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Beachmaster Unit 2 (BMU 2) Crew List

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There are 79 crew members registered for the Beachmaster Unit 2 (BMU 2).

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Felts, Stephen LoganE31950 – 1953BakerI am the granddaughter, he is still alive but doesn't use the computer or have a smartphone. We have tons of old photos from his time, a lot of them are of guys he doesn't remember their names anymore
Cole, HarveyRMSN1951 – 1953unknown
Rossi, Anastasio profile iconLieutenantSep 2, 1955 – Aug 15, 1957BMU-2Fond memories of my tour of duty in BMU-2, with operations in Vieques, PR, with the Frogmen (now Seals), Construction Battalion (SeaBees), cigarettes @ 15cents per pack, liberties all over the Caribbean -1955 to 1957
Rygg, MikeSNSep 1959 – 1961operationsLoved making those beach landings!
Fitch, DaveSM 2Jan 1960 – Oct 1962SignalmanEnjoyed my time and the group that was there. If you wanted sea duty, this was the best. 'Had the opportunity to go TAD to various ships and saw a the Caribbean and the Med. Good old Vieques - Blue & Red Beaches.
Hamann, Jim1962 – 1964SM3Served TAD with Beachmaster Unit 2 , aboard several ships. worked with signal gang while aboard all ships. Wish I could relive the times.
Cleveland, Donalden31963 – 1966bmu2
MacEzinskas, MichaelETN3Apr 1963 – Jan 9, 1967ET SectionMade Med cruise on LSD-29, Carib cruise on LSD-25 and Operation Steel Pike 1 on LSD-29.
Keeney, JosephPN3May 1964 – May 1966HQI was fortunate to work with a great crew under LT DUE and Chief James F. Wright. I deployed on Steel Pike 1, a med cruise and three Caribbean cruises to Vieques. Good memories and I continue the association up until now
Holefelder, JimDM3Feb 4, 1966 – Dec 14, 1967Beachmaster Unit TwoWorked in the ET Shop as an Electronics Tech and also was the Unit Draftsman/Illustrator. Great duty with great shipmates. Enjoy our bi yearly reunions at Little Creek. Does anyone remember CWO Rooks head of ET shop 67+.
Sheerman, DaveSM3Jan 1968 – Jul 23, 1971Bravo 2Enjoyed serving with a great group of people and being attached to ships cruising to the Med and Caribbean. Enjoying retirement after 30 years working as a mechanical designer for a major aerospace company
Cycyk Jr, StephenRM2Dec 18, 1968 – Jan 28, 1972NBG2Remember RM3 Finley. Best buddies were Charles Craig and Glade Haas, Cozy Peters. Poor memory for other names.
Fowler, Joe M / ReddogBM2Mar 1969 – Aug 21, 1972!st /2ndgood times and friends remember: f-f-f-fire at 0:100;01-58-0 L being painted purple 1 day before inspection.Chief Calloway never saw the humor in that. Liberty in Barcelona,Monta Carlo,Lisbon,Greece And Augusta Bay pizza, YodaboyYN3Aug 1969 – Aug 1969AdministrationHad a good time in the unit. Remember Dave Helms PN1, Stephen Cycyk, Steve Kenyon and Walter Derricks. Good times.
Nierman, Neill Nemoen2Jun 1970 – Feb 1972bmu2remember chief adams boatson drake red bobby goins and especially johm forsythe
Hung, ShiuEngineman Third ClassJan 1972 – Sep 1976Engineman DivisionI am attempting to find anyone who was in my division during the period when I was attached to this unit, in particular, someone who remember the hostage crisis on Vieques Island in 1975.
Heishman, JerryYN1Mar 1, 1972 – Dec 31, 1975Admin
Purdue, AlLieutenantJul 1, 1972 – Jul 15, 1974Team 1Good times on the Beach - Med Cruise aboard USS Ponce (LPD15) in 1973. Yom Kippur war ops later that year. Chief Copeland and PO1 Wally Derry. Currently, Deputy General Counsel at Los Alamos National Lab.
Davis, Mikesm3Oct 15, 1972 – Jun 6, 1975team alpha oneI joined the Navy and dressed like a marine which was fine by me. Got to see a lot of the world. Went to many great concerts in the tide water area. Have missed all my friends. closest I came to combat -Cyprus 74
Miller, MelvinSm11974 – 1975HeadquartersWas in charge of sail locker while I was there. Came as SM2 left as SM1. When I left for shore duty little Creek transient barracks
Bonham, CarlBM3Aug 1975 – Oct 1977Team Bravo 2Deployed to Caribbean, North Atlantic, and Mediterranean. The North Atlantic winter was brutal. But the Med in summer was like a pleasure cruise! USS Hermitage, and LST Coronado. The kids in Greece loved the LARC 5!
Williams, JimmyRM3Oct 1975 – Aug 1979BPT A3North Atlantic cruise, 2 Carribean cruises, and a Med cruise. served with Bosn Westphall and chiefs Dolan, Lillier. Went to sea on USS Austin, USS Hermitage, etc. tring to find old friends....
Oberg, RobertE-4Jan 1976 – Jun 15, 1979Teams A1, B2, HeadquartersA life changing experience. Enjoyed most of my time while attached to the Unit. Looking at website things have certainly changed a lot since I served
Brown, Grover M. (Mike)ET2Jul 1976 – Sep 1980A2Great time at BMU2. CWO3 Spraingers, Chief Laporte and the team A2.
Smith, HarryEM2Jan 1977 – Nov 1979Transportation
D'Arcy, DavidSNJun 1, 1979 – Dec 5, 1980BravoMade one Med Cruise, Sept 1979 and returned January 1980.
D'Arcy, David profile iconE-2/SAJun 2, 1979 – Dec 5, 1980Bravo TwoI made one Medcruise. BM1 Bear was our team's LPO
D’arcy, Dee profile iconE-2/SAJun 2, 1979 – Dec 5, 1980Bravo-2I made one Medcruise; first on the USS Boulder LST 1190, then USS Shreveport LPD-12. BM! Bear was our LPO
Baker, Roger (Roger Radio) profile icon  NEWRM3/E4 Radioman1980 – 1984BMU2I woud like to know if there are photos when we went to Beruit Lebenon in the 1980's I am now a self-published author of a book called "You're in business whether you like it or not. It's on Amazon now.
Mauro, DinoE41980 – 1983Bravo 3
Baird, CarolBM31980 – Oct 19821st LieutenantsMade some good friends at BMU, I hope they're well and happy, and I often think about them.
Delask, LeonSn bm1980 – 1984Bmu 2
Hughes (Hauth), JaniceSNJan 1980 – Jan 1981Admin
Saylon, MitchellEN2Jun 15, 1980 – Dec 20, 1983Transportation/A1/B2one of the most exciting commands of my career
Gober, StevenBM3Feb 10, 1981 – Jun 15, 1984Bravo 2Man what a great bunch of shipmates and what an experience. No regrets one of the best things I did in life.
Hughes, Jon (Huey)RM31982 – May 28, 1984B-2
Rupert, VictorLieutenant1982 – 1984Det OICWas Beach Group TWO Det OIC for deployment to Lebanon in 1983. Was in country when the US Embassy was bombed.
Herns Jr, Andrew (Hitman)Rm2Sep 10, 1982 – Dec 14, 1984AdminGod is good
Stransky, William (Ski)BM2Mar 1, 1983 – Mar 1, 1986Bravo2I wish I could have served my whole career at BMU2

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1983 | 1984 – now

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