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USS Hunley (AS 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hunley (AS 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1198 crew members registered for the USS Hunley (AS 31).

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Simone, DavidHT21979 – 1980Sheetmetal ShopGuys, find me on linked in. I live in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas). I sure miss all of you, best time of my life. write me direct at
Conrader, DavidHM21979 – 1981MedicalAboard in Guam transit back to Charleston
Mertens, CraigIC21979 – 1982R3
Duncan, DouglasHT31979 – 1981DCGood Memories, Did not know there could be 2 Michael Snodgras's in the world, let alone on the same ship. I remember 1 having to stow away to avoid Guam police. It was self defense of course. LOL.
Hull, DavidMM3Jan 1979 – Jan 1981SUBMARINE REPAIRServed on the hunley at polaris point Guam, then transferd to the proteus when the hunley went to Scotland. I rode dirt bikes with alot of the guys in repair.
Elliott, StevenIMCJan 1979 – Jan 1982R2Picked up th ship in Guam, ROde it until Scotland crossed decked to the USS HOLLAND
Gower, SteveE3 MOST OF THE TOUR, ET3 AS I LEFT.Jan 1979 – Feb 1980R4 67H - "you break em' we fix em'" Hotel AntennaStationed in Guam, had a great time being part of the repair shop and had many adventures off the ship checking the island out. I will never forget the "shuffle your feet loose your seat" incident.
Dickens, StevepcJan 1979 – Jan 1983POST OFFICE
Aiello, DarrylFTG2Jan 1979 – Jun 1981Weapons 2I was a Torpedo Fire Control Tech but spent time in the Armory and in the AN/ BST-1 shop as the lead. Stationed in Guam for most of my tour I did ride her around to Carleston South Carolina then to WA on SSN 610
Neu, RandyHT2Jun 1979 – Jan 1983R-1 (17A) Sheetmetal ShopReunion time gentlemen... It would be nice to hear from my old shipmates. Update... married with 3 kids, travelled for 6 years... I loved 3-D thinking so much I am now an artist & a sculptor.
Eischen, James "jay"ENJun 1979 – Jul 1980A AC&R SHOPPolaris Point Guam , It was better than they told me it was
Arrighetti, CraigET2Jun 1, 1979 – Sep 26, 1983W5 and W6Was on Hunley from Guam, through the Charleston Naval Shipyard, and Holy Loch. Spent nearly my entire tour on Hunley.
Pease, TonyE-2Jun 1, 1979 – Aug 1, 1981Deck CrewAnyone aboard the ship in 79 - 80 why is docked in Charleston, SC
Borja, Jr., Gregorio C.QMSA-QMSNJun 16, 1979 – Jun 4, 1980Admin./Nav.HALF A DAY! ALL DAY. Shouting out to the Navigation team (QM’s & SM’s)? HAH, married to my home girls and left. LOL
Clemens, ScottSNJun 19, 1979 – Nov 19, 1982DeckLooking for Den Pate and Donald Hanchett. Hope all is well for you guys. Keep" riding the storm out." Hey, anyone who remembers me-Shout out. Still with much love Theo. Hope things are cool for you. Gomez, u howly.
Skelton, JamesPNCS(SW)Jul 1979 – Jul 1983HR (Personnel Office)Pick up the ship in Guam, change homeports to Charleston then change homeport to Holy Loch Scotland.
Wilson, Donald F.MR1Aug 1979 – Jun 1980R-3Guam......humidity........92-A....... Didn't make MRC again............... . Crossdeck to AS-19
Van Laanen, MikeE-3Aug 12, 1979 – Aug 2, 1981Boiler techWas on ship in guam and charelston ship yards in dry dock
Rylee, ChuckDPCSep 1979 – May 1982adp supplyServed aboard twice,in Guam/Bremerton/Chastn 72 to 74 as DP3/Dp2, in ADP DIV then as DPC/Divo in ADP from 79-81. in Chastn and Holy Loch Hated it and loved it at the same timer.
