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USS Orion (AS 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Orion (AS 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1123 crew members registered for the USS Orion (AS 18).

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Watkins, JohnSH-31964 – 1965s-3worked night laundry crew
Myre, WilliamIC31964 – 1966R3PET Shop ~ with John Beasley, Jim Payette, Donnie Hutson, Bobby Guy, and others when we left Norfolk and went to Guam passing though the canal. Left to go to IC "B" school - from there went to USS Observation Island EAG 154 Cap Canaveral
Blank, BillYN3 Discharged YN21964 – 1965Engineering/Weapons RepairServed in the Engineering Log Room and Weapons Repair Department. Also served aboard the USS Sirago and Cutlass, Would like to hear from anyone I served with, especially Ernie Olinger, Jim Johnston.
Kolker, LarryE-31964 – Oct 20, 1966Personnel DepartmentI was in charge of ID and liberty cards for the crew and members aboard submarines. I also wrote letters for the crew to the Captain, CNO and one letter to the President.
Boles, RaymondIC2Feb 13, 1964 – Jun 17, 1967RWorked on gyro’s and periscope E&E adoptor
Sheldon, GeraldMA3Jun 5, 1964 – Sep 9, 1966Supply World's Fair 1964... Anybody Remember???? Hit me up @email Jerry
Kennedy, JimTM3Nov 1964 – Aug 1967
Lillard, BillE7/ICC1965 – 1970
Froloff, Orvell (Orrie)MACHINIST MATE 3RD CLASS PO1965 – 1967Auxiliary GangLooking for all my shipmates? Some of us are still here. A lot of great memories aboard the Uss Orion AS-18. Hope to hear from some of you soon.
Leaich, NormanE5 / ENGINEMAN1965 – 1967EngineeringAft engineroom was a great place to work / had control of almost everything on board
Crawmer, ArthurETR31965 – 1966ETThis was my first ship after ETA school. I worked on ECM in the ET shop. I was transferred to Thule Greenland for the "summer" base resupply in 1966.
Becker, Stephensfp21965 – 1967r divisonworked in pipe shop with paul ream robert batson howard ruby a guy named pell would like any contact from anyone who remembers me or any of these guys
D'Entremont, Robert (Rocky, Frenchy)IC21965 – 1966EngineeringFinished Nuc school waiting for a SUB assignment offered a diesel boat heading out for a Med cruise in need of an IC electrician.....what an experience.....that trip would cost an easy hundred grand today......Go Navy
Kurtz, MikeEm31965 – 1969Sub repairElectrical contractor
Bowne, DonSFP-3Apr 14, 1965 – Apr 14, 1967pipefitterLooking for any ship mates from this time piored
McNicholas, Tim/macsfm-3Jun 1965 – Jul 3, 1967R-1 I live in Whithall, pa, retired and have a son & daughter and 6 grand kids. The Orion Veterans Historical Org puts out the SCUTTLEBUTT 3 times a year, to sign up e-mail Dave at ( ). tim ( mac )
Froloff, Orvell (Orrie)Jul 1, 1965 – Oct 9, 1967I'll never forget my tour aboard the Orion. Met some great guys and enjoyed being a member of the Auxilary Gang. I really miss those days and the men I served with. Great memories!
Surette, EdwardPipefitter 3rd classSep 1965 – 1968Ship fitterI remember going through the hurricane in Cape Hatteras. I remember the shake down in Guantanamo Bay. Looking for Bob Bourgeois and Ruby (? Last name)
Brewer, DonaldSHIPS SERVICEMAN 3RD CLASSOct 1965 – May 1967S-3 SupplyI worked in the crew's barber shop and then was sent to work in the Officers barber shop, great job in officers country, Anyone who remembers me send me an e-mail. After leaving the Orion I went on to the submarine base in Holy Loch Scotla
Aliano, Bob (Guinea)ET-1(SS)Nov 1965 – Dec 1968R4Some of the most technically challenging years of my carreer. Prepared me for 38 years as an aerospace engineer. Made some great friends, especially the CIC maneuvering team.
Saldana, Tomas (Tom)SeamanNov 1965 – Jun 1966OperationsAfter arriving in Norfolk I as assigned as a mess cook and then a deck ape. From there I worked in the Radio Shack until I left the ship to go to Class A school in Brainbridge Maryland.
Greenwell, JoeSNDec 1965 – Jun 1966CommunicationsA great 7 months. Would like to hear from anyone from the radio shack from that time.
Gill, Willam, BillRM2Dec 1965 – Oct 27, 1969radio shackwould like to hear from my friends that i served with during this period
Greenwell, JoeSNDec 7, 1965 – Jun 30, 1966Communications/Radio ShackA great 7 months. Would love to hear from anyone during this same time frame, especially from the radio shack.
