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USS Orion (AS 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Orion (AS 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1123 crew members registered for the USS Orion (AS 18).

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Smith, MorganHT31988 – Oct 1989R-1 Shipfitter
Hamilton, DennisET11988 – 1990R-4Romeo, McGargill, Fuhrer, Elliot the Professor, Cox (Pink Panther) Broccoli (kept his uni filthy on purpose) Allbritten, Mickleson, Bonnette, (RED)....Matthews, Lyman, Romeo, Rockwood, Breeden, George Hale, The Incredible Expandin Man....
Hamilton, DennisET11988 – 1988R-4Romeo, McGargill, Fuhrer, Elliot the Professor, Cox (Pink Panther) Broccoli (kept his uni filthy on purpose) Allbritten, Mickleson, Bonnette, (RED)....Matthews, Lyman, Romeo, Rockwood, Breeden, George Hale, The Incredible Expandin Man....
Allbritten, KyleET31988 – 1990Electronics Mainenance
Arnold, Dell profile iconHT21988 – 1989R-1Many members on this list say they had a great time on the ship. I had the exact opposite. The time on the ship was hell and I was so glad to have left. The Navy was a learning experience, but not here.
Salyers, John profile iconHt31988 – 1990Repair 64a
Bertrand, Mark / BertHT2Jan 1988 – Jan 1990Quality AssuranceHad a completely wonderful time on this old ship. Learned a heck of a lot. Had a lot of fun with all you shipmates in Europe.
Wells, JimSnJan 1988 – Jan 1990Deck dept
Cloutier, DonTMC - TMCSJan 10, 1988 – Feb 5, 1990W-3 Special Weapons, W-6 Quality Assurance
Clancy, DavidHTCFeb 1988 – Mar 1990Damage ControlLast command! Bitter sweet. Loved Sardinia and liked the people. Was a paradise!
Ebert, Douglas R.HTCM (SW)Feb 1, 1988 – Jan 20, 1990R-0 OffGreat Ship, enjoyed serving in her. great liberty and country side the Isola Di Sardignia! would love to go back for a reunion in Palau or La Madd, anyone else interested? Looking for all goat locker herd, Luris, Gurtin, also any others.
Ward, ChuckET3Feb 3, 1988 – Sep 4, 1990R-4Served under Ensign (Mustang) Rule. Got Med-evac'd to Landstuhl and then back to the US in 90.
Wilson, SeanDK3Feb 10, 1988 –S-4 DISBURSINGI cant believe that I was a DK back in 1988 on the Orion and I am still working in Disbursing today!!
Obrien, KevinHNFeb 13, 1988 – Jun 7, 1990MEDICAL
Cadle, RonaldHTFR - HT3Feb 18, 1988 – Aug 23, 1991R-6Had a great time, looking back remember the orion as home.(First Ship). I watched thempull her into norfolk va for decommisioning and had to go aboard it was like going home :) Thank you to all the people and crew who made it worth while.
Gliem, RichardBM2Mar 10, 1988 – Mar 16, 1990R-6I worked in the rigging loft. After 1990, I was assigned as a Navy Police at the base in Groten CT. I am currently employeed as a Police Officer for the Dept of Veterans Affairs in Des Moines Iowa.
Moon, AllenET2Mar 19, 1988 – Apr 2, 1990R5Antenna shop, Calibration facility
Johnson, William (Jay)E4/EN3May 1988 – May 1991Port Services
Flagler, CharlesEN1May 1988 – 1990r-8
Williams, Jere (Scumper)MM1 (SW)May 22, 1988 – 1990P & E repairWow it was tough at first got the family there and we loved Sardinia what a great culture my children still talk about it. Yes we did have twinns and I finished my 20 now working for the Gov.
Kriener, BradDK3Jun 3, 1988 – Mar 3, 1991S4Great memories and great life experience. W ould love to hear from some of my fellow DK's or PN's
Long, CalvinSK-2Jul 1988 – 1990Lived in an apartment on the way to the Amer. club up on the hill with 3 other SK's with a US holiday flag as a curtain. Had lots of bbq's. Got drunk all the time. worked in s6 & s7
Jorfi, LouLTJGJul 1988 – Jul 1990W-3
Peter Lee, HeesackerMR3Jul 1988 – Oct 1990R2
Breeden, RodET2Jul 4, 1988 – Jul 4, 1990R4worked in the electronic test equipment/repair calibration lab. what a great experience it was.
