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USS Hunley (AS 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hunley (AS 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1198 crew members registered for the USS Hunley (AS 31).

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Swartling, TerryDT21973 – Dec 1973DentalI joined the Hunley in Guam and was there about nine months, before leaving for Australia, Hawaii,and PSNS Bremerton. I was discharged there while she was in dry dock being refurbished.
Woods, MichaelEN 31973 – 1975Engineering
Shown, Terry profile iconHTFN1973 – Jul 1976R1Came on board at Bremerton in'73.Sure enjoyed Goose Creek w/the R-1 gang till July '76.Retired in '01 from Goodyear Topeka Plant as a maint. mechanic..My Navy time opened many doors.Also served US Army Reserve in the early 80's.
Anderson, MichaelE-5 Electronics Technician1973 – Nov 1976RepairWorked in the Electronics Calibration Lab.
Jenkins, BillyE-3 / MRFN1973 – 1974MACHINE SHOPWithin 1 yr of discharge i had 7 disk removed from my back, i'm loaded w/ steel . I was hurt on ship and hope someone can remember because it's not in my med records. I taught Kung Fu class at the YMCA in Bremerton
Henderson, RicciHT 21973 –R 1Trying to find any one that I might have served with , some names I remember, terry shown, mark Boyer, al Orr, Stan Middleton.
Splees, JohnHT-21973 – Nov 22, 1976RepairI enjoyed my time in the pipe shop & sheet metal shop. Lots of good memories.
Smith, George profile iconen 21973 – May 24, 1976boat crew
Jenkins, BillyMachinery Repairman Fireman E-31973 – Feb 1974MRFN
Smith, C.b.E4 IM3Jan 1973 – May 2000R2 Instrument Repair Shop, Portside,Maindeckany shipmates out there? Saw John,Herbie,Remember a turkey in Bremerton Thanksgiving 1973?
Wallacker, LeeMR2Jan 1973 – Jul 1975R-6 RadconSwapped over from the Proteus in Guam. Assigned to R6 division. Served with Reuben Rosalez and Gary Rollings and a bunch of other great guys. Loved Bremerton. Not so much Charleston. Long hours, hot and sticky
Moyer, JeffMS-3Jan 7, 1973 – Sep 6, 1976CPO GalleyKept those Chiefs eating good.
Odaffer, JayCS3Jan 9, 1973 – Jun 6, 1973S2I was one of the ship's cooks. I went abroad in Guam, and rode the ship back to Bremerton Wa. Spent the last day of my navy time in the yards there.
Keysor, ChuckYN3Feb 1973 – Dec 1973Legal OfficeWhile stationed on Guam at NAS in VQ-1 I swapped duty with a guy on board Hunley. Shortly thereafter we set sail for Australia becomming a SHELLBACK on the way. 2 stowaways later we returned to WA. Got out in Dec. '73.
Lambert, JosephfaFeb 2, 1973 – Aug 25, 1975R 3i am trying to locate the EM named Bill who wrecked us on his new 74 sportster .anyone remember his name? he went off to em or et 1975 blck hair and moustache workedin rewind shop. anyone knowing him cotact me at relativeusa at yahoo
Staffanson, NeilHT3Mar 1973 – Mar 1975R1Reported in Bremerton. Assigned to Pipe Shop, sent to Welding C-School, then mess cooking (naturally). Finally in Lagging Shop, served as Supply PO. Discharged in Charleston. Good times (mostly). Hey shipmates, email me!
Bohnenberger, RonFAMar 10, 1973 – Jan 17, 1975R2Came aboard in Bremerton, worked in supply. S1 division made many friends there. R2 division grind shop. Had some of the best memories of my life. Discharged from Charleston SC, weapons station 1975.
