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USS Orion (AS 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Orion (AS 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1123 crew members registered for the USS Orion (AS 18).

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Perry, GerardPN21979 – 1981Personalxcross decked from GILMORE
Rose, MikeEMFN1979 – 1980ESmuggling tequila aboard to swill in the forward liferaft locker. Road house pool and bar fights with base Marines. How dark the nite is at sea. Fish call. Smokers matches. Setting mail bouy watches. Flying fish. Pals.
Dell, MikeETSN1979 – 1980ET shopLeft before ship headed to La Mod. Mostly ship yard time.
Braden, HaroldEN1/DV1979 – 1982Dive Locker
Caley, RobertFN1979 – 1980DECK
Johnson, James JjRM1979 – 1981RadioJust looking for shipmates.
Moss, ThomasSH2Jan 1979 – Mar 1980S-3
Hartung, William (Chico)TM2Jan 1, 1979 – Nov 1, 1980W-2
Coward, MarvinSNJan 10, 1979 – Dec 15, 1980Officer Mess/ Deck/ DentalReported to Charleston (1.5 yrs),after the yard & Gitmo, took cruise over to Sardinia(6 months).Started in officer's mess,then deck force 1st Div, then struck as a Dental Tech. Left for DT-A School & reported to FMF Japan. Had a great time
Pietrak, MikeTMSN-TM3Feb 1979 – Nov 1981W-1 AUWThis was the best tour of my 20 year Navy career. Woody, Garza, Tom Smith, Ed, moore, Oshiro, Neelly, Stull, any body that remembers me, contact me we will talk about old good times
Mewbuorn, ScotDP2Feb 24, 1979 – Oct 20, 1981ADPI would love to hear from any old shipmates that might remember me.
Souders, DaleMS3Feb 24, 1979 – Jul 15, 1981S-2I worked in The crew's galley twice,Cabin Mess,Wardroom Mess,and jack of the dust for a short time
Hall, ChrisLtjgMar 1979 – 1982Supply Corps Officer
Morgan, OttoDNMar 8, 1979 –Dental
Rybak, KeithE5 EMApr 6, 1979 – Jan 8, 1982R3A real life experience, I'd say 85%enjoyable. Met some good people and met some real slugs.
Beshear, SteveE5May 1, 1979 – Feb 1, 1981R-1came to the Orion from Groton. I went thru the yard period from start to finish. Replaced the Gilmore in LaMadd. I was in the Pipefitter shop(56A). I had a great time in Europe and was glad when I got to leave, thought I had returned.
Hapner, Guy - HAPOM3Jun 1979 – Sep 1981R-2 / Optical Shop 35AOn board during a time when NOTHING happened.
McNutt, Kenneth profile iconHTFAJun 1979 – Sep 1981DC
Jeffrey M Johnson, JeffMRFAJun 6, 1979 – Dec 28, 1979r division machine shop
Stellrecht, JoeEM2Jul 1979 – 1981
Browne, GeorgePN3Jul 1979 – Jan 1980Personnel
Scanlon, Joseph (Joe)E5Jul 1, 1979 – Feb 1, 1982EngineeringWorked forward engine room - Oil Shack - AC Department looking to connect with old mates
Maiden, JamesHT 1Jul 10, 1979 – Jul 2, 1981Damage Control
Jones, RayEMCMJul 15, 1979 – Jul 16, 1982E
Pursel, Patrick (Pat)PNCS (RETIRED PNCM)Aug 1979 – Feb 1982PersonnelAsst Pers Off/Educ Serv Off; CWO4 Glenn Pryor was our Pers Off/and my Friend (still is) and a group of wonderful guys that I still miss/respect.
Minnicks, Keith profile icon  NEWHT 2Aug 7, 1979 – Aug 23, 1981Engineering Damage ControlI see a couple of shipmates that were on board with me. Hello to all. It was a good time on the Orion. The DC Shop and Storeroom was always busy doing something and along the way I met a lot of great people!
Jones, Robert (Bobby)OM3Aug 10, 1979 – Mar 10, 1980R5Rodger Densmore was Optical Shop Supervisor durining this time frame. Swapped orders with OM3 Michell just before ship left for La Madd.
Burford, JimBM 3Sep 1979 – Aug 19821st Division Herbs TerdsI have read alot of the post here and every one of them is correct . I made some very good friends on that ship we took her from the yards to lamadd it was a blast ( we just didn't know it) but wtf we were young.
Pederzolli, Mark PetesaSep 1979 – Jul 1981deck 1st dc po for 1st div started in the yards and ended in lamadd met a good bunch of guys on there
Walker, KennySNOct 1979 – Sep 1981seaman,boatswainsmatewas a great time in my young life and served with a great bunch of guys and girls,thank you all for the memories and your service
Guy, Douglas JoeRMCNov 1979 – Dec 1984CRcame onboard in charleston(yards) in 1979, thru gitmo, then rode her to lamad in june of 80..stayed aboard five duty i had in 21 years.
Guy, Douglas JoeRMCNov 1979 – Dec 1984CR
Bowen, Douglashm2/ now retiredNov 23, 1979 – Jun 23, 1981Deck 1 - Medical Dept.I came aboard in Charleston, thru to the Gitmo shakedown and then to the "Rock". Thirty years, wow! those were the days . Our 'Rock Band' aboard was the best!' too. I returned to La Madd in June of 2013. Awesome!
