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USS Nereus (AS 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nereus (AS 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 264 crew members registered for the USS Nereus (AS 17).

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Iverson, WallaceBKR31945 – 1946commissaryBoarded ship in Pearl went to Sasebo Bay Guarded 30 Jap submarines until we sunk them. Saw Nagasaki bomb crater,Subic Bay, Manila and back to San Diego for discharge. My nickname was spiderDischarges in Ft Snelling MN.
Babcock, JimRM31945 – 1946Joined ship in Pearl Harbor; to Sasebo, Japan; stood watch on Japanese submarines until sunk in Operation Road's End; to Nagasaki; Subic Bay; Manila; Pearl Harbor; discharged in Norman, OK
Smith, John WillardPO11945 – 1946OpticalThis is my dad. He was on this ship in Sasebo, Japan. Guarded Japanese subs until sunk in Operation Road's End. Was also in Nagasaki, Japan and Manila, Philippines. Would love to hear from shipmates.
Rivera, PedroSeaman First Class1945 – Dec 29, 1945UnknownThis is my father who was drafted and served in the U.S. Navy for 2 years, 3 months, and 5 days.
Babcock, JimRM31945 – 1946RadioJoined ship in Pearl Harbor; to Sasebo, Japan; stood watch on Japanese submarines until sunk in Operation Road's End; to Nagasaki; Subic Bay; Manila; Pearl Harbor; discharged in Norman, OK
Pond, John R.Seaman 1st class1945 – 1946?Boarded ship in Pearl went to Sasebo Bay Guarded 30 Jap submarines until we sunk them. Saw Nagasaki bomb crater,Subic Bay, Manila and back to San Diego for discharge
Gourley, Frank L.CS3Mar 1945 – Sep 23, 1948USNMy grandpa, Boarded Pearl Harbor. Off at San Fran. Remember the old photos of him and buddies with the palm trees in the background but pictured were lost to water damage when I was a kid.
Barnes, HarlanSeman 2cApr 1945 – Jul 1946DeckLaunched with Ship in 1945 as Seaman 2nd class and decommisioned ship at Mare Island Navel Shipyard as Commander in 1971. Served under Capt. LJ Follmer excellenct Commanding Officer.
Rudik Jr., JohnSeaman 1st classApr 27, 1945 – Aug 4, 1946V6I had Skullyman duty. And was a gunners mate. This his his daughter Tressa I am in Colorado right now, when I get home I will ask Dad if he can remember . He has a painting cut from a bunk from a sub they were guarding!
Stone, CharlesSeaman 1stAug 1945 – Oct 1946Deck hand
Follmer, LloydCaptainSep 12, 1945 –CommandThis is on behalf of my grandfather. I recently received letters and he was first "Skipper" of this ship out of the shipyards in California, Vallejo. Mare Island.
Stone, CharlesS1COct 5, 1945 –BoatsmanCaptain's orderly
Danielson, JayELECTRONIC ENGINEER 3Apr 19, 1946 – Apr 19, 1948
Burton, BobSeaman 2COct 1, 1946 – Jul 1, 1947BKRBoarded before she was commissioned. Also want to know if Spider ever removed that tattoo.
Bergeron, LintonMR 2Nov 12, 1946 – Nov 6, 19512nd Class MachinestThis our father, Linton(85yrs) married Earline(83yrs) Babin 60 years ago. They have 6 children, 14 grandchildren and 19 great grand children. We are very blessed to have such wonderful parents. We Love you mom & dad
Parks, William "Buck" profile iconFPFA1948 –FPFABuck Parks was my grandpa who passed away in 2008. I think of him often and I picture him on deck of one of the boats in Benecia everytime I pass by. I wanted to post his info here so he can be remembered by others.
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Keema, EdwardRM2May 1948 – Nov 2, 19511st Division
Jack O. Stewart, Sr., "j"GM3Dec 1949 – Sep 1954Life on the Nereus was different for a country boy. Being young and being far from home it was the best years.... Would like to hear from anyone who cares to remember.
Dugan, EdSeaman 1st1950 – 1951istServed for a short while in the machine shop. Remember first names of some shipmates: Brownie, Slim, Jay. Received Fleet Appointment to Naval Academy and turned it down. Was re-assigned shortly after to Bremerton.