Giacopelli, David ( Jocko )E-4, GMG3Apr 14, 1973 – Oct 31, 1975Deck
Lewis, MarkE-4/HTMay 1973 – Mar 18, 1977Shipfitter Shop
Lambert, Josephee2May 13, 1973 – Aug 25, 1975r 3looking for corpmen who wereon hunley from 1973 to 1975 to confirm spinal injuries and drugging by fellow ship mates and for guys in r 3 division they can find me at mrchris002 on ym
Oliver, JohnENSIGNJun 1973 – Dec 1974Operations/NavigationA great ship. Completed a major overhaul in Bremerton, Washington, before moving to the Naval Weapons Station in Charleston, SC.
Vroman, CharlesFTB 3Jul 1973 – 1974Fire Control Repair (WF02)
Partin, JeffIC3Aug 1973 – Aug 1975EngineeringMy first ship. Very fond memories of my time aboard her.
Hulick, DavidEN2Aug 1, 1973 – Feb 26, 1977Aft EngineroomAft Engine room Aug. 1,1973 to April 1976 ASS Hunley SVC Crayfish April 1976 to Feb. 1977 Engine room
Cunningham, AndyMM2Oct 1973 – May 1977R-2Came aboard in Brementon.Worked in 38A for a couple of years and finished up in the hydraulic shop (31F)
Buffkin, BillBT3Oct 1973 – Jul 1977B&E
Lane, DavidEN3Oct 1973 – 1975R5Great ship and crew. Worked in the TPL
Burton, BradPNNov 1973 – Dec 1975adminI ran the leave desk.. caught the ship in Guam and stayed with it...... Anyone remember Mr T's in Guam. and the phone calls home from the shack?? A great crew and a great bunch of guys.. I have some fantastic memories.. Feel free to write
Paradise, RogerDT3Nov 1, 1973 – Jul 30, 1977MEDICAL/DENTALA time I will never forget!!! Made lots of friends and had Lots of good times
Whaley, JohnHT 3Nov 16, 1973 – Nov 15, 1976Repair DivArrive on board while in the yards in Bermerton,Wa. Move to Charleston,SC. Work in the pipe shop, lagging shop, and the sail locker. There was Henderson, Middleton, Spree, Orr, Shown, Goodfoot, Barry, Weaver. King, Hunt, Stjohn, and Howar
Orr, AlbertHT3Nov 22, 1973 – Dec 3, 1976hull technicianLooking for some of the same people that I did duty with
Ackerman, DavidShip Serviceman 3rdClassDec 1973 – Jul 1977Supply S-3
Ekrut, James1974 – 1976S-1Worked at t-shed as a SK3
Roos, Lbert1974 –
Corrigan, JamessMT 21974 – 1978W4
McClelland, Macht31974 – 1979dc
Roberts, MikeSTS31974 – May 5, 1977R4I came from the USS Alexander Hamilton and left the Navy and the Hunley in 1977. I worked in the Antenna shop . Great people: Dave Hansen, Don Kehoe, John Cash, Ron Hord, Denny, ...
Kehoe, DonETR31974 – 1977Antenna ShopBest duty I had!
McGinn, RobETN31974 – 1975R4 Antenna shop
Clore, Larrye-41974 – May 1975xSpecial Forces X-Division duty was mostly on trailer right off pier Charlie overseen ball fields and special events. I was a youth coach for MenRiv youth at Naval Weapons station.
Loukota, Wes profile iconEN3 - MM2Jan 1974 – Jul 1978A Gang -Boat Shop, O2N210 days in Bremerton before going to Charleston. Got off just before it went to Guam in '78. Had a good time in Boston while we were in drydock.
Schmitt, JimSK3Jan 1974 – Jul 1977S-1Was assigned to T-Shed from Feb76 to July77. Played shortstop on softball team.Discovered Isle of Palms and Folly Beach, still vacation on IOP, lived in NC 1993-2018, moved to Chesnee,SC Nov2018. Softball champs1974!
Taylor, DudleyHM3Jan 10, 1974 – Jul 4, 1976HServed in medical from Bremerton till i was discharged in July 1976 in NWS goose creek SC.