Thomas, TomJO31980 – 1982X
Roberts, TonyHT-21980 – 1982R-1Rescue & Assistance detail. Fighting brush fires for the Italians so they didn't have to. Pipe shop was great with Robert Balcom, Jeff Earl and Paul Daniels.
Hanson, HarryHM21980 – 1981MedicalWhatsa matta you? Is a nice-a place!
Johnson, KennethIC21980 – 1985R-3 Gyro shop
Albro, BobMM3Jan 1980 – Apr 198138A outside repair shopLaMadd great place to grow up!
Sperrazza, Dave " Spaz"SNJan 28, 1980 – Aug 10, 1982Boat DivB
Bob Albro, All Purpose BroMM2Feb 1980 – Apr 198138A outside machine shopWhat a place to grow up, AS-18 and La Mad its the best of times even though we complained all the time. I'm planning on retiring to IT. in 15 years
Bates, RogerET3Feb 5, 1980 – Apr 14, 1982Comm, R4, R5, R3Came aboard when in yards in Charleston. Took her across to LaMadalena, there for 15 months. Young and inexperienced.
Short, MartinPN2Feb 12, 1980 – Apr 26, 1982PERSONNELBeing assigned to the Orion and working in the Personnel Office was an amazing time in my life that I will never forget.
Abernathy, Charles Aka ChuckIMSR- IM1Mar 1980 – Jun 1989R-2First and Favorite Duty Station. So Nice I came back to work as a civilian.
Curran, GaryRM 2Mar 1980 – Aug 1984CommCrossed over from the Gilmore and extended twice. Worked with a great team and loved the job. Model 28 teletype repair. Built great friendships.
Hughes, Richard profile iconltMar 2, 1980 – Mar 2, 1981dentalCapt Charles was the ships captain. a great crew and great tour of duty home port Sardinia Italy
Witkosky, MikeE5/HTMar 8, 1980 – Sep 28, 1982Damage ControlWould love to hear from my fellow ship mates. Tom Conway, Drew & Ski
Warmbold, JeffMS2Mar 24, 1980 – Oct 24, 1984MSI enjoyed my time on the US Orion and the YTB 805. I meet so many great people from all walks of life. Wish I could repeat some of those time.
Deter, PaulEN2May 1980 – Sep 1983M and A
Mayhew, DaveSA/FNMay 1980 – May 1982Deck then Engineering (aft hole)Would love to hear from anybody that remembers me. I remember Donny Jeter, Country (sorry, don't remember y're real name) John Epp...Ken Struthers. It's been a LONG time gentleman.
Stacks, Kenneth (Scott)E3May 9, 1980 – Jun 30, 1983deckmiss the old gal and my shipmates to
Goff, PhillipEN2Jun 1980 – Jan 1982MWorked in FWD Engine room. B-1-E. Lived on La Madd with my wife.
Goff, PhillipEN2Jun 1980 – May 1982LPO FWD ENG ROOM B-2-E
Drury, LarryDTCJun 1980 – May 1981DENTALMSSN Mike Goldman from Colorado - Where are you? Ed Ramsey and I would like to know.
Odum, DavidSH3 (RETIRED SHC 2002)Jun 1980 – Nov 1981S-3Of all the commands that I served at, the Orion is the one that I always remember with a smile.
Buckley, MikeIM3Jun 1, 1980 – Dec 1, 1981R-2
Bennett, DalePN2 (LCDR RET)Aug 1980 – Feb 1982PersonnelGreatest unity in a work environment...because of the leadership.
Densmore, DaviedE-3Aug 1980 – Feb 1982ARRS office/Machine shopWent to MR "A" school after tour One of my best memories/ LaMad was beautiful/ Could not have asked for a better duty station
Hall, BarryTM1Aug 1980 – Jul 1985Weapons
Pryor, GlennCWO4Aug 5, 1980 – Jun 13, 1981PersonnelCross decked from Gilmore after decom to Orion. Served as Personnel Officer/Senior Shore Patrol Officer. Best group of PNs ever! These guys were totally dedicated to serving the crew!!
Johnson, CraigENSSep 1980 – Jun 1982W-3
Szatkowski, Mike - SkiHT2Sep 15, 1980 – Dec 20, 1982repair
Smith, Jerry/ J.d.E-5/HTSep 15, 1980 – Mar 15, 1982R-1 / DCC Had a great time there and made new friends some i see on the list. I will never forget the rock!!!!
Baker, Joseph profile iconIM3Oct 1980 – 1982R2MIRCS LAB
Cruz, JavierENFNOct 26, 1980 – Jun 26, 1982Site ComponentGod Bless America!
Hinkle, BillTMSN/TM3Dec 1980 – Apr 1982W1 Mk 37 shopDan, John, Greg, David, Rick, Ed, George. Let's get in touch.
Johnson, WillieSRDec 1980 – Mar 1982Port ServicesMy first command that was an eye opener learning to drive those huge LCM's. Good people and some bad ones but overall a good command. I enjoyed living ashore at Paradisio. SR Johnson
Herbster, Charles R.BMSNDec 12, 1980 – Dec 17, 1981Deck dept.Remember the fun time in town.

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