Miller, RobertSH3Aug 1, 1988 – Sep 9, 1991Ship's ServicemanLiving in Princeton, NJ. Hope all is well with my many great friends I meet aboard the ship.
Gatherwright Jr, BillMM2Aug 8, 1988 – Aug 8, 1990a gang o2n2good people on board
Barg, EmeryIC2Aug 18, 1988 – Aug 18, 1990R3/R0Started in IC/Gyro shop and ended up working in ARRS. Saw the implimentation from IMMS-RT 2.1 to IMMS-RT 3.0, made a lot of overseas phone calls to NAVMASSO until I figured out their "fix index" problem solver for everything. :)
Waddell, JeffreyEN-3Sep 1988 – Oct 1990engineering was in the forward engin room for my hole stay on board and injoyed it.
Wood, Eric M.LTJG/LTSep 1988 – Sep 1990Deck - 1st LTInteresting times! Egypt, Toulon, subs alongside in the middle of the Med and of course many memories of unforgettable LaMadd and Palau! Would like to correspond with others from that time frame.
Livingston, RalphDC2Sep 4, 1988 – Sep 1, 1990Engineering/Damage ControlLiving out in Colorado Springs, CO now. Not much new except that i did come back into the military a few years back and now getting ready to retire. The good old Orion has been scrapped for those that don't know. I have a link to pics
Greer, MichaelMM3Sep 21, 1988 – Aug 15, 1991R-9If I knew then what I know now I would have made different choices. Italy was a great place to be, I remember having more Italian friends than ship board friends, but there were a few. Hope to reconnect with those few.
Wischerath, WayneMM1(SW)Oct 1, 1988 – Aug 1, 1991R-5Currently working as a process engineer for Ford.
Steele, Michael/mikeyHT1 RetiredOct 1, 1988 – Nov 1, 1990R-8 NDT/QAwould not have traded the Orion era of my career for anything, Lots of good people I surely miss. Brodnicki, Bertrand,Hill, King James, Bill Fairey just to name a few.
Marion, DominicET2 (SW)Oct 15, 1988 – Oct 1, 1990R-4Great times, and great port visits... I can remember standing the CIC watch underway with the rest of the shop...
Lee, CharlesET1Nov 1988 – Sep 1991R4
Rice, Merrill WayneBM2Nov 1988 – Nov 19902nd Div2nd Div, Boats ALPO, originally in R6 Riggers Loft then transferred to Boat Deck.
Easter, DavidHtfnNov 1988 – Jan 1991R-1
Earl, ClarenceE-4 EN3Nov 1988 – Nov 1990EngineeringI really miss my first command and the crew. I miss the tours. I missed Toulon, France and Naples. What's up Rambo, white,Mejas, Williams, Marchinack, Apple white, Salale, Bassfield, Gordan EN1. Aft Engineroom shipmate
Grady, AnthonyMM3Nov 12, 1988 – 1989Engineering
Ramboyan, Ulee "rambo" "en3"EN3Dec 1988 – Dec 1990FWD/AFT EngineroomsDon't miss the duty, but I miss the good times. Hey- Valentin, White, Erving, Saele, Earl, Bassfield, Marciniak, Mateo, Mariano, Tayco, Tana...holla!!
Knighton, StacyTM3Dec 1988 – Dec 1990W-3 WEPSMan, I have been missing all yall! Wish I could talk to someone. I am still married, going on 20 years. Three kids, 19, 15, 13. Call me, 337-855-3993. Still in Louisiana! How bout dem Saints! WHO DAT??????
Swearengen, Colangelo/swankfnDec 1988 – Jun 1989electricalwhats up to everybody who remember me my time was short but was wonderful fill free to call would like to hear from some old friends 901 281-0329 still in memphis
Wisniewski, Mike "ski"YN3Dec 1, 1988 – Mar 1, 1991Squadron 22 AdminFirst week I was assigned to R-6 foundry as a SR. 2nd week CSS-22 needed a admin guy and they asked if I would like to work in CSS-22. And I stayed there the entire time. Worked with YNC DAN HAMPTON anyones where he is please e-mail me.
Feliciano, EddieSH/SADec 29, 1988 – Sep 5, 1989S3I left the Orion before my tour of duty was over because of an accident while in Haifa, Israel. My right hand was damaged enough that the Navy decided to give me a madical retirement.

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