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USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 537 crew members registered for the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16).

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Jolly, TommyETSN1975 – 1976RepairFirst ship tp serve on and wanted to stay
French, TimMSSN1975 – 1978supply
Dillehay, RandyE-41975 – 1976RepairWorked in the Weld Shop. Hung out at the Beer Hall.Loved that Vino on the beach. We sailed to Palma, France,Malaga and Rota. Good Times!
Weissberg, SimonSK31975 – 1976Supply
Ciotti, VincentE41975 – 1976S3
Seiler, LarryRM3 E-41975 – 1976Communications- RadioMine was a short time serving aboard, the rock of Sardinia, as I fell gravely ill to pneumonia and harsh cold damp winters. Had an apartment off ship in La Maddalena/Palau...wonderful host family. Sad I got sick.
Williams, OttoE-3Jan 1975 – Dec 1975GunnerJust a coule of us Gunners, loved camping on the beach and visiting Santa Theresa
Kozminski, Fred Ski / KozHT 2Feb 1975 – Jun 1976Carpenter and Lagging Shop Some great and some odd memories,but I would do it again! We did our job in a fine fashion.I recognize several names here! I hated that LCM converted to Liberty boat.But always nice to get off the ROCK ;)
Eddins, MikeTM 2Feb 1975 – May 1976W 1Have a lot memories of the Ship and the places we went. I was the sea and anchor helmsman for the best part of my tour there.
Drum, RandyTMSAMar 1975 – Mar 1976AUW shop of Weapons Department
Petruska, AlexHT3Mar 1, 1975 – Mar 1, 1977R1Worked in lagging and carpenter shop
Garvey, TerryHT3Mar 1, 1975 – Mar 1, 1976R1Lagging loft and Shipfitter Shop-Refereed the basketball league.
Garvey, TerryHT 3Mar 1, 1975 – Mar 1, 1976R-1Worked for Big Smitty with HT# Swanson and HT# Walsh on the Naulitus in the Shipfitter Shop. Worked for Heller and Lancaster in the Lagging Loft. Drank mor Sambuca than beer. Most is a blur.
Peter, PeteE-3Apr 6, 1975 – Apr 16, 1976CAPTAIN'S OFFICE
Garity, EdETR2Apr 15, 1975 – Jun 1976R4Worked in the RADCAL Lab
Boyer, JohnEN3May 1, 1975 – Jun 4, 1975MHey? Where's everbody at????
Chase, JoeMM2May 1, 1975 – Jul 15, 1976EngineeringWas in AC&R. Loved living in La Madd,Peroni Beach,Working the beerhall,Playing B-ball,helping Warren Palmer with the Italian B-ball team, shore patrol,Villefranche.Not so fond of port/starboard duty for several months,water hours, Sublant.
Davis, Glenn BMMay 1, 1975 – Aug 1, 1976Small BoatsI still have great memories of LaMad and "The Rock". Sad to see we left in '08. Saw a few names here I remember. Loved the R&R tours and the one I stayed behind. Went to P'cola on a tug, now a mech. engineer in Florida.
Aberle, Ronnie ARM3May 1, 1975 – May 11, 1976OpsR&R cruise to Rota, Spain, Nice, France and Palma, Spain where of the charts! Subs moored along side was pretty cool! Really enjoyed the service mouth or so, had four refers to break out food for mess cooks. Good exper.
Traughber, RussellE6Jun 1975 – Jun 1979SonarMember of two subs, Billfish and Trepang when La Madd. New e-book THE SECRET OF SANTO STEFANO ISLAND on Amazon. Though you might enjoy reading.
Zerfass, ChrisHTFNJun 1975 – Jul 2, 1976R DivisionHad a great time on the Gilmore while stationed at the "Rock". Kept myself busy working during the day and the evenings at the beer hall. Enjoyed the R&R cruises and the brief time I worked in the D.C. Shop.
Mendenhall, James (Ed)RM3Jul 1975 – Jul 1976OPS
Georgiades, GeorgeHM3 - HM2Aug 1975 – Aug 1977medicalfirst got onboard was in charge of pharmacy, then did sick call and help the doctor with minor surgical procedures. Live with family on LaMadd, drove a red opal kadett.
Rose, MarkSK 2Aug 1, 1975 – Nov 1, 1976Supply
Wolff, TimMR2Aug 15, 1975 – Oct 15, 1976R2The liberty ports in Spain and France were the best of times..
Sadler, Dave/ Sadler Ayee2Sep 1975 – Jan 1977r-1Looking for Howard Taylor; if he ain't in jail. Had a lot of fun on the silly gilly
Comeau, MarkFNSep 1, 1975 – Oct 1, 1976M Boiler Room
Shaw, BernardMR2Sep 6, 1975 – Oct 15, 1979R2 31 ATrying to catch up with old friends.
Barker, JefryIC2Sep 7, 1975 – Jun 20, 1978R-3Best duty station. Came over as a newlywed. On a 3 year honeymoon courtesy of Uncle Sam.
