjoyed my mess duties with CS2 Mclaughlin. Looking forward to hearing from anyone else that might remember be.
Clair, DonaldETR2Aug 1968 – May 23, 1969R4
Babin, Henry {hank}TM1Aug 1968 – Aug 1969WeaponsWorked in Torpedo
Macher, RobertCS2Sep 1968 – Jun 1970S-2Good friends, good food and I was the first ship's "Santa". Please feel free to contact me anytime.
Stair, Ben / LaddersET2Sep 1968 – Jun 1969DASHHated the Brig Watch but it was nice to not have duty if the brig was empty. Came aboard after she gotto Newport & fixed/repaired the DASH drones. We had 4-5 as spares. Went back to my "can" in 69 - would like to have stayed longer, but..
Profita, PauldentalmenSep 29, 1968 – Dec 1, 1969dental
Rosch, Wiliam (Rick) profile iconDT3Oct 17, 1968 – Oct 31, 1969Dental

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