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USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 537 crew members registered for the USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16).

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Weinberg, Leonard (Lenny)SNJan 1961 – Jan 1964DeckI can not remember any of my shipmates names but I would like to know if any of you remember me? Would like to hear from any of you guys.
Knotts, GaryTM-3Mar 15, 1961 – Jan 15, 1964? Torpedo gang (don't remember Div name)Enjoyed my time aboard. I was sea detail helmsman so leaving port in Charleston was always fun. Lost track of all of my old shipmates. Hometown was only 110 miles from Charleston hitching a ride home was easy.
Pyles, RogerMM3Aug 20, 1961 – Aug 20, 1963M-AWent on the Gilmore 1961 to 63 then to Holland worked in the compressor room with david dishman had a lot of good times duty driver, learned a lot trip to gitmo dropped me in bay with whale boat but survived fall.
Francois, Glenn (Frankie) profile iconEN3Oct 1961 – Feb 27, 1965After Engine RoomCame aboard the Gilmore in Charleston, SC from boot camp. Read every manual in the Engine Room. Would have preferred Playboy, but it wasn't on the reading list! Met a lot of nice friends. See you at the reunion in April!
McDaniel, KennethSeaman/FTOct 1, 1961 – Oct 2, 1965Fire Control
Neikam, Howard NeikamEN3Nov 1961 – Aug 1965engineering aft engine roomIt was a great time in my life. Grew up a little, and made some good friends. Wish I could do it again.
Byram, StanEN3Nov 1, 1961 – Oct 30, 1963R2-Shop 38Never could have imagined being stationed in Charleston SC. The Gilmore was a great duty station. Assigned to shop 38 under Chief Smith our Division Officer was Mr. Taylor WO. Good memories, Great Times, & Stories.
Fairhurst, ErnestMR-3Dec 20, 1961 – Jan 21, 1966R-2It was a great ship and I'm sorry to see her get scrapped after all these years
Mertens, BillSFM21962 – 1965RepairRetired, Teaching welding 1 night a week at a tech school. Making yard art. Fishing as much as I can.
Kreitzbender, RobertSR - YN3Jan 1962 – Jun 19651st & XRetired from the Navy in '80 and from work in 2004. Living in PA. Was the detailer for all SUBLANT Support vessels including AS16 from '65 to '71. GILMORE wa a fine ship.
Setzer, JimmyCPOJan 2, 1962 – Jan 15, 1965R3I served on board twice Jan. 1962 to Jan 1965 and from Dec.1968 to Mar. 1970
Whitehurst, RonE3Feb 1, 1962 – Mar 1, 1963Capt. OrderlyI did my Mess Cook tour in the Chiefs Quarters and went to the Deck Force and got to be the Capt. Orderly. CO: Capt. Arnold R Christenson / XO: Cmd King Dr Cook, LtCDR Webber, several of the Stewards for the Capt. and the Commadors.
Burkey, AlbertEM2Feb 4, 1962 – Aug 29, 1965r. divP/G.Evans
Forster, JerrySN/RM3Apr 24, 1962 – Jan 15, 1965OCCame aboard in Spring of 1962, enjoyed my time in radio. I remember RM1 Del Delagarza, RM2 Gary Humphrey RMC Pedro Romero and Mr Bellone our Division Officer. Gilmore was the first of 5 ships in my career. Retired in 1982 as RMCS.
Harker, H.w. ( Bill)SFP-3May 1962 – Oct 30, 1965DCLooking for old shipmates and also a SUB-RON 4 plaque. Would enjoy hearing from anyone,especially out of DC Div. Including daughter's e-mail, as I don't have computer.
Kalkbrenner, John/stewCS2Sep 1962 – Feb 1964SupplyLooking for shipmates to get in contact with
Sumrall, Glenn Aka RickE51963 – 1967R4Would like to hear from R4 division shipmates from 63-67
Bowman, KentEM31963 – Aug 13, 1965Repair
Sumrall, Glenn (Rick)ETR21963 – Jul 1967R4Looking for old shipmates
Pyles, DanielSFM-2Mar 1963 – May 1966R-1 had a great time , Learned alot about life in the fast lane arrived in charleston ,had to wait for her to come back fromCuba, done my tour of mess cooking,the whole nine yards, left ship 2nd class metalsmith,Great Ship
Tschopp, Russell T profile iconIC3Mar 1963 – Feb 21, 1965R3Hi: I just wanted to give a shout-out to any shipmates that may remember me. I have many fond memories of my time on the Gilmore I remember my division officer, Mr. Heins very well as well as the late Capt. Sweitzer :)
Beier, Verdell (Virg)TMSN/TM3May 1963 – Mar 1966W2 AUW MK37/45 shopChecked aboard directly out of "A" school from Key West amid all the blockade buzz. Was assigned to the Mk 37 shop and as part of the "pit" Crew. . Great shipmates good times that kept me on active duty for 26yr CWO4.
