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USS Hunley (AS 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hunley (AS 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1198 crew members registered for the USS Hunley (AS 31).

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Homan, MikeTM31972 – 1973W-4 Weapons Handling ShopWhat a life-muster,sweep the missile deck,beer machine at the Yacht Club!
Messer, TomCTRPN21972 – Dec 3, 1973PersonnelCT rate closed up. Rate changed to PN (CTRPN). Worked the leave desk under Chief Montgomery and in the library for the Chaplain. Sailed to Sydney, Pearl Harbor, then on to dry dock in Bremerton for refit.
Beausoleil, BrianE31972 – 19731st divisionBill Deeder
Pacheco, ManuelMR-3Jan 1972 – Nov 1974R-2Great time on Hunley. Anyone else out there? Mike Schierling, Lannie White, Doug Ellsworth, Bones?
Randall, RonSK2Jan 1972 – Aug 1975S-5 Stock ControlAndy's Hut beer machines, USO, EM Club w/Japanese bands, Liki Tiki, 3 time softball champs, Guam bowling champs, 2nd in golf to Officers. I had reunion in Vegas in '98 w/25 guys.402-208-8051C Insurance Agent in Omaha
Beausoleil, BernieSNJan 1, 1972 – Jun 1975Boatswain MateI had a slight part in the two stowaways onboard. a couple of Italian buddies actually had a hand in it, I just knew the two girls from a bar in the Kinigs crossing in Sydney. Also remember when BIll Deeder fell.
McVey, JimcsJan 2, 1972 – Jun 17, 1975supplycame aboard in Guam stayed aboard tell Charleston SC. was transferred to the Cray fish then shore duty Bremerton WA still here.
Anderson, Curt W.DP3Jan 3, 1972 – Sep 26, 1975ADPStayed with the Hunley from Guam to Bremerton, to Charleston.
Anderson, Curt W.DP3Jan 4, 1972 – Sep 26, 1975ADPGuam, Guam to Australia (2 stowaways), Hawaii, Bremerton, Charleston
Vasquez, MarkDP3Jan 8, 1972 – 1975Data Procesiing
Ruiz, Sal (Cisco)ML3/ML4Feb 1972 – 1974R1Foundry school, came aboard Hunley I think Feb of "72". met a lot of great guys made some great friends in the repair Dept. was shop sup. on retrun to the states transferred to Uss Holland AS-32 in "74" got out in "75"
Durre, JimETR2Feb 1972 – Feb 1974OPSCame aboard in Guam, worked the crypto gear and the torpedo retriever runs; Andre's, great diving, the 442 the cranes dropped. Australia/stowaways (We luv you Yanks!). Hawaii, then Bremerton and out in early '74.
Dean, ChesterE2Feb 1972 –Galley ( cook)It was real it was fun but it wasn't real fun ,lost my girlfriend at the time. Nothing made it home with me that I shipped it was all stolen.Still it was the experience of a lifetime.
Barnes, LarryTM-3Feb 2, 1972 – Feb 8, 1975W-4
Patterson, Tommy (Pop)HT1Feb 22, 1972 – Feb 22, 1978R-1Came aboard in Guam as an HT3 in the shipfitter shop, then went to the R-1 Division Office and stayed there till I got out as an HT1 at Charleston, S.C.. Met alot of good shipmates. E-mail me lets talk-put on subj line Hunley
Siekirk, RaymondAS-31Feb 28, 1972 – Mar 3, 1975machiniest mate r-2i loved my time served omn the hunley s.c. navel weaponds station pier c.I was aboard 1972-1975
Shepardson, WaynePN2Mar 1, 1972 – Oct 21, 1975Admin
Ross, GordonRM3Mar 1, 1972 – Jan 19, 1975Ops/CommCut up and Party guy. Heavy smoker of whacky tabacky. Lost liberty priv. in Ft. Lauderdale, jumped ship and didn't miss a beat. Destroyed ships van enroute to comm shack in Bangor ME causing 2 day delay to Charleston.
Finley, PatrickHM2Mar 1, 1972 – May 20, 1974MedicalCame on board in bremerton, finished in Charleston SC. Best buddies: Don Singleton, Edwin Joiner, John Sauerwald, James Jamieson, Nick Cruz, Chuck Marquardt. Completed my Ph.D in music in 1993. Miss you guys a lot.
Smart, RonSK2Apr 1972 – Oct 1975SupplyWent directly from "A" School to Guam and SUBSAT (no mess cooking for me), S-1, Deck Force Storekeeper and back to S-1 Central and forward strorerooms .
Long, PatSK2Apr 1972 – Dec 26, 1976SupplyWorked Storerooms, S-1 Div., SUBSAT tech library, yoeman for COMSUBRON 18, Shellback, spent entire 4 year enlistment onboard Hunley. Worked with and got to know several really great and unique people.
Ross, GordonE4 RadiomanApr 2, 1972 – Jan 20, 1975CommunicationsDischarged out, went home and got my private pilots license. Started my own business, an alarm company. Business successful until the industry got Walmartized by big companies. Sold business, Retired from Phone Company.
