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USS Hunley (AS 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hunley (AS 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1198 crew members registered for the USS Hunley (AS 31).

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Fitzgerald, JoeE5-EM1977 – 1979R-3.
Barry, James R. "Jim"SN1977 – 1979TWR, Supply; Hunley, Chief's MessRequested orders to the USS Nimitz. Was promoted to YN3 on the USS Nimitz where I worked in Special Services. Received an "early out" in order to complete Army ROTC. Commissioned in 1980 -- retired as a Captain, ENG.
Cordell, KevinET21977 – Oct 1978R4Had some great times in Charleston and some good buddies on the Hunley.
Dewar, KarlE21977 – 1978DeckI came aboard while the Hunley was at port in Charleston. I was assigned to the deck crew, but I spent most of my time as a Mess Specialist (cook). We won the Ney Award for Food Service Excellence while I was on board.
Collins, BillHT31977 – 1978DCGoose Creek!?! Got to know many people, good times.
Keller, TerryHT/51977 – 1979R1Hello Shipmates! It was great to serve with you in Charleston and the trip to Guam, our time in Guam was really nice. Crazy times back then. Not sure how we survived those times the hard work and hours of harder partys.
Poteat, KeithMM31977 – 1980M-Div. B & EGot onboard in Charleston, worked in the forward engine room. Ran Boilers & Evaporators. Ship went to dry dock in Boston, to Rio, the Straits Of Magellen, Valparaiso Chile, Hawaii and then Guam.
Burleigh, Dick (Whip)Ltjg1977 – 1980DCAGreat Ship, CO's and crew. Loved deployment to Guam. Where are the CDO Gathering of Eagles?
Williams, Mark, WillieRMSN, RM3Jan 1977 – Jun 1977Communications
Taulton, HowardCPLJan 10, 1977 – Jan 10, 1979mardetWould love to here from my shipmates
Speth, DanielHT-3Feb 10, 1977 – Oct 15, 1980R-1Got on in Charleston - went to Guam and back - started in dive locker then to rigging locker then spent time in foundry then finished duty in pipe shop - would like to hear from any shipmates - living in L.A. now - look me up.
Hogg, LyndonHT3Mar 1977 – Aug 1979R-1Goose Creek SC to Guam. I was able to see Rio, the Straits Of Magellen, Valparaiso Chile, Hawaii and go from a pollywog to a shellback and then a golden shellback. I had a great time aboard the Hunley.
Cole, Daviden3Mar 1977 – Oct 1979R-2hydraulic / pneumatic shop reported to ship in charleston sc 3/77 rode ship tp guam transferred to uss cayuga in ca in 10/79
Engelhart, RonaldE-5, SK2Mar 1977 – Nov 1978S-5 DivisionReported on board in Charleston, went to Cape Kennedy, Boston, Norfolk, Rio De Janero, Valperaiso, Pearl Harbor, then Guam. Crossdecked to USS Proteus AS-19 and came back to Long Beach where I was separated in 1979.
Tracy, EdwardHTFA TO DC1(SW)Apr 1977 – Nov 1980RepairTwo tours, drummer of Wildwood USA. Great times, great friends and thank you Captains Wigley and Bump for letting us bring american country music to Scotland. Please e-mail me you Harmonyites!
Boyer, EdwardET2Apr 10, 1977 – Sep 9, 1981R-4 Antenna Shop
Boyer, Edward (Ed)ET-2Apr 11, 1977 – Sep 10, 1981R-4 Antenna repairI sure miss being on the Hunley. It was the best duty station in the Navy. Being on Guam the whole time with the Hunley was a vacation in paradise. R-4 personnel give me a call or e-mail me. It's been way too long.
Truax, WayneHT2May 1977 – Oct 1980DCRode the ship from Charleston to Guam and back.
Rich, Ronald / RonEM E3May 1, 1977 – 1978ElectricalTransferred off the Hunley to keep from going to Guam. Tranferred to the USS Dewey DDG-45
Gamrat, RayJO3Jun 1977 – Aug 1978HR Division (Admin)I was the ship's Journalist and ran the ship's newspaper. It was a great experience to actually live on board and experience Navy life. Met a lot of great people and had fun in Charleston, SC. GOD BLESS the Hunley!!
Griffin, JamesRM3Jul 1977 – Mar 1979OCSlow ride to Guam in 1978 from Charleston via Straits of Magellan. Lost cruise book to hurricane would like to get another one or a copy of one on cd.
Rogers, Darylbm3Jul 20, 1977 – Sep 20, 19792nd and weaponsI ran the 1st Lt store room from Charleston to Guam and left shortly after to report to DS "A" school at Mare Island California. Was also a crane operator and BM of the watch on board on duty days.