Sweeney, Stephen (Steve)RM3Mar 10, 1950 – May 1951COMMUNICATIONS ( RADIO)It was great being with a good crew. Would like to hear from my shipmates. My Division Officer was LTjg Violette and my Chief was Waldron
Lovaglio, JohnFIREMAN1951 – 1953REPAIRGlad to see the ship is still around. Louie Gleason and John Patton around?
Regan, LarryDK 3Jan 22, 1951 – Nov 15, 1952SUPPLYIt was a great ship and crew. The food was the best. We still have the wedding present we received from my disbursing office buddies in 1951. I later received a supply commission in the reserves and retired in 1973.
Walter, Don [walt]QM2Feb 1951 – Feb 19551stI came aboard ship directly fm boot camp and spent my entire enlistment there with exception of 3 months at QM school,bainbridge Md. I look back on that time with pleasure.
Sisson, J. R.IC3Feb 1, 1951 – Mar 1, 1954EngineeringInterior Communications Room.
Sisson, J RIC3Feb 1, 1951 – Mar 1, 1954EngineeringIC Room. Great tour with Great ship Mates.
West, JosephSeamanNov 1951 – 1953Deck HandWould like to hear from the Corpsman whoc operated on me (circumsized)
Lux, CharlesMR2Dec 24, 1951 – Apr 18, 1954Repair/Chemical testing lab/2nd DeckReally miss the old girl. "Looking Aft" contains recollections of my four years aboard the Nereus along with pictures. Published at Digging up the memories was almost as much fun as the original experience
Raschert, Robert F. (Bob)Hospital Corpsman1952 – 1954Medical Unit (Sick Bay)While serving in the US Navy and stationed aboard the USS Nereus I worked under the direction of Lt. Dwayne J. Peetze who was from Omaha, Nebraska.
Kinslow, RonaldMM1Feb 12, 1952 – Jun 11, 1955Machine ShopLots of fond memories as a young married sailor and being able to have an apartment in San Diego to share with wife. Met and served with an interesting bunch of guys in the Machine Shop. I'm still in touch with a coupe of ship mates.
Hall, Donald K.IC2May 1952 – Sep 1955RepairElectrical - Gyro Shop
Hight, BillAS-17Jan 2, 1953 – Feb 20, 1955
Shepperd, BillyEM PO1Jan 7, 1953 – Jan 7, 1957Electrical EngineeringEnjoyed every minute. Great friends and special thanks to Chief PO Gordon Wolski for his guidance. Trips to Pearl Harbor and Acapulco, Mexico were great. Assisting the SS Tunney with early Regulas Missile launches was intreging. Great ship,
Young, DukeMEFNApr 13, 1953 – Dec 29, 1954Sheetmetal ShopBoring. Moored on the coffe grounds in San Diego Bay for months except monthly overnight at sea for sea store purchases. Prior billet USS Tombibee AOG11 out of Pearl, Sasebo, Guam, Alaska. Great sailors ship, great duty.
McFerrin, JamesSEAMANJun 15, 1953 – Oct 1, 1955what a lady sure do miss her and all my buddies
McFerrin, James LeroySEAMANJun 15, 1953 – Oct 1, 19551sigreat bunch of guys
Schulten, DonMR 2Jul 1953 – Mar 1955Going to drydock at Pearl Harbor was a good break from the normal routine. I was sent to the Nereus after spending 18 months at USNSRFon Guam.
Belcher, James PhilEMP3Jul 8, 1953 – Feb 9, 1955Engine room electrical
Gunter, MarionRM2Sep 1953 – Mar 6, 1955Radio-Communications
Barton, PaulDec 24, 1953 – Aug 23, 1954Damage Control
Hughes, KennethTM31954 – 1955Radio
Jordan, Dave (Arab)TM21954 – 1956not sure
Duquette, Robert ( Bob ) DuquettePipeFitter 2nd Class ( FP2 )Jan 1954 – Jan 1954HullDuring 1954 Nereus Sailed to Hawiia for a 3 month 0verhaul. I loved it .... Great Duty....
Clayton, ArthurMR-1May 11, 1954 – Nov 10, 1957Machinery repairmanWorked in Test Lab & Machine shop
Myers, Jon profile iconSecond class e5Sep 1954 – Oct 1957Submarine tenderLooking for donald hetherington, johnny hillman,
Evans, Belvin ( Baby Duck)Opticalman OM3Dec 10, 1954 – 1957R2 division Optical ShopMy first ship as a 17 teen year old kid . Made Chief in ten years and retired in January 1976. Finished college on GI bill. earned home builder licence . Built many new homes and retired . Started third life as artist

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