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USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 537 crew members registered for the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16).

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Dittus, WilliamEM 31971 – 1971
Shunamon, WayneTM31971 – 1972TorpedoI was in Key West for a while then onto the shipyard in Pascaguala Mississippi where I got out in Dec 1971 I drove a bus route most of the time in the yards.
Hooper, Tom profile iconmm31971 – 197238AIt was the best duty a young man could have asked for. Key West, with a cruise to the Mardi Gra. Many GREAT memories.
Perdue, JohnFTG1 (SS)1971 – 1976W2 LPO
Conrad, JimENFN1971 – Mar 1974Engineering ( Cpt. Schrader-CO )Boarded Key West, Charleston, Mobile, Pascagula, Charleston, GTMO FTG, Key W., La Maddalina. Would sincerely like to find shipmates from engineering,AC&R,Aft.Engine,boiler rm, Anyone know where the old girl is now.
Raslowsky, FrankHt31971 – 1971Damage controlAfter serving in GITMO for a year the Navy gave me 6 months of what felt like R&R on AS 16 in key west.
Timothy, WrightRM21971 – 1972OperationsThe Gilmore only got underway once while I was aboard - to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Garrison, Jeffrey profile iconIC 3Jan 1971 – Sep 1973E / ICWent back to school. Joined diplomatic service in 1979; retired 2006. Still traveling the world -- to scuba dive. Now reside in Sarasota, FL area.
Neef, MelEN3Jan 1, 1971 – Aug 15, 1972R DivisionI was the engineman on the torpedo retriever "Dolphin" for my entire tour. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Parks, JimmyEM1Apr 1971 – Mar 1975ELived in St. Teresa with Sandy and Jim Jr. Drove the red VW and the red/black Honda 305 SuperHawk motorcycle. Spent lots of time rebuilding aft engineroom DC switchgear/propulsion control.
Andrew Koczur, SkipMS2Apr 10, 1971 – May 1, 1973s-2I started out as a mess cook then got smart. Rank was the way to go. Got on in Key West then Santo Stefano. Did not like it at first, but totally miss it.I am on facebook. Look me up Looking for Billy Young and Don Josse
Boehm, SteveEM3Jun 1971 –Electrical
Connel, AllenTMJul 1971 – Aug 1973Weapons RepairOn board in Key West. Went to Haiti, Gitmo, Charleston SC, Palma Spain, Rome Italy, LaMalenna Italy. I remember Kemp, Wooly, Peck, Getch, Lucky. I served as General Quarters & Sea & Anchor Helmsman
West, Robert T.MM3 (nuclear power program)Aug 1971 – Oct 1971EngineeringReported aboard. Asked if I could type. "Yes." "Report to M&B Office" That started me on the road to NESEP, Purdue, OCS, commission, defined my time in service. Loved my brief time onboard and Key West, FL.
McGrath, John "Mac"MMCM/LCDRAug 11, 1971 – Mar 1, 1975R2Spent most of the time in 38A
Skelly, JohnSEAMANDec 22, 1971 – Jun 9, 1972deck im looking for the deck crew who took the ship overseas
Legare, ThomasSN1972 – 1973DeckLooking for members of the deck crew and in particular the coxswain crew of the liberty and LCS boats.
Manasco, BryanML31972 – 1974R-1The foundry was the life-
Smith, Smitty @ The T-shedSK21972 – 1974S-1 SupplySpent some time in the Supply storerooms before going out to the T-Shed. Took care of the forklifts and worked with the the SeaBees. LaMadd was awesome !! Vert-Reps was a killer. Mike Boats a way of life.
Street, GlenSK31972 – 1974supplyLooking for friends from my division. Already found Skip Walker and Wayne Merritt. Looking for Roscoe, Scott Garrett. Joe Robinson, Gene Obholtz, Joe Pearce, Tone Schmidt, Elliot Gould, and everyone else.
Howell, DanHT3Jan 1, 1972 – Apr 1, 1974R-1 11A Shipfitter ShopWorked out of the Shipfitter Shop. Started in Key West and ended up in La Maddalena. Too bad that the old girl is a scrap of junk now. Thanks MARAD
Wiseman, PaultmFeb 1972 – Jan 1973wr-2Just a crazy kid,came on board in Key West,Went to Haiti,Gitmo,Mobile,Pascagoula.Got out in Charleston S.C.,73 Jan My thanks to WO inWR-1.I remember Wayne TM-3.Ran around with Connell,Wooly,Peck,Getch,Greg in da sink!
