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USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 537 crew members registered for the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16).

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Clarkston, Cory1977 – 1979Outside Mach Shop, Hyd/ACR Shop (31F?)First command, then went to EN "A" School. Mess cooked at the night bakery. Good times. Went to Spain and Greece.
Boone, MikeI.C.31977 – 1978engineringWas first ship,many good friends,many a good time. Possibly the best yrs of my life. Hopeing to hear from some of you.
Belk, Kerry J. BelkMM31977 – 197838A Hydro shopI remember guys like, "Starkey, Pete Straight, Robbie Robertson, Ron Coleman". The list goes on. Lived in LaMad and saw the world, at least that side of it. Best duty I had during my whole career. I'm now a retired Police Chief.
Innocenti, Robert (Bob)SH21977 – 1979S-3 (Store & Office)Loved this duty station and did lots of translation with the locals. I lived in Palau and enjoyed traveling throughout Sardinia as well as mainland Italy. My family lived in Rome which gave me a chance to see my roots.
Webster, JamesPM3Jan 4, 1977 – Jun 8, 1978R1This was my first ship and I worked in the carpenter shop as a patternmaker. Then I worked in the Rubber & plastics shop.
Maldonado, RobertE6/ MA1Jan 10, 1977 – Dec 9, 1979XServed on board AS 16 as a SH2. Worked on the master-At-Arms force
Hurt, DaveIC3Feb 1977 – Nov 1978R-3had to good of a time. met some great people, Van Handle, Massey, Roberts with tongue up the nose bit. Burkhart, and Ortman, wow such good memories
Rietze, RickEN3Feb 15, 1977 – Jul 15, 1978C divisionWas in C division, lived in hotel excelsior on La Maddalena, had good times on the Rock
Thomas, William (Bill)HT2Mar 1977 – Mar 1979R-8Loved the accompanied duty. Had a great time in the area.. Lived on the Palau side in Cappannacia.
Nolan, JohnhtfnMar 1977 – 1979ht shoplooking for daveydove , john chery , hugh , turner , fox anyone else remember the e club in palu
Demarco, LarrySKSNMar 1, 1977 – Aug 1, 1979s-1Alson served on Uss Austin from 79 to 1980. Looking for a Thomas Weaverling.
Pearson, Danny Aka. P-nutJOSNMar 10, 1977 – Oct 15, 1979DECK 1ST, "BIG G TV"Great ship, great crew, awesome times spent with some of the of the best people I've ever met in my life...AWESOME basketball games played on the ROCK...THE ROCK FOREVER...
Rutter, AndrewHTFNMar 15, 1977 – Jun 5, 1978Repair Carpenter/Lag shopFlew into Naples toget ship.It was in drydock when I first saw it.What an awesome sight. Made a lot of friends onboard and saw a lot of places when we went on liberty cruises.
Dunphy, LarryTMSNApr 1977 – Oct 1977Division 6I spent a short period on the Gilmore. Had to leave on emergency leave in October 77 and was discharged in December. I enjoyed my time on board and was hoping to return, but it wasn't to be.
Cutter, Joseph / Gramps profile iconen3Apr 11, 1977 – Dec 1979mJust wondering about the crew in the engine rooms and M division. Remembering my burn out brother!
Jimmerson, GlennENFAJun 1977 – Nov 1978EngineeringFoward Engine Room
Cmor, JoeET3Jun 1, 1977 – Oct 1, 1978R-4 Antenna ShopGreat experience! Great location! Wish I spent more time enjoying Italy. Young and foolish, but I did O.K. Love to go back a for vacation.
Chagoya, JavierYNSNJun 10, 1977 – Oct 1978Repair Officearrived LaMadd while the ship was in Naples so newbies bunked in gym for 8 long days. Remember trip in LCMs to a beach for a 4th of July barbecue when Gillie returned. Danny Haddenham and Mike Meisner were good friends.
Mertens, MikeENFNJul 18, 1977 – Oct 31, 1978MWorked in Oil Kings
Culver, RoyHTFNAug 1977 – Nov 1978R1 Sheet Metal ShopMy 1st command.Grew up alot on the ROCK. Made a lot of friends. Softball tourney in Naples,breaking HT1 George Dowlings Home Run Record(unlike bonds,no steroids!) the R&R-I&I cruises, VertRep,Dominic Cessarini in Deck,HTFN Ted Gray
Buffone, ChristopherE3Aug 1977 – 1983Supply
Bromling, BradSNAug 7, 1977 – Dec 10, 1978R2My first ship. Loved the cruises and living on the beach. Had a great time with the Rock Photo Club.
McCarthy, CheryldependantAug 15, 1977 – Jun 15, 1980r-6 and r-7my step father was ETC Ernie Watson on the USS Gilmore and my mom (Ellie) worked in the Beer Hall. There is a handful of us on Facebook in the Gilmore group. come join us and share your stories!!!!
