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USS Orion (AS 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Orion (AS 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1123 crew members registered for the USS Orion (AS 18).

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Kreger, JackMS21977 – 1980S-2 SUPPLY
Schultz, Carl "charley"BM1977 – 1979deck hung out with Jeb Houk, Byron Kirtland, Bill McCreary Greg Langraf, Robert Ricther, Emmit"E",Ray and a few others.
Koonce, MikeMM21977 – 1978Outside Machine Shop - Repair
Krosky, KennethETR-31977 – 1979R4
Burt, JimEMFN1977 – 1980ELECTRICALwould like to here from old buddies Zack Henry, Charlie Schultz Jeb Houk and others
Citino, AngeloTM2Jan 1977 – May 1980Weapons SUBROC W-3Definitely some great times in Charleston!!!
Wszolek, Michael ( Ski)E-3Jan 1977 – Jun 1980Maa Office SN / Ships Office / Deck Divisiion77-80 was a great time. I remember many a shipmate. MAA flunkie with Scott Jameson, Woody, Ch Priebe,. X divisiion for a while, deck division for a while, living in MI facebook / Keep in touch. MW
Crawford, Donald Aka Hossmr 2Jan 3, 1977 – Jun 23, 1980repair machine shophello to my friend scot jaminson the postal clerk from ky looking for rick edwards and james napier any one who went to bermuda storm trip and getmo or ft luaderdale 2 times we took our harleys shorty
Hickok, BillEN-3Feb 1977 – Sep 19803 engine room.If you remember me then you know the hole. thats all I'll say. Except the people Elmo, sinclair Brodsky and all the rest .
Riesenbeck, PaulET3Feb 1977 – Jun 5, 1980R-4Worked in Electronics Repair Division doing antenna repair and later in the calibration lab. Left right before the ship moved to Sardinia.
Carlson, Mikedeck seamanFeb 9, 1977 – Feb 15, 1979first div.looking for any ship mates that were on her between this time frame that can help me with my v.a. clam we tore all the lagging out of deck berthing it was all asbestosis i now have c.o.p.d. please help me
Leipertz, FrankET1Mar 1977 – Oct 1981Comm/R4
Kirtland, ByronBMMar 16, 1977 – Feb 23, 1981deck 1stdiv 2nddiv paint chip paintserved with charley shultz,greg landgraf,steve dubac,high times lots of fog.great times we had we were so young.thought we had the world by the nuts. was LT Kobel killed by a lion.or was that a dream......................
Jost, Kenneth profile iconET3Mar 17, 1977 – Jun 20, 1980R4
Johnson, CraigTM1Apr 1977 – Apr 1978W-1
Villareal, Jr, Julio [j.r.]TMT2Apr 4, 1977 – Dec 5, 1980Weapons MK37 Shop
Wofford, RussellYNSNMay 1977 – Sep 1978Admin/Ship's OfficeWorked for Senior Chief McClure & LT Moore in Ship's Office. Anyone remember the XO CDR Bender? Anyone remember the trips to Ft. Lauderdale? Or how about the aborted trip to Bermuda. Wow. What ever happened to CWO Cummings. Good Guy.
Richter, RobertbmsnMay 2, 1977 – Jan 7, 1981second division boat creware there any of herbs turds out there, deck dept. 1st and 2nd division. gimme a shout. still looking for bucky jones
Fort, SamSK3Jun 24, 1977 – Dec 20, 1979Supply/Subsat
Baker, JackOMJul 1977 – Nov 1978R-2GREAT ship and shipmates!
Sillaman, Davide4Jul 25, 1977 – Oct 1, 1979s7
Harper, JerryDTP2Jul 26, 1977 – Sep 23, 1980dentalI would like to hear from any of my shipmates, also the doctors i was stationed with
Hartranft, Bob (Hart)TM4Aug 1977 – Feb 1981weapons deptGrew from a boy into a man on the Orion. Greatest &worst moments of my life. Survivor of the Charleston shipyard in 80.
Vannostran "Van", Charles / MattET2Aug 1977 – Jun 1980R4 Cal LabWorked in electronics repair/cal lab. Was CARP coordinator after Archie Deadman. Took ship from Charleston, SC to Norfolk, VA then back to Charleston, thru shipyard, to Cuba, then Italy. Left to bring USS Gilmore to VA
Cunningham, PatrickE-2Sep 1977 – Aug 1978
Hughes, DavidTMSNSep 1977 – 1978WEAPONS
Slansky, TerryDP3Sep 1977 – Aug 10, 1979shung out with Andy Bores
Locklear, JimmyQM3Sep 17, 1977 – Jun 12, 1978navigationHey looking for Martin, Canty, Self, Fuhr, Thomas,Aquino, Betts e-mail me and of course Ulla babe I wanna see ya!!!
Richardson, JoeSK3Oct 1977 – Jan 1980S-1 (SUBSAT)Spent the better part of my tour in SUBSAT. Got lucky to get off just before she went into the shipyard. Ended up loving Charleston and now glad to call it home.