Davis, TimSKSNSep 12, 1975 – Aug 1976S-1Looking for anyone who served on this great ship from 1975 to 1977.
Haluska, John ReidSK3Sep 14, 1975 – Sep 1976S-1I served as the ship's Purchasing Agent. I am now a retired United States Postmaster.
Deschamps, VinceSK3Oct 1, 1975 – Sep 15, 1976S-1Worked on Transaction error listing, and Priority Hot List .
Asaro, PeteEM3Nov 1975 – Nov 1976EThe Rock! My first ship and some of my fondest memories. Breakfast at Guido's, the Big Club, the smell of fresh bread baking on a Saturday morning in town. Driving the Mini Cooper around the island, the NUDE BEACHES, SCUA Diving lessons...
Moreno, GilbertpcsnNov 1975 – Dec 1976c-div and post office Just remembering the good old times at the Rock and shipmates from days gone by.
Buswell, RandyHT-3 / DV-2Nov 1975 – Feb 1977Diving LockerSpoke to a couple of you Silly Gilly Divers lately. Great to hear some voices from the past. Will stay in contact with those who are planning a gathering of of the web footed friends
Morgan, VergilFNNov 15, 1975 – Feb 11, 1977R1 carpenter/patern maker shop and lagging lockerReally loved the shop making the patterns, have one on the wall I made. Great time in Lamad and palau. Hadn't been on board for a month won raffle drawing for a trip to germany. Anyone remember the commissary fire?
Bartzen, BruceSHSNDec 1975 – Dec 1976S3Operated clothing and small store.
Stemple, EdSNDec 24, 1975 – Dec 25, 1976Deck
Adams, RobertE-3 PATTERNMAKER FIREMAN1976 – 1977R-1 Pattern ShopJust turning 18, I gerw up alot on my 1st duty assignment, in Sardenia, I made patterns to be used in the foundry, where they poured molton metal into the impressions my patterns left in the foundy sand. Favorite person? Jim Streams HT3
Playdon, Jaye31976 – 1978liberty boats
Jackson, RickEM31976 – 1978EGreat
Sharkey, KennethEN3 / E-41976 – 1977EngineeringThe "Oil King"
Lorentz, RalphHM31976 – 1977medicalI worked in medical on board. LaMadd and Palau were great,(thanks to the liberty boats and crews getting us there),good pizza, Sambuca and Heineken. great scuba diving everywhere, didn't know how good it was.
Young, GenePM31976 – 1977R-1Gilmore shipmates: there is a Howard W. Gilmore face book page. There is a get together next year in Wisconsin (?) I believe and a reunion in San Diego in 2016.
Eshleman, MichaelSK21976 – 1978SupplySome of the best times we had were in LaMaddelena, Sardinia. The beaches were great and so much to see. Got along with the locals really well and just had a great time overall.
Sewell, PhillipRMSNJan 1976 – Sep 1977COMMUNICATIONSHad great times on the Big G. I lived on the island of Palau and La Maddalena. Hung out with Mushie and Anthony Feacher. I still remember those baked bean sandwiches coming back from a night on the town.
Davis, TimSKJan 1976 – 1977S-1
Keller, DougHTFNJan 14, 1976 – Jan 3, 1977R-1
Keller, DougHTFNJan 16, 1976 – Jan 3, 1977R-1I was a hull tech in shop 11a, the shipfitter shop, or as we called it "the animal locker'. Many great memories of the Gilmore and the "Rock". Any crew feel free to contact me especially from 1976-77. Any help fight the fire on the Roc
Roberge, RandyE-2Mar 1976 – Oct 1977A GangSmall boat crew running ship personal to mainland for liberty.
Petruska, AlexHT2Mar 1976 – Mar 1978R1
Barney, T LennEN2Mar 1976 – Sep 1978R-2 shop 31F /56BThis was the best tour of my career and met some great people. Seen some great ports and fixed lots of subs. I went 8 years before reserve duty and Recall to Active in 2003. Retired with 21 good years as EN1.
Hughes, RalphIC2Mar 1, 1976 – Mar 29, 1979R3I spent 3 years serving on the Gilmore. It was my first ship. We were known to be a bit wild. Who would have thought I would have spnt 21 years serving. I remember Ic1 Roberts, Hazeltine, Bates, BarkerHurt and more.
Jones, PatrickHT PipefitterApr 1976 – Sep 1977R 1Looking for old friends. Mac? Miller? others?
Booth, DougfnApr 1976 – Oct 1978C Div.I had the pleasure of working with EN 3 Brad Schwartz, Çhubby and BN 3 Gary Crawford until I messed up and got married.
Esposito, JohnEM-4Apr 2, 1976 – Feb 10, 1979Craft DivisionI used to drive the liberty boats back and forth to Palu and La Maddalena, I lived in Maddalena and made a lot of friends on the Island and from the ship. Been wanting to go back to visit. Hope to hear from anyone.