Gilkenson, GeorgeFeb 12, 1972 – Mar 7, 1974Ship's ServiceServed on Gilmore from Key West to La Madalena Italy.
Mann, DiannenoneFeb 27, 1972 – Feb 27, 1977none
Gadley, Ken (Red)E3Apr 1972 – Mar 1974R1 sheetmetal shop lagging lockermy first ship, and the best one. we were the HT's the animals of the ship. great fun...
Hogan, DennisSN AND YN3May 6, 1972 – Nov 25, 19733M and Special ServicesOne of the original crew that made the trip across the pond to Sardinia (The Rock) to establish the base. What a time it was. There was absoutley nothing there. I was a Yeoman in Special Services at that time. Looking for Coddington.
Hogan, DennisSN YN3May 7, 1972 – Nov 25, 19733M Was onboard when in Key West and then dry dock in the yards before the trip to the ROCK. Worked in 3M section that processed the ship repair orders. My brother was on the ship at the same time I was. He was a RM3 (Pat).
Jones, Jonesy profile iconE-5Jun 1972 – Nov 1974IC
Murrell, JimSA - YNSNAug 1972 – Jan 1974Deck officeLoved my time onboard the Gilmore! Would do it all over again.
Merithew, Danht3Aug 11, 1972 – Feb 8, 1973hull techDoes anyone remember the name of the kid in the rewind shop that killed him self in 1973?
Nelson, MichaelYN3Aug 12, 1972 – 1974ADMINSTRATIONserved as Captains Yeoman, Leading Seaman Minority Rep. Facilator Race Relations Spent some of the best times aboard ship, LaMaddalenia was great, an a honor to be the first US ship to be station on the island.
Eib, DavidEMFNAug 15, 1972 – Feb 20, 1974engineringBoarded her in Pascagoula made the trip to the ROCK and was there for 1 year 6 days, best time of my life,was in the midships passageway when the CBs blasted, never felt that kind of force befor.great R&R,ended up on the HunleyAS31 till1976
Villeneuve, RonaldMMFNSep 25, 1972 – Jun 5, 1974Shop 38 Hydrulic/battery acid testBorded in Ms.during overhaul sailed to Key West , Charlestown SC. left Key West for La Maddalena,Sardinia stayed till May or June of 1974
Jones, Steven FE-2Sep 26, 1972 – Jun 19, 1974carpenter shopI was on this old boat when it was stationed in Key West Florida, then we went to drydock before the ship was scheduled to go to Italy. I remember good ole Chief Worley
White, JamesIM2Oct 5, 1972 – Apr 1, 1974R-2Greetings Shipmates. I was the young kid on the Gilmore that played the 5-string banjo and electric guitar in a band that we put together. Used to play in the beer hall. Retired as an IMCS(SW)
Nunley, GlennEM3Oct 10, 1972 – Mar 11, 1974EMet the ship in Pascagoula, refresher training in Gitmo, lost our anchor in Haiti. SeeBee's blew the s*it out of the mountain to make room for Club and pelted the ship with rocks. Blew me through the hatch, Light and Battery Shop. Cioa...
Hunter, James R.TM-T 1Oct 10, 1972 –W-1MK 45 Tech
Rockey, KimmEN 2Dec 1972 – Jan 1974R2 Shop 38ARode her from Key West to The Rock Had some good times on her .Shop 38 had the best bunch of guys on there. Where are they all at?
Smith, William (Bill)RM3Dec 20, 1972 – Nov 24, 1973Radio ShackI was assinged to the Gilmore when it was at the Passagula Shipyard in Mississippi. I was aboard the day we left Key West headed to the the Rock. I had some good friends that played guitar so after work we played.
Huber, MarkSN1973 – 1975COMSUBREFITRAGRUBoat Crew
Thompson, WilliamQM11973 – 1975OPSBoarded Gilmore just before she left Key West to move to La Madd
Shahan, BillyE21973 – Dec 1973CCTVLoved the Rock... Liberty to la Maddalens and Palau was one of the best periods in my life...will never forget the experience
Rockey, KimmEN1973 – 1974r 2 shop 38a
Schmudde, JohnSK21973 – Nov 1974SupplyFond memories of the 2 years spent on the Gilmore in Sardinia. Love to hear from people who were in Supply during that time.