Snow, Paul David " Snowman" profile iconBM2Sep 1979 – Oct 19841st and R-6Had alot of wonderful memories with this ship and met a whole lot of Super people.It was my favorite command of all I served on. Took her from one side of the world to the other
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Dickinson, Troy G.GMT2 / (WT2)Oct 1979 – Apr 1983Weapons, W-3I welcome the opertunity to hear from any shipmates I served with.
Craig, MitchellMT2Oct 1979 – Oct 1982W-4Just looking to hear from any old shipmates...Is this what happens when you get old?
Atkinson, RichardMM3Oct 1979 – Apr 1983A-Div O2N2 shopIn Houston,Tx. Hope you are in good health, its been awhile" Had some good times, Guam, Charleston,HolyLoch. 281-673-8402
Crandall, Robmm3Oct 1979 – 1981R-5 RadCon
Snodgrass, MikeHTFNOct 1979 – Apr 1983DCJumped on at Guam/site 3..worked in Tender Maint and CO2 shop...Flew back from Scotland. Did my whole service on the Hunley!
Simmons, NickHT3Oct 15, 1979 – Apr 3, 1981R-1Got to Guam on Oct of 78 Reported to Proteus, crossed over to Hunley when it arrived. I was In the lagging shop. Took the ship back to Charlston. Made some great friends
Conrad, RickEMFNOct 16, 1979 – Sep 17, 1981EWorked in the Electrical shop under EM1/EMC Montemeyer, EMC Click, Lt Sides and ENS Bogess. Steve Wells was my mentor. Great experience onboard AS31. Still in Chas SC as well is Bill Brooks. RIP VRocha & RLife.
Paige, SamMMFNNov 1979 – Apr 1981A
Kempf, BobMM3Nov 2, 1979 – May 9, 1982R-2I was on board in Guam, SC and a short time in Scotland. Then transfered to the Holland.
Walden, WileyEMCDec 1979 – Mar 1980Ship's SuperintendentI served aboard USS HUNLEY (AS-31) while waiting for the USS PROUTES (AS-19) to assume the duties of resident tender at refit site III, Guam, MI. I enjoyed the time I served aboard USS HUNLEY and also the following duty on USS PROTEUS.
Shaw, DavidTM-3Dec 1979 – Oct 1981W-1Some of my best years in the NAVY. Transfer to USS-Canopus in October 1981.Served there 3years and transfer to Naval Weapons Station Charleston MK-46 Torpedo shop.
Lassandro, JohnIC2Dec 1, 1979 – Nov 1, 1981EngineeringCross decked from the Proteus in Guam and did the shipyard overhaul in South Carolina.
McDonald, Mark (Mac)EN3Dec 1, 1979 – Jun 17, 1983forward injector shop
Grant, DavemssnDec 1, 1979 – 1982night bakerenjoyed my time on the hunley looking for old shipmates
Carr, Carlton1980 – 1982Cross-Decked from Holland to Hunley in 1981? at Holy Loch. Was an EM-2 in R-7 DIvision.
Metzger, TonyET21980 – 1982W5
Dano, IrvingRM21980 – 1983CRFirst ship...Homeported in Guam and Holy Loch, Scotland. Retired Senior Chief now.
Morgan, Gregsh1980 – 1983Ships ServicemanLooking to touch bases with some of the crew that I served with in Holy Loch.
Custred, MitchellBM31980 – 1984DECKRoad The Hunley to holy Loch from Charleston and even re-enlisted over there
Allison, AlanBMSNJan 1, 1980 – May 29, 1980DECKI was TAD awaiting the Proteus (AS19) but made a lot of Friends, Dave Boyer, Mickey Myers, JR Farr, Tom Daily, I confuse some with the Hunley/Proteus because of being TAD for several months. Great Time @ Andy's Hut!