Sweigart, RichRM3Jan 24, 1974 – Jun 14, 1976CommCaught her in Bremerton. PAC shake-down cruise, west coast port calls. Transferred to LANT. REFTRA GTMO. SUBRON 18 Charleston SC. Relieved sister ship USS Holland AS-32.
Ryan, Geraldenfn en3Feb 1974 – Sep 1977m aft engine rmhad good times on the old gal,i remember the fire in the forward hole,po3 gitmo,po harrington and all the gang,i did a double tour on the gal as i rode her to holyloch scotland for 18 months and then back to shore duty
Jones, MarkRM3Feb 1, 1974 – Jun 25, 1976Communications
Brewington, MichaelE1Mar 27, 1974 – May 10, 1975deck
(Gee) Stratton, JamesHT2Mar 29, 1974 – Jun 23, 1975"R" Damage Control & ShipfittingI came to the USS Hunley (AS-31) after decomissioning my previous ship the USS Springfield CLG-7. I could not have asked for a better ship to finish out my remaining time in the Navy. Met a lot of great shipmates.
Lloyd, MarkEM3Apr 1974 – Mar 1976I was an Electrician's Mate 3rd class on the USS Hunley in the Ship's Electric Shop and not in the motor rewind shop which took care of the submarine's electrical repairs.
Parker, BryneGMT1Apr 1974 – Nov 1974W-3
Currie, DanielSK1Apr 14, 1974 – Oct 29, 1977S1/S2
Lloyd, MarkEM3May 1974 – Apr 1975I was an Electrician on the Hunley soon after the ship returned from homeport in Scotland. We were home ported at the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek SC
Foley, BrianETR-2Jun 1974 – Oct 1974R-5ET Nuc waiting for my sub. Worked in R-5 for Warrant Officer Icard and a Chief (name unknown) and with Tim Palmer MM3. Played softball with R-5 folks and lost in the championship game. Looking for old friends and acq.
Welander, Danpn3Jun 1, 1974 – May 7, 1975PersonnelI spent the last year of my Naval Career aboard the Hunley in Charleston. I am curious if anyone remembers me. I have been out of the Navy for 36 years. Dan Welander
Smock, KimE-7Jun 15, 1974 – Oct 27, 1974CommunicationsSpent most of my time woking as the ship's editor producing our ships newspaper. Not a big job... but the experience on board the Hunley will last forever.
Fant, RonBM3Jul 1974 – Aug 21, 1977DeckI ran the missle cranes for deck. Contact me @:
Harris, Donaldht3Jul 8, 1974 – Nov 30, 1976eng
Burnett, Robert-bobHT2Sep 1974 – Aug 1978R-1In shops, shipfitter and shop sup.lagging shop.
Lallak, RayHT1 & HTCOct 1974 – Oct 1980R-7 Nuc Repair (P & E)
Skibby, NormanMM3Nov 1974 – Sep 1977Deck force missle crane op./ X38A1st command and by far the best command. I spent my entire tour at the weapons station in Charleston.Had a great time in Goose Creek. Like to hear froom my old shipmates. I sure do miss those days.
Frye, Larry profile iconMS3Nov 1974 – Jun 1978S2/5I always remember my first Chief CSCS J. Hudson.Second Chief was MSCS W. Hawkins, 3rd Chief MSCM F. Morris, and CWO Scarcelli.
Denny, MichaelSNNov 1, 1974 – Aug 26, 1977R-5 PRINT SHOP/ DRAFTINGFirst duty was a great experience,I remember the big storm we went through coming back to Charleston NWS,the entire crew was amazing with all the damage we suffered.
McLaughlin, LeeE2Nov 7, 1974 – Nov 29, 1976DECK FORCE/ WEAPONSEnlisted in Madison Tennesee ....looking for fellow shipmate BENNY, HOPE!!! FROM CINCINNATI, OHIO WAS IN DECKFORCE/WEAPONS DEPT
Hansen, DavidRM3Dec 1974 – Aug 1978CommunicationsAll my time on the Hunley was in Charleston SC. I remember those days often. I wonder if anyone thinks of a reunion. I am one that would attend.

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