Faith, BillCyn 3Dec 23, 1965 – Aug 1, 1968Radio DepartmentHad a great time during my years aboard the Orion, left in 68 and was assigned to NAS Sigonella Sicily. Best four years of my life..
Dowdy, Waynecyn-3Dec 26, 1965 – Aug 16, 1968radio shackI worked in the radio shack and would like to here from anyone who worked with me during that time period
Anderson, James (Andy)RM3 (AT THE TIME)1966 – 1967CommunicationsMade the crow aboard, was accepted to B school in Bainbridge late '67.
Bikoff, NormBM 21966 – Sep 26, 19683 rdI served on the USS Orion from 1966 to 1968 in the 3rd devision. It was good duty.
Besenyei, Robert (Bob)RM31966 – 1968OCRetired RMC in 94, 10 years broken svc. Great gang in radio and LT. Rogers good comm officer. Berthing in penthouse sucked. Learned to hate ditto machines. Still like to copy CW.
Poitevint, BobPM31966 – Jun 16, 1967REPAIR DIV.i came aboard the orion after boot camp.went to pattern shop under doc.holliday.what a great time.went to A school then to ISLE ROYAL.left the navy the last of 69 and came back to oregon what a great time.
Tombasco, ArtETR31966 – 1968R4Proudly served and enjoyed Orion. Great time with some great shipmates. Would love to hear from you.Transferred to H-2 Iceland. Left service for college (VT) , married, 2 kids, worked in Aerospace, retired.
Kelsey, Robert WE-3Mar 1966 – Nov 1967Machinery RepairmanI came on board as a machinery repairman and ended up making ships bells and name tags for officers in the engraving shop. Also sold coke floats out of the tool room in the machine shop.
Sumrell, Richard (Dick)E-3Apr 1, 1966 – 1968machinist, outsideDick passed away Dec. 2010. I am his daughter Shelly. Did not get reunited with him until 2 months before his death and just getting some info on his service.
Parker, JamesApr 3, 1966 – Feb 25, 1967Comm.
Trumble, Garfield ( Frenchie )IC 3Apr 15, 1966 – Nov 7, 1968R-3My assignment was the Gyro shop with a really great group of guys.
Keeton, JerryTM2Jun 1966 – Oct 1969MK37 shop
Beitinger, ChuckE-4 ML3Jun 1966 – Oct 1969R-1`Served from 1966-1969 in ships foundry, CPO William Chappell was supervisor. Good ship and a great crew enjoyed my time on her.
Keeton, JerryTM 2Jun 1966 – Oct 19696th fleetworked in 37 shop . Hello Bullwinkle . Got a pic of the Orion on My wall . Think of those days often . Great bunch of Guys to work with .
Cole, ArtE5Jun 1, 1966 – Dec 31, 1968Dental TechI was a Dental Tech and would live to hear from you.
Nielsen, GilPM2Aug 1966 – Aug 21, 1969R-1Worked in the Pattern shop under Chief Rohdes
Antenucci, HarryETN2Sep 1, 1966 – Dec 18, 1968Was sup in charge of ECM shop for the sub squadron.
Murphy, MikeIM3Sep 18, 1966 – Sep 16, 1968Repair DivisionJust looking for some old friends who worked in optical/instrument repair shop.its been a long time but still thinking of you guys. Still remember the shake down cruise to Cuba, what a time that was.Chief Winkelman funny
Hill, LarryETN3Oct 1966 – Jun 1967ET Shop (R4?)This was my sea duty awaiting my assignment to Nuclear Power School. Selected for NESEP in Nuclear Power School.
Jones, BernardSK2 E-5Oct 1966 – Apr 1969s 1I worked in GSK, Storerooms, Supply Office and Tech Library
Cosgrove, DarylIC3Oct 10, 1966 – Oct 10, 1969R3worked in the Gyro Shop. Had duty the last night the Scorpion was along side the tender. Started the Mk 19 gyro up at 3:30 a. m. so it would settle out by the time they left for Spain.
Beaston, JackYN2Oct 15, 1966 – Oct 15, 1968adminI was aboard when SBN Scorpion did't return from deployment
Johansen, BrianBMSNNov 1966 – 1967DECKI remember shipyard in Norfolk and the shake down cruise out of Guantamano Bay. I also remember when the Scorpion went down.
Faith, Richard/dickEM3Nov 1966 – Jul 1967Electrical RepairElectrical Division was the best. Remember the fire onboard while in Norfolk. Fire was so bad that they were going to tow us to sea. Scary times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
McGann, RichardSK3Nov 4, 1966 – Dec 1, 1967S-2 SupplyWorked in supply breaking out food for the galley., Was "Jack-'O'-th' Dust" and worked in the Galley's office. I remember when the SS Scorpion went down.
Dunn, JerryHMNov 10, 1966 – Jun 10, 1967Medical

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