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USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 537 crew members registered for the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16).

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Fondren, Donealsk11968 – 1969storekeeperI posted this for my father. Donald . I don't remember much about his time in the navy.. He passed away in 1990. If anyone knew him feel free to contact me.. john
Moon, ThomasHM31968 – 1970medicaljust wanted to see if anyone remembers the "Happy Howe"
Wiese, Patrick En-2 profile iconEN-21968 – 1970EngineeringAny guys that remember me from A Gang or AC/R, please reach out to me Tiny, George D, McKay, and McLay, Brown, Curti, Allen, Landis.
Solheid, RogerETR-31968 – Jan 1969Electronic repair divisionI enjoyed working on our subs and make a great friend in Roger Silhavey. Our trip to St. Thomas and Porto Rico was the best. I took my wife there on our honey moon after we graduated from college. Also worked on TW2.
Taber, PaulHT3Jan 22, 1968 – Jan 21, 1972R-1Served on the Howard W. Gilmore for two years then New London Sub Base in Groton
Shea, JohnET-1Mar 1968 – Sep 1973OperationElectronic Technician- maintained all the operations electronic equipment such as radio, radar, navigation equipment, ect.
Lovelace, LarryRM1May 1968 – May 1971OC
Cooler, William DannyE3Jun 1968 – Feb 1970bolson mate
Wood, SamuelLTJul 1, 1968 –MedicalBest time I spent in the Navy was on the Gilmore under Capt. Van Lunen and Operation Springboard. I miss my old shipmates especially LCDR John Ewing. Many of the mustang officers were WWII vets. May they rest in peace.
Taber, PaulSF3Sep 1968 – Sep 1970R1Went aboard in 68 left in70. Worked in the pipeshop. Made one Springboard cruise.
Wilson, Walter (Aka Willie) profile iconhm3Oct 1968 – Aug 1969medical
Schmick, SamuelDP3Dec 1968 – Sep 1970S-1Data Processing (part of supply division).
Fioretti, PasqualeE-4Dec 16, 1968 – Dec 31, 1969EnginemanI had a great time aboard the Gilmore. The people aboard the Gilmore were great people.
Schaffer, DanJOSNDec 22, 1968 – Aug 1, 1970XI was a compartment cleaner for the first six months on board the Gilmore, then transferred to the Personnel Office. For the last year or so I was in the Chaplain's Office/Library. Two of my best friends - Marion Sabo and Tom Sankiewicz.
Hill, DennisDC 31969 – 1971R1Served on Bushnell AS 15, with my brother Gordon, he got out of the Nav, then I helped decommissioned the Bush, and I was on the Gilmore AS 16 until I got out of the Nav in June 1971, this was in Key West. I was in the Carpenter shop.
Fioretti, PasqualeE4 Engineman1969 –Engineman
Hamilton, RobRM21969 – 1970CommunicationsWas looking to see if any of my friends from the Radio Shack were around. Love to get in contact again. Stayed in contact with a few but over years have lost contact. Looking to see if anyone knows Larry Olsen from MN.
Brooks, Ronald ZaneE-41969 – 1971EngineeringI was in the motor rewind shop
Brown, StephenEN2Mar 1969 – Oct 1971Foward Engine Room & Small BoatsI came aboart the Gilmore in Charleston and later sailed her to Key West later. Miss her very much and had some great times. I worked in the foward engine room, small boats and was fuel king while underway. Mike Rowe, Bob Guinn or anyone else drop me
Brown, Stephen profile iconEN2Mar 1969 – Oct 15, 1971Engineerind DivisionI worken forward engine room for a while and then small boats.
Ebner, JimmyE4Apr 12, 1969 – Dec 25, 1971e was a ic3 in gyro shop served with pete fitch.
Belnome, JimEM3Jun 1969 – Jun 1972R3I worked in the motor rewind shop and also repaired 16 mm movie projectors in the same shop. Looking for Mike Lefebvere, Bill Hunt, Ted Schulte, Dick Bruno, Doug Mansure, Pete Fitch, Art Phillips and other shipmates.
Maxwell, Gerald (Max)Moulder 3rd class POJun 1969 – Nov 10, 1972R1
Sills, GarySK3Jul 1969 – Feb 1973Storekeeper
Fitch, PeteIC2Aug 1969 – Sep 15, 1972
Fitch, PeteIC2Aug 15, 1969 – Sep 15, 1972Member of the IC repair department. Looking for Jimmy Ebner, Monty Garrison, Dan Nugent, Clint Viergutz, Craig Hesse, Larry Bowen, Russ Veeder, Bill Thurman, Chief Harris, Dick Bruno ... all true friends. Great times in Char. & Key West
Kobiec, SteveYn3Oct 1969 – 1971Deck
Kalma, MarcE-4Dec 1969 –DeckGreat to come aboard and reconnect with great memories
Workman, RonET1Dec 30, 1969 – Dec 17, 1971R4I worked in the R4 Electronics/Antenna repair shops with Raab, Robertson, Massengill, Desong, Chapman and many more.