Palmer, Dwight (Bill)E3Aug 10, 1963 – Jun 19, 1965D-1
Elkins, RobertSNNov 1963 – May 1964Worked in the torpedo repair shop and made one cruise to New Orleans. Worked as a helmsmen while at sea which was a great thrill having just come out of boot camp.
Corless, MikeSK3Nov 4, 1963 – Aug 5, 1966S-1
Mulick, GarrySKSNNov 15, 1963 – Jul 1964SupplyWould like to hear from anyone that was in supply at that time
Cockrell, KennethML31964 – Jul 1965R-2went aboard from Proteus when we returned from Holy Loch and Rota,Made trip to San Juan and St Thomas and Philly for the Army/ Navy game. Lots of memories, some good some not so good. Lots of water under the bridge since
Durand, OliverEN2Feb 1964 – Aug 18, 1966R2, M%ACame aboard just before Springboard/New Orleans cruise. Worked in R2 div, shop 38; also boat gang & duty driver. Last duties in M&A, fwd eng room. Retired from USNR as CMC with 33 years. Best part of my career was on the Gilmore
Aaron, MikeSFP3May 1964 – Jul 1967R1Assigned to the pipe shop
Ramm, RickTMSNMay 1, 1964 – Nov 24, 1966WeaponsGreat experience - pulled out of Torpedo Shop and assigned to the ships PIO office, editor of ships newspaper "The Gilmore Globe'
Adair, JonTM3Jun 1964 – Apr 1966WR-2Worked in AUW torpedo shop as line mechanic. Spent 3 months on the torpedo loading crew. Later was assigned Torpedo Records Office.
Martin, LarryE3Oct 1, 1964 – Jul 28, 1967ENGGeorge Gibbs, please contact me,Lonnie Bell Griffith contact me, Ed Dearborn contact me'.
Zant, KenFTG2Oct 23, 1964 – Nov 9, 1966WR2Any FT's remember working on the MK9 TBT's?? Before we knew that the dials were radioactive? FTCS Mora actually wrote a poem about the TBT's.
Carelli, MikeSK2Nov 1, 1964 – May 4, 1965I would like to hear from any of the guys in supply.
Bradshaw, DexterTM3Nov 20, 1964 – Dec 11, 1967Weapons UAWWorked in Torpedo room on MK37 and MK45. Made 3 Springboard cruises. Loved Charleston and visit as often as possible. Had some great pals on Gilmore. Like to hear from any of you.
Gottshall, Jay1965 –
Gearty, DaveEM31965 – Aug 1967R-3Enjoyed my time onboard the Gilmore. Was onboard for 1967 Springboard.
Herbert, Richard (Herbie)TM3Jan 1965 – Dec 1967WR2Worked in the forward torpedo shop for almost 3 years with Chief Roach looking over my shoulder. Made 3 "Springboard" cruises and managed to get in trouble on each one of them. Had a great time in Charleston!
Shea, JohnMM2(SS)Jul 1965 – Jan 1968M Div - RadCon'Shore duty' on the Gilmore was a refreshing change (except for MMC Horn) from SSBM Patrols. Got to be a full-time husband/dad. WooHoo!
Hall, DwightEMFN - EM2Aug 1965 – Aug 1967R-3
Krathaus Jr., AlbertETRSNAug 6, 1965 – Jul 1, 1967R4
Johnson, RichardSFSep 12, 1965 – Sep 12, 1967R1I went aboard the Gilmore right out of boot camp. I was in the chief's mess hall for three months. Then I went to the shipfitter shop until I went to the USS Canopus in Rota Spain in September 1967. It was a good ship
Smith, GeraldTM3Oct 9, 1965 – Sep 8, 1967M37 M45 AUW SHOPI would love to hear from some old shipmates. Dexter Bradshaw, Herbie ,Fred Pruner any of the guys in the torpedo gang. Some of the best times of my life with the best people I have met.
Blaylock, GarryEM3Nov 1965 – Apr 1967E DivisionSwitchboards/ Engine Room/ Fireroom

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