Davis, BobML3May 1972 – Oct 1975R-1Foundry school, Gram, Dry docks -Washington- SC. And all the liberty ports on the loop.
Deeder, BillSNMay 1972 – May 1975Boatsman mateI am the one that fell on the ship and broke his neck and had to circle out in the bay waiting to dock so I could be taken off the ship. I was also in Guam and remember the stowaways.
Rollings, GaryHT 2May 1, 1972 – Jul 7, 1975R6 & R1Guam/Australia/Hawaii/Bremerton/San Francisco/Acapulco/GTMO/ Charleston. Mess cook. Radiological control. Weld shop.
Rayburn, CarlSF-2 & SF-1May 23, 1972 – Apr 25, 1974R-6Shipfitter & Pipe-Fitter
Carlock, CarlosDK3Jun 1, 1972 – Jun 1, 1974S-4Served Proudlly, Anyone who served in the Disburing Office please contact me
Unrein, Val R. profile iconEN 3Jun 2, 1972 – Nov 18, 1975Aft Eng RmAndy's Hut to Folly Beach. The H.H.H... The Stack. Shaft Alley oh hell yea...what a great time to be alive.. Would do it all again..(if my body would hold up)
Neumann, LarryETN2Jul 1972 – Sep 1973Weapons NavigationTransferred to USS Hunley after USS Observation Island (AG-154) was decommissioned in Pearl Harbor. Spent three days on a Boomer for navigation repairs. Andre's By the Sea (the yacht club) was where you could lose your money in a dice game.
Williams, John, WillieE3Jul 1972 – Oct 1974Repair Shop 38 Came aboard in Guam and left from S.C., was in shop 38 and ran with Andy, Danny & Dave. Miss you guys we had some good times
Rosalez, ReubenE3Jul 1, 1972 – Jul 3, 1975R6Enjoyed my 3 years on board the USS Hunley. On board in Guam. Left US Navy from Charleston SC.
Lusk, MikeMM/FNJul 6, 1972 – Jan 31, 1974Went aboard her after A school. FWD ENG. Rm. Boilers and Evaps. Rode her to Bremerton discharged shortly after sea trials. Now retireing from shipyard.
Spicker, WilhelmTM3/TM2Aug 1972 – Nov 1975W-1Went aboard in guam, did the Australia trip ( Gota love those stowaways we had) Overhaul in PSNS in Bremeton, WA in 1973 and then on to new homeport at Naval Weapons Station in Charleston, SC
Warren, JugSK3Aug 7, 1972 – Jun 23, 1975S-1Work in the T-shed. When aboard ship, work in store room 21&47
McDowell, Jeffrey (Chilly Chip)LISNAug 25, 1972 – Jul 5, 1975R5SERVED IN PRINT SHOP GUAM TO BREM TO CHARLESTON
Williams, John (Willie)E3Sep 1972 – Oct 10, 1974R-1 Shop 38injoyed my time on the Hunley, Should of stayed on her. Went to see her name sake last summer in South Carolina
Carlock, CarlosDK3Oct 5, 1972 – Jun 4, 1974SupplyServed proudly. Anyone from this period please sent me an eamil
Sorensen, EricHM1Nov 1972 – Mar 1976HMed Dept LPO. Came aboard in Guam from USS Pogy and made the transit to Bremerton then to Charleston. Loved Australia. Hunleyfish was a toot and my favorite of the four ships I served on. Transferred in 76 to A.F. Radiobiobogical Research Inst.
Chapman III, Robert L. (Shorty) profile iconEN4Nov 1972 – Aug 28, 1975EngneeringWorked in the Aft engine room. Came on board in 72' in Guam, fond memories Sydney, stow aways, shellback, Hawaii, Bremerton Shipyard, Acapulco, Gitmo, Fort Lauderdale, Goose Creek NWS. 75' Moved back To WA State.
Huber, DuaneMM3Nov 5, 1972 – Oct 31, 1975engine roomThis was my 1st and only ship. I had a great time. I missed the cruises that crossed the equator but the time i spent on her going from refit in Bremerton Wa to Charleston SC and the time in SC are a great memory to me. I would do it again.
Hubbartt, DaleCPLNov 12, 1972 – Nov 1, 1974Marine DetachmentCame on board at Guam...Watched when they dropped that beautiful oldsmobile during off load from the USS Proteus...Looook Outttt. Really enjoyed going thru the Panama Canal and of course the stowaways out of Sydney..
Gieraltowski, GaryETN2Dec 1972 – Apr 1977CommunicationsChecked aboard in Guam Dec 1972, shipyards in Bremerton 1973, arrived Charleston April 1974, discharged April 1977
Morton, DanEN2Dec 1972 – Jun 1976m div.Forward engine room. Guam to charleston.good group of guys.wonder how they are and what they have done since?
Murphy, PatrickEngineman 2nd ClassDec 1972 – Jul 11, 1976Engineering storeroom/Forward Engine room

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