Morgan, BillICFN1970 – 1972ElectricalI remember going to the Mardi Gras Twice. I got transfered before the Gilmore went to Sardinia. I worked in the gyro shop. I have forgotten a lot more than I can remember.
Lockhart, JohnEn31970 – 197221
Burcroff, BillEN11970 – 1974EN
Alger, RickCWO21970 – 1974r-6;r7division officer, ThomasEN21970 – Jan 1971shop-38 outside repairArrived Bushnell from Viet Nam late 1969 sent Bushnell to the bone yard. Muster on the pier til Gilmore arrived. wIfe & I fortunate to get basket leave to Delray Beach. John Harris,Tiny Mathers, Larry & Shela Mealer.Hi!
Lefebvre, MichaelFN1970 – 1973REPAIRWorked in the electrician repair shop and rubber and plastics on the USS Howard W. Gilmore AS16.
Strawsburg, Allanbm 31970 – Dec 1972bmattached to 63ft torpedo retriever (dalphine). Almost sank in storm in Jan. 72. Wish to talk to anyone who will remember that day. I still have nightmares. Also any one on the USS Tringa(asr-16). If not for your escort
Morris, Jimmy profile iconShipfitter 3rd.class1970 – 1971EngineerI served proudly in the Navy for four years. Looking for Jim McLaughlin. Chief Boyce.
Smith, Jamesmm3Feb 1970 – Mar 197338aSpent the first two years of my married life in Key West,while on the Gilmore.Key West sure was different then,compared to today.Have good memories of serving on the Gilmore and made some friends for life.
Ducheny, EdRM2Feb 1, 1970 – Jul 31, 1970CommunicationsBoarded in Charleston, SC and remained with Comsubron 4 when AS16 left for Key West.
Chimi, FrankETRSNMay 15, 1970 – May 3, 1971R4Worked in R4/Antenna shop w/Dennis Raab,Becker, also remember TYree, Gibbs, Massengill, Robertson, Mansur, Berghardt, Gosda, Lewis, Mattson, Bill Chapman (where are you Bill?) Hotard, Sabine, Chickering aka "chicken man"
Gayle, HowardIM3May 20, 1970 – Dec 1972R2I worked in the watchshop and gauge shop. Looking for a few friends, jerry Miller from Penn. and Fred Omsted from NY I came aboard the Gilmore at Charleston and rode out the hurricans going to Key West.
Schnitz, DanSM 2Jun 1970 – 1973OPS/NAVboarded the ship in Key west when she arrived and left after taking her to LaMadalena. Worked more as a Quartermaster than signalman through the almost 3 years making second class in 1972. Mr Lighthart was my divi off
Craw, BillSH2Jun 1970 – Aug 1971S3Decom USS Bushnell, transfer to Gilmore in Charleston for transit to Key West. Transfer to CFA Yokosuka prior to overseas home port change. Great tour.
Thomas, Robert (Bob)SK3Jun 1, 1970 – Dec 8, 1972Sub Squadron 12Cross rated from CT3 to SK3 and went to the Gilmore. I remember Michael Dillard..I lived off base on Stock Island in Key West, Fla.
Malin, DavidO-6Jun 10, 1970 – Jul 1, 1972D-DIVISION
Brunow, DickIC3Jul 8, 1970 – Jun 5, 1972R3In Gyro shop on Bushnell and Gilmore. Boarded Gilmore when it arrived in Key West. Looking for, Leo (Buddy) Carroll, "Mother McIntyre", Marty Crocker, Gary Price, Bill (Smitty) Smith, Thanks Jim Belnome for website info
Lefebvre, MichaelFN3Aug 1, 1970 –SNIPEI was in the Motor Repair Shop.
Looser, TomETR3Sep 1970 – May 1973R-4I worked in the sub antenna repair shop next to optical. Some of my R-4 mates were Dennis Raab, Joe Hinson, Tiny Chachoff (spelling?), Frank Chimi, Chief Sasse ( spelling ), Paul Lowell, Tim McIntyre. Senator had me transferred to Fl.
Cunningham, Jim (Squeaker)S-1Nov 1970 – Aug 1973S-1Currently a member of H W Gilmore Association and have met several shipmates at each reunion. Worked in Submart/Main GSK/Storeroom 19 and several other storerooms better known as Squeaker. Currently living in Oklahoma.
Amato, Bill (Tony)IC3Dec 26, 1970 – Jul 12, 1972Repair Division Gyro ShopHad many great times in Key West. Thanks to the Fitch's, Brunow's and Ebner's for babysitting the rest of us in the Gyro shop.

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