Draeger, Tony (Sonny)E-3 BMAug 16, 1977 – Nov 1978Port Services / C DivWhere are you Joe Hicks, Bob Adams, T. Can't remember a lot of names. Had fun time living in the hotel
Brownell, William (Bill)DK2Sep 1977 – Sep 1979Disbursing OfficeThe Gilmore was my only sea duty in my 5 shrot years in the USN. She was a bucket of bolts at that time (30 years old); but I loved that ship, and loved my duty on her and in La Madd. Fantastic liberty cruises. And made some great friends.
Popadak, MikeET1Sep 29, 1977 – Nov 1979OPSMany GREAT memories. Best division ever!
Smith, DwaynefrOct 1977 – Apr 1978eng
Newman, CharlesFNOct 1, 1977 – Jan 1, 1978Nucleonics
Granum, LesMM3Oct 1, 1977 – 1979Tech Library/ Repair shop
Innocenti, BobSH1Oct 15, 1977 – Jan 6, 1979S-3 SupplyThis was a grand old ship homeported in La Maddalena near Sardinia. I spoke the language and lived in Palau which added to the excitement of the tour.
Wallbank, JimRM2Oct 30, 1977 – Oct 12, 1979CommunicationsPort at Nato facility, La Maddalena, Sardinia
Miller, BobJO3Nov 1977 – Mar 1979Big "G" TVMy first ship. What an awesome time! Trips to Palma De Majorca, Barcelona, Greece and Yugoslavia. 25 cent Old Milwaukee's in the Beer Hall. Midrats after playing the late movie on Big "G".
Farrell, LeoSNNov 11, 1977 – Aug 12, 19791ST DIV & R6-7
Farrell, LeoDMSNNov 11, 1977 – Aug 12, 19791St DIV & R6/7 DIV
Cortez, Roy (Corky)SADec 1977 – Feb 1978C Division (Port services)First ship had great time in La Maddalena, Sardinia. Remember the Florida Cafe at top of hill. The Excellior hotel, the trailer that was our berthing duty nights and the 2 day weekend duty.
Mallory, MarkFR, FA & SNDec 15, 1977 – Feb 15, 1979I Div Yeoman, duty in "Big G TV"Member of the Gilmore Boxing Team - lots of great memories winning at the "smokers" and traveling to Naples and Vicenza Army Base and kicking some butt there too! Great shipmates and made some life-long friends.
Bactol, RomeoEN 11978 – 1979M
Hernando, ManuelEN11978 – 1980EngineeringLooking for old shipmates. Lots of memories in La Mad.
Bunting, RaymondTM11978 – 1981w-1first ship steam torpedoe shop
Malouf, BobHT31978 – Jul 1980R-1 - Shipfitter/Sheetmetal ShopI can not describe how enjoyable my time in Italy was. I would love to visit again in the future to see how things have changed over the years.
Byrne, Dougfn1978 – 1979special servicesmy first duty station. started in a gang and then worked in the rec center in palau...THE BEST DUTY!!! off every other day. lived in la madd and i miss it till this day. living in a "foreign" country really opened my eyes beautiful place
Wakefield, MattSA1978 – 1979Deck Ape 2nd Division I had a lot of fun there.. Lived in LaMadd with some buddies. Barcelona was great. In Athens a storm made us leave port. I was the one that went over the side with a hammer and fixed the catwalk. Best memories ever..
Rivero, PeterEN31978 – 1980engineering
Sawyer, RickHT3-HT21978 – 1980R-1My 2nd sea duty assignment, had just married my wife, Terri in September 1978. Spent christmas in Sarra hotel.My first son Nicholas was born in Naples. Rode the ship back to the states for decom
Graves, Robert (Bob) profile iconIC31978 – 1980Repair Division
Hughes, DavidE-6 Om11978 – 1980R-2Arrived on board in the fall of 1977 an rotated out with the Ships rotation back to the States
Katz, MitchellEN31978 –ENGINEERING
Wolff, Marty (Maddog)MM31978 – 1980R-2 38A Outside repairThis was my first ship and this the foundation for the experience I received from many in our shop. We were a tight knit group. I remember buffing the deck in our shop. I still have my (Maddog) foul weather jacket.
Murphy, MichaelHM2/HM11978 – 1979H
Philpot, William EHTFNJan 1978 – Apr 1979R-1Looking for shipmates. I can be contacted at VFW Post 220, PO Box 689, Mays Landing NJ 08330
Philpot, BillFNJan 1978 – Mar 1979R-1Served aboard in the Carpenter Shop and Lagging Locker
Lennon, JimDPSNJan 1978 – Apr 1979S6Like many, first time away from home and first time overseas. The experience of a lifetime. Would love to visit La Madd again someday.