Brown, Timothy profile iconICFNApr 12, 1976 – Sep 13, 1978EI had a great time
Brown, VernonMay 1976 – May 1977w-1 auw shopThe happy howy was my first ship and I learned alot. Sardinia was a desolate place for a healthy young man, but I had a gret time and got to see some cool places. Would love to hear from the old crew.
Dixon, JohnEMFNMay 1976 – Nov 1977EMy first duty away from home on the Rock, Sardinia,Palau the pizza the girls a beautiful area of the world. My shipmates were the best we were a team it was a lot of fun. retired EM1 1995 now in Dayton,Ohio wheres Swanson and my Aux LPO
Young, GenePM3May 17, 1976 – Jan 31, 1977R1Was in the Pattern/Carpenter/Lagging Locker. Many memories both good and bad. There is a Gilmore Assoc. that has reunions every other year. Next one in 2010.
Aucoin, RobertSMSKJun 1976 – Nov 1979Supply Support CenterFirst R/R cruise I went on was to Barcelona. I was on the cruise that went to Greece and hit a storm that did some damage to Gilmore. Was on the cruise that found the bodies coming back from Palma Spain. Played football and softball.
King, TimothySKSNJun 1976 – Nov 1977SupplyHad a great time beating all of the sub sailors at shuffle bowling machine. Would love to go back to visit all of the places that I drink myself through.
Levis, RobertHTFNJun 15, 1976 – Jun 2, 1977repair divisionMy first ship I was in the carpenter shop woke under the best cpo chief mourkee(I hope I spelled his right. He was a pattern maker) the best time I ever had was Sardinia Italy hope to catch with some Ole friends
Scott, GaryDS2Jul 1976 – Nov 1978S-6 / ADP DivisionI loved it in LaMadd! Great bunch of guys in the ADP Shop. Saw lots of sights... Marseilles... Genoa... Barcelona... Nice... Rome... Monaco... & Athens, just to name a few. Bucket List Item: Visit LaMadd again some day.
Tiseo, ValentinoHT-2Jul 15, 1976 – May 15, 1979la Maddalena Shore PatrolI was assigned to la Madd and Palau Shore Patrol,We worked long hours keeping sailors and dependents safe.
Osuchowski, Joe (Ski)DM1Aug 1976 – Aug 1977Print ShopGood Ship. Better Shipmates! Enjoyed the ports and the beauitful women in Spain, France and Italy. The long boat ride back to La Madd (My Apt) did get a bit old, but it was better then the rock.
Wasick, BobSNAug 1976 – Nov 1977W1My time on the Gilmore was the best time of my life. Want to hear from shipmates.
Simon, TimothyE3Aug 1, 1976 – Feb 1, 1977ship servicemanHey shipmates thanks for the good times and bad still recovering from beer hall fights and washing and pressing all your clothes. God Bless all those who served before me and after, Got out of the Navy in Mar.1980.
Morin, Davide2Aug 11, 1976 – Apr 18, 1978Deck 1Don't remember a whole lot,but la madd, was a great port, today i cant reconize it so much changed, had a blast. does anyone remember when the divers brought up 400 coffee cups, and assortment of tools thrown overboard?
Sepeda, DonTM3Sep 1976 – Dec 1977WeaponsThe Gilmore was my first ship and what a tour it was.
Jones, MikeMR2Sep 10, 1976 – Mar 10, 1980R2I worked in the Machine shop and then I was the ship's locksmith.
Jedrey, Clayton (Jed)IM3Nov 1976 – Nov 1977R-2The ROCK. Wow some great memories here! Awesome liberty ports also. Learned alot and met some awesome people. La Maddelena introduction to the greatest food anywhere. Decided to stay Navy and did 22 years, retired as CWO
Olson, Timothy "Oly"HT3Nov 1976 – Feb 1978R-1 Division Weld ShopLiving in Florida. Work for a large Civil Contractor and travel the southeast. TAD in Holy Loch on the Holland Transfered to the USS Hunley next. Charleston to Guam to Charleston. Got out in 1981
Harris, Mike ( Harry )MR2Nov 1976 – Feb 1978REPARI was an E-2 when I first boarded the Gilmore. I worked in the machine shop for MR1 Dan DE vault. Steve Morris was my best friend. I also remember Willis, Sy, BJ, Bare,
Doe, Terry DHT 3Nov 1976 – Feb 1977R-1 Pipe shopWent to DD-880 USS Dyess in NYC, then to Norfolk for brother duty with my twin aboard CVN- 69 USS Eisenhower, discharged in 1980. Back to Vermont, farmed for 6 years then joined the Postal service, retire in 2019 !
Burnett, Delano profile iconSNNov 3, 1976 – Nov 3, 1977EngineeringI worked in power plant. I served with EMCM Tony Knight I did 23 years in the Navy and retired As AEC.
Stanford, PaulE5Dec 17, 1976 – Apr 1, 19771st

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