Long, WayneHT1Jan 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1981R8Remember being in Charleston Shipyard
Erdmann, MitchHT2Jan 14, 1980 – Jul 12, 1984dc
Creason, StephenFAFeb 1980 – Mar 1982AC&Rlooking for my good friend alan bowers i live in Broken Arrow Oklahoma phone is (918) 812-1166
Banzet, ChrisMR- 2Feb 11, 1980 – Nov 17, 1982ENGERINGThis was a great ship to serve aboard. Many great memories. Lots of fun in Guam, Charleston. Ships Locksmith, worked in the machineshop. Please email me at
Van Dinter, WilliamPC2Feb 16, 1980 – Sep 3, 1983adminHad some great party's in Scotland, Who was there?
Tesarz, Marksh3Mar 1980 – Aug 1983SHIPSERVICEshipstoreoperator,vendingmachineoperator,shipslaundry,
Peters, DavidEN1Mar 1980 – Mar 1984MSecond tour May 87 to July 89
Edmison, Stephen G.IC1Apr 2, 1980 – Jul 4, 1981Refit Site 3 Polaris Point Beach Had a Great Tour working the beach and Garage
Cerra, PaulOM3May 20, 1980 – Mar 20, 1983R2Some of the best times in my life. I still think about it. Nothing like sitting on a sub's sail pulling out a periscope in high winds and rain. Oh and did I mention the rain.
Galligan, BrianIM2Jun 1980 – Apr 1, 1984R2Worked in 96A FMCL. Loved Scotland. I miss it.
Dallas, Ken ScorchMR3Jun 1980 – Jun 1983RADCON R-5Duty headbanger, miss you guys, write me. #34 Haines RD Silex, MO 63377
Eisentraut, DavidHT3Jun 13, 1980 – Jul 9, 1981DC DivisionDC Division was the best We were know as the Ghetto Rats. Some off my best times were in this division. Can't believe it's 36 years since I left the Hunley. Would like to find Roy Shafer and Hear from Doug Duncan.
David, EisentrautHT3Jun 15, 1980 – Jun 19, 1981Damage ControlI crossdecked from the Proteus AS 19 & steamed back to Charlestown SC.
Bowen, ChrisSKSNAug 1980 – May 1983SupplyJust wondered what happened to all the ones I knew.
Baldwin, Daniel profile iconbtfnAug 10, 1980 – Oct 18, 1983eng room boilersDoes anyone have any contact with jack wolfe from ohio?he cross deck from the hunley to the holland in 1981.
Burns, Christopher (Burnie)MM1Sep 1980 – Sep 1982R5Radcon Ranger
Clements, DanielEN3Sep 1, 1980 – May 30, 1984M-divisionI served in both engine rooms working on the Fairbanks Morse opposed piston engines, high pressure air comprssor, and all supporting equipment. I served 2 years in Charelston, SC and 2 years in Holy loch Scotland
Hamilton, TomET1/SSOct 1980 – Aug 1985W-5Served two tours in W-5 between 1980 and 1985
Taylor, TimHTFNOct 1980 – Jun 1983fire watch, mess cook, R-5Slatefield rocked. Still in touch with Scorch. Radcon Ranger Strikes Again stamp? Had fun (too much?) in Dunoon.
Chase, KipEN3Oct 1, 1980 – Jul 1, 1983M Fwd ERForward engine room, great time kind o miss it
Lake, ArtE5 HTOct 15, 1980 – Jun 4, 1984Engineering/ Damage ControlGreat time in Scotland ! hope to hear from anyone who serve with me.
Freed, JohnRM1Nov 1980 – Oct 1981master at armsreported during Chasn yards. overhaul in comm spaces but was sent to MAA's for six months. Liked it so stayed until I transferred off as re-up incentive.
Figueroa, Albert/kikoSK3Nov 1, 1980 – Aug 10, 1984SupplyTrying to get in touch with George Cruz, Louis Correa, Pedro Gonzalez, Edwin Roman and anyone else who I missed. Shoot me an email. I'm out here in New Jersey.
Swink, Jefftm3Dec 1980 – May 1982W-1

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