Dement, Larry / RedIC2Aug 10, 1977 – Sep 21, 1980R3
Corey, BretIM2Aug 25, 1977 – Aug 24, 1981Repair
Page, RaymondHM2Sep 1977 – Jun 18, 1980Medical
Lanford, BillEM3Sep 1977 – Feb 21, 1981E I am proud to have served on the Hunley.with travels from Charleston SC to Guam and back to Charleston, becoming a golden shellback is one of my favorite memories,also I really miss the friends I made while aboard the ship.
Taylor, ChrisGMTSep 1977 – Jan 1979was in Charleston, then went to Guam
Smith, JamesE-2Sep 1977 – Jun 1978quartermaster
Lackey, Bill MM3Sep 1, 1977 – Aug 15, 1980B&E
Steidley, John GMS1Sep 17, 1977 – Feb 6, 1981SUPPLYWE took first place in the NEY AWARD compition while I was on board. I was the baker, and later on a watch captian in the galley.
Jones, Ernest CaptjellySk3Oct 1977 – Apr 1979SupplyThe Box Kickers 20-4
Marquardt, Marlyn (Marke)mm2Oct 7, 1977 – May 31, 1981mWe were on the way to Guam in the Pacific, and a fire broke out in the forward engine room on August 7th, 1978 on route to Hawaii. In 2004 I received The Bronze Star and Meritorious Unit. Inquiring about others that got
Bako, JohnMM11978 – 1980R-5Fog in drydock leaking thru watertite doors. Transit to Guam and back. Riding out typhoons. Great ride for a ship that was supposedly welded to the pier and aground in coffee grounds. Beautiful diving in Guam.
Maurice, MichaelRM31978 – Jan 1982COMMUNICATIONSReported onboard in Guam, traveled to Charleston, went to Cuba after overhaul and then onto Scotland,had many many friends and good times on board. Realize now what a great time of my life it was.
Werrbach, ScottMM31978 – 1980EngineeringI will never forget our descent into the maelstrom of Typhoon Tip. Neither will the rest of the men who personally experienced the greatest Super Typhoon in recorded history.
Parker, BillEM-31978 – 1980R-3Remembering the varsity club, Mi elana's Are you a turtle? YBYSAIA!!
Wells, SteveEM-31978 – 1979EOriginally on the Proteous in R3, I had Hunley electrician mates lined up to take my spot heading to Long Beach, CA. I ended up in engineering and really got to know the ship and some great sailors.
Biagioni, Steveet21978 – 1981R-4 Antenna ShopHey, Chief Sam, Ed, Mario, Gower whats up? Miss you all!!!
Gonder, TerryRM11978 – 1980Comm
Trice, TommyGMG 31978 – 1981Armary-Deck Crains- Weight TestHad a great time on this ship with great people. I got to see some great ports going to Guam and back. wish I would have stayed in.
Piatt, LanceETN31978 – 1979R-4
Shamblin, SteveHT21978 – Apr 21, 1981DCLooking for any old DC division guys, in touch with Rareshide, Hetu, Kriedler but looking for Pat Leahy.
Edwards, Dana (Dj)YN3Jan 1, 1978 – Nov 1, 19797I'm the widow of DJ and I'm reaching out to see if anyone who service with my husband alive or dead has a experienced illness related to asbestos. This include Multiple Myeloma and other cancers. Please contact me.
Strzelewicz, DaveMR3Feb 1978 – Dec 197931AI couldn't understand why a ship that was in Charleston would go to Guam. Little did I know that He took me 10,000 miles away from home just to meet me. I got to know Christ on that little island and I've never been sorry. Thank you LORD
Gavin, MartyEN3/2Feb 21, 1978 – Jan 18, 1980AC&R Shop, Small Boat ShopWhat a ride that was. I got railroaded by a Master Chief on charges that were dropped at my Court Marshal. I went on to retire an ENC. Where is Jose Valoret?
Perry, James (Jimmy)YNSAMar 1978 – Jul 1978Ship's Office Yeoman. Went to the yards in Boston Naval Yards in the Spring/Summer of 1978. Saw the original CSS HUNLEY brought in to port at the same pier at the old Navy Base Charleston, where the USS HUNLEY AS 31 used to berth.
Thompson, BruceEN3Mar 1978 – Feb 1981Forword engin room, then transferd to supplyWas attached to Hunley in Charleston, and Guam. Left in Hawaii, on the way to Scottland. I wanted to ride to Scottland, but did not want to recomment for 4 more years. I'm looking for Doc, Foster, Yang, Randy, and the rest of you guys.
Olson, Timothy "Oly"HT2Mar 1978 – May 1981R-1 Division Weld ShopLiving in Florida. Working for a large Civil Contractor and travel around the southeast..
