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USS Nereus (AS 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nereus (AS 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 264 crew members registered for the USS Nereus (AS 17).

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Hoffman, ClarenceSK31961 – Oct 5, 1963supplystarted mess cook in 1st class mess.Then worked in GSK, then worked in office as OPTAR accounts. Best time, great buddies as Victor Fernandez would say.Remember took Navy dependents from Hawaii to Vallejo, bad storm from Hawaii to Vallejo.
Seibert, Ronald profile iconbt31961 – 1963enginerI would very much like to find John Fallgreen he was the ships photographer
Bliss, AllenRM3Jan 1, 1961 – Jun 15, 1961O& NI came to the USS Nereus after spending a year at USN Miramar airstation. Was reassigned in June to the USS Klondike until Mar 1963. Departing as a RM2.
McMillan, FrankmmfmJan 1, 1961 – Jul 2, 1963auxWorked in the liquid oxy plant
Potter, James (Jim)EM 2Apr 1961 – Jul 1963R 3 DivMany good memories....Would like to get in contact with other R 3 Div shipmates
Stewart, LarrysnJul 21, 1961 – Jul 21, 1963july 21 1965I learned from men of honor
Alexander, Richard / "alex"SEAMAN 1STAug 1961 – Jun 1962Deck - 01 DeckStood Boatswain Mate of the watch. Was aboard when we brought back dependants from Pearl.
Jerry, DavenportFIREMANNov 15, 1961 – Sep 15, 1962Mess Cook/Side Cleaners9 Months USS NERIUS, Engineman A School, Great Lakes ILL, Sub School New London CT New Construction Uss Tinosa Portsman NH April 11 1963 Discharged EN 2 SS Jan 1966
Casselman, MikeFireman apprentice/Dec 1961 – 1962Deck ForceWorked for Bosen mate Tiny Little- taught me a lot of good stuff. Was a 20 plus year man...Think he served under Noah On the Arc in his first hitch.
Kern, JerryEN1Dec 15, 1961 – Jan 20, 1967EngineeringForward engine room, refers, O2N2 plant operator
Kern, JerryEN1Dec 20, 1961 – Jan 28, 1967Engineering M & AServed in forward engine room, refer gang and O2N2 plant operator. The best trip was to Seattle World Fair 1963
Sandgren, LeeRM3Jan 20, 1962 – May 23, 1963Served with great group of radioman. Reported to CPO's Austin and King. Moved from buoys 21&22 to subpier at Pt Loma. Missed the nickel-snatchers after that. Proud to have served on that great ship.
New, MaxSFP2Feb 1962 – Jul 26, 1965R1
Decker, HerbEN2Mar 1962 – Oct 7, 1963EngineeringGreat duty I learned about boilers, compressors, AC units, desalination, and small boats. San Diego was great duty port. In Oct 63 transferred to USS Wright CC-2. Home port Norfolk VA
Wetra, JimRM3Mar 27, 1962 – Nov 26, 1963communicationsTransfered from COMSUBFLOTONE to the Nereus. Thinking back to the times I had, I would do it all over again.
Johnson, RaymondEN2Apr 1962 – Jun 1964EngineeringAfter "A" school, I arrived as a Fireman Apprentice. I spent 6 months as a mess cook and was assigned to the Forward Engine Room. After I made 2nd Class Engineman, I was transfered to a Tug out of Pearl Harbor.
Fulton, Gale (Pat)PH2Jun 1962 – Nov 1965Repair
Miles, KenSN, E3Jul 1962 – Jul 1964Deck and R-5 Health Physics / Nuclear repairNavy was good: Time to grow up and become responsible, had some fun in Alcupuco, Mexico; got the GI Bill for college education, and great civilian jobs in health physics.
Kraft, RussellSF3Jul 1962 – Jul 5, 1964RepairAnyone left out there from repair division?
Gleason, CarlGLEASONSep 27, 1962 – Jan 28, 1966Carpender Shop Damage Control E318 mths in Pearl hobby shop, trans to the Neruse, spent more time on the ship than on shore, making crews boxes. Filling CO2 Bottles to cool the beer. Looking for information on Nuke Subs we serviced in 1965
Morton, Walter (Wally)YN31963 – 1965XI was Capt'n writer, Legal Yeoman and general gofer for the Capt. My rack was in the Capt'ns office. I also was Plan of the Day author. Aboard to SF, Hawaii, Mexico. Great crew, Great ship and Great expierence. Never to be forgotten.
Artz, RonaldEM21963 – 1966Engineering - Electrical RepairRemember the great trips to San Francisco, Hawaii and Acapulco also the collision with another ship while underway under the command of Captain Garvey. Would like to hear from Ben Self, Teddy Koeling and Norm Cole.