Farrell, DavidEM31973 – 1974E DivisionCame aboard in the shipyard and took the ship to Italy. Spent a year with my then wife. My favorite off duty location. Not we got much shore leave.
Augustin, DougHM3Jan 1973 – Feb 1974H DivisionMade voyage from Key West to Italy, Feb of 1973.
Olensky, StanYN3Jan 1973 – Nov 1974Special ServicesWas assigned to the advanced detachment to La Maddalena in Jan 73 to prepare for the ships' arrival. Got transferred to her when she got to "the Rock" Was given the job of PMCC (Passenger, Mail and Cargo Coordinator)
Pawlowski, Mark - SkiE-1Feb 1973 – Feb 1974CommunicationsI am filling in the information for my ex-husband, Mark E. Pawlowski, so that I may get in contact with friends I knew when we were stationed at La Maddalena (also lived in a house in Palau, and then at the Flat House).
Lewis, SanfordSN - YN3Feb 1973 – Oct 1974DeckDeck Yeoman for BMCM Marnell C. Cassidy- a man whom I'll never forget!!
Israel, DavidENFNFeb 10, 1973 – Mar 30, 1974EngineeringWas assigned to the forward engine room. I have many fond memories of La Maddelena and where we went in 73.
Engle, CharlesYN3Feb 13, 1973 – Mar 21, 1974XTook the ship to LaMaddalena, Sardinia. Traveling around the Med was awesome.
Johnson, WillieSNFeb 15, 1973 – Mar 15, 1974DECK APE
Dunn, DavidEMFNApr 1973 – Dec 1973E-divAssigned to the movie exchange on the island.
White, JamesSNApr 1, 1973 – Apr 4, 1974DeckI was coxswain to the Captain gig and liberty boats, looking for any of the crew that serve with me (Luis Qiuntana)
Pipo, Gabriel (Gabe)PN2Apr 10, 1973 – Mar 10, 1974Human Goals ProgramsI was to young to really appreciate this experience. These were good years. During this time, with our liberty cruises, I got all over Europe. Very good memories.
Nawalaniec, MikeMM2Apr 13, 1973 – Oct 10, 1974M & AWorked in O2N2 Plant on the fantail.Strangest sight when Docked at Santo Stefano The fire ball leaving the stack from the boiler room when the aux. boiler blew up. This was the only ship I was assigned where we ate of dishes.many memories
Hoke, Randall profile iconE2Apr 27, 1973 – Apr 27, 1973ENGINE ROOMEI would love to hear from old friends like Gus Andrews and Duke.
Yarbrough, KeithBM3Jun 1973 – Jun 1974Deck/BoatsDrove liberty launches after a stint on Deck Div working under John Free. Graduated to Officers Motor Boat then onto Commodores Barge for a short while. Finished out on Captains Gig for the remainder of my tour.
Smith, Darrell profile iconHT2Jul 1, 1973 – Jun 30, 1974DC Division
Gregory, David profile iconPNSA PNSNAug 1973 – Nov 1974PersonnelLonely Santo Stefano off the coast of La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy. Home to the GILMORE, a small commissary, and the beer hall. The greatest times were watching all the bubbleheads come out of the beer hall. I was 19. Ya'll remember?
Swindle, Michael profile iconSN - OM3Aug 1973 – Jul 1974RepairOptical shop / periscope shop '73-74
Anderson, Ed (Andy)SK2 - SK1Dec 1973 – Sep 1976S-1This had to have been one of my best duty stations. I lived in Santa Teresa, such a wonderful little town! I went back in '79 for 10 days. Like going home again. Old shipmates email me:
Holden, DavidHT3Dec 1973 – Dec 1974R DivIt was a old ship when I was there.
Kavanagh, MichaelEM1(DV)Dec 20, 1973 – Feb 15, 1976divingGot to Santa Steffion just before the ship spent 3 years there great duty for a diver we had a lot of good times and did some hard work. Not sure of the dates OH well getting old

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