Baxter, Kennethe3Apr 27, 1978 – Apr 22, 1980decki was on the hunley stationed in guam am looking for some old buddies from that time
Pistek, EricFNMay 1, 1978 – Oct 1, 1979Engineroom1st ship, Charleston SC, Took a cruise around the Cape of good hope, to GUAM
Pistek, EricFNMay 1, 1978 – Apr 1, 1980MI remember this ship well, the names evade me?
Cicotte, George, engine room lower level primateMM2(SS) RADIOLOGICAL CONTROLS SHIFT SUPERVISORMay 22, 1978 – Aug 17, 1980R-5Got out and went to work on the cleanup at Three Mile Island. A quarter century later, 7 children, 9 grandchildren, and I'm working for the Air Force.
Johnson, Steve (Pkp)ms3Jun 1, 1978 – Oct 21, 1980S-2
Pistek, EricENFNJun 1, 1978 – Nov 1, 1979Engine RoomFairbanks Morse Diesels
Wells, EricIC3Jun 2, 1978 – Aug 23, 1978R3
Frigillana, Pete MichaelEMIJun 5, 1978 – Nov 15, 1978MAA DIVTemp Addt'l Duty while enroute to USS Proteus (AS-19) in Guam USA.
Olson, Darnea M.SK3Jun 7, 1978 – Sep 15, 1981S-1Worked forward store rooms onboard. Worked t shed and warehouses in Guam. Worked store rooms in overhall till transfered.
Williams, GlennENFNJul 1978 – Oct 1979A-GANG (BOAT SHOP)Looking back at my navy career, the Hunley was the best time I had. The work got done with as little BS as possible.
Hamby, PhilICFNJul 1978 – Dec 1979EBoarded in Charleston, SC and sailed to Guam.
Doyle, Jeff Or Jebb profile iconmr2Jul 1978 – Nov 1979R2worked in 38a
Solt, HarrisonLTJGAug 1978 – Jun 1980R-2Picked up ship in Charleston, SC. Road ship to Guam. R-2 Division Officer for tour in Guam.
Terrell, WillieDP3Aug 1978 – Apr 1982ADPReally enjoy my tour with the guys in S-7 Division. We are still in contact afterover 20 years.
Murzin, JohnBMSNAug 3, 1978 – Oct 10, 1979deckCharleston to Guam, port of calls in Rio and Chile. Went skiing in Chile. Hawaii on to Guam. Worked very hard but the crew we had made it seem like fun too,always a team effort. Boat crew in Guam. Lost crew book would like to find copy
Blue-corbray, DanyellnoneAug 5, 1978 – Nov 22, 1979noneI never served but my father did. I've never meet him and would love to know him. His name is Kevin Odom. If any one has any contact info please email me.
Pryde, TomGMT-5 WT-5Sep 1978 – Mar 1983w=3
O'Shea, ThomasPH3Sep 1978 – Oct 1980M6If ANYONE knows the exact date that we crossed the date line in June/July 1980 please contact me?
Emigh, Mike profile iconDK2Sep 30, 1978 – Mar 3, 1981S-4Guam and Charleston
Scarpelli, AnthonyFTG2Oct 1978 – Sep 1979W-2Meet great people and had a great time. The hiking, scuba diving, parties, and great friends made it all enjoyable. Island hopping was a blast!
Coleman, Nelson profile iconYN1Oct 18, 1978 – 1981X-AdminWorked in Admin as Officers Records Yeoman, then Legal Yeoman, and finally as Ship's Secretary for the Commanding Officer.
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White, JamesIM1Nov 8, 1978 – Jul 8, 1979R-2Cross decked from the Proteus. Was only on board a few monthes. Made 1st class P.O. while on board. Loved being able to use the 1st class P.O. lounge. Retired as an IMCS(SW)
Lewis, DanMM2 (DV)Dec 1978 – Jun 198072B -I thought I had the best job on Guam; SCUBA repair shop. What a great job. Lots of good sea stories.
Pennock, CharlesEMFNDec 5, 1978 – Feb 5, 1980Reported aboard as a fireman. Lt.Sides took one look at me and desided I looked like an electrician. I been one ever since.
Phipps, MichaelMM3Dec 7, 1978 – Mar 10, 1980S-6Started in 38A, but was soon sent to S-6 ROVSS and thrived.
Bequette, Nathan KeithEM3Dec 8, 1978 – Jul 1982R-3 57B Rubber & PlasticsCame aboard 78 in Guam rode her to Charleston then on to Holy Loch the memories the buddies the fun. Too many to name but the ones that stick out going to see Jethro Tull concert at his hometown in Inverness, Scotland

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