Hass, KevenHT3Jan 1978 – Jul 1980Shipfitters Shop after the Pipefitters ShopLoved being in Sardinia and on the Gilmore. Had great times with Luke F. Hutton, Jack Rule, Ron (Runt) Hughes, Joel McDonald, Bones, Mac, Steve Wright, Fred and more. The mid cruise swim call, rough seas and then som
Buffone, ChristopherSK3Jan 1, 1978 – 1979SupplyWas on the cruise to Greece where the ship was damaged and the trip to Barcelona. Contact me at
Davis, WardHTFNFeb 8, 1978 – Jun 1, 1979Repair Division
Blanquart, PierreETNSNMar 1978 – Jun 1979OPS1st ship and new experience. I remember the HT went to MAA shack and burned one (twice) ,went to muster in shorts and said he wasn't in the Navy any more. I believe he received shore duty in the brig. La Madd will be missed.
Garland, George "chip"DPSNMar 1978 – Apr 1979ADP ShopWas my first ship. Spent 8 yrs in the Navy, got out in Hawaii while at 3rd Fleet. Some of the best times were in LaMadd and the cruises around the med. First port of call was Athens - awsome!
Little, CliffHTFNMar 1978 – Sep 1979HT/DC ShopTruly a wonderful command and area! Lived in the Big House in La Mad! Starkie where R U?
Goodwin, MikeHTFNMar 1978 – Jun 1979R-1 Sheetmetal Shop
Wolf, BruceHM3/HM2Apr 1978 – Mar 1980Medical
Mell, WarrenMSSNApr 1978 – May 1979S-2, S-5 Night cook, Breakout, WardroomMany a memory of the ship and La Madd. Would love to go back there again to see it now.
Anderson, DaveMs4Apr 12, 1978 – Dec 31, 1978MsI was a cook in the officers mess
Zink, DaleE2 ICMay 1978 – Dec 1979Interior Communication ShopBelow the Gally , now living in San Angelo Texas
Cowell, Ross profile iconENFNMay 1978 – Sep 1979M FORWARD ENGINEROOMHad a very exciting time while in Lamad. Met a lot of wonderful friends while I was there. Really enjoyed playing baseball against the Italians, they were great. A lot of soccer fields
Gonzaga, LuizPN2May 1978 – Jun 1979Personnel
Connelly, Robert profile iconTM3May 7, 1978 – Apr 17, 1980W1Had a great time in santo Stefano Sardinia. my time there was very educational and residents were very nice. Still most beautiful place I ever been.
Hodor, JoeDS2May 10, 1978 – Jul 20, 1979S6
Berecz, JoeHTFN HT3Jun 1978 – Nov 29, 1979R1 pipe shopWho would have thought that the bad memories would disappear and the good ones live on. Looking for Charlie "Ed" Kines, Steve Wright, Fred Sienna
Bridges, ZaneEM3Aug 1978 – Nov 1979
Frein, GregHT3Sep 1, 1978 – Dec 29, 1979Hull Repair Division/Repair Dept.
Hoffman, SteveENCSep 1, 1978 – Aug 1, 1980EngineeringTAD to Site to restore LCM ferries boats. Worked with CWO Steven Setteroff and BM1 Nelson Puckett. Associated with 125 floating crane, YTB, and LCM ferry boats. Returned to USS Gilmore for the decom, roaches and all.
Sutera, JimSASep 20, 1978 – Dec 20, 1979DECK/SMALL BOATS
Futral, Timothy / BoatsBMSNOct 1978 – Jan 12, 1980DECK/ SMALL BOATSI have a lot of good memories of the Gilly, and of La Madd. I served on the OMB Crew most of my time there, and what fun I had. I remember Paulue,Barcelonia , Yougaslavia,what memories. Like to here from old friends.
Bailey, Michael (Mike)TM3Oct 1978 – Sep 5, 1980W-1 Division (AUW Shop)USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16) was my very first command. My Brother TM3 Ron Bailey and I were there together. La Maddalena, Italy and the Gilmore are where I grew up. I will always have fond memories as a "Gilmore Sailor
Coccurello, JohnDK2Oct 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1982DISPERING CLERK
Cyr, RobertSN / NON-DESIGNATEDOct 25, 1978 – Jan 2, 1980Deck 2ndI served aboard Gilmore 1978 - 1980 and Homeport in LaMaddalena. With fond memories especially those port visits to Spain, evenings at the Big Club in Palau and my deepest respect to our XO who gave his life in service of our country.
Vavala, DinoFNDec 19, 1978 – 1980C-Div,Feel free to E-Mail me if you remember me. Alot of good times in the Lib boat's. Gary G. from NY. if you are out there, E-Mail me

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