Massey, ReginaldBM3Oct 18, 1977 – Jul 23, 19812nd division crane crewwow! what a time, the people I met, slim Johnson yn3, Haynes dk3, unfortunately these two guys didn't go to Italy I really missed them over there. I admit I regret not doing my 20, but hey! life goes on.
Huskey, RobertHTC ( was HT3 to HT1 while onboard)Nov 1977 – Sep 1982R DivRoad the ship to La Madd from Charleston. I remember riding her thru the Burmuda Triangle. We thought she was gonna sink.
Laduke, Tadd "duke"DK3Dec 31, 1977 – Jul 27, 1980supply disbursing officeMy best training was on that this ship. Sad to see her gone now. I also remember that failed trip to Burmuda and oh yes, Getmo and the parties there. Send me an e-mail. Anyone hear from Tom Stone or any other DKs?
Moore, MikeIC2/SS1978 – 1980IC And unfortunatly Mess CrankHad fun in IC, and even Mess cranking duty. Gitmo was funny for those who remember the hall raised.
Pawlenko, MikeIC 21978 – 1981R-3 R-7
Kaczynski, Ken "ski"HTFN1978 – 1980R-1
Hurkala, AnthonyMM31978 – 1982radcon,and 38aremember cruise over to lamad, the ships band Straight Razor? sound and lights, nights partying at monneta club? I grew up a lot on that ship Had a drinking problem (not proud of that) but kicked it went on to many more years with Navy
West, RickE5/HT21978 – 1981X-11-A
Goodman, JayTM31978 –Weapons
Dale, Marktmsn-tm31978 – Aug 1979w1always remember falling down the weapons storage pit. ouch
Luna, KeithYN31978 – 1979Admin/Repair OfficesMy life and education began here. Learned the ropes of military life and the skills that laid out the future for me. Excellent experience, wouldn't trade it for the world.
Ray, JamesHT21978 – 1982R1Great experience, Charleston SC to La Madd, pipe and shipfitter shops. Wouldn't change a thing
Dale, Marktmsn tm31978 – 1979w1i fell down the weapons pit
Smith, Edward. (Ed)SK1 / SKCFeb 1978 – Feb 1980S-6 div / S-1 divSystem coordinator in stock control and division chief in stores division
Rutt, Keith W.TM2Feb 1978 – Oct 1979WEAPONS
Stellwagen, StevenRM2Mar 14, 1978 – Jan 10, 1980CommunicationsUSS Orion Sailor of the Quarter in 1979.
Carter, David profile iconPNSNMar 19, 1978 – Jun 6, 1980Command Career Counslor and Command Master ChiefI ran "I" division for the crew turn over, went thru re-fit and then on down to GITMO working in the Personnel Office. Tons of great stories and good times. Worked for some great Chiefs, Master Chief Whipple was one.
Carey, HenryML2Apr 1978 – Sep 1981R-6start of 29 years. Good friends and fun times overall. retired in 2006
Carter, DavidYNSNApr 10, 1978 – Jun 1, 1980PERSONNELThe Orion was great duty, miss all the crew I served with and wonder what happened to them. Served with the Command Master Chief and Command Career Counsler. Two of the best in the Navy.
Smith, TomTM1May 15, 1978 – Jul 3, 1982W-6Serving onboard the USS Orion (AS-18) was an excellent experience. I served with some of the best sailors I met throughout my entire career regardless of rate or rank. She was truly an old "War Dog" of the Seas. BZ AS-18, FWAFS.
Blanchard, StevenBM3May 29, 1978 – Dec 30, 19781st Division - Deck CrewDid time with Byron Kirtland, James Fletcher, Steven Dubac, Steven Dennison, Dave Kriesher, Mike Kelso, Dave Lane, and a whole bunch of other crazy guys in 1st and 2nd Division. Lucky to have a brain left.
Burkhart, BrantIC2Jun 15, 1978 – Sep 19, 1979R3Remember Alan Kelly, Kramer, Green, Pawlenko, Wilson & Ball. Discharged went to work for Arkansas Power & Light Arknasas Nuclear One. Contract startups for 20 yrs nuclear power plants. Lead CPNPP Electronic Board Rework-analysis.
Garza, DavidTM2Jul 30, 1978 – 1982This was a great tour!
Wells, EricIC3Sep 1978 – May 21, 1979E
Dearborn, DwightDKSNSep 1978 – 1980SupplyLove the cruise to Palma Majorca, Athens fun ride over to the Rock. Met alot of people
Leblanc, KerryENSep 18, 1978 – Apr 1, 1981Efirst three months worked in the galley with the cooks,made tea, cracked eggs, and stirred a lot of stuff...then on to the Forward Engine Room. Had a blast with all the guys. Spent my last days folding clean laundry in berthing comp.
Lake, TimSK3Nov 11, 1978 – May 13, 1981S-1Orion was my 1st ship. I will always remember mess cooking (cranking) and the friends I made, Joe Walsh, John Duke and a host of others.
Biden, Garyht3Nov 15, 1978 – Jun 20, 1981DC
Schneider, GeorgeTM2Nov 19, 1978 – Nov 20, 1981W-1
Klump, PaulLTJGDec 1978 – Oct 1980S1, S2, S6Enjoyed my tour in Charleston and LaMad

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