Wallen, DarrelMR3Feb 1963 – Jun 7, 1965Rubber & Plastics
Richards, Aaron (Butch)E3 EnginemanFeb 26, 1963 – Feb 25, 1965M Division After EngineroomThe USS Nerious was my first naval duty ship. San Diego submarine base. Looking for my after-engine room buddies - 1963-65
Randall, Charles RandyRM2Mar 1963 – Mar 1966Communications
Bryant, MichaelYN2Mar 1, 1963 – Mar 1, 1964Weapons
Roth, Richard /dickPN3May 7, 1963 – Jan 10, 1966personnel office---daily diary
Mutton, Gerald ( Jerry )TMSNJun 4, 1963 – Dec 28, 1963Weapons
Rogers, DavidE4Jun 6, 1963 – Jun 12, 1965Supply Ships CookCame aboard the Nereus as a Baker I worked in the Bake shop the first year and ran the chief petty officer mess the last year. I decorate all the ships cakes and some for the fleet.
Franklin, Charles A.SFPFNJun 15, 1963 – Dec 27, 1964AI enjoyed the time that I was aboard the USS Nereus. Met alot of other sailors and become good friends, althou I have lost track of them.
Altizer, EdPN1Jun 15, 1963 – Aug 30, 1966Administration/OperationsI was the senior Petty Officer in the Executive Officer's office responsible for all correspondence and personnel records.
Eckert, AllenIC3-IC2Jul 1963 – Mar 1966ships crew, IC roomWas one of my best duty stations. Remember the Acapulco trip, Mare Island doing duty to repair DD, being rammed on a trip to unrep. Showed more movies there.Got nailed as the one who came back drunk and heaved insubflots car.
Beckman, JohnsnSep 15, 1963 – Sep 11, 1964T.A.D. to subron 5Had a great time,got out and, got BFA & MFA in Art .
Lee, Roy ShortySFM3Nov 28, 1963 – Nov 29, 1964romeoMy first 3 years were on the Saint Paul CA73 Was in Vietnam for 2 tours. Was able to spend my last year on the AS17 Enjoyed the LIBERTY....I was a welder.
Buffaloe, JimBM11964 – 1966Sail loft, Deck
Williams, Gerald (Willie)en31964 – Feb 9, 1965enginee roomleft the Navy and went to work on rairoad in montana fo 38 years running trains
Merchlewitz, DavidMR21964 – 1966Machinist
Payne, JerryE-4Mar 1964 – Oct 1965
Moore, PatrickRM-2Mar 1964 – Jun 1966OPS/Comm Came aboard the Nereus from a year on Adak, Alaska. Was aboard for the San Fran, and the Hawaii trips. Had some good fiends aboard the Nereus. Really loved the duty and working with the "boat sailors".
Dolehite, WalterEM E4Jun 1964 – Jun 1966RI liked the rewind division.
Holmes, Wendell Molderfa ml2Aug 1964 – Dec 30, 1968d1 r1first ship best ship out 7 iserved on
Thurber, DavidCTM/SNAug 1964 – Mar 1965Ships Laundry then CO's OrderlyArrived from Boot awaited Clearance then was orderly til I went to A school. Onboard for the trip to Hawaii.
Holmes, WendellML-2Aug 8, 1964 – Dec 31, 1968R-1 X-81Loved the USS Nereus, went from FA to ML-2 . Worked for ML-1 Wetzler and ML-2 Harris in the Foundry. Casted large set of Dolphins for the Squadron.
Buffaloe, JimBM1Sep 1964 – May 1966Sail Loft, Deck
Currie, GeorgeS SM RM StrikerSep 1964 – Oct 1965Deck Force Deck 2PSI for RM A school. Came aboard just in time to go to Hawaii for a month. Caught a Typhoo on the way back. Was very happy while on the Nereus. Great times good mates. Would have been glad to have there until retirement.
Edwards, RonnieDC-2Sep 1964 – Nov 1966carpenter shopFurnace, Myers , Ernest,Gleason and anyone who served with me in the carpenter shop.
Easter, Edward (Rabbit)MR2Sep 15, 1964 – Feb 28, 1966Rubber Shop. Great time, fond memories. I'm still doing what I did in USN
Easter, Edward (Ed, Rabbit)MR 2Sep 15, 1964 – Feb 28, 1966Rubber and PlasticsGreat duty
Flores, HectorETN-2 (retired ETC 1989)Nov 6, 1964 – Nov 6, 1966operations - maintained the ships electrtonics equipthighlights: Acapulco cruise, Hawaii cruise, the submarine USS kamehameha arriving while at Hawaii, the destroyer that rammed us at Ballast Point. Sail to Mare Island for overhaul. I was hired at Mare Island electronics s

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1960 | 1961 – 1964 | 1965 – 1